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Found 24 results

  1. LunchBolero

    unable to use https on qnap ts-251b

    hello, i've been using emby for a little while on my QNAP TS-251B, but recently noticed that my devices (browsers, an nvidia shield) only connect via unsecured http on the default port 8096. when trying to bring up the page (from within my lan) on the default https port of 8920, chrome gives me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. in Emby Configuration > Server > Network, i do see that the port number is indeed set to 8920. however, when i run nmap against the device to scan for open ports, 8920 appears closed. i'm using Emby server version
  2. blim5001

    Emby ssl ports not working

    So this is a bit wierd, emby on my nas was all working fine over https until this google outage this morning. (Why this should make a difference, no idea, but it's the only thing that has changed) Now it does not seem to be working. I have tried the default port (8920) and the one I want to use: (9920) And it does not seem to be listening on either of these ports. If I run a port checker on my local network the port does not appear to be listening (and fwiw I see no mention of the https port in the start up logs) I have disabled the firewall on the nas, but it has made no d
  3. jjpold

    impossible to connect

    Hello, I have a AS6102T Asustor server linked to my computer through a box. I can access to all my AS6102T files. Unfortunately, when I launch Emby, the connection is impossible. My ports 80 and 8096 are open and I don't have a firewall problem... Any ideas why it won't work ? Thanks !
  4. I have fire tv and I’ve been trying to connect my IP address but I’m confused what the port number is does anyone know
  5. rafailsar

    What are Emby's Linux Server ports

    Hi, does anyone know what are all the ports needed to us Emby ? I want to use Live Tv with a m3u file list and i am not sure if i blocked any necessary ports. It works fine with the IPTV plug in. Best Regards Rafael
  6. Hello! My wife and I just got a brand new Apple TV 4k! We have downloaded the Emby app and we are having trouble accessing our server. We have a specific domain and port and I can only add the domain. Since the port does not match, we cannot login. Please let me know what I need to do in order to have access to my Emby library. Thanks!
  7. Hellow, I have an issue at the moment to try to access my emby server from Remote (WAN) access, more precisely using http://myIP(public):8096, the strange thing is localy I have access without any problem using http://myip(local ip);8096 or http://machineName:8096, with any pc or laptop in my lan or in the same server (linux). I have tested the ports with the site https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ and the port is open as you see in image bellow: My Current host server is: Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 19.10 Release: 19.10 Codename: eoan My Cu
  8. jjpold

    Connexion impossible port 8096

    Bonjour, J'ai un NAS Asustor sur lequel est installé Emby. Le Nas est en réseau avec mon ordi via une box SFR. Je parviens sans problème à accéder aux dossiers et fichiers présents sur mon NAS. En revanche, dès lors que je lance Emby Server j'ai toujours la même réponse : la connexion a échoué. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi. Le port indiqué est 8096. Normalement il est bien ouvert ainsi que le port 80. A moins d'une erreur... Voici une copie d'écran de mes réglages sur la box au cas ou. J'ai également ouvert ces ports sur mon firewall windows. de toute façon même quand j’enlève le firewall ça
  9. embyzone

    https port problem

    Hi All Still working things out coming from Plex. First thing I wanted was a secure https certificate so I set up a Let's encrypt and a internal reverse proxy pointing to the new server. But! Emby keeps adding the port to my domain, which is included in the domain, https://domain.com:8920 Anyway to tell Emby to not use the port number in the link? (Writing nothing in the external port is a no go)
  10. Hi, In Settings there is a section named "Advanced" or "Hosting". This is the mine: And this is a section of my Dashboard: The server is running in local http port (8096), there is no option to enable https in local. Nor, in my opinion, does it make sense to activate https on local connections. My question is: does the "Local https port number" option make any sense? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And another question is about remote access. I have disabled this option, why the Dasboard shows "Remote (WAN
  11. Hi, i just created my server today, got emby installed and it just wont work when putting the ip address in my browser (Mobile) while connected to mobile data. Internal works fine. I have tried unblocking ports on my Asus Router and TalkTalk modem +the ports on the server 2012 firewall but still no connections (I also tried with a friend and he couldn't get in either. Is there something i am missing?
  12. IP ADDRESS FREENAS: IP ADDRESS EMBY: Someone resolve this problem? i want to access emby like this : (no port)
  13. ruoccop

    Roku and Windows Firewall

    Hi. I'm new to Emby and trying to make it work with the Roku 3. It is working when I switch off Windows Firewall, but not when it is on. I've opened up the port with an inbound rule, but I still get nothing on Roku. Anyone able to give me any assistance? Thanks
  14. Hello Experts :-) I'm a beginner trying to install Emby server on my Raspberry PI 3 (OSMC 18b based on Debian). I followed the official method that use Docker : (Recommend install method for armhf/armv7 (Tested rpi2/3 running rasbian)) https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43166-arm-devices-official-instructions/ I don't know Docker very well. It seems correctly installed and started : Ports 1900/udp, 8096/tcp, 7359/udp, 8920/tcp and opened in router for the IP address of the Raspberry PI 3 ( I use other web interfaces / tools
  15. EliteCube

    Port bug with dedicated server IP?

