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  1. pettergulbra

    UI and Options

    HI Some questions about the UI for Android TV (ATV) app, and the lack of options that are there in the Android app. 1: Why isn't it possible to add movies to Collections on ATV, this is there in Android? 2: When viewing Collections, why can’t it show “all items” as standard, or have this as choice to be the standard viewing? Collections should not act as Playlists…. 3: SUB sync should be there. +/- in milliseconds would be nice. 4: Sound sync should also be there, as in SUB sync, milliseconds. I really like the Emby app for ATV, but there should be some more choices for the UI. I like to push buttons, but less is more. That’s why I recommend point “2”. And I think that most of the choices we have in the Android app could also work on ATV app? I run Verson 2.0.84g Registered and Server version ( on Windows 10. Kindly, Petter
  2. Hi All, New to "Emby" but I am a long-time "Plex" user. One of the features I really liked in Plex when browsing say the "Movie" library, was that any movies I have added to a collection, i.e. "James Bond", will not be shown in the main browser. In Plex there is a simple tick box to say "Dont show in main library". So the end result will be that all my James Bond movies, are in a separate collection and therefore wont be shown when browsing the main Movie tab. Is there such an option in in Emby? after all the point of Collections (to me) is to have them in a separate area to my main Movies. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks
  3. Hi there, I recently switched from PLEX to Emby media server, as the features I'd like are richer with emby community. Now I'm facing two problems and need some help. Emby Server on Synology Windows 10 Pro for Workstations 21H2 Kodi v19 Matrix Emby next-gen addon 6.2.22 I organize collections by hand, as the automated feature doesn't follow my liking. The option in the library settings is disabled. 1) The movies and the collections show up in the emby web-frontend (i.e. Batman movies) When turning on KODI (W10 icw MadVR) many of the collections, and some content, get lost (i.e. missing Batman) They can't be found in novies and not in box-sets. If I turn off show collections option in KODI Media settings, all movies are shown individually under the movie section, the collections are still missing in the box-set section. Missing movies in collection (bottom right corner shows only 4 movies) but contains 39 elements So far I have been trying repair db, refresh db & collections. 2) There are many errors in the emby protocol (attached) I can't seem to fix (i.e. folder permissions) *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /volume1/@appstore/EmbyServer/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/packages/EmbyServer/var -ffdetect /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffdetect -ffmpeg /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffprobe -nolocalportconfig -ignore_vaapi_enabled_flag -pidfile /var/packages/EmbyServer/var/EmbyServer.pid -defaultdirectory /volume1/Public -updatepackage emby-server-synology7_{version}_x86_64.spk -noautorunwebapp Operating system: Linux version 4.4.180+ (root@build13) (gcc version 8.5.0 (GCC) ) #42962 SMP Tue Sep 20 22:35:56 CST 2022 Framework: .NET 6.0.8 OS/Process: x64/x64 Runtime: volume1/@appstore/EmbyServer/system/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 4 Data path: /var/packages/EmbyServer/var Application path: /volume1/@appstore/EmbyServer/system System.UnauthorizedAccessException: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '/volume1/Movies/Die Unglaublichen (2004)/Die Unglaublichen (2004) 1080p DTS-ES.nfo' is denied. ---> System.IO.IOException: Permission denied --- End of inner exception stack trace --- The permissions (r/w) are set globally and inheritated downwards: I hope my description is sufficient, I'm not a native speaker so feel free to ask any questions. Regards Seb EDIT: I forgot to mention that movies are in more than 1 collection (i.e. Batman is in (ALL) and in a seperate actors collection) embyserver.txt
  4. Emby server v4.7.2.0 Why can't I delete "Collections" from my library? I have not created this folder.
  5. Is there a way in the web app to set a collection view in the latest media section just like there is for Latest Movies and TV Shows!? And if not can option be made in the next update?
  6. wanderingfool

