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Found 14 results

  1. Matthew Binns

    4K content and the Emby LG app

    Just a little feedback on my initial experiments with 4K playback using the Emby LG app. I'm finding some 4K content works and some doesn't. 'Sully' 4K for instance will not play on the Emby LG App. It will play on the LG Plex app. Same results for 'Jigsaw' and 'It'. I'm playing UHD rips from my 4K blu-rays made using makemkv. That being said, where files do play I am noticing quality degradation. 'Argo' for instance streamed via the LG app looks terrible (however the server does say it's direct playing). 'Argo' streamed via DNLA to my UHD blu-ray player looks far, far better and as per the disc. So as it stands, if I want to watch 4K rips using Emby, the LG app is not up to the job. This may in part also be due to the TV itself. DNLA to the TV also results in reduced quality (however all files do manage to at least play, same as Plex). There could also be bandwidth issues involved. The LG TV does not have a gigabit LAN port. To sum up, the only way for me to get the true 4K (exactly as per the disc) is to stream using my phone or iPad via DNLA to my Oppo UDP203 and then HDMI into the TV. TL:DN Emby LG app plays some 4K (albeit in reduced quality. Plex LG app plays all 4K (albeit in reduced quality).
  2. Lukkkkas

    NAS should play/Control with mobiles

    Hi, I try now for some days already to reach my (in my eyes: simple) goal and I would like to have some advice: I have my music on a QNAP TS-453Be and would like to plug my sound system to the analog audio output jack of the NAS and then control via a desktoppc/laptop or mobile what is played on the NAS to the sound system. After some other tools tried out I am now friend of emby. I installed it on the NAS and I can log in from various PCs and play locally music and can even play music on other PCs if I allow the user to do so ("Allow remote control of other users"). Now, this is nice and the UI is how I imagined, but it is not fullfilling my wish above to have the NAS play the music and in fact I do not want to allow every user I want to allow to play sound on my sound system to also remote control my mobile musicwise. So I see three options: A) I find some way to play to the QNAP Audio output jacket and I can configure users that they can do that but not remote control the other users. I install Linux Station (as it can send sound to the audio output jacket) on the QNAP and open within there a browser to connect to emby and then I can remotecontrol it from everybody else. I then would like to limit other users to only be able to remote control this Linux-Station-User and not everybody else. C) I install Linux Station and install some kind of daemon that emby can stream to. This daeomn then plays the music over the audio output jacket and I can configure users that they can do that but not remote control the other users. I do not know if any of these options do work at all and whether it has something to do with DLNA. My understanding of DLNA is that you can provide music files to other devices, but these devices need the active player part that starts music etc. Of course I would prefer A) as I do not need to have a linux station running only because of that setup. Plan sounds hacky and I do not have the feeling that I can limit which user can be remote controlled only none or all. Plan C) sound ok, but I have no idea at all what I need to install on my linux station ubuntu 18. Do I need some kind of DLNA receiver/player? What software do I need and how do I configure it in the emby server? I am very confused why this whole setup is so difficult as I thought this would be something everybody wants, but it seems that most people wnat to decide on their DLNA TV what should be played and use the NAS only as a storage but not for generating analog sound. I'd be very glad if somebody could bring some light into my situation and could just point me into the right direction. I am very capable of digging into manuals how to do something if I know what I want, but I seem not to have a good enough understandings of the standard DNLA and the QNAP NAS to know what to goole for ... Or maybe I am totally wrong expecting to solve some wish like this with such a setup? Thankx for your time in advance Lukas
  3. tmataraza

