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  1. I have done all the troubleshooting usually recommended however a strange issue persists. Local connections work fine however remote connections have a very strange issue when I can access my servers via my mobile on data on my phone but I cannot access them when I am connected to my home wifi network unless I am using a VPN. Is this my router blocking something incoming?
  2. ShadowKindjal

    Emby WAN URL

    I seem to be having issues accessing my server from the internet in certain situations. Currently, my SSL connections is handled by a reverse proxy, apache. This URL is (for example) https://emby.server.com/ but the URL listed on my dashboard is listed as https://emby.server.com:8920/. When connecting to my server with the reverse proxy URL I never have any issues establishing a connection but the URL posted in the dashboard seems to go down randomly. This is an issue because users connecting to my server with emby connect accounts are usually trying to access the server via dashboard URL. My question is can I drop the port number from the WAN access URL on my dashboard and set it to just https://emby.server.com/ or can we troubleshoot why the dashboard URL is not connecting to my server? Please let me know if I need to provide any logs.
  3. Hello. A very satisfied user of Emby. Thank you to those that put a lot of hard work into a beautifully crafted app. My issue started 3 days ago. No remote access. Troubleshooting: In-Home access is visible. Static route is still in place. Port forwarding confirmed. VPN is used when testing Remote access. I have reviewed and followed the MediaBrowser Connectivity article. Firewall is not blocking anything related to Media Server nor the serverapp.exe I have troubleshot with the previous install, and with a fresh install. No luck It would appear there is no route to host Anyone have any suggestions as to what the next step would be? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I am having trouble connecting remotely to the Emby server on my computer, from my android phone (or any other device). I am able to connect when on my home network, but not off of it. I have gone through the steps in the Connectivity section, to no avail. I have opened port 8096 in Windows Firewall, as well as set up port forwarding for 8096 in my router (using router Asus RT-AC68U). When trying on canyouseeme.org, i get the error "i could not see your service on ... on port 8096". I have checked for other Firewall rules, and found none, and even tried temporarily disabling firewall, and it still won't connect. Also rebooted router and Emby server multiple times after changing settings. What am i doing wrong?
  5. Natilus13

    macOS - Remote access hangs with 4.0.1

    Hello all, I was excited to update to the new 4.0.1 release. The database upgrade seemed to run smoothly and everything locally works fine. Remote connections just hang however, so I have had to roll back to 3.5.3. Has anyone else experienced this? Cheers, N
  6. Hi, In Settings there is a section named "Advanced" or "Hosting". This is the mine: And this is a section of my Dashboard: The server is running in local http port (8096), there is no option to enable https in local. Nor, in my opinion, does it make sense to activate https on local connections. My question is: does the "Local https port number" option make any sense? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And another question is about remote access. I have disabled this option, why the Dasboard shows "Remote (WAN) access" if it's inactive? This leads to confusion when remote access is not activated.
  7. Hello, For a while now (I believe with the beta addon - currently 3.1.31a) I can't control Kodi remotely from the Android app. It just never shows in the "play on" dropdown. I can see the devices in Emby dashboard, but not in the Android app. Anything more I can add?
  8. Hey guys, I've searchedf around and couldn't find this specific topic, so please flag me as duplicate if it's been asked before. I think to make emby truely usable in a "10 foot" environment, we really need to be able to browse what's on TV using the cellphone app. For example: When my PC boots up in to Emby theater, for some reason it doesn't auto-select the (only) server available, it asks me to select it. That means I HAVE to have some kind of wireless keyboard and mouse plugged in just to select that. Also, if there's an error message on screen I need to "OK" out of, same deal: I need a wireless keyboard plus mouse. Just to be clear, I'm not asking for this: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43621-a-remote-app/?hl=%2Bremote+%2Bapp I'm asking for a remote control with OK, Arrows and a back button. That's it. Same as what Plex and Kodi both have and to me, is almost mandatory to make this usable. Thanks! Eric.
