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  1. Wann kommt endlich die Emby App für Samsung Tizen TV für Deutschland / Schweiz /Österreich ? Es ist sehr mühsam die App jeden Monat neu zu Installieren!!! Klar ist das eine doofe Restriktion von Samsung für externe Apps wo Emby nichts dafür kann, aber es müsste mit Samsung eine Lösung gefunden werden ! Also, haut hier in die Tasten und schreibt eure Meinung dazu, dammit sich endlich was bewegt........
  2. @chef @Cheesegeezer Another amazing production is about to be brought to you from devs - Cheesegeezer - I have started a new theme to bring to the masses. I am a long way off completion however we can continue to update you on the progress. The layouts are about 80% complete and once completed we can start to work on the code behind. We are interested in a closed group of testers when the time comes. I would just like to say that this was originally designed for Emby WMC back in 2014 and was just release there when M$ ditched support for WMC and the project died. @shaefurr did an amazing job with the concept artwork for me to work with back then, and this theme pays homage to him. So with out further ado... here's some of the layouts that are now coded. IRIDIUM - One theme to conquer all LOGON SCREEN HOME PAGE FIRST VIEW TYPE - COVERFLOW COVERFLOW 2 BANNER VIEW FINAL DETAILS PAGE LIST VIEW THUMB VIEW
  3. Konsider

    Sleep Timer for App

    I would like to request a sleep timer function for the Emby app. For example, when a song is playing, it should be possible to quickly and easily set a sleep timer to shut off the song after a desired interval. Options could include 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 120 minutes. If it had this, I would be happy to purchase Premiere.
  4. Hello everybody! Did the design application for Web OS, please vote and write what you think. If OK, continue to do a PS4 and XBOX ONE. With colleagues think make applications. So far, there is no design of some pages. P.S. I do not speak English well =) https://www.behance.net/gallery/32725695/Emby-LG-Web-OS-DLNA-client-design
  5. Is there any new status on Official LG emby app? Or maybe any way to help beta test it? I would love to help in any way i can! //jhs
  6. Hi guys, I can't turn off subtitles in the Emby App. It says "No subtitles" in the settings and I can select "Off" in the Subtitles while playing a movie but subtitles will not disappear. I tried to reinstall the app (1.09), didn't help. If I stream the same movie from the Web App to the same TV, then I can turn off subtitles in the TV settings (maybe I could say WebOS based settings) but I would like to use the app on the TV only. Do you have any idea? Thanks, Marci
  7. zarejosin

    Notification in Emby App

    Hi, Thank you for the great product. It is a pleasure to use it. I have seen some posts but they are years ago regarding my request. Is there a plan to have notification (when adding movies, shows, live tv etc.) from the emby app ? This means to get a push message on my android phone, iphone, windows app, etc. With 3rd party software its not so cool. Thank you.
  8. It is recommended that when playing media, long press on a certain area of the screen or the entire screen area to trigger 2.0X speed or 3.0X speed, and release the finger to return to 1.0X speed
  9. Mobile APP, play interface, finger to the left to slide the screen, video fast back, finger to the right to slide the screen, fast forward. The left side of the screen slides up and down to adjust the brightness, and the right side of the screen slides up and down to adjust the volume.
  10. Salve mi piacerebbe sapere se è possibile con emby essere visti sulle smart v. Ho provato ma oltre a vedersi il server quando voglio vedere le tv in diretta vedo solo uno schermo nero. Grazie
  11. requa3r0

    New App questions

    Hi Luke and the Emby team Great news with the LG release. I have been looking forward for this, to start using my not 3 years old EMBY server, that unfortunately mostly has served as a offside access on my phone. I have installed on a brand new LG 2021 and tested. Here is my 2 bits of feedback. 1: LiveTv When selecting a channel you are being pushed to a subpage with "episodes" and a green play button? Why? I don't see the point with this subpage. It is is very annoying, that you have to wait for a subpage, and then click play an extra time, when zapping a bit around channels. Please include a way to disable this subpage or just remove it. It really makes no sense under live tv. NB: If I wanted to schedule recording or see the guide, there a many other places to do this. (Under guide for instance.) The page is really just in the way! Recording are scheduled perhaps 0.0001% of the time you access a channel, so why this subpage? Also, the icons are way way to large, regardless of icon setup. I can just see a few channel icons on my large TV, and they are like a feet wide on my widescreen. I don't need to see the channels icons from my back yard, but would like a better overview instead. Last, the scroll wheel is way to slow moving the icons a pixel at a time. It should be configured more responsive. I don't know if i can configure this locally somehow. The fact that the channel up / downs = page up down helps though ;O) 2: Subtitles. I have posted about this before. But nothing seems to happen? Subtitles in Emby simply does not work. The first movie I loaded was Dune 2021 in 4K. From IPTV. Great video and surround audio. No complaints here ;O) But...None of the included standard subtitles SUBRIPs worked. They just did not display. The GPSsub worked, but EMBY reports transcoding, and the subs was floating around everywhere on the screen. Perhaps that is how they are designed. But it was terrible to watch. Please include a subtitle feature under playback, to go to subtitles.org and download the wanted subtitle, and please include a way to ly set the subtitle position on screen, to avoid them being displayed in the movie or just on the edge of the video frame, making them hard to read. If fact. Please redesign the entire subtitle engine. Give the user better choices and make it work. I dont need a lot of background hocus pokus. I need subtitles that work and can be placed a proper place to read. Its really that simple! Conclusion. In my opinion a propper media center has 3 main tasks. A to display video, B to transmit the audio and C to show the relevant subtitles, as per the users choice. VIDEO FEED. AUDIO FEED and SUBS It's 3 things that must work flawlessly! Everything else is just eye candy and frosting on top. EMBY FAILS totally when it comes to subtitles, on almost every movie I have tested. So...after a short joy over the LG app..it was back to the good old KODI on my mac. Even for LiveTV due above described amanuenses. I still can not use EMBY as a standard media player..it just doesn't work ;O( I still love the EMBY idea and will support follow and test, but its really sad that I can't actually use it for anything. My 2 bits..the are well meant. I hope they are well received. Keep up the good work Hope you had a marry Xmas and happy new wear. Requaero "those who search shall find"
  12. iOS 2.1.5 Has Been Released This is a follow up release to the recent Emby For iOS 2.1.3. Released, Featuring: Timeline Seeking & Thumbnails release. We wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible. This release features a resolution to: An Intermittent Loss of Audio Issue that Manifests When Audio is Transcoded. This release also contains a minor fix for: Problem with Scrolling on Certain Server Management Screens. You can now scroll fluently from top to bottom of management screens found on the Emby Server Tab. Please install this maintenance release at your earliest convenience. You can follow Emby iOS development as well as report any issues on our community forum site: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/forum/94-ios/
  13. David Patt

