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  1. Hi, I've been using Emby for at least month on a temporary server and now consider buying premiere sub, there are some movie collections though that I configured myself, creating custom images, thumbs, description, etc. Will those images and descriptions carry over (if I have premiere sub) when I install Emby server on a dedicated linux server (using the same hdd, but obviously different os) and do backup and restore? OCD kinda kicks in and I really like how I organize my files. Thank you.
  2. ferdy.ndf

    Chave de acesso

    Bom dia, comprei 1 mês de emby premiere e a chave de acesso não chegou no meu email, e quando clico em reenviar aparece a mensagem "supporter not found", como podemos resolver isso? atenciosamente. ferdy.ndf@"Xxxxxx".com username: ferdy.ndf
  3. It would be nice if the selected movie "version" will be respected when clicking the download or sync button. I have two versions for every movie, one for the (big) tv's and one for mobile devices. Now my Android device downloads the biggest file no matter which one I've selected.
  4. Emby started suddenly tossing up the Emby Premiere sign-up screen when I try to to play anything via a web browser on my Xbox One. I'm running Emby Server on Windows 10, and viewing on an Xbox One, connecting to my local server using the built-in Edge browser. The logs before being locked out of playing say I was viewing on App: Emby Mobile One And after, it's App: Emby Mobile One I've done a hard reboot of the Xbox, and have restarted my server. I've looked at the server release notes between those two versions the closest thing I can see to thi
  5. Jeremy6284

    Can't access Premiere features

    I just purchased Premiere, but after saving my key, I still can't access Premiere features. Additionally, the "Get Emby Premiere" button is still visible in the top right corner. When saving my key, I get the following message: "Thank you. Your Emby Premiere key has been updated." This makes me thing it's not an issue with the key. Even so, I've checked several times to make sure I wasn't missing any characters or making some other silly mistake. I have access to internet, and can download metadata for my files without any issues. That being said, is there an easy way to see if Emby is having
  6. So I was just doing some maintenance and upgraded my Emby server from version to and now I have this great big "Get Emby Premiere" button in the upper right of the web pages and another on my Live TV area. I removed my key, saved it and it told me that it successfully removed my key. Re-pasted it from my email, and still nothing. Is this a problem with my key or with this version, and can I safely drop back down to This is running on Linux, in case it matters. I tried downgrading to right after I sent this, and my Premiere status is still not show
  7. Just need a 'YES' or 'NO' answer to the above. Because not being a techno type, I have only just found that Emby opens up a port in my router to the internet without my knowing, during the installation. Which to me doesn't sound very safe. So I am hoping that if I purchase the Premiere package that it will provide the necessary SECURED access path, so that I can share my media with my friends who live down-country. I was using Plex and thought I would try Emby too. Plex already has the secure access for sharing, Emby is much faster to use. Thanks for any replies.. Cheers CD in NZ
  8. alexio458

    Problema con emby premiere

    Buenas tardes, Ayer realice una suscripcion a emby premiere desde mi cuenta iPhone, y no me deja enlazarla con mi servidor. No recibi ninguna clave ni siquiera. Un saludo Good afternoon, Yesterday I bought a suscription for emby premier through my iPhone and it do not works. I did not receive any key at all. Regards.
  9. Skyobliwind


    Hi, after a little trying I think about buying premiere, but I'm not quite sure what the "devices" mean. The only options matter are the lifetime licenses. I use such homeserver to NOT pay monthly. The normal license includes 25 devices, what about the upgrade? Does it upgrade to 45 in total or 45 additional (70 in total)? Can I buy more upgrade licenses to increase devices more than 1 time? Without premiere I can use as much devices as I want, with premiere 25 only? Or is it only 25 devices with premiere features and the rest witthout (well I can't imagine how that should
  10. Kokosolo

    Alguna forma de conseguir un apoyo?

    Hola amigos, les escribo desde Cuba a ver si me pueden ayudar. Resulta que en mi trabajo hemos decidido usar el Emby para las Conferencias a los estudiantes y si no es con la version Premiere los estudiantes no pueden descargarlas a sus moviles o laptops. Hay alguna forma de conseguir una llave gratuita de Premiere para la ultima versión. Gracias por su posible ayuda.
  11. Вчера оплатил месячную подписку Emby Premiere (через Google Play), ключ на почту не пришел. При попытке запроса пароля, приходит старый, уже неактивный ключ. Как быть?
  12. I have Lifetime Emby Premiere license on Windows 10 running Emby A storm came through, and my internet provider was swamped with ticket, thus I was without Internet for 6 long days. My Emby Theater Windows app stopped working almost immediately on on the same box the server is on, and my living room PC, a Windows 10 couldn't use Emby Theater within 48 hours of loosing internet. I understand the need to protect assets, but this isn't right. I read in a different Emby forum, that the Emby server needs to check in at least ever 30 days, but that is not the case with my server. Please fi
  13. itschrisonline

