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  1. I am trying to use Emby (tunneled through OpenVPN) on the iOS App. and I'm able to add the Emby Server (Windows) successfully using its local IP address, log in and see my library with no issues. When I try to stream media, however, I am getting just the blue spinning circle for video and correct album art for audio, the timeline bar with correct track length, but zero progress in playback. If I open the web interface on the same device in iOS Safari, still connected through the OpenVPN tunnel, media streaming works fine. Is there some limitation with the iOS App that would allow for a successful connection to the Emby server over VPN tunnel, but not allow for successful media transport? Does any further configuration need to be done to allow this?
  2. I have my emby server on a LAN network in my home ( lets call it) , I have a VPN Server running on another network in my home to make the media server available for remote users ( lets call it). I can see my VPN Clients connecting to the server from the embyserver.txt log, but clients are getting the error that the server needs to be updated leaving me unable to use the server. The server works just fine on the same devices connected to the LAN via wifi. I'm running Version emby lifetime on a fully patched windows 10 box.
  3. I'm running into an issue getting metadata and images for content being added to my library. The short-short is that it works fine when I first start emby but at some point, the indexer (such as Fanart.tv, TMDB, etc.) starts blocking ("connection refused") the requests. Most of the time, powering off the box for a couple minutes and then bringing it back up clears the problem for a time. Sometimes connections are still refused and the restart process has to be repeated. The frequency in which this happens ranges from hours to days and I'm struggling to catch a correlation between the incidents and library change volume. This seems like a threshold issue in that my configuration is generating too many requests, but I'm not seeing it. Libraries are configured for real time monitoring with advance pulls. Looking at scheduled tasks status' I see they are only firing when content is added. In reviewing my configuration it also raised a question or two. So, here I am, asking for advice from those who love and know emby on what I'm missing and how to correct this. For the questions, the 2 biggest are; 1) How does emby generate/maintain API keys for the various indexers? In looking at several generations of the server logs I see that the key is consistent for each indexer. Is the key unique to each emby installation or shared by all installations? The latter could be significant in my configuration as I route most all of my internet traffic, emby and otherwise, through a commercial VPN. My ISP knows enough about me and my family. They don't need to know more. 2) Is it possible to use my own api keys for the indexers? If so, how? NOTE: I'd really rather not have to go this route. SERVER INFO: NOTE: All external requests do go through a VPN Thanks in advance for any assistance you all can offer.
  4. Following the update to 4.7.60 Emby can no longer connect to the internet to collect metadata or core file checks whilst my VPN is on. Prior to the update this was never an issue. Turning my VPN off immediately solves the problem, Emby can connect with no problem. My VPN (Mullvad) software has not been updated since March this year (no updates are available, I'm on the current version) so I know the issue is not with that. I have Local Network Sharing on and Emby is split-tunnelled. I've not installed any new software nor changed any settings on Windows. I've also lost access to the 'Server' menu in the left hand main menu. I can still access it via the cog icon top right but I'd like it to be back where I could access it instantly. I have tried restarting Emby, restarting my VPN, trying to manage the server in different browsers and rebooting the PC. Nothing works. Whilst connected to the Internet via my VPN Emby cannot reach the Internet. Log file is attached. embyserver.txt
  5. Hey all, I'm trying to get my Emby behind my PIA VPN. This way it can be connected to via the VPN IP and it be tunneled and not just widely available for the ISP or whomever to peep in. I've been grinding on this for a bit, and have scoured through forums and what not trying to find out how to do this and I can't seem to figure it out. I've tried running it on my router, and using VPN fusion to host the VPN and run it that way, I've tried utilizing the APP, I've tried getting my own dedicated IP for it and port forwarding. I'm at a loss. The dashboard will read the VPN IP for WAN, atleast when running via the Application, but fails when trying to connect to it. I can however still bypass it and connect my true IP. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. I know VPN & Emby remote access is not a new topic. I'm looking into a secure way to provide VPN for my home and still ensure Emby remote access works while providing the best security possible. I have Emby remote access currently working on my NAS by providing a Google Domain (https://mydomain.com), SSL/HTTPS, and Reverse Proxy. I tried installing OpenVPN on the NAS, but Emby remote access was not accessible; as OpenVPN doesn't support Port 443. I have a 30-day trial version of ExpressVPN currently installed on my NAS and individual devices (LAN connected & WiFi where possible), but I still encounter the same problem; Emby remote access / support for Port 443 doesn't appear to work. ExpressVPN supports VPN Split-Tunneling if installed on a VPN Router, which would provide security for my Home devices, NAS, and allow Emby to bypass VPN for remote access. Since I have a Google Domain (https://mydomain.com), SSL/HTTPS, and Reverse Proxy for Emby remote access, I'm "thinking" this might be the best overall solution. I'm definitely not an expert with VPN, all secure network solutions, etc., so I would definitely appreciate any guidance. Note: If you recommend running VPN via home router, which VPN Router would you recommend?
  7. Hi all, For the Mullvad people I see their Windows beta allows for split tunneling. Instead of port forward nightmares you can let your Emby Server ride outside of the VPN. In Mullvad scroll all the way down in Advanced you'll see it. In the beta Mullvad you'll have to add Emby Server to excluded yourself since EmbyServer.exe is installed in AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system Working great for me even though I rarely watch outside the house but might do it more often now for the music part. I'm just so excited I can't hide it. Have a good one.
  8. I could not get a file to download. Was stuck in "ready to transfer" mode. After spending a bunch of time reading threads about why downloads are not working for some people, and also noticing my camera had not been uploading, I finally found my answer just as I was about to give up. Neither of these features will work if you are running a VPN. Well, maybe it is safer to say it will not work with Torguard running on "my" android device.
  9. xiiMaGzx


