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Found 12 results

  1. I was wondering if there's a way to keep track of all ip addresses that connect to the emby server remotely or otherwise. Is there something I can use from the QNAP store or is there a plugin of sorts for emby? Ideally, I'd love to flag new IP addresses but that's not a must.
  2. I upgraded our router from a Google Onhub to a Orbi AC3000 (to help with connectivity on the other end of the house). After upgrading I did notice the connecting Host IP changed from to I tried updating the address and connecting to it on my Nvidia Shield and Android phone, but it didn't connect on either. However, when I type in the IP address with the 8096 Port on the Windows computer the server is housed on, I'm able to connect just fine. Just in case if it was useful, I did include the most recent server log. Any help is absolutely appreciated! Hoping to get this resolved before the wife comes home! Thank you! EDIT: I forgot to mention I did go into my Windows Firewall and did the following steps (to Port 8096): https://wiki.mcneel.com/zoo/window7firewall server.txt
  3. Hi, I run a synology NAS (DS1817+) with an external VPN Network connection set on the unit and local IP which to date of update has worked flawlessly. Nice update otherwise, thank you .NET core update using less CPU time now. Until upgrade to the recent synology build the local network which uses ect and still does connected to the Emby server on the NAS and used this range of IP. After upgrade with the VPN on the Emby server picks up the VPN IP which is wrong and fails to connect. Manual entry of the correct IP in the emby app for the server does not work. The only solution in my ignorance is to turn off the VPN connection and then emby will connect from the shield TV I will add that the issue does not occur when using a mobile app or Mac or PC which strangely defaults to the VPN ip and this issue therefore only occurs when using the Nividea Shield TV, it seems the emby app is now looking at the VPN as default rather than the local IP range set on the network and NAS. No other related apps have this issue. It also when the VPN is enabled allows Emby conection as explained and shown in the images via the local Lan using the VPN IP as the server and guess it makes sense other than the shield TV does not now like the setup and refuses connection. Ideas suggestion and help please as I am now lost and prefer to use the external VPN for other NAS applications if possible but retain use of the shield TV, is this a bug with the shield TV app? Many thanks.
  4. Hello all, Just wondering if there is any current functionality (can't find any, but I might not be looking hard enough) or plans for any future functionality to be able to whitelist an IP prefix for passwordless auth? Want to make dad's life slightly easier so he doesn't have to enter passwords in on each of his Fire TV sticks! Look forward to hearing back! Cheers, Jack :-)
  5. Hi, i am using VPNs to access Emby. Unfortunately some VPN clients get IPs inside the servers range and are treated as local, so no bandwith throttling occurs. There is the option to set local networks, but the server's subnet is always treated as local. An option to set IPs or IP ranges always as external would help a lot! Thanks!
  6. English: Hello I suggest expanding the security: - user blocking function, 5 items (to be determined by the administrator) of consecutive incorrect logins - blocking the IP address (DDOS, Firewall), if for a period of 15 minutes (to be determined by the administrator) there will be an incorrect authorization (amount to be determined by the administrator) for 1 hour (to be determined by the administrator). IP addresses should be visible in the menu, it should be easy to clean the individual or all addresses, there should be a schedule for cleaning these addresses set by the administrator (for example: always Monday 1:00). Firewall in Windows (command block in php): shell_exec("netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=EmbyServ_".$time."_".$ipp." profile=any dir=in action=block enable=yes remoteip=$ipp"); command no block in php: shell_exec("netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=..................); Polish: Witam Proponuję rozudowę security: Proponuję rozbudowę security: - funkcja blokowania użytkownika po 5 szt. (do ustalenia przez administratora) kolejnych nieprawidłowych logowań. - blokowanie adresu IP (DDOS, Firewall), jeśli przez okres 15 min (do ustalenia przez administratora) nastąpią nieprawidłowe logowania (ilość do ustalenia przez administratora) na okres 1 godziny (do ustalenia przez administratora). Adresy IP powinny być widoczne w menu, powinno być łatwe menu czyszczenia pojedynczych lub wszystkich adresów, powinien być harmonogram czyszczenia tych adresów ustalany przez administratora (always Monday 1:00). Firewall in Windows (command block in php): shell_exec("netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=EmbyServ_".$time."_".$ipp." profile=any dir=in action=block enable=yes remoteip=$ipp"); command no block in php: shell_exec("netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=..................);
  7. RyonM

    Block direct Ip

    Hello, I'm hosting my Emby server through Cloudflare which is connected to my router. With that I got https and my IP is hidden when I use ping. But is there a possibility that you can blacklist direct IP connections like 94.***.***.* through Emby. So that I only am able to use my Cloudflare domain. And not my router IP. Kind Regards, Ryon
  8. David Martin

    Emby + Domain Name?

    Hi, I've been using Emby for a while now and i really like it, So much so I want to get a domain name for it so instead of having a DDNS address point users to my servers IP address and port I just want to have a URL instead or my IP address and port. For example. Current - http://dukservers.ddns.net goes to Wanting - www.exampledomain.co.uk How would i go about doing this? Many thanks David
  9. EliteCube

    Port bug with dedicated server IP?

    Hey guys, im new with emby. I installed emby on my dedicated server with static public IP. So my local IP is a public is Emby write on the admin page: Local: Public Good, I test it and i change the local port to 8097 and https to 8021 (public unchanged 8096/8020) I restart and check public connection: Browser write: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Firewall and all are disabled. I change nothing... Okay i test the local port... it works... ?? Why i cant connect to the remote port only on the local port on a remote server? I test a vLAN with IP (i chang it also in emby admin) and it does not work. Only connect to the local port Is this Secure? Its a Bug? It seems to me uncertain. How is your setup on a dedicated server and security? My plan is to use a domain with proxy. this work good, but the same only to the local port nothing with public crazy... My system: Ubuntu Server 16.04 (Original minimal image and new install) No Firewall no closed ports. (for testing) 1 dedicated public IP and 1 IPv6 No local IPs Any ideas or answers? I do not know if this is so right. It does not seem right to me thank you guys
  10. Hello Again. When trying to use the BIND TO IP feature I'm having trouble connecting to it via external networks. - Internal connections seem fine. - If I disable the bind, both internal ad external work fine. The message that appears in browser is only: "Bad Request (Invalid host)" Nothing shows up in logs.. even with debugging mode ON. Funny fact: My laptop (used only as client) has in it's HOST files an entry telling my local emby server IP when looking for the external address. I do that to avoid NAT loopback here at home. "What's so fun?" - When I use the local IP in browser and https port... it lets me connect (with just a ssl warning). If I write the external domin name (that should do the same result), it throws me that error, too. It's almost as if when Emby has IP BIND, it won't like being connected via domain name UPDATE: Using http port with domain name also throws that error. Really not related to HTTP/HTTPS, but instead connecting via domain name.
  11. TheRealScottR

    Server - IP snyc via login

    I'd like to see server IP associated with a user login. As the IP changed, it would be associated with a login. So, when logging in with the client, it would look at the currently associated IP, and automatically connect. Then I could eliminate any static IP third party solutions. It would be easier for the Newby to manage as well. It would just work. No configuring.
  12. lpcorbett

    NowTV Box in Ireland

    Hi All, Having a bit of trouble installing MB3 onto my NowTV box. Just wondering if this is because I'm in Ireland (rather than UK)? And if so, is there a way I can change the IP Address on my NowTV box in order to get access to MB3 (and indeed BBC iPlayer)? I've tried several versions of the download - all have the same error "No Server Found". I've tried manually fixing this, but to no avail. All help is welcome - looks like a great tool. Cheers
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