    Premiere not working on external connection

    Hi All, for some reason when I connect from external; through a reverse proxy it does not pick up that there is a key registered but when i use a computer connected to the lan it work Any help would be great, Cheers Chris
  14. Hey, Using the latest version of emby, how do I tell it to only convert new media? All the old files I have I don't really care about converting them, but new things added I could do with converting. I tried just clicking go but it wanted to convert 1000+ MKVs, and that's just not gunna happen. Main reason for conversion is because the .ASS subtitles are not supported via emby, and transcoding on the fly is a bit slow. I got premiere to test out the hardware transcoding but if anything that's made it a bit slower. Hopefully I can do what I need to do, Thanks!
  15. Hi, I tried googling for an answer but i could not find one specific enough and this is also the kind of answer that might change over time. So i want a current answer before i go shopping. I want to make the move to Emby with a premiere subscription. I've tested it for six months++ with and without premiere and the list of reasons why i prefer Emby just keeps growing. But i have some close friends and family making use of my current plex server on xbox and ps4. As i understood it most of the apps require a premiere sub, Yet i can use the LG tv app without a subscription. So i have th
  16. Kimballslice1890

    LDAP Question

    Setting up a test machine at work with LDAP integration. it said something about 14 day trial when I installed the plugin but said it was expired before even installing? is Emby Premiere required for LDAP to work? I personally am an Emby Premiere member but until my employer can confirm that the LDAP integration is working as intended, we are doing test runs before subscribing.
  17. Hi. So, question - is it legal to "rewrite" premiere functionality to get premier features without paying(for personal use, without releasing and distribution) ?
  18. Sometime in the last year, maybe a little longer I became a lifetime subscriber and entered my code key into my server. Things have been working fine since then however all of a sudden this morning all of my clients are getting "Unlock this feature with EMBY Premiere" when I try to play any of my media. I checked my server, my key is present and I have restarted both the server and the clients several times each but it didn't help. All that's changed recently is about 2-3 days ago I updated the server to Version 3.0.8500.0 but there seemed to be no problems at the time. Please hel
  19. Gaspar Filmes

    Emby Premiere Notification

    I recently contributed to the Emby premiere, imagining having access to the features and also removing boring and interrupting / redirecting messages out of the system. I would like to understand why Emby premiere did not disappear on the front page, where it shows: "Discover Emby premiere (Enjoy Emby DVR, get free access to Emby apps, and more.") Please help me.
  20. @@Luke Hello. Besides the live tv area to find active recordings as an admin mostly on my server I would really like it if the active recordings would be displayed while they are happening. Letting the admin know what tuners are in use easily by Emby, This situation is two fold if your a premiere user, as I take advantage of the awesome convert to stream friendly format feature. Not only would this alert me if the tuners are in use, but that also ffmpeg processes are currently running to convert these recordings. I'm in the dashboard a lot, so I prefer I could see these type th
  21. Hi, I purchased lifetime premiere a few months ago and have yet to successfully play back media using the Emby Theater app without the "unlock this feature with an active Emby Premiere subscription" pop up. I do have the gold coin on the front page of the admin page on a web browser and have access to the other Premiere features through the standard web browser. I tried multiple computers, and clean installs of Emby Theater. -On the side note. Every few logins using a typical computer web browser (tried multiple), I get the annoying Emby Premiere ad on my homescreen. I tried to sig
  22. I recently purchased the membership and was trying to get Cinema Mode enabled... I can't seem to tell that it is doing anything. I have added the Trailers plugin and tested that it is pulling trailers, but it won't add them to the beginning of movies. I've tried changing the selections between movies in theaters and coming on bluray, and also tried clicking and unclicking many of the other options but still get these issues... I have read through several posts and followed the github directions but its still not working. Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated! Let me know
  23. Hi Guys, I have a NVIDIA Shield TV, and since the 02.02.2016, with any version of the Emby for Android TV App, i cant watch content without to pay 5$! I have an active Emby Premiere Key and I set it in the settings. It works in the mobile app, it works in the browser, it works with the windows app, but it doesnt work with the goddamn TV App. I buyed it yesterday AGAIN for 5$, because i tried 3 hours to fixx these problems (installed older server version, installed older version of the APP, looked at the SSL Certificate, looked at the Log...) and nothing worked, so i buyed it again. I
  24. For the past day now tv.emby.media will refuse to play any media prompting "Unlock this feature" and then continues to give a 1 minute sample. This happens on every browser and every local account that I have tried now, Also after restarting and subsequently updating to the latest available emby version for FreeBSD (Version 3.0.8300.0) has made no difference. However playback is fine from app.emby.media and the android + androidTV apps I currently have an active emby premiere subscription (You are on the Monthly subscription plan. It will expire 2016-11-12) Any help would be greatly a
  25. My ISP is upgrading their backend, so for the last few days, my internet has been in and out. I discovered that if I try to use a feature requiring Emby Premiere while my internet is down (or once where just the emby.media webpage was down), it fails, and tells me I need to go buy premiere (I have a lifetime sub). Can you have the server cache premiere status, so if there is a transient internet outage, I can watch my local content through Emby Theater? Maybe have it validate Premiere membership status when the server starts, and then only re-check right before the subscription is about to
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