  9. I'm having trouble connecting to my Emby Media Server via the Emby app on a Samsung Blu-Ray Player (UBD-K8500), and it's the silliest of things! I can't enter anything in any of the fields when trying to connect to my server on the local network. I'm just trying to enter the IP Address, Username, & Password. (See attached pic). The input cursor is there blinking in the field, the number pad is up next to it, but I can't enter anything. If it's supposed to work like everything thing else/app on the player, once the field you want to type into is selected, moving the arrow keys around should move you around the number pad and pressing Okay selects what you want, I believe. I can do everything else except enter values into the fields. Crazy. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks, James
  10. Hello, I am trying to have multiple computers running their own emby server and I want to have a singular data source on some things like amazon s3, google drive or dropbox where all the media files will be located. What I plan to do is to update the files in Dropbox and then trigger the update on emby servers remotely so that they can get the newer files and store them locally. Is there a inbuilt way to do this? The only alternative I think is to develop a separate web app that periodically that runs along these emby servers that will copy data from remote(dropbox) to local and then trigger a library rescan. I am fairly new to emby so please forgive me for any mistakes.
  11. I have an issue with emby. When I play a movie remotely it has to be transcoded most of the times because I've set a remote bandwith limit to 4,5 Mbps. The problem is that the client isn't buffering correctly/enough when watching a transcoded video. For example I start a movie and pause it, the buffering stops after about five seconds. I monitor the network traffic with iftop and I can see it in the client too, as kodi and emby clients show a grey bar indicating the buffering progress. With directplay it's all fine. It buffers minutes or even the whole video depending on the client and it's buffering with a higher speed than the bitrate. In kodi for example, it completely ignores the settings of buffersize and speed(readfactor) when transcoding on the opposite to directly play where it does what it's supposed to do. The whole problem with this is that when a short interrupt or bandwith shortage occurs the playback stops. Instead the client could have used the extra bandwith to fill it's buffer. This issue happens with all clients I've tested so far. My upload should be plenty with 40 Mbps. Is this behaviour intended? In my opinion transcoding is mostly used on remote connections and there is always a buffer needed opposed to direct play which is mostly used at home. The transcoding is more than fast enough by the way. It usually transcodes with 3x speed or faster. Server: Version Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 Clients: Kodi Emby and EmbyCon (increased buffer/set it to unlimited) Emby Theatre UWP Emby Theatre Desktop Web (Edge, Firefox & Chrome) Android Just say if you need any client or server logs.
  12. Has anyone had recent issues with Harmony remotes in Emby for Windows Media Center? My Ultimate MCE remote software does not work correctly. It was working fine previously. I tried different devices to see if that worked. OrTek Hama MCE SE I have got the IR Blasters for the Harmony and the Hama The MCE SE will not operate at all. Neither will OrTek Hama works apart from the play / pause. I bought another Hama remote to train it but the play / pause do not function correctly for that either. One button restarts the episode and the other stops it. Running Windows 8.1 on a Mini PC NUC Running MPC-HC as an external player in Emby WMC I even bought the Harmony Elite thinking it was the Ultimate that was not functioning correctly but it is the same with that too. Update I have just opened up an episode within MPC-HC externally to Emby WMC and the play / pause buttons work fine. I also tried installing VLC and had issues with play / pause in Emby. No issue with play / pause with VLC outside Emby. The Emby default player works fine. Play / pause works correctly on all remotes. Is this an Emby issue Guys
