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Found 3 results

  1. So, i needed to enable remote connections for Emby server, and i wanted to secure it with https. I have seen quite a few guides on how to enable https on emby server, but i find this to be an easier way if you own an asus router that supports Lets Encrypt. Im not sure which models that support this, but my AC-86U did. All i did to get a hold of the ssl ceritifactes was to enable this in the WAN-DDNS section in the router, then export files like this: Then i converted the cert and key file to a pfx file with "Win64OpenSSL_Light-1_1_0L" https://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html and imported this in to Emby: I used this command: "openssl pkcs12 -inkey key.pem -in cert.pem -export -out output.pfx" Of course you also have to port forward the needed ports to make this work. Thats it, so if you own an ASUS router with this option you can save a lot of time, and a bonus, the router also automaticly renews the certificates. If this already has been posted i apologize, and feel free to leave comments if there are things i have missed or if this method seems like a bad idea.
  2. Hello, I am having trouble connecting remotely to the Emby server on my computer, from my android phone (or any other device). I am able to connect when on my home network, but not off of it. I have gone through the steps in the Connectivity section, to no avail. I have opened port 8096 in Windows Firewall, as well as set up port forwarding for 8096 in my router (using router Asus RT-AC68U). When trying on canyouseeme.org, i get the error "i could not see your service on ... on port 8096". I have checked for other Firewall rules, and found none, and even tried temporarily disabling firewall, and it still won't connect. Also rebooted router and Emby server multiple times after changing settings. What am i doing wrong?
  3. Lighthammer

    Emby Remote Access Help

    Hey All, I've been having some really weird problems I can't seem to track down. Some time ago, Emby remote stopped working using the physical IP Address, but continues to work using app.emby.com; but only for users who already had access. New persons can't register my server. This problem seemed to have started around the November Emby Update. As of right now my Network Configuration is as follows: Cable Modem -> Asus RT-N66U Router in Router Mode via LAN (Firmware: Merlin 380.62_1) -> Linksys WRT54G in Switch Mode via LAN (Firmware: 4.21.1) -> Emby Server Connected via LAN The server was working for nearly 2 years with IP addresses across 2 different networks. I have ran port tests to ensure my ports are open and viewable from the internet. Windows Firewall is running on the computer currently with the ports opened and Emby granted access. Avast Free is the only other software running on Startup on the computer. My ISP is Comcast (on both networks). I've research to see if they've tried filtering or shaping my traffic. All tests suggest they haven't. It's important to note that via the ASUS RT-N66U, some of my computers are behind TOR, but not my Emby Server. About the same time, I lost IP Access to the server I installed the Linksys, but as far as I know, I had access *BEFORE* an Emby update; though adding the Linksys in to the network could be root, I'm just not convinced of this. I also unsuccessfully tried to setup NOIP on Emby and it worked for a short time, but doesn't anymore. I've since turned off all configuration related to this save the NOIP app running in the background (I've tried disabling this with no affect) On both the ASUS RT-N66U and the Linksys WRT54G, I have ports open for Emby and specifically target the Emby Server. The Emby Server, ASUS Router and Linksys Router all have static IPs (as well as every other regular device on my network). I've recently (in the last 48 hours) reinstalled Emby because it was failing to start with v3.5.0.0. The current reported version is v3.2.0.0. This was the one the automatic updater downloaded. I tried to be as thorough on prorating questions that might be asked as possible. I'm kind finally stumped what the problem is. I've been tinkering with this since December. My log file for a fresh restart of Emby is included. Thanks for any help you can provide. Log.txt
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