    Ok so my problem is my server uses usenet and I need/want to use a vpn so that makes me use a vpn on my emby server due to them being on the same pc. Now when using a vpn (nord) I cant connect directly to my server and remotely on my devices. Any thing i can do?
  10. Yodikko

    VPN and LiveTv, a few questions

    Hello. I'm actually running an Emby server on my Lubuntu laptop with a VPN always on. So with all the device i connect remotely, with the TV too. I was wondering if I watch live TV on the TV (without VPN because my TV doesn't have any softwere to do it, but still the VPN is on on the laptop/server) is safe? I mean do i "send" the ip of the server to the providers or the ip of the television? Do I have to turn on VPN on all devices I want to see live TV on to be safe and mask my ip or my server with his VPN mask already. It maybe is a super dumb question, I know.
  11. I really hope someone can help me get this app set up to access my server because I just cannot get it to work. And please, for the love of god, is there an easy way to explain it? I'm pretty comfortable on a computer but I'm not an expert coder or anything, so some of these instructions are going way over my head. I'm running the Emby server off an old iMac with a VPN. I connected my Fire TV to the server without any issue, but the Android app on my phone keeps insisting that it cannot connect to the server and asks me to check if the server is still running. I tried following instructions on port forwarding, but that's not working either. I've also had to sign in a bunch of times and I even made a new user account just to use on my phone (because I couldn't sign in with my server account) and it STILL won't connect. Is there anyone out there who can walk me through how to do this, in simple terms? I really wish I could talk to a real person about this but unfortunately the forum is all we have. I jumped ship from Plex because it was too complicated, but I'm sorry to say that if Emby isn't as easy to use as they claim then I will probably stop using it. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. GiGo