  13. I am curious whether there is a way to query the emby server for title and timecode information of what is currently being played - Ideally a serial stream through an IP/TCP port that on my end I can parse for use on an ipad remote control system for a theater In the past I was using MPC-HC as the backend player for emby within media center - when the web interface was enabled I could essentially 'query' MPC HC by IP address port # and then [in this case] /info.html and parse the data on my remote. All the remote 'sees' is the raw html or source of that specific page and I set rules on the remote to disregard the gibberish so to speak-- For example the timecode feedback was displayed on the remote by setting a rule on the remote to only look for data in between a line that begins with "<p id="positionstring"> and ends in <p>" --the number in between that specific prefix and suffix were displayed on the remote --Because of this, the remote only displayed the static timecode when you queried it --it is crude compared to the Oppo player that sends out a constant serial stream of timecode, track, chapter etc information via its RS232 port --> connected to a serial card in a computer that runs an rs232 to tcp/ip service, forwarding the serial data as TCP packets--> i.e. constant RX bytes. I connect to that bridge and parse and display the information on the remote. *note -> there was an aspect of the mpc hc web interface, a remote that displayed the title and current rolling timecode but it appeared to work by using a javascript to constantly refresh the data and I am not smart enough to figure out how to create a bridge from that rolling timecode I see in the browser {post that javascript} to my remote. We are moving to emby theater from a Windows Media Center plugin solution. Wondering if this kind of data can be easily accessed or whether a server plugin could be developed to help system integrators use a serial stream of 'remote feedback' in their projects. Obviously this data exists as can be seen in the dashboard--how do I extract that information? Getting too tired to really explain myself but I hope the developers understand the gist of what I am asking about -Thanks for the wonderful program
  14. This Title may not make sense and I don't know if this is even the correct forum for it. So let me explain what I am trying to find out. I have all my content displayed on a 136" Projector screen and everything is working fine. I scroll through my media select what I want to play back and when I complete a TV episode or a movie playback stops and it returns to the detail page of the selection. Then I navigate using a 10' remote to either the next episode of a TV show or another movie select it and hit play from the details page. What I am trying to find out is it possible to while the Movie or TV episode is playing on the screen to use a tablet or other portable device to navigate or scroll through my content selection and now find something I want to play next when the present video / movie has finished. Upon returning to the detail page on the big screen I hit a button on the portable device and it will play now on the big screen. I know I did this with the Dune Media player and a software like Zappiti or Dune Media Controller, I scrolled through my selection and then when selecting an item it would play back on the big screen. Is there something available like this in either Android or Apple? If not if I use Emby for Android and scroll through my content is there a way once selected on the tablet that it can play back over the big screen? Does this make sense? Basically have all my video wall and other content displayed on a tablet but playback is on the NUC PC that has the server installed. Thanks, O2G
  15. Hello all, Im runnig the following config: QNAP: TS-853A Hardware:CPU: Intel Celeron CPU N3160 @ 1.60Ghz RAM: 8 GB Software:Firmware version: Build 20180215 Emby Server: ffmpeg: 3.4.2 Mono: 5.11.0 The Problems im having: Remote not accesebol/working as show below, cant forward, cant see anny details and cant go back If I want to play a hole album it will only play one song most of the time, I cant see the play list Emby is not cutting gables files and if they are cut in seperates there will be a break betwean them. Tanks in advance, Greatings, Spartan_GIV
  16. speedingcheetah

    Remote User related questions

    I am playing around with using my Emby to replace the "file share" i had setup via my router and a usb stick. Have 2 questions: 1. Is there a way to hide the default icons called "Collections" and "Folders"? I don't see an option to hide those selections in the User Access settings. I just want only the Folder and certain other Library Folders i create or select to show. 2. Is there a way to have a remote user upload a file to the Emby server? Is this a feature/plugin that could be added in the future? Thanks.
