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  1. Hello, Not sure if this is Samsung specific or not, but thought I would start here since right now I'm only experiencing this on my Samsung smart tv. Random tv shows don't play back smoothly, but I haven't figured out why based on the app or video settings. I say random because it seems to be a growing issue where shows don't have smooth playback only on the Samsung app, even if they have the same video configuration as a show that does have smooth playback. I have provided an example below with the log file (no transcoding log since it direct plays), images of the settings and a quick vi
  2. Salve mi piacerebbe sapere se è possibile con emby essere visti sulle smart v. Ho provato ma oltre a vedersi il server quando voglio vedere le tv in diretta vedo solo uno schermo nero. Grazie
  3. flyload

    Emby am TV vorspulen

    Hallo, kann man die Emby App am Samsung TV ändern, dass das Vorspulen wie z.B. auf Netflix funktioniert? Dass man auf der Zeitleiste die Stelle auswählen kann, wo man weiterschauen bzw. vorspulen will? Ansonsten muss man ewig die zwei Pfeiltasten drücken um an die gewünschte Stelle zu gelangen. LG
  4. On my Samsung Tab S3 I have some TV shows that are Apect Ratio 4:3 and Auto for Aspect Ratio setting on a video doesn't work for them, I have to use COVER for them to display properly. I have to choose this every time a new episode begins on the tablet. The tablet is a 4:3 tablet so these shows are best watched on it, but having to pick "cover" over and over and over and over is really annoying. I can watch the same show on Emby Theater on my PC, have to use COVER there too, fill whatever size window I have ET opened to, but it sticks when watching one episode after another, unlike on my
  5. and no i doubt its the subtitle itself since it appears perfectly sized in other players
  6. ricky_buyo

    USB Installation problem

    Good morning I am having an issue with the usb installation. I insert the usb into the TV, but it doesn't automatically install the software. I have followed all the instrutions: - put the userwidget folder in the root of the usb - format the usb 2.0 to fat16 My TV is Samsung UE50RU7105 Any advice? (I can also post in Spanish)
  7. Any chance of adding SBS viewing to the android emby app? I would love to be able to watch my emby content (live TV) via samsung gear VR or google cardboard. For anyone that is interested I was able to achieve this but only with the assistance of a stand alone PC and third party application, this setup only works on a local network. Similar to what this guy did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk4-bjn3B4k
  8. Hi Emby team! I power cycle my Samsung SmartTV as you where mentionning on another topic in this forum but the app installation didn't work after this step. The same error pops up. My Samsung SmartTV is from Canada. I live in the province of Quebec. I don't know what to do... Do you have the solution? Thanks! Greetings, Brandon ✌
  9. Ok I know there must be something simple that I'm missing but it's doing my head in trying to work out whats going on. So I'm running Emby on a NUC and its' fine and I've got emby premium Installed the Emby app on my phone (Samsung S10) If I'm on my local wifi , no problem all works as it should with the mobile app If i'm away from home and using my phones data plan the app gets into the server ok and I can see all my shows but if I try and play them with the android app it just hangs BUT if I try to use the web player to emby via chrome (still using my data plan) then it plays ok
  10. Hi everyone i would like to know when emby will be available on the European country Tizen Store? I can't get the Emby Tizen App on my French Country Samsung App and I have some configurations that I won't reset to change the country can please emby tell me when it was available across the other country like French, Spain, Portugal or also China? Kind regards
  11. Hi! I'm requesting the feature to be able to use the video timeline in the player for the Emby app on Samsung SmartTV, we are not able to to forward or backward a video so can you put the feature on? I know there is a new version of Emby for Samsung SmartTV (Ver. 1.0.84) since 3 days but the feature is not in. Thanks! Greetings, Brandon
  12. Hey Devs, Just wondering what is required to get the Emby App on the Australian Samsung App Store? Unfortunately utilising the guide for installing the app outside the US won't work for me as there are Aussie apps I use and need to keep. I'm happy to assist if I can if its a manpower issue?
  13. gsites

    Samsung UN50RU7100

    Hello I can't find the app for my TV Samsung UN50RU7100 What is the link to download the exact app? Thank you =========================================== olá não consigo achar o app para minha tv Samsung UN50RU7100 Qual é o link para baixar o app exato? muito obrigado
  14. Samsung Model: UN48H8000 Samsung Firmware Version: 1400 Samsung Emby Client version: 0.122 Hello, At or around the time Emby Server updated to, episode listings disappeared when using Emby via Samsung TV. It continues to work properly when using Emby via Chrome browser. I am fairly confident that folder structure and episode naming are correct as prior to the update mentioned it was working without issues on all devices. I initiate the Emby app on the Samsung TV. I then select "TV Shows" and get the listing of shows, as expected and as intended. I select a show and am
  15. flyload

