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Found 14 results

  1. nitrous13

    emby random buffer with rclone

    hello, ive been using emby for 2 months now with no problems but suddenly now i am getting these random buffers everyday and the only way to fix it is to reboot my whole server. i play any random video in the library, it starts playing normally but then it stops to buffer after maybe 10 seconds or less, after it stops at that first point it then plays and stops every 1 or 2 seconds to buffer. its like not even eating up bandwidth of the person watching the video to buffer the video i am hosting the emby server on my server which is on debian 10, has 32gb ram, i7 4770, 117MB/s download speed and 117MB/s upload speed, 4TB enterprise HDD. im using rclone mount with gdrive. i have tried restarting the mount service, restarting emby server, increasing cache size, decreasing cache age, adding buffer size. nothing i tried seems to work except rebooting my whole server once a day. my friends are other users in the same server and we tested and they encountered the problem too. i tried this mount configuration #!/bin/bash fusermount -uz /home/nitrous/embystuff rclone mount "embystuff:" "/home/nitrous/embystuff" --allow-other --poll-interval 5m --cache-dir=/home/nitrous/cache/embystuff --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max-size 400G --vfs-cache-max-age 18h -vP and this mount configuration #!/bin/bash fusermount -uz /home/nitrous/embystuff rclone mount "embystuff:" "/home/nitrous/embystuff" --allow-other --poll-interval 5m --cache-dir=/home/nitrous/cache/embystuff --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max-size 200G --vfs-cache-max-age 72h -vP i tried hosting on ubuntu and debian. tried rclone version 1.54.1, 1.55, 1.56... problem still happened. i have also changed my whole server where i host emby but I still encounter the same problem on the new one. the buffering usually happens after 24 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less, doesnt matter if its direct play or transcoding. it was working perfectly for the past 2 months until a few days ago when this happened. if the buffering happens the only fix i found was to reboot my whole server, would really appreciate any help.
  2. Is there a way to change the threshold for when to throttle transcoding when throttling is enabled? By default it looks like this is configured to 120s. I have found the xml where this setting is defined, however after modifying & saving there is no change according to transcoding logs. FYI, this is not an option from Emby management interface. Location of xml file: .../Emby-Server/Config/encoding.xml <ThrottleBufferSize>120</ThrottleBufferSize> Log Example ThrottleBySegmentRequest: RequestPosition: 00:01:03 - TranscodingPosition: 00:02:11 - ThrottleBuffer: 69s (Treshold: 120s) Please let me know if anyone can help determine if this is possible. Thanks
  3. SpaceCabbi

    Considering Emby can it...

    Greetings been using a alternative media server for years, But now i finally need to find something better. Looking at Emby looks nice but from a technical point i have a few questions if i may. Emby uses sqlite3 afaik this is really troublesome for large media servers (12TB) even with db on dedicated zfs pool no compression etc. it still is shaky at best imho, mind you this all from experience with my current server wich might be just using sqllite3 wrong not an expert on DB's. How is the performance/stability on emby with large db's, And are there alternatives mysql ? How does Emby deal with meta data ? (large directory structure ? Or more centralized) Can it handle unlisted extra's ? ea: \series\show\season 1\extra Just map and load the files matching them would be nice but since the almighty tvdb rarely matches is not a req. backup for just server/metadata not media files ? Thanks for any input or details it would be helpful.
  4. hey guys, not sure if this request has been made or not if it has i apologize. just been uploading some more movies to my server and just came up with a feature that would be very cool to have if possible, when you first play a movie/tv show it would buffer for a lil bit and same for skipping forward or back. instead of having just a plain circle it would be really cool if we could have the dvd image rotating as it loads the data. and if people dont have dvd images downloaded it would then use a default circle like it currently is.
  5. grizlyadams

    Live TV IPTV (M3U) playback repeat

    Hello, I have livetv set up to use an m3u file. It mostly plays back ok, but sometimes it plays about 15 to 30 seconds, then repeats that same 15 to 30 seconds. Sometimes it will do that between one and 3 or 4 times (repeat the same 15 seconds) and sometimes it will do it once and carry on playing and be fine thereafter. Sometimes however, it will never break out of that repeat loop and will just constantly re-play the same 15 to 30 second clip over and over. This doesn't happen if i play the same m3u with VLC or the IPTV provider's app, so my assumption is that it is not the stream that's the problem, it is emby. I currently use xTeVe as an m3u proxy to filter the channels and manage the EPG that emby does not do/provide, but I have turned off the caching in xTeVe so it just hands off the stream to the client (emby). The same thing happens (the 15 to 30 second repeat) in emby if i specify the m3u directly in emby and do not use xTeVe. so its not xTeVe proxy that is causing the problem. I can also see in the xTeVe logs that the url is being haded off to emby. emby runs in a docker in Unraid on an HP Microserver Gen8 with a Xeon® CPU E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30a with 10GB ram which is at about 45% utilisation. Anyone seen this before and have any suggestions? thanks
  6. kelly.clubb

    Random pauses during playback.