  17. Hello, I have been trying to set-up Emby and allow remote access with docker containers. No matter what I do I cannot connect from any app including the web app. If I put in the URL it will connect just fine as long as force SSL is not enabled, if force SSL is enabled then I get an error that there has been too many redirects. I have looked at the posts about setting up remote access and setting up reverse proxy and nothing is working, I am not sure where to begin any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  18. Okay, sorry for the extra question, but I have everything working properly with this compro remote (and logitech harmony) except shutdown. The original remote wakes up the computer through PCIe Bios settings ok (from full off state- which is what I prefer as I have a remote power switch to kill all components TV, HTPC etc. But the power off button only sends a sleep state shutdown, when I want a full power shutdown. I have got around this by having a shutdown batch cmd, which is shortcut to "num 8" on the original remote and this I have taught the harmony as "Power toggle". This works, as long as it happens from the desktop. But the HTPC uses Emby for WMC plugin, with WMC for Win 10 plugin, as I like this interface, my problem is closing WMC prior to executing the shutdown cmd. I have Microsoft ME Media Player, and Micorsoft SE Media Player devices in logitech harmony, but the Win + D key (takes win to desktop), doesn't seem to work in Microsoft SE Player through logitech, if I use a physical keyboard...fine, I can go to desktop and then the "Power toggle" button works to shutdown. So my problem is how to execute win + D through logitech, or how to assign it to a num 9 key in the remote,I even have a batch cmd to shutdown WMC, but again can't be activated while in WMC? I can't assign complex keyboard shortcuts to the compro remote, but it does have the possibility to assign an exe program, so I tried assigning cmd.exe cmd /c "c:\WMC_Shutdown\WMC_Shutdown.cmd" to * key on remote but no go. Just need a way to close WMC through remote key that can be mapped to logitech, so I can then execute shutdown bat that is already assigned and works when desktop is in focus. Any ideas would be much appreciated, though I couldn't really get my head around eventghost or autohotkey...seem quite complex. Thanks again, I tried all yesterday with a thousand diffferent configurations but keep getting stuck on the "go to desktop" problem. TIA Tried various combinations, batch file is there to run and kill ehshell.exe but when WMC is fullscreen, nothing short of a physical keyboard (Win+D) will minimise it, which I need to do before I can run proper shutdown, if WMC has focus my power toggle key isn't recognised and I go to a soft sleep, then when it wakes...no remote. I am tearing my hair out, I have used autohotkey, and still when WMC has focus, it can't be minimised by remote keys, only by keyboard. Suggestions anyone???
  19. Hey guys, This is not so much an emby problem, just looking for any expert advice from the community. I have a HTPC that was running Win 7, and used a Fusion Dvico remote (plugged into USB port) for control of my WMC, and also Emby. After upgrading, finally to Win 10, I have a curious but not unheard of problem, that when the HTPC is turned on, the remote IR receiver driver is not automatically loaded. Simply unplugging it for 1-2 seconds resolves the issue as the USB Input device driver is then correctly installed, and bingo, I can use my Logitech Harmony for full remote facilities. I have researched a fair bit and have tried the following:- 1) regedit all USB devices and "ForceHCResetOnResume" 2) use a $5 USB hub controller from the mobo usb ports, and plug the remote receiver into one of these ports 3) tried all different USB ports on the mobo 4) used MCEStandby Tool (which also tries the ForceHCResetOnResume) Still no go, any guru out there who has experience with this issue? On some occassions, windows will install "Dvico Remocon V1.00" driver, but on most occassions it seems to just go for "USB Input Device". Any thoughts? Thanks Brad
  20. drikosv8

    Remote DLNA

    I would love to have DLNA Remote available so we can get more customers and not need to use the chromecast. Currently it is only possible to use DLNA within the same network. If DLNA is available outside the same network, such as Youtube and Netflix, I can use my premiere account better. I hope you take that into account. Thank you Eu adoraria ter o DLNA Remote disponível para que possamos obter mais clientes e não precisarmos usar o chromecast. Atualmente, só é possível usar DLNA dentro da mesma rede. Se DLNA estiver disponível fora da mesma rede, como o Youtube e o Netflix, posso usar minha conta de estréia melhor. Espero que você leve isso em consideração. Obrigado
  21. Hi, i just created my server today, got emby installed and it just wont work when putting the ip address in my browser (Mobile) while connected to mobile data. Internal works fine. I have tried unblocking ports on my Asus Router and TalkTalk modem +the ports on the server 2012 firewall but still no connections (I also tried with a friend and he couldn't get in either. Is there something i am missing?