    Samsung TV DTS

    Hallo, ich will mir den Samsung Q70R TV kaufen und wollte fragen ob ich damit über Emby Filme mit DTS anschauen kann. Der TV untestützt ja eigentlich kein DTS. @@SamES
  16. tamim2007

    Best DLNA profile for Samsung K series

    Hi This is going to play most videos without transcoding , I made it in 2018 but I was lazy to share this! anyway it still works great. 1 download the profile Samsung Smart TV mod.xml 2 Move it to C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\config\dlna\user (xxxx=your name) 3- Go to dashboard > DLNA > profile make sure you can see the "Samsung Smart TV mod' on the top. 4- Restart emby Have fun!
  17. Rextra

    Conectar emby a samsung smart tv

    Hola a todos recien acabo de instalar el programa, a la hora de ponerlo en mi tv samsung smart tv todo va bien lo instale y todo pero cuando abro el programa me pide para conectarlo la ip y no se que mas y no pude lograr conectarme.
  18. Server version Emby Theater 0.122 Samsung Smart TV (UE65HU8500) latest firmware TV episode- icon shows for delete. However on clicking no action performed (NB on clicking neighboring icons , watched, favorite the action is performed.) No issue when deleting from Android app or from web viewer. All windows security settings should allow Emby TV to delete but no joy PS keep up the good work. Long term user of Plex. Switched to Emby this month and apart from the minor issue above very pleased
  19. A couple of days ago my 2014 Samsung 40F5500 automatically updated the Samsung smart TV operating system to version 2127. The update removed all my apps so I reinstalled Emby from the Samsung App store. The Emby app is now almost unusable. The main menu page has corrupted or missing thumbnails. Any attempt to access the movie page puts it in alphabetical mode and loads maybe the first 5 or 6 movie thumbnails. Any attempt to move the selection either crashes the app entirely or takes literally minutes to start moving. The TV section kind of works but again most of the thumbnails are missi
  20. gillmacca01

    shortcut to main menu

    Not sure if there is a way to do this, but if I am watching an episode, is there a button on the remote I can press to go back to the Emby Home Screen, rather than having to keep pressing return to get back to it
  21. Hi, as I'm now an owner of a Samsung QLED TV, I noticed an interesting thing when playing 3D Movies (HTAB/HSBS). The player used by Emby does support playing these 3D files, even if the TV doesn't support 3D. So, if I play any of these files, they will be played Full SBS, which means left and right picture are shown at full scale, side by side on the TV (with big black borders at top and button, of course). While this is technically very interesting, It's not so nice to look at for a whole movie. So maybe, there's an option for the player that can be used by Emby to show th
  22. So, I am now a paid member of Emby! Got the LiveTV abd DVR working with my HD-HOMERUN tuner and a shiny antenna picking up three "Over The Air" channels, with a TV guide to boot! Love it! When we playback our recorded TV shows on the newer Samsung TV, the audio and video are badly out of sync. I searched the forum for this issue in DLNA but didn't find one. I'm guessing I need to tweak my transcoding profile for Samsung, so if someone can offer some advice that would be great. The same TV show will play fine on my PS3 via DLNA. A bit of system info: Emby Version FreeBSD ve
  23. I'm a newbie - recently started using emby on an unraid server, accessible through reverse proxy using personal subdomain. All working well, but I'm having trouble setting up on Samsung smart TV. Works OK to sign on to server via web browser on the TV, but not ideal. However unable to sign on using the Samsung emby app. Fails to connect, despite the same url as working on the web browser. Any help would be welcome.
  24. Hello, I am new to Emby, and so far everything seems awesome, with the exception that on Tizen OS the Emby app is not loading subtitles at all. My Setup: TV: UE43KU6072 Tizen OS version: 1240 (Tizen says this is the newest version even after a manual check) NAS: Synology (DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3) Emby server version: Emby client for TizenOS versions tested: from SmartHub: version: 1.0.62 released on: July 18 2019 (according to the store) from Github: Commit: 160756d43ddb7bfebf32a728bffde83766278000 (latest one at the time of writing) Played media: container: MP4 video codec: x26
  25. Hi, I'm having issues with playback on my Samsung TV, particularly higher bitrate videos such as my own 1080p iMovie edits. The videos are all in mp4 format and as far as I can tell are direct play. I have a Virgin Media hub 3.0 and a mid-2010 iMac as the server. Any ideas what could be causing this? I've attached a log from shortly after an attempt to play a video which kept buffering. My TV model is QE49Q67RATXXU. Many thanks. embyserver.txt
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