    Collection based on Resolution

    So I've searched the forum, and read through the wiki, but haven't found an answer. I'm trying to create a collection that will update itself. So I'd like a collection for my 4k content, and if I add something new I'd like the system to recognize it's 4k and automatically put it in the collection for me. So it's not an automatic collection based on metadata from the provider, but off the information in the content itself. Is there a way to do that in Emby that I'm missing (entirely possible, I can be dense). Or would this be an FR I'd have to put together and see what comes of it?
  7. I think I've finally gotten things figured out, but collections seems to be the one little bugbear right now. I see how the auto creation works, and the switch to turn it off in settings. However, I have a mix of curated collections of my own creation that I want to keep, but I also would like Emby to auto create if I get new movies I wouldn't mind being collected. Is there a setting somehow to make keep the auto collection on, but ignore ones I've manually created? I'm not sure if I'm seeing it somewhere. And if there isn't, I would like to suggest it. An example of what I'm talking about is that I have an MCU and Marvel (Fox) movies collections, and if I leave the auto collection on, I have not just these manual ones, but then also collections for all of the movies, e.g. Ant-Man Collection, which I don't need. I just want the movies to stay in my manual collection, but if I run the library scan to scrape in, say, the three Kingsman movies I've just gotten, I would like it to auto collect the Kingsman series, but also NOT re-collect all of those MCU and Marvel movies into separate collections again alongside my manual one.
  8. Hi, As the title suggests I can't seem to get the Collections to automatically populate. If I've understood correctly, the AutoBoxSet plugin is now a built in feature so Collections should automatically generate but nothing. I've tried a Metadata refresh and a Library Scan but still empty. Does anybody know how to resolve this? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I've been using Emby premium for a few years now and have generally had little-to-no issues, which has been great. After upgrading to 4.7 (beta), I noticed items getting kicked out of my collections -- hundreds of items that I painstakingly put together. I understand that this is due to "better future compatibility" and standard format, but I do wish old collections would have remained untouched in a minor version update. Anyways, I read these couple threads to attempt troubleshooting and playing around with various options: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/99087-latest-update-is-randomly-removing-tv-shows-from-collections-also-creating-new-collections/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/99945-films-and-tv-shows-randomly-keep-being-removed-from-collections/page/5/ And after multiple failures to have it resolved non-manually, I downgraded back to 4.5.3, which put everything back in its proper place. Avoiding veering more off-topic, I'm wondering: How are collections being defined in the most recent versions? Purely in the item's NFO file and no longer using `data/collections/*`? If an individual item's NFO file is the new path forward, is there is a built-in Emby utility or general means to add <set> tags to an item based on each collection it is in? Related to above, if multiple <set> tags are defined in an item's NFO file, will it show up in each collection it is defined in? Reason I ask is because I have a script which iterates through items in a collection and adds a <set> tag for each collection that item is in Which options are most pertinent to accurately storing NFO metadata (e.g. "Metadata savers: [X] NFO" in a library's settings) AND reading that info in to properly populate collections? Will the "Auto Box Set" plugin wreak havoc on random items if enabled? I noticed that the only collections being made were ones resulting from that plugin tagging the NFO files, while everything else was being kicked out. I really do appreciate the time that everyone puts into the software and answering these questions. Thanks for any information in advance.
  10. TKX57

    Collection Sorting

    I've seen this pop up a couple of times in some older threads but wanted to start a new topic on the matter. It would be nice to have another metadata field for collection sort title. This way you can have the original sort title in your main movie/music library, and then sort the media the way you would like within your collection. For instance Marvel movies in chronological order. If you sort them now naming wise it effects the collection and the main movie library.
  11. In order to organize better existing files I really think that the option in the new library section is missing the collections content type

    Collections Tab - Custom Bars

    Hey, Not sure if this is possible but would be really nice to have an option to have customizable tabs for the collections section, this would of course be only available through activating this through the backend, but once you active this option you would have a new bar that appears under the collections menu, i have included a photo below to kinda explain what i mean as you can see above, you would have set tabs under the main collections menu where you would be able to hand pick what collection would go where, this doesn't have to be done with all collections as you would have a default tab with (view all) just incase you don't want to make a separate menu for each collection as these are already in a main collections area, the reason why i believe this would be a great idea this it would help to narrow down certain collections in your library and to help with navigation for views, so if the admin chose to he/she could put all the mavel collections into a marvel studio tab where that would then show all collections with marvel, still keeping to the same layout that it has now but just showing marvel collections ie spider-man | avengers | ant-man| iron man and so on or show case a certain collection like the fast & furious and just show the films in that collection, but have them show like they would do when you have already clicked on the fast & furious collection so it shows just the movies not the collection and then having to click into it to view all the films. rule for this to be set would be say if a custom menu has only one collection in it show all the movies for that menu, for more than one collection show it like it already does in the collections area. ( i will include another photo to explain this better) p.s very tiered when writing this lol if this is possible to do i would also have the option to set a photo for the menu and option to hide menu titles as well to simplify things.
  13. artatgray

    Collections have disappeared!

