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Found 15 results

  1. After installing emby, my emby client app would not connect to the server and after poking around I noticed that several emby entries in the "allowed apps" of the Windows firewall were duplicated. After removing the duplicated entries my client app was able to connect to the server. Today after rebooting my home server, again my emby client app could not connect to the emby server. And again there were duplicates emby entries in the firewall. I removed them and the client app could then connect. As a test, I went to the taskbar tray and close the emby server and manually restarted it: du
  2. martylavender

    Connection Timeout

    Roku TV Latest Roku Emby channel Linuxserver.io Docker container Forwarded both HTTP and HTTPS ports in my WAN facing router Checked these ports externally and both are allowing traffic Emby detects my Emby server without any issue. I click Connect and the app sits for a few seconds attempting to connect. Connection eventually times out with an error stating just that. I then can remove the server and manually input the IP address of the Emby server. It connects fine without any issue. Why can I manually connect but not automatically through Emby Connect?
  3. peapa

    DLNA ports

    Hello, I'm trying to run Emby server behind a firewall. I've already opened port 8096 for the web UI and 1900 for SSDP. Now Emby finds my DLNA-enabled devices. But my Xbox 360 displays a black screen when attempting to play back a video through DLNA with the firewall enabled. If I disable the firewall on the server, playback is fine. I want to keep the firewall enabled on this server. I could not find the ports used by Emby for DLNA, does someone know ? Thanks
  4. Hello, I am having trouble connecting remotely to the Emby server on my computer, from my android phone (or any other device). I am able to connect when on my home network, but not off of it. I have gone through the steps in the Connectivity section, to no avail. I have opened port 8096 in Windows Firewall, as well as set up port forwarding for 8096 in my router (using router Asus RT-AC68U). When trying on canyouseeme.org, i get the error "i could not see your service on ... on port 8096". I have checked for other Firewall rules, and found none, and even tried temporarily disabling firewal
  5. I can no longer connect to Emby server from any other PC or Android phone/tablet since I installed a new cable modem and reinstalled my wifi this morning. I tried entering the IP address manually, no luck. But I discovered that if I completely disable my firewall I can access the server. So it's obviously a firewall problem, but disabling the firewall is NOT a solution for me. In the firewall settings (this is Windows Defender) I see the entries for Emby Server and for Port 8096, and all of them "look" correct. I even tried adding a new entry for Port 8096, but that didn't help. He
  6. English: Hello I suggest expanding the security: - user blocking function, 5 items (to be determined by the administrator) of consecutive incorrect logins - blocking the IP address (DDOS, Firewall), if for a period of 15 minutes (to be determined by the administrator) there will be an incorrect authorization (amount to be determined by the administrator) for 1 hour (to be determined by the administrator). IP addresses should be visible in the menu, it should be easy to clean the individual or all addresses, there should be a schedule for cleaning these addresses set by the administrator (f
  7. Any ideas why this might be happening? I cant find that Emby even uses this port. I am using defaults. From my server.txt: 2017-01-05 00:42:18.6076 Error PortMapper: Error creating port map: One or more errors occurred. 2017-01-05 00:42:18.6076 Error HttpClient: Error getting response from *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Processor
  8. I am not able to connect to my server locally unless I switch my firewall off in Avast. Then everything works fine. In my Avast settings, I have the following Application rule, but it's still not working. Any ideas?
  9. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help me! I've got media browser working over the internet, just fine, with a previous wifi router... but not my current one...Or rather, it does work with my current one when the firewall is turned off.. but not when the firewall is turned on.. The set-up is as follows: * DNS - via no-ip.org, DUC running to update the IP assigned to my no-ip sub-domain - this works fine/perfectly * IPv4 network within the house * WiFi router & firewall: TP-Link TD-W8980 * Router WAN port showing the correct public IP address * Port forwarding configured
  10. Hi; I'm using the ubuntu kodi plugin under mint18 desktop. server has 3 gig ram ,2 drives , amd dual core. htpc and my desktop are what i'm trying to connect to it . I setup via ddwrt static dhcp ips for the server ,desktop,htpc. besides having to remote into the server and start via term due to my not being able to auto run it(lack of know how) it runs well, I killed info /thumbnail download due to my cap. added media etc(was on 2nd 1tb hd). but i can't add/view media in kodi on desktop with firewall on. I've added these rulles 8096/8920/tcp allow in ip of ser
  11. Hi there, I have a problem with the Emby app for Android: In our flat we have two servers (one is mine, the other is my roommate's). My roommate's server (Win 2012 R2) hosts the movie library while I use mine for testing purposes. I also installed Emby Server on my machine to test streaming to my chromecast device which works perfectly. Unfortunately, chromecast streaming does not work with the other server. I can log in and play stuff on my phone, but as soon as I establish the connection to chromecast ("Ready to cast") nothing is happening when I press the play button. We also use a H
  12. TheRealGrale

    Connecting Roku Emby externally over HTTPS

    Ok so I'm not a network novice, but clearly I am missing something here. I've searched the forums and have only found mention of using http port 8096 for external connections. None of the documentation/posts I have seen specifically speak of using https, which I would like to use if possible. The firewall on my 2008r2 server has the proper ports all opened, the exe is also allowed access, and the port forwarding rules are in effect on my modem. On the web console of EMBY it even reports "Remote Access: https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8920. Now when I go to my EMBY Roku app, it doesn't matte
  13. Hello, I noticed that somewhere along the way ffmpeg was installed into a new path (.....\ffmpeg\20150110\ffmpeg.exe) which is different than the path used in the firewall configuration (....\ffmpeg\20141111\ffmpeg.exe). I'm not sure if the firewall configuration is part of the MBS base product or if it's configured as part of ServerWMC, but I have both installed. Michael
  14. I am using AVG Internet Security 2014. MB3 version = 3.0.5416.0 I cannot connect to this server nor internally nor externally. If I turn off my firewall (AVG) than I can connect without any problem. 'MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe' is marked as 'trusted' (exception list) but connection is still not possible (with firewall on). Ports 8096 and 8945 are open in my router. What am I doing wrong?
  15. Hi there, I'm building a gigabit (ish) back-end network for the media in the house... The set up is a primary media system running both media browser server and a media browser client. What I want to do is isolate this network from the internet, with the exception of (ideally) just media browser server for updates and - I guess the media browser classic for it's theme updates.. So, to still retain all media server functionality.. What protocols and remote addresses should I allow on my physical firewall that separates the back-end network from the front-end one (which has the inte
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