    Hey guys, im new with emby. I installed emby on my dedicated server with static public IP. So my local IP is a public is Emby write on the admin page: Local: Public Good, I test it and i change the local port to 8097 and https to 8021 (public unchanged 8096/8020) I restart and check public connection: Browser write: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Firewall and all are disabled. I change nothing... Okay i test the local port... it works... ?? Why i cant connect to the remote port only on the local port on a remo
  16. jins.ssu

    Change port 8096 by a subdirectory

    Hi, I would like to change the access door to a sub-directory. Example http://myaddress.com:8096 to http://myaddress.com/emby It's possible? thank you
  17. I'm unable to connect to the server from other computers on my LAN, only on the local machine (e.g. Some things I've tried: Added rules to Windows Firewall Disabled Windows Firewall (turned it off within Windows Firewall; separately disabled the service) Used other ports There is no other firewall software on the server that I'm aware of. For my sanity, I installed Emby on a Windows 10 machine and it worked flawlessly the first time. Is there anything else I could be missing? Netstat results below: Proto Local Foreign State
  18. Is it possible to configure the range of outbound ports Emby server uses? This would be very helpful in configuring QoS in the router. I know inbound server connections are initiated by the client on ports 8096 and 8920, but I am pretty sure the outbound data is on a high-numbered port chosen by the client for firewall traversal reasons, similar to passive FTP. The difference being that most FTP clients allow you to choose a range of passive ports. Also, does Emby server set the DHCP tag to a particular value? This would be useful to know for the same reason of configuring QoS on the n
  19. wolfgang

    Server access

    Hi, I really could need some help.. I'm hosting a website on my very own server (debian latest). Bought a domain from noip.com, so I can also setup subdomains. For those I also got valid ssl certificates. My self-hosted wordpress site works well this way. Now I want to have access to Emby from "outside". https://blabla.com:8920 gives me NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID, most likely because I use my own certificate which doesn't cooperate with Emby!? https://emby.blabla.com would be nice, but how do I do that? Only got subdomains working with Apache. Also it wouldn't solve m
  20. I just changed the lan port from 8096 to 80 without giving it much tought, found out it does not work on freebsd? any way to change it in a file in order to access the web interface again? Update: when into "/var/db/emby-server/config" and edited "system.xml" and changed the port back to 8096
  21. Hi everyone. Instant Emby fan and new Member here. As a network geek, I wanted to ask about port forwarding and security concerns in general. I'm a little uneasy about punching holes in my home firewall and wanted to know if others have run into similar concerns, and what they've done about it. As a former Plex user, one thing I liked was that I didn't have to port forward anything...being away from home I could still log into my Plex library just fine. I don't know how they achieve this btw, maybe via proxy or a reverse connection to the client? But in Emby, I can't access my library withou
  22. I have been hosting an Emby server for me and my friends to use and all has been going well except for that my college blocks most ports, I changed the public Emby port to 80 (just to test, I don't know if it would have worked) and can no longer connect to my server, when I try to connect I'm just showed "This web page is not available" followed by "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I have tried connecting through my public and local addresses as well as trying the default 8096 ports as well as 80 which I had changed it to with no luck. I have also tried re-installing the server but can still not c
  23. Hi there, As title already suggests, whenever I use the kodi emby app on the go via the net the connection on my local server stays open even though I've disconnected a long time ago, the dashboard also correctly mentions that the user in question has disconnected. This turns into a problem because I parse netstat on my server to see if there's activity on certain ports so it can shut down when it's not needed. If I don't restart the emby server the connections stay open indefinitely. I've had a look if the connection stays open when I just use the mobile webfrontend in my browser and
  24. Rowlett

    DLNA not working

    i've just been playing around with the DLNA play to and getting error "check network connection" on DLNA device but from checking the logs i think i know why. i've got MB3 server running on different port from 8096 however in the logs DLNA is trying to use port 8096: 2014-03-16 21:52:40.3319 Debug - PlayTo: [TV]Samsung LED40 - Received PlayRequest: PlayNow 2014-03-16 21:52:40.3409 Debug - PlayTo: [TV]Samsung LED40 - Playlist created 2014-03-16 21:52:40.3409 Debug - PlayTo: [TV]Samsung LED40 - Playing 1 items 2014-03-16 21:52:40.3409 Debug - PlayTo: [TV]Samsung LED40 - SetAvTransport Ur
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