  22. Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote Firstly please be aware that I consider this very much a beta script and will do so until such time as MBT comes out of beta. I will however keep the scripts updated as MBT does so and provide more functionality as the MBT team gets around to mapping everything. So to start, what is Unified Remote? Unified Remote is an app that lets you control your entire Windows computer from your Android device. In short, it turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for all the programs on your computer. It is easily the most feature-filled PC remote available. With our app you can control a wide range of applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, media players, and other external hardware that can be connected to your computer. They also provide extensive capabilities to create custom remotes, which is what I have done for MB3. Now before we go any further you will need to purchase the full version of Unified Remote for your android or windows device to use custom remotes, they price is extremely reasonable at AUD$3.67 on the PlayStore and AUD$3.99 on the Windows Store, you won’t find a better remote for the price try the free version first and see what you think, although you will be unable to use this script with it, there are a few built in to try. (iOS version is in beta and not currently available for iCrap iStuff) You can find a full overview on their website here …..all good, how do I get started? Well firstly you need to download the Unified Remote Server here this needs to be installed on any PC or HTPC you wish to control. Once you have it installed run through the options, not much to do here, if on your HTPC I suggest you set it to ‘start on system start-up’ you can also click on the remotes tab and disable/enable any remotes you care to (feel free to disable that ugly cousin XBMC ) password encryption is also available. WARNING: Do NOT disable any of the Core.**** remotes or the Relmtech basic input remotes, they are action libraries required to work some functions. Once everything is configured, you can close the server window, since the application will continue to run in your system tray. IMPORTANT: make sure that Windows Firewall and/or other security software is not blocking the Unified Remote Server application nor ports (default 9512 TCP and UDP). It is recommend that you use Unified Remote on your local area network (LAN), otherwise you will need to open the ports on your router as well. Once you’re done there you need to install the actual remote to your device here for Android devices or here for Windows devices. Once the application is running, follow the in-app instructions. The dashboard offers quick access to all the main parts of the app. And you’re done. If you are just trying it out go ahead and play, if you grabbed the full version and are ready to install the Media Broswer 3 Remote, read on….. So you’ve made it this far, moving on…. By the way if you did fork out the four bucks for the app? Don’t forget about the guys who make MB3 for us and throw them a few as well, their beer fridge is empty after all these holidays. (in all seriousness though show them some love and keep MB going, donate, buy a plug-in or all of-the-above if you’re feeling giving) …now where was i? ahh the remote. As pointed out earlier this is still in early stages and will progress with MBT, not all buttons are currently working and some are but with some questionable methods lol I will list non-functioning and some minor issues shortly.This first release is also designed to give some function to WMC as well, this was necessary for me until LiveTV makes it to MBS then MBT. As you can see above I have tried to get as much in as possible without feeling crowded, the navigation area has been deliberately left clear to make it easier to avoid accidental touches. Layout was designed on a Samsung Galaxy SII which is a relatively small screen nowadays for android devices and it felt comfortable to use, I can only imagine it would be much better on a tablet or larger screen phones, unfortunately at the time of writing I do not have a tablet to test layout on, although I have a Galaxy Tab on it’s way, I also do not own a windows tablet or phone so feedback there would be nice, I will however try to get one from a friend for testing. NOTE: The full function remote scrolls if needed, the basic remote will fill to fit your device(s) screen. It has been thoroughly tested on my Galaxy SII and works like a charm, I do recommend setting Unified on your device to 'portrait lock' and 'full-screen' in options if similar in size to the SII. Remote using MBT/WMC was tested on a Desktop PC (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC), Notebook (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC) and a HTPC (Windows 7 Ultimate). Playback and Record Panel: Seriously, you want me to explain that? Lol Everything works as expected