    Emby not workin on DLNA device

    I have a samsung smart tv and a denon avr-e300 home theater receiver that both are DLNA ready. I have emby server installed on a FREENAS server with a static IP. The Server, TV and receiver are all networked and have Static IPs. Emby works beautifully on all my devices using the webserver IP except on the DLNA devices. It says the video files are music files, then error out when I try to play them. I have tried .mkv and .mp4. What other file type should I use?
  4. Hello all, Im runnig the following config: QNAP: TS-853A Hardware:CPU: Intel Celeron CPU N3160 @ 1.60Ghz RAM: 8 GB Software:Firmware version: Build 20180215 Emby Server: ffmpeg: 3.4.2 Mono: 5.11.0 The Problems im having: Remote not accesebol/working as show below, cant forward, cant see anny details and cant go back If I want to play a hole album it will only play one song most of the time, I cant see the play list Emby is not cutting gables files and if they are cut in seperates there will be a break betwean them. Tanks in advance, Greatings, Spartan_GIV
  5. bigembyfan

    Sony Bravia KDL-32W653A

    Hi, I'm a new Emby user currently trying to test and get a robust setup and things are going encouragingly well so far. I'm running the server on a 2012 mac mini and have managed to sort remote access over https with an external domain - all is working well via the web clients on my laptop, phone and tablet. I am however having a couple of teething problems with DLNA, I have 2 Bravia TVs of different types and manufacturing years - neither works particularly well browsing for network content. The Emby server is found, my older Bravia (KDL-32W653A) displays the content nicely in folders but plays the TV series with subtitles embedded in. The newer Bravia (KDL-42W829B) basically chucks all media out into one huge page in what looks like an unordered mess and no search either, not really useable! No issue really as I'm happy to cast from my laptop or phone or tablet to either TV, this works perfectly for the new Bravia and I can do this from my laptop, phone + ipad which is ideal, 200 response and streams nicely: (I think that's what it's indicating there!) 2018-02-10 00:59:08.359 Info HttpServer: HTTP HEAD;uuid:00000000-0000-1010-8000-fcf15211ae55;c37620d9319685013f669562c61695fc;false;h264;ac3;1;6;139552000;448000;;30;1920;1080;0;;;;;;34ca5bda97f0477e92c038249b0a29a2;;;c37620d9319685013f669562c61695fc;false;Encode;;false;22cfe725492ce27bc20f0e1d14c35c77;false;;false;false;SubtitleCodecNotSupported. getcontentFeatures.dlna.org=1, Pragma=getIfoFileURI.dlna.org, transferMode.dlna.org=Streaming, X-AV-Physical-Unit-Info=pa="BRAVIA KDL-42W829B";, X-AV-Client-Info=av=5.0; cn="Sony Corporation"; mn="BRAVIA KDL-42W829B"; mv="1.7";, Host= 2018-02-10 00:59:08.361 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 3ms. - However the KDL-32W653A doesn't behave and only manages to play some of the mp4s, the rest get a 'Playback not supported' message. The files do play via the built in network browser, as mentioned further up, but the whole experience is pretty nasty and the controls are equally nasty. Here's some of the logs when attempting to cast to that Bravia: .....getcontentFeatures.dlna.org=1, Pragma=getIfoFileURI.dlna.org, X -AV-Physical-Unit-Info=pa="BRAVIA KDL-32W653A";, X-AV-Client-Info=av=5.0; cn="Sony Corporation"; mn="BRAVIA KDL-32W653A"; mv="1.7"; 2018-02-10 00:23:43.705 Info Dlna: No matching device profile found. The default will need to be used. DeviceDescription: FriendlyName:TV Manufacturer:Sony Corporation ManufacturerUrl:http://www.sony.net/ ModelDescription: ModelName:KDL-32W653A ModelNumber:MINT1.7.0.1 ModelUrl: SerialNumber: 2018-02-10 00:23:34.296 Info HttpResultFactory: Setting range response values for /Users/Default/Emby/Movies/Manhattan (1979)/Manhattan (1979).mkv. RangeRequest: bytes=0- Content-Length: 4817882795, Content-Range: bytes 0-4817882794/4817882795 2018-02-10 00:23:34.296 Info HttpResultFactory: Transmit file /Users/Default/Emby/Movies/Manhattan (1979)/Manhattan (1979).mkv 2018-02-10 00:23:34.411 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET;uuid:00000000-0000-1010-8000-d8d43c10cf9f;5f7fd41d45ba209cee88c8ead8278404;true;;;1;6;;;;;;;0;;;;;;e37ea56c357a42f2bb37b286cff49e31;;;a46dcfc4b9b328cfb29b3e52359a0d9e;false;Embed;;false;879aa9dc599c31576aa4001fa44270ac;false;;false;false;. Range=bytes=4817555400-, getcontentFeatures.dlna.org=1, Pragma=getIfoFileURI.dlna.org, X-AV-Physical-Unit-Info=pa="BRAVIA KDL-32W653A";, X-AV-Client-Info=av=5.0; cn="Sony