    So I figured I'd start my own tread here since all the other playback threads are covering a variety of different issues and wanted to be more specific. I used to have this issues with "AVI" files where when playing would random pause about 2 seconds every 30 to 60 seconds though episodes. I do not have this issue playing the file directly and it's currently using direct play when I watch. I use google chrome as my browser and mostly watch stuff from chrome. When the issue happens it seems the little white buffer bar goes about 30 seconds at a time until the buffer runs out, it pauses (buffers) and then continues. This is a MP4 file and I'm on a gigabit lan with COX Gigablast (1gbps down and 35 mbps up). The files are all on my local lan. I attached the playback log of the one of the local files (Shadowhunters) I was having issue with. Not limited to this file at all. It's random. I have a 16 thread (8 core) cpu that is not being overused at all. In addition this server has terabytes of free disk space where any transcoding would take place. I seem to get a lot of 14:58:48.997 Error while decoding stream #0:1: Error number -16976906 occurred which seems to indicate that I don't have enough ram but my computer has over 6 gb of free ram so I don't think that's an issue. I did attach the log. Notably I'm running this from a rack server. On the note that it doesn't have any kind of fancy video card, should I maybe disable hardware acceleration and would that help this particular issue? ffmpeg-remux-b3e4fbe2-a3de-4718-b487-792e845d1a72_1.txt
  7. kelly.clubb

    Streaming buffer options

    I would like the ability to have up to the full video file to buffer to a client. Wanting this option for load balancing so that when only 1 person is watching, it will buffer that client up to it's video. Currently it only buffers up to a couple minutes ahead.
  8. I have an issue with emby. When I play a movie remotely it has to be transcoded most of the times because I've set a remote bandwith limit to 4,5 Mbps. The problem is that the client isn't buffering correctly/enough when watching a transcoded video. For example I start a movie and pause it, the buffering stops after about five seconds. I monitor the network traffic with iftop and I can see it in the client too, as kodi and emby clients show a grey bar indicating the buffering progress. With directplay it's all fine. It buffers minutes or even the whole video depending on the client and it's buffering with a higher speed than the bitrate. In kodi for example, it completely ignores the settings of buffersize and speed(readfactor) when transcoding on the opposite to directly play where it does what it's supposed to do. The whole problem with this is that when a short interrupt or bandwith shortage occurs the playback stops. Instead the client could have used the extra bandwith to fill it's buffer. This issue happens with all clients I've tested so far. My upload should be plenty with 40 Mbps. Is this behaviour intended? In my opinion transcoding is mostly used on remote connections and there is always a buffer needed opposed to direct play which is mostly used at home. The transcoding is more than fast enough by the way. It usually transcodes with 3x speed or faster. Server: Version Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 Clients: Kodi Emby and EmbyCon (increased buffer/set it to unlimited) Emby Theatre UWP Emby Theatre Desktop Web (Edge, Firefox & Chrome) Android Just say if you need any client or server logs.
  9. I attached logs directly from Emby Server on my QNAP TS251 at 10:05 CST username logged in "Mike". Started log on Channel 11 at about 9:50, only one freeze, switched to Channel 5 at 9:58 and the "normal" freezing (occurring every minute or so, with a 5-10 second delay). Network is gigabit ethernet direct wired to Android TV (device X96mini version 7.1.2) running Emby for Android TV Version 1.5.32g. Can use HDHomerun app and no freeze. Playback movies, and stream from HBO, no freeze. Only live TV. Settings are default. Freezing happens on every channel. Suggestions? Thanks.
  10. spiritwarrior

    When 2 users view the same video

    Hi, I don't know how this works so please forgive me if I'm wrong. If 2 or more users play the same video , let's say that first user already have the full movie trans-coded and buffered, when second user play the same video why have to trans-code again the entire movie if is already trans-coded by the first one ? Maybe is just a dumb question All I want to know is a little bit more how it works
  11. famadorian

    Android Playback Buffer

    Doesn't the android client keeps some kind of buffer? If I replay the song, it still takes a while, cause it wants to start streaming from the server again; is it not already buffered? Also, if I skip back to beginning, shouldn't it just start playing. It seems it's contacting the server again to get data, something it already played. The track is like 3 minutes long. It doesn't buffer anything at all?
  12. mriksman

    Web Client Buffering Video

    Hi, I work in a remote location with TERRIBLE connection speeds. I use to watch AFL on the WatchAFL website, but they no longer buffer. You know - when you watch a YouTube video, and you press pause, and you can see the light grey bar move ahead indicating that part of the video has been downloaded/buffered? Now when I hit Pause, wait for 5 minutes, and hit Play - nothing has been downloaded in advance. This buffering allowed me to press pause, and wait an hour for it to 'download' so I could watch it stutter free. So, I downloaded the mp4 video files on my home computer, and added them to Emby. But Emby doesn't buffer either?? I would love to be able to select a resolution of my choosing, and then hit pause and allow Emby to buffer in my web client so I can watch the game (or movie/show) stutter free. Any ideas?
  13. I am having trouble streaming shows from my media storage to my players. I have a FireStick which appears to stream the TV shows fine, but can not handle any of the movies I have downloaded. It pauses frequently to let them buffer. I also have a WD TV Live that can find the EMBY server but then reports an error that it cannot play the file type of the movie when accessed as a mediaserver. If I connect it as a windows share, it will play the files but again there is a lot of lag and buffering. Still new to this whole setup. Let me know if there is more information that you need.
  14. I've been experiencing streaming issues in the last couple of weeks. It used to stream fast and smooth and now even when i turn the quality down to the point where it's almost unwatchable (144p), it still pauses/buffers. I'm running a AMD A8 quad-core 3.0GHz cpu w/ 16GB of ram and when I monitor the system, ffmpe.exe is maxing out all 4 cores. Did something change in the transcoding configuration because I've been using MB/Emby for years and never had an issue before. In fact, I used to run it on a slower system (3-cores, lower cpu speed and half the ram) about a year ago and it still ran flawlessly. Here are my logs: Server log: http://paste2.org/sYwc2ZM5 Transcoding log: http://paste2.org/jJ3kb31n Any help is greatly appreciated!
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