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Found 19 results

  1. option for QUICKLY viewing tv guide without stopping the video in emby for android app currently this feature only exists on emby for android tv but is nowhere to be seen in emby for android. i would use emby for android tv but it keeps crashing every second time i open it. the other good thing about emby for android tv is i can see even more channels while in the quick view tv guide that is displayed over the video.
  2. Hello, i've been starting to use emby server in this week and although there is already a dashboard to manage emby server, such as creating users and stuff, i'd like to use my own admin panel already done that was written in php. I'd like to know if it is possible to access emby's dashboard options through another panel created by myself through an API, remote access or something similar, and if so, i'd like to know how because i'm new at this 😃.
  3. I remember some time ago when I was able to send remote control commands to the Roku app from a server outside the network via websockets. From what I understand is, currently it's not possible to do this anymore since the new Roku remote control API implementation. I'm aware of the port forwarding solution, but that's an impossible feat to teach Mom; she won't even attempt it. lol I was wondering if there's any other way to get this to work again. Maybe revert the websocket removal in the next release or a plugin of some sort? Any advise to point me in the right direction would be groovy smoothie. Thank you!
  4. dotcom

    ios media controls while casting

    There is an issue when casting and wanting to fine-control media. When you first cast an item you have a lot of controls available and can skip ahead or jump back 30/10 or whatever your setting is. Once you view the queue or leave the app and re-open you don't have this option anymore and cannot get it back without stopping the item playing on your device and beginning cast again. Two screenshots show one set of controls then the more useless set of controls when in casting. The horizontal one are the controls you get to keep right when you cast. The vertical are the less useful controls. Ideally you'd get the same set of controls you have when you are locally playing in cast mode whether leaving or rejoining the app. Also a fun bug when you swipe out of the app once you are casting at first it can accidentally turn up the tv volume to 100.
  5. Hi Emby Team, I'm not sure if this is a Emby LG Smart TV App related topic or a generell behavior of all emby apps but when the On Screen Display is activ/visible during video playback and I press the "Back"-Button on my LG Remote the playback stops and emby jumps back to the "Movie Page" where I can resume or start the movie from the beginning. In all other streaming apps (netflix, maxdome, amazon prime...) pressing the Back Button during video playback with OSD activ makes the OSD disapear and the movie continues to play. I think this would be a nice feature/change :-) thanx & greetz
  6. I am new to Emby from Plex. I was really tired of the poor performance and numerous bugs ruining my library. Anyway, so far I like everything about Emby, server, media recognition and responsiveness. The only issue I have is with the browser playback, specifically Chrome, but the issue happens in Firefox as well. Standard playback controls work like pause/play with spacebar, fullscreen with F and skip ahead/back with shift+arrow keys. The audio control does not work, I tried up/down arrows with and without shift, the ones that I found on the web F9/F10 and nothing works to control the audio level with a keyboard. It does work if I control the slider with the mouse, and as long as the audio adjustment indicator is overlayed on the video the up/down arrows work to adjust the audio. But as soon as it disappears the controls no longer work. I am not sure if I am missing something or using it wrong. Any tips or advise? Thanks
  7. blakeusblade

    Limit access to webpage

    Unfortunately, In order to limit a particular user to just the web interface (and not allow them on devices). One must enable access from all devices in order to allow this. It would be good to have a generic item in devices that represents web browsers generically. This would allow control over the web browser interface! Limiting users to just the webpage.... For example, I have a user who I want to just have permission to download raw files. At present I need to enable there access from all devices else they can't access the web page. I don't want them to use or have permission to use any emby app or device except the web interface. Having a generic device that represents the web interface would allow control...
  8. admin.nxpoint@gmail.com

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi guys, I have an issue on OSX with the keyboard controls. The space (play/pause) doesn't work consistently. It's like there is a long delay between the time I press space and the time the player get the control command. This is going on and off, there are times when it's working perfect, pressing space either plays or pauses the movie, and times when it's not working at all. This happens on a MacBook AIR, with both Safari and Chrome browsers, in all movies (not specific to one). Thank you,
  9. The last couple days I noticed the Chapter skip behavior which used to skip to the next TV episode, now just skips a percentage of the show you're watching. Is this intentional? If it is can we get full episode skipping tied to the channel buttons or something? The wife is sweating me on this one.
  10. xgutterratx

    Ip Control of Emby Theatre Windows

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to get TCP or HTTP control of Emby Theatre windows version.
  11. Can we get profile photos next to devices in the remote control list if a user is currently lied into that device? With usernames as the fallback if no photo exists? Devices that are available for control with no current user, like DLNA, Android TV and Chromecast devices that aren't currently in use, should look like they currently do. In the screenshot below, three of the devices have users currently active on them... Four if you include My Device. Just another thing that would help admins who keep the option to control other users, just in case.
  12. I've started using tags to help fine tune my parental control for kid's account, and it doesn't look like tags applied to series/seasons of television are inherited by seasons/episodes. Is this the correct behavior? If so, I believe it should change. Adding a tag to a series should propogate to child items of the series. Same goes for collections, although collections are way less important since there aren't nearly as many child files to manually add tags to.
  13. monkeyslapper