Corporation"; mn="BRAVIA KDL-32W653A"; mv="1.7";, Host= 2018-02-10 00:23:34.412 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 500 to Time: 118ms.;uuid:00000000-0000-1010-8000-d8d43c10cf9f;5f7fd41d45ba209cee88c8ead8278404;true;;;1;6;;;;;;;0;;;;;;e37ea56c357a42f2bb37b286cff49e31;;;a46dcfc4b9b328cfb29b3e52359a0d9e;false;Embed;;false;879aa9dc599c31576aa4001fa44270ac;false;;false;false; 2018-02-10 00:23:34.413 Info HttpResultFactory: Setting range response values for /Users/Default/Emby/Movies/Manhattan (1979)/Manhattan (1979).mkv. RangeRequest: bytes=4817555400- Content-Length: 327395, Content-Range: bytes 4817555400-4817882794/4817882795 2018-02-10 00:23:34.502 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 206 to Time: 91ms.;uuid:00000000-0000-1010-8000-d8d43c10cf9f;5f7fd41d45ba209cee88c8ead8278404;true;;;1;6;;;;;;;0;;;;;;e37ea56c357a42f2bb37b286cff49e31;;;a46dcfc4b9b328cfb29b3e52359a0d9e;false;Embed;;false;879aa9dc599c31576aa4001fa44270ac;false;;false;false; I can see the 500 response in there after attempting to play which I assume is the not supported issue (maybe it isn't though..). I looked at the preset profiles and custom profile section in the server admin area but didn't really know where to start. I appreciate this probably isn't an easy one to sort without having access to the Bravia itself but wondered if I could get some pointers on how to get the device to be picked up at least to attempt to load it - I'm not great at regex and have never created a profile before so a bit out of my depth really! If it's any help, I've dug up the DLNA test certificate for the device: http://certification.dlna.org/certs/REG14144867.pdf Amazing work creating this wonderful software by the way - in my short time using it I think it's head and shoulders above what I've used in the past. I can see myself joining the Premier club once I've got myself sorted with the initial setup.
  6. So, i've set up Emby, and it seems to work fine over the internet. I can play to my tv, and i can access it as a server. Now, i just can't seem to figure out a way to acess it without the intternet? Is this possible? I have an old modem/router connected to my desktop. NO internet. I'd like my tv to be able to log into the WLAN and to be able to access and stream my files from there. Quick question: Does anybody else find that they can't navigate their media via their tv remotes? forward/back/pause?
  7. I'm trying to setup my DNLA server on my new Emby server and my nVidia Shield can see the folder, and it says 863 pictures are in the screensaver library I created, but when I click into that folder, it shows as empty. I do this with plex currently and hope to switch fully to emby, but I can't seem to figure out why the folder shows "Screensaver (863)" but then shows empty when I click on it...? There are 863 files in that folder, so it looks like it's finding it correctly, and I can see the files if I load the emby app and browse to that library. However the files are not viewable as pictures, just a photo icon of hte picture is listed... does emby not support JPG files? I'd find that pretty hard to believe
  8. Hi all. I'd really appreciate a steer on where I'm going wrong with my Emby setup - it's becoming really frustrating! I have Emby Server ( beta) set up in Lubuntu 16.04. My machine specs are as follows: i5 6600t HD 7950 3 GB 8GB RAM 1 TB 7200rpm HDD for media I have a powerline based home network using AV2 compliant adapters. I've tried a couple of different playback approaches - DNLA via my Bravia TV, Emby for Kodi on my RPi 2 and an old Android TV box (Minix Neo X7) but none work reliably. My media is really mixed in terms of formats and bitrates. I used to have an HTPC in the living room so had no problems with playback, but since moving to a server in another room I have had real trouble getting many things to play successfully. Higher quality files often stutter then fail and I have problems getting HEVC and other files to play at all at times. I'm happy that my network speed is decent - so I guess the issue is transcoding? I have used the Bravia 2014 profile in the past, but this didn't really help. Can someone please tell me what I need to look for in the logs? There's no info on profiles in the wiki so I'm a bit lost as to what to change to force transcoding and what settings would be best to ensure reliable playback. Attached are some recent logs - these will only show DNLA access via the TV I think Cheers ffmpeg-transcode-5b0315be-5855-4daa-8a47-e9bb820f6493.txt server-63618980178.txt
  9. RSAvenell