    Ever since the latest updates my Collections have disappeared from My Media. How do I restore them, if possible? Thanks in advance, Bill
  14. KerriKEmby

    New User

    Hello. I'm net to Emby after Plex proved too frustrating and the people running it aren't much help. I have a couple of questions: Is there a way to turn off auto-generated Collections? It's kinda ridiculous to have dozens of collections created whether I want them or not. If not, is there a way to delete them all instead of going through them one at a time? Is it possible to hide the song list under individual artists? I'd rather just see the albums. Also is it possible to change the sort order for albums listed under an artist? Thanks.
  15. Hello Community, I was hoping someone else is having a similar problem and perhaps know the reason why after the second to last update of Emby, my collections vanished (both user created, and those generated by the box set plugin). At first I thought it had to be ownership/permissions had become muddled, but all other writes are allowed (updates to metadata, metadata refreshes on intervals, favourites) Here is a breakdown of my formerly working setup: Emby running on Docker - app folder in home directory to utilize the SSD benefit. OS: Fedora 33 - kept up to date daily Docker image is from Linuxserver.io (I chose that image to keep things in line with my other services, and ease of setup Permissions are defined in the docker-compose file for PGID:1000 (logged user) and GUID:973 (docker) however i've also tried chowning the permissions to 1000:1000 in both the .yaml file and filesystem in keeping with linuxserver.io's standard setups.. No joy as of yet.. I'm copying a backup of the emby appdata folder to backup in an attempt to start fresh, if that doesn't work i'll restore and hope that either emby, or the image provider figures it out. One thing worth noting, while I can't make a collection, the Boxset plugin CAN, and I can add and remove from them, if I try to create my own it circles out. I'd really prefer to keep my watched status. not so much for me, but my elderly parents (also my main reason for fighting with collections, so I can narrow down content for them) so I was wondering if the community can : 1) Diagnose what might have happened to either the config or the docker image (last two versions, first time lost all collections, I tried backing up the collections folder and starting new, no joy. or 2) If I create a new instance, which folders to keep so my 2 users keep their watched status. I don't mind rescanning metadata and tailoring the layout again. Any help would be appreciated, I hope I gave the community enough information, so as to not waste your time. Thank You, Ray.
  16. yermak

    Collections groups

    Hi all Is it possible to create several collections folders/blocks? Usecase for this i want tv channels to be grouped in on groups, e.g. news, entertainment, films, etc. and films in another group. Spoiler: on version 3.5.x i excidentally created collection and collection1, while UI was lagish and I tried to add the first tv to collections( no collection exsited at that time) - by presssing button twice i deleted it - now regret
  17. Hi, When i am making a new collection with movies as admin, other users are able to delete the collection that i have made. Is there a option that they can't? I also read about the parent control.... Anyone? Thanks
  18. peharbison