    Setting up a VPN

    Hey all, I'm hoping someone can help me, I've Googled, I've watch YouTube videos, I've read many a posts, articles etc.... but my mind is mush and incapable of processing the required knowledge of how to setup a VPN on Synology NAS and how it all works. So I'm hoping the kind helpful people of the Emby community would be able to offer some assistance. I'm wanting to use the VPN Server app by Synology via OpenVPN. Im struggling with how it actually works..... If I enable the VPN, copy the IP address etc...to the opvn file but then I'm confused. I'm on a dynamic VPN, so my IP address changes, will I need change the opvn file each time? I'm also wanting to be able to access my NAS via the DDNS (servername.synology.me) and of course be able to use Emby remotely. At the moment I'm working remotely so I'm guessing setting up the VPN is harder (or impossible). Really just wanting the VPN setup so any traffic from my NAS is private. The articles I've read say I need to use a VPN app to connect to my NAS afterwards, or it's the way I've interpreted it which gets me even more confused 🤔 So what do I need to do to get my NAS private and me to be able to connect via the DDNS, really hoping someone can give me a fairly plain english answer. TIA 👍
  13. So after the recent privacy controversy with Plex I've started looking elsewhere for media servers with remote access. It seems Emby is a decent alternative however I'm having issues using it with a VPN. I've had these issues with Plex so I'll explain further. The problem Plex had with the VPN is that it had the wrong IP address for me (it was displaying the VPN IP, as it should do) and because of that, when I was attempting to connect remotely via the VPN IP it could not find the Plex server. The way to get around this was to set up a static port with my VPN provider, which they did, then enter this port into the "Manually specify public port" setting on Plex. After this, the server was remotely accessible, as the VPN provider would listen for incoming connections on the specified port, forward it to my server and all was good. I'm not having any success running this with Emby. I can see that there are settings where I can manually set the public and local ports to access the server (it is listing my VPN IP rather than my real IP, just as Plex did) but I may not be entering my static VPN IP in the right box? I've tried remote access without the VPN running and it worked (though I did have to set up port forwarding in my router). I've tried entering my static VPN IP in the "Public HTTP port number" box in Advanced Settings but this hasn't worked. To be clear, as I seem to be different to most others, I am looking to run Emby behind the VPN and not bypass it. Can anybody assist? There must be some way to do this as it works fine with Plex.
  14. I am trying to set up Emby to be accessible behind my VPN on pfsense. I have setup the VPN on the router and it seems to be working, I am trying to follow https://blog.linuxserver.io/2017/05/01/how-to-run-pfsense-with-pia-vpn-but-still-use-plex-remote-access/ as a guide, I know its for plex but I assume the principle is the same. However when testing I cannot access the server remotely when the VPN is on. Any assistance with this would be very appreciated
  15. Hi guys. I am looking for a vpn for kodi that is absolutely free and works very well with kodi. Can you guys recommend any?
  16. Hello I got emby premier and current on all its software The emby app in my iphone was running fine getting into the server via vpn until an upgrade sometime last year leaving me with a vague "unable to connect" message The phone's web browser still works getting into the emby server via vpn using its local ip over http I'm guessing it's a timeout value somewhere, but don't see any settings to find or change them, so gave up, until someone from emby answered my apple store feedback, suggesting I post here.
  17. Hi, I've been having a issue with Emby lately, It's working perfectly through OpenVPN, but not on IPsec. With IPsec I can connect to Emby through the browser (Chrome and Firefox), but the Android app doesn't connect at all, after opening the app It stays on the loading screen for a while and shows the screen to select servers, Also shows Failed Connection. With OpenVPN, Emby loads on both browser and App correctly. This isn't a configuration issue with IPsec, since I'm routing everything to my gateway (, Emby even loads normally with the browser. Is there anywhere I can get the logs to known why It isn't connecting? Thanks.
  18. kpkimmel1983

    ExpressVPN and server

    Hello I use ExpressVPN because for some reason comcast blocks me from watching IPTV. I'm not even sure how to configure this for outside access. I have my vpn setup at the router because if i do it just on that computer it gets blocked. Anyone use this vpn and get this working? Thanks. PS I don't think WOW blocks anything so i might try them out after i get this working.
  19. The PC that I have set up an Emby server on uses Mullvad VPN often, but not always. My goal is to be able to watch the server's media files through other devices, no matter if the VPN is active or inactive. When the VPN is active, the connection fails. When the VPN is inactive, the connection succeeds. Mullvad allows port fowarding, and I've read a few guides on that, as well as the Connectivity Wiki for Emby but am still having trouble, either because I don't quite understand how it works or because the guides weren't specific enough for my issue. So far, I have only tried to connect through a Fire Stick and it works only when the VPN is inactive. If the VPN is on, entering either the LAN and WAN address still gives a connection error. Emby Connect has connected my user account to the server, but the server still does not show on the app after entering the pin. I appreciate any suggestions that you can give.
  20. I've seen some helpful posts regarding this by some advanced users, notably @@skidmarks and @@Tur0k but I'm having no luck. Anyone else successfully doing this with PIA? My setup is: * Emby server on MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra and also running PIA 1.1.1 * Internet is cable to an ISP-supplied modem, WAN port to Asus RT-AC68U, ethernet to the Emby server. * Emby server has a manually-assigned IP via the Asus GUI to its MAC address. * Emby remote port is 8096 via http When my server is not connected to the PIA VPN, I can scan the server's public-facing IP (from another computer) for open ports and I see 8096 is indeed open. When I connect the server to the VPN and scan the server's new public-facing IP, 8096 isn't open. These are the things I've tried and have all failed: 1. Forward 8096 to the server's local IP address via the Asus GUI. 2. Enable port-forwarding in the PIA VPN client; change the Emby server remote http port to the port the VPN is forwarding (this is a read-only assigned port in PIA); forward the new port to the server's local IP address via the Asus GUI. Scanning the new public-facing IP shows the new port (and 8096) is not open. 3. Same as #2 but leave the Emby remote port as the default 8096. 4. In the Asus GUI additionally specify the destination local port as 8096. 5. All of the above with different PIA VPN locations among the ones that support port-forwarding. 6. All of the above with MacOS firewall disabled. Thanks!
  21. Pseudomax