    Overview setup

    Just a question, of writing an overview for my videos. Is there a way to control the way the overview would look like??? here is an example of what my overview looks like in the server. when its display in the emby webpage or kodi its complete different no break or sorts on the page so it seems to be a continous run off... *** what I want to look like... 33 Minute Butt Lift Workout - Butt Toning Exercises DIFFICULTY: 3 CALORIE BURN: 310 to 410 EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbell WORKOUT TYPE: Barre, Toning The butt is a group of muscles that can very much be reshaped and firmed according to your liking. The glutes are comprised of three different muscles (maximus, minimus, and medius). If you spend a lot of your day sitting on this particularly large muscle group, you will find that it begins to go soft, and lose it’s shape. Because it is a large and heavy muscle, it may even begin to sag without regular exercise. *** how its comes out in the emby webpage or kodi. 33 Minute Butt Lift Workout - Butt Toning Exercises DIFFICULTY: 3 CALORIE BURN: 310 to 410 EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbell WORKOUT TYPE: Barre, Toning The butt is a group of muscles that can very much be reshaped and firmed according to your liking. The glutes are comprised of three different muscles (maximus, minimus, and medius). If you spend a lot of your day sitting on this particularly large muscle group, you will find that it begins to go soft, and lose it’s shape. Because it is a large and heavy muscle, it may even begin to sag without regular exercise. Thanks monkeyslapper
  14. Another feature request. Would it be possible to replace the big volume control buttons in the "Now Playing" view of the webclient with a more practical (and beautiful) slider instead? Thanks!
  15. dchaosblade

    Remote play to Emby Theater

    In the Android app, if I click the chromecast button I am given a selection of available devices - my Chromecast device(s), any currently open web-clients on computers in my internal network, and my Emby Theater client set up on my HTPC. Typically, if I select any of these devices, I can then select a show/movie and start playback from within the app and control the video within the app as well. However, if I select my Emby Theater client, nothing I do seems to affect that client. Selecting a video and clicking play brings me to the screen in the app as if I had begun playback, but the video never begins playing in the Theater client, and the seek bar never progresses. With the web client, simply navigating around the Android app brings up associated views (series detail, episode detail, etc) within the web client. None of this occurs with the Theater client though. Is this an issue with the Android app or the Theater client? Is there anything I can do on my end to fix the issue? I prefer to use the Theater client over a web client off my HTPC so that I can do direct streaming (including styled soft subtitles, which aren't properly rendered in the web client).
  16. Can someone explain me how the bandwidth setting in the app works? Is the rate setting in MegaBytes per second or is it Megabits? The highest setting is 120MB/s, if those are megabytes per second it will mean that you will need a connection that is faster than gigabit to reach the limit? If my LAN connection is 100mbit which limit should I use? Sorry for all the different questions but I'm really confused with this setting. Thanks.
  17. I have used the original Media Browser "plug in" for a while and recently transitioned over to the new Media Browser Server and Windows Media Browser Classic 3. Great Product. I was wondering if there is a setting to improve my mouse control in Media Browser Classic 3-- using it in Windows Media Center. I am having a problem with the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom (Channels, Collections, Movies, Music...) I have to chase down the "button" to select one. Moving the mouse makes it scroll right or left. I have the problem no matter what type of mouse I use. I have good control when I have a List that goes up and down. Any Advice? Is there a View setting that can make this an up/down scroll?
  18. Hi, I have my kids set up with limited accounts so they cannot see most of the movies I have, Also, they are set up to not be able to remotely control anything. The parental account has a password, and his does not. However, when my son has the app running on the iPad (it works, even though it's the iPhone app), he can see what the parents are watching and also remotely edit that. The dashboard session showed him logged in as "parents" but the app clearly showed he was logged in as himself. When I logged him out and in, the dashboard updated to show his name, but he could still see what we were watching. Any ideas why this would happen? I take it that this is not intentional behaviour?
  19. Forgive me if this has been asked, but I couldn't find anything directly related with a search. I've got an HTPC set up with MB Server and MBC (I hope to replace MBC with MBT when it is fully fleshed out). I've just purchased a Windows 8 tablet (the deal was too good to pass up). What I would like to know is, is there a way that I can control the HTPC MBC session from the tablet? Basically use it as a remote. If I use a remote desktop application, it usually crashes out of the MBC program. Not to mention that all that graphical information getting sent across the network is pretty slow. Ideally, I would like to be able to swipe around on the tablet and have it play on the HTPC. Is this feature planned? Present now and I'm just not seeing it? Thanks.
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