    Interconnected TV Series

    Maybe I'm just not seeing the correct set of options, but here's the issue I'm dealing with: A user wants to watch all of the "Arrowverse" shows, which include Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends. At several points in those series, they overlap and cross-over. So the order in which the episodes should be watched is based on the premiere dates of episodes in ALL of these series, not just one of them. (It occurs to me that another historical example would Buffy and Angel...) At first glance, it seems this calls for the introduction of something similar to the Collections in Movies, so that related series can be identified, and the "Play All" option would switch between series as needed to view content in the correct order. Am I wrong? Thanks for all the great work so far!
  19. Hola, quería preguntar si es posible en una futura version que incluyan lo siguiente en la vista de colecciones , poner el poster de las películas que no tengo de esa colección en Blanco y negro , para mostrar que no lo tengo . pongo un ejemplo. muchas gracias,, tienen una excelente aplicación ojalá pronto pueda comprar el premium Bernardo
  20. Hi there. I migrated server a few weeks ago and only recently noticed the issue where all libraries were "mixed content". I noticed this because I was having issues with some movies I had re-added, weren't going into their collections. The issue with "mixed content" is a known issue and has since been resolved. In my case, before I knew how to fix it, I re-created all my libraries. This has now complete, I removed all the old ones, uninstalled and re-installed the Auto Box set plugin. I'm still having a "Collections" issue. The issue is, I only have one movie in the "Matrix Collection". When I check their metadata in Emby I see: Movie Emby Metadata edit: TheMovieDb Collection Id: The Animatrix 2344 The Matrix 2344 The Matrix Reloaded 2344 The Matrix Revolutions 2344 I ran "Scan all library files" I ran "refresh box sets" in Auto Box Sets plugin I clicked each movies context menu in the library and clicked "refresh metadata" > Replace all metadata > Refresh Refresh metadata on Movies and Collections libraries ( "refresh metadata" > Replace all metadata > Refresh ) Any ideas? Thanks.
  21. DarkKniyt (John)

    Collections Duplicated?

    Weird one here. Any help would be appreciated. My Collections are Duplicating, but only under the Collection group. When I select Movies, the Collection only shows once. But, if I select Movies and then Collections, some are duplicated ( not all of them). Or, if I just select the Collections group I get the same thing. Here's a screen print. Top is from the Movies group. Bottom is from the Movies\Collections.
  22. Hi, So I am building a media library of workout videos. While many of them should really be entered as TV series (and behind the scenes I am making progress to let TVDB allow them), I was working a lot making entries at moviedb first. At moviedb for a long time they officially have supported this media type as long as one enters each workout video individually (as if it is standalone), but marked as a video. This works OK and you do get a nice poster for each video that people will photoshop to in a title to say what day it is (e.g. Leg day) - but it does mean that in Emby I have to set up a (movie) collection for each workouts series, and add each individual workout video into that collection (e.g. A Little Obsessed has 5 workouts). But when you get to something like 80 Day Obsession which has 80 videos, even though someone has entered them all individually in MovieDB, it is proving to be a PITA to manually create a collection in Emby for each of these. Since I'm planning on switching my Emby server from Windows (test box) to the Nvidia shield (in a few weeks, as my main Emby server) - I'd like to just create a collection in one of these 3rd party metadata database sites, and have Emby pull it all from there nice and clean. I did install the "Box Set Plugin" in Emby and I notice that it automatically put all the Star Wars movies into a collection without having me having to do anything! This is cool - except - Moviedb does not allow people to create "collections" in their database for anything but genuine movies themselves, and genuine sequels that are well known (e.g. Star wars 1-9). People who want to make a collection for things like all Marvel Universe movies have the same problem as I do. Moviedb says they are working on a solution for the Marvel Universe problem but it may take some time and even then it may only be allowed for genuine movies? Sorry for the long introduction to explain the problem, but does do any of you have a similar problem and an easy solution? is there some sort of "box-set" like plugin that doesn't rely on moviedb, or maybe somebody else runs an "unofficial" collections database that The Box Set / Collections plugin can link into?
  23. Hola, queria saber que posibilidades hay de saber las peliculas que me faltan de una coleccion, quizas que aparezca el poster en blanco y negro de las peliculas que no tengo... seria posible? gracias
  24. DeVinesBeauty

    Doppelte Einträge in den Sammlungen

    Hallo zusammen, seit gestern habe ich in meiner Rubrik "Sammlung" meine Filme immer doppelt aufgelistet. In den jeweiligen Filmordner liegt aber nur eine Datei, entweder mkv oder mp4 sowie die jeweiligen Bild und Untertiteldateien. Wie bekomme ich es nun wieder hin, das die Sammlungen nur einmal angezeigt werden? Danke vorab für Eure Hilfe. Björn
  25. Netfool

    Vanishing Collections

    Problem on an Nvidia Shield Pro running Emby Server Sometime over the past 72 hours all of the collections on my Emby Server webUI and TV UI disappeared: While they are missing from the UI, they are still in the "internal storage": The highlighted collection.xml file is attached, and the paths it contains appear to be correct: How do I get the server to recognize the collections again? collection.xml
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