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Found 10 results

  1. Scenario: I have an external disk full of movies and lend it to my brother. The film folder is full of nicely named or scene named movies, but it's hard for my brother to see/know what some of the films are. It'd be nice to have a "Contents.html" page on the disk that he could open to see the poster view page we get to see in emby! The poster view alone would allow them to work out what most movies were kind of about and whether they want them... but perhaps the posters could be clickable to go to the metadata page for that movie. The page would be generated for a Media Lo
  2. Hi! This is my first post to this blog - so please tolerate "stupid questions" as I'm neither familiar with this blog nor am I a native english speaker. The problem I'm facing: I'm storing movies on a NAS in my private network at home. By running Emby server on a Windos 7 PC I created many collections and spent ours and ours in creating cover-art and other informations as a lot of the movies are documentaries and other stuff that is not "auto identified" by emby. Later I decided to change the PC to another one running Windows 10 and I installed emby in a much newer version
  3. DelSol

    Export Collections

    Hello Emby friends, I was wondering if there is a way to export my collections and iport them to an other emby instance. There are these xml files at /config/data/collections but they do not have any movie-ids or anything else.
  4. Hi everyone. I use TinyMediaManager to do all of my metadata. I happen to move my files around a lot based on my own organizational madness, lol. This would KILL Emby's collections method. I switched over from Plex a few days ago and this was maddening because I was used to using tags. So I wrote an export template for TinyMediaManager that exports a list of movies in xml form. I wrote my template to conform to Emby's collection.xml scheme and placed the xml in a "CollectionName [boxset]" folder in the Collections folder. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked. So, I can rea
  5. Ever since I upgraded to 4.x all my folder.jpg's were moved into the library/metadata structure, they had other functions besides being used for Emby. Is there anyway to reverse this? I'd like them back in the media folders....
  6. zebo51

    Export Movie List Yet?

    I did a search and it seems this hasn't been possible up to about a year ago. Anyway to do this yet? My NAS died and I'm trying to recover as much as possible. I have some movies on a backup drive but I need to compare what all I have added since that backup. I haven't looked at the report plugin yet. I'm afraid to do much as I don't want Emby to scan and wipe out everything because as of right now it still shows my media even though it can't actually access it. The All movies page shows them all I think even though some images aren't showing right now. Thanks
  7. heciruam

    3D MVC metadata

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the "3D format" tag, one can edit under "edit info" for a movie. I tag all of my media with mediaelch before I let emby scan them. So after I added them I let emby fetch the local media metadata, I go in and change the "3D format" tag to "mvc". - My question is, if that mvc format tag is an emby internal thing or if I could do that before hand so that would get saved into the .nfo file. (Where is it just a regular "tag" or does it need to be saved anywhere specifically?) - If it is an emby thing, could I let emby export the metadata just
  8. plasmon

    export / copy imdb id's

    Hi, Is there a way to export/copy all imdb id's of my movies ? I looked in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\library.db with sql lite but I can't find any reference to imdb ID's I also gave a look at all other DB files in there, but I didn't saw any ttxxxxxxx. (I had a major problem and all movies files and backup of it were lost. Having the IMDB ID's would help me to restore everything) Regards
  9. I don't know if it has been requested, but at this stage of the game, I think it would be quite important to be able to backup and restore a good portion of the server. My thought is the following should be able to be exported and then imported in the case where a server "restore" is necessary: Users Library Server configuration Watched status/Playstates (you knew it was coming) Installed plugins with configuration for each I would think those would be the most basic and necessary areas that would be the most difficult to get back in the case of disaster. Metadata and images would be nic
  10. LurchZA

    Server reports

    Hi dev team, I am loving the new server features, especially the reports. Would it be possible to make the reports exportable to some format like CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, etc? I maintain a list of my own media but am manually updating it which is fairly tedious and this would make life much simpler. The movies list is fine as it is With the series, if possible, what I would like to see is something like the below, maybe even list what is missing too? Of course, if this is already possible, if somebody could please tell me how to do it as I am clearly missing it, I have tried manu
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