here, if you don’t know what to expect this is not the forum you are looking for, move along. (he says in his best Obi-wan voice) Navigation Panel: Really, again? Ok, left, no your other left, that’s it, right, no I meant right arrow doh! up and down, the round thing in the middle, press that when you get where you’re going, we’ll call it the butler, he’ll open the door for you. The Panel without a Name: I was going to call it porn, cos when you rub that little button on the right MBT gets bigger or you can use the one on the left and go back… (not finishing that!) The Panel of Many Colours: If it sang and had 2 big round buttons I would call it Dolly! The colours function as follows; Function Panel: Power Button will do a complete shutdown your pc Media Browser will launch Media Browser Theatre (if WMC is running it will end that process first) MBT can also be launched by pressing the menu button on your phone/tablet when the MB3 remote is open. A pop-up will show with ‘Launch’ above the usual ‘Share’ that is seen there in apps. (this method does not force WMC to close.) WMC will launch WMC directly to Live TV (if MBT is running, it will end that process first) Sort By opens the slide out panel for viewing by sort options (if applicable) pressing back hides it again. Screenshot will take a picture of the current screen and put it in > USERNAME/Pictures/Screenshots/screenshot(xx).jpg this is handy if needing to send an image to the MB3 team for trouble shooting or just grabbing that right pic from your favourite movie so you can use it as a backdrop. Access Panel: Keyboard opens the keyboard on your device Mouse changes your screen to touchpad mode, allowing you to control MBT via mouse in a similar manner to a notebook touchpad. Mic inputs basic commands via voice (basic functions have all been tested and working, it uses google voice so shows about the same accuracy) Quick Switch switches between MB3 and other Unified Remotes quickly (add these as you desire) Server selects the UR Server(PC or HTPC) you wish to connect your device to Get Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote here for x64or here for x86. The file is self-extracting and will need admin privileges as it extracts the scripts and custom icons to the unified install directory. Make sure the Unified Remote Server (URS) is installed prior to extracting these scripts. After the extraction process is complete, stop and start the URS or go to the remotes tab and click refresh. Your MB3 Remotes should then be listed on both your system and device. Rinse and repeat for each system running the URS. Current Release: beta r0.4 posted on 02/01/2014 Currently confirmed working with: MBT 3.0.5097.22952
  23. waldoverkill

    More Windows Media Key Support

    Would it be possible to add a few more Windows Media Keys to Emby Theatre? Guide Recorded TV Live TV This would make it integrate with MCE and Logitech remotes very nicely. For instance I cant send CTRL-G from my Logitech Elite but I can send Guide.
  24. It would be great if Emby Theater had full support for the Xbox One Media Remote. Currently, it only has basic support so only the up, down, left, right, and OK buttons work.
  25. I had posted about a similar issue prior and the thread was merged into another thread that really did not cover the same issue and there was never really a clear solution. I currently run an Emby server via HTTPS for secure WAN connections. Through the android app only I can only fast forward, rewind, and seek on random media playback. Sometimes it will only work for a short while until it decides it does not want to work anymore. When it does not work I can attempt to seek anywhere in the playback and it will not move to that spot but continue playing from where it currently is. If I pause and play it jumps back to its current location. If I pause and attempt to seek and hit play it jumps back to its current location. This happens on most of my media but not all, as some of my media I can seek freely through the playback. This has been a problem on my Nexus 5X, my Nexus 7, and now my Google Pixel. Also chromecast playback outside of my LAN does not work, it just says Emby on the chromecast screen, when the media is selected and said to be playing through the phone or web browser, it is not playing on the chromecast. This same problem occurs 50% of the time inside my LAN connected to the unencrypted connection. All certificates are stock to the Emby server. The problem is limited to the android app. I have not tested the iPhone app with the problem. (Side but far less important question that I am curious about is that I have the server running on a virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 installed with 16 cores dedicated to it. I see the server side settings that allows up to 8 cores selected or maximum, can the emby server take full advantage of the 16 cores I dedicated to the VM?)
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