    Emby on PS4 - Playing Albums

    Greetings Emby community. I may just be missing something very simple, but when I open Emby on my PS4 to play music from my media PC, the tracks for each album are listed alphabetically, not in the correct order on the album. Anyone know how to have albums show up in the correct order? All tracks in their folders on my PC are numbered (01 Xsongtitle, 02 Xsongtitle, etc). I'm sure its a simple thing, but I can't seem to find a setting to change this. Or is the PS4 music player just that dumb?
  10. Hello I want to watch movies stored on my Emby server with my VU+ Linux receiver. As there is no native Emby client for Enigma2 system, I have choosen to use DNLA I have a Emby Server (3.0.6050.0) as a DNLA Server. I have a VU+ Solo receiver that I want to use as a DNLA Client (receiver). I have created a VU+ Profile (from the Kodi profile) with UserAgent: Linux (Substring) in the identification HTTP Header section. My VU+ Solo is running the Black Hole image 3.02f which includes a DNLA Plugin (based on djmount). When I started the plugin on my VU+ it recognizes my Emby server. No problem. I have also installed Media Player De Luxe on my VU+ in order to play the movies. On my VU+. I can browse directories, sub directories, etc.. but I don't see any movie files listed. What is wrong ? Thanks for any help
  11. Smaky

    SAMSUNG UN55ES8000 not working

    Whenever I try to play to my UN55ES8000 Samsung TV I am getting the following error message (at the TV). The File you have selected is not currently supported. I am able to play the file directly from my NAS (Netgear) using the native DNLA capabilities of the TV/NAS. File is a regular mkv file with H.264 video and DTS audio. I have tried several files and they all exhibit the same behaviour.
  12. Not sure if anyone will know an answer to this. I have a folder that has many films in it. When I view these movies on the PS4 or PS3 many of them show up in the movies folder with a poster to identify them. Others show up in another sub folder, and if I click in those, then I see the poster. Problem is, alphabetically, the folders show up first, throwing off the order. Any idea why some movies are put in a subfolder? They are not in subfolders on the hard drive. Could it be because some are a different file format? When I view titles on the Roku, this isn't a problem, only on DNLA. Thanks in advance!
  13. psmc

    choose a client error

    Having problems playing all files via "choose a client" to SAMSUNG LED & WDTV dnla (see pic). If i use the phone to play to samsung tv (see pic) If i use the phone to play on wdtv i get the error "this is sharing content from windows" on the tv screen But Playing to WMClassic works fine & switches to remote view after selection. PS... Samsung tv & media browser tv app work fine & plays the same files no issues Playing the files direct on the phone also works fine. If i use the PC to 'right click & play to' wdtv the files play ok too. This seems confined to the green logo dnla items only.
  14. gillmacca

    Samsung UE22ESS5400

    Just thought I would comment on this Samsung model. Playback starts, but it buffers alot. Are there any settings I can change my end? If not, what logs do you require
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