    Selective VPN for Emby

    Hi I have an HTPC that drives all the media in my home. It is connected to a QNAP NAS where the media is stored. I try to run most apps behind a VPN for a variety of reasons, but that then causes some problems with streaming for example BBC iPlayer (which does not work if it detects a VPN is switched on). I have added a second NIC as I thought I might be able to bind the traffic of one app to one and another to the other and then select the IP of the NIC I want to protect via an OpenVPN client on the router. However, having asked the question on AskUbuntu I did not receive any suitable answer, and therefore I am wondering if there is a way that I can do this within Emby itself? Suggestions welcome ...
  22. hooray4me

    Sync 2 emby servers across VPN

    We are moving soon and will have gigabit internet. I have an emby server and so does my buddy. We have a vpn connection between our houses so our connections appear "local". I'd like to find a way to sync or media libraries so we can be "fail-overs" for each other to our friends and family. I know there isn't an official supported method to do this, but I wanted to ask the minds in this forum for suggestions. We both run emby server on Ubuntu server 18.04 with similar storage capacities.
  23. Hi, I run a synology NAS (DS1817+) with an external VPN Network connection set on the unit and local IP which to date of update has worked flawlessly. Nice update otherwise, thank you .NET core update using less CPU time now. Until upgrade to the recent synology build the local network which uses ect and still does connected to the Emby server on the NAS and used this range of IP. After upgrade with the VPN on the Emby server picks up the VPN IP which is wrong and fails to connect. Manual entry of the correct IP in the emby app for the server does not work. The only solution in my ignorance is to turn off the VPN connection and then emby will connect from the shield TV I will add that the issue does not occur when using a mobile app or Mac or PC which strangely defaults to the VPN ip and this issue therefore only occurs when using the Nividea Shield TV, it seems the emby app is now looking at the VPN as default rather than the local IP range set on the network and NAS. No other related apps have this issue. It also when the VPN is enabled allows Emby conection as explained and shown in the images via the local Lan using the VPN IP as the server and guess it makes sense other than the shield TV does not now like the setup and refuses connection. Ideas suggestion and help please as I am now lost and prefer to use the external VPN for other NAS applications if possible but retain use of the shield TV, is this a bug with the shield TV app? Many thanks.
  24. mahican

    Mullvad VPN remote access

    Hi, I've been trying to get Mullvad working with Emby but so far no luck. I have a port forwarded through Mullvad (eg 12345), which I have checked is definitely open when connected to the VPN. So in Emby settings I have changed the public port to "12345". Also Emby doesn't seem to automatically pick up the new VPN IP address, so in the 'External Domain' setting I have put the new IP. So far this hasn't worked for remote access (in home streaming works fine). Is there anything else I need to change? I've also tried forwarding the VPN port on my router but still nothing. Thanks
  25. grizzlybear1024

    Emby w/mullvad doesn't work

    I opened a port on mullvad, ran an iPerf server on said port, and the port was reachable. I closed the iPerf server, opened Emby with the public http set on said port, and Emby doesn't want to work. I've tried setting the External Domain to the IP mullvad was using. I've tried restarting. Ive looked at all the other servers running and none of them use the port opened for mullvad. Mullvad is a vpn, by the way
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