    LG app playback issues

    Ok movies which play previously dont play at all now. LG App is mess. I know LG is to blame here but on android it is not a problem and LG has huge one with updates.
  14. Hello, I have my Emby Server on Debian mini pc. When I connect my smartphone trough bluetooth and play music app randomly stops and I have to exit it and open again to make it work. Then after few minutes stops again. It's horrible experience. Don't have that problem on other android apps when listen trough bluetooth. When i listen with browser from my smartphone it works OK. I attach log on different topic: emby.log regards, Przemek
  15. I have been using the finamp app for jellyfin and I think emby needs to create its own or even clone this as jellyfin comes from emby's code so should not be too hard I believe. The reason I am writing this is because emby needs a separate music app which me and others have been requesting for a long time and even though finamp is not complete it has been great for daily use compared to the full emby and jellyfin apps. Thanks
  16. http://www.operasoftware.com/products/tv-store I saw Opera TV today on my TVs apps, and I know it's a long shot, but I think a wide enough range of TVs use the Opera TV apps and it might be beneficial to have a dedicated app for the TV to browse media in, instead of an ever failing DLNA link which keeps dropping in and out. currently DLNA between my sony kd-55x8500b, and windows 7 PC Media Browser Server, keeps dropping out. it annoys me, and I think if an app can connect (android app never fails), it would be better. any ideas? Thanks http://www.operasoftware.com/products/tv-store
  17. Hi, I wanted to purchase the in-app activation of Emby app on my FireTV Stick 4K as well. I installed it and went through the purchase process, but I cannot hit the "ok" button after entering the OTP. The FireTV highlights the "Continue" (not sure about the wording) when navigating to it, but hitting the "select button" on the remote doesnt activate/push it. As such I cannot move forward. Is there a way to fix this or is there another way to buy the in-app purchase? Thanks, regards
  18. Hi guys! 👋 I recently bought the new Chromcast with Google TV (Android TV) and it was a blast! The system fluidity speed is amazing. I just decided to give a better look at the app banner of Emby so I generated a APK launcher for the Emby Android TV app and I think it's a better fit in my opinion. I'm a graphic designer since 7 years now so if you need something else just ask!✌ PS: I have the Emby logo in vector, that's why. The app banner size is 1280px × 720px and the green color is the same as the Emby symbol logo. Cheers!🍷
  19. I am running Emby on a TrueNAS server behind a haproxy reverse proxy that is configured to use LetEncrypt certificates so the cert configuration doesn't have to be done in Emby. My domain provider is Google Domains and I have a synthetic record configured to point to my subdomain. When users attempt to login to my Emby server through any of the Emby apps using my subdomain URL they can access the server and see their profile but when they attempt to login they get the following error: Invalid username or password. Please try again. The Emby logs show: 2020-11-28 20:05:49.428 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://emby.domain.io:8096/Users/authenticatebyname?X-Emby-Client=Emby for Android&X-Emby-Device-Name=SAMSUNG_DEVICE&X-Emby-Device-Id=180dd06ae38b4c18&X-Emby-Client-Version=3.1.64. Host=emby.domain.io, accept=application/json, User-Agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SM-G975U1 Build/QP1A.190711.020; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/86.0.4240.198 Mobile Safari/537.36, X-Requested-With=com.mb.android, Sec-Fetch-Site=cross-site, Sec-Fetch-Mode=cors, Sec-Fetch-Dest=empty, Accept-Encoding=gzip, deflate, Accept-Language=en-US,en;q=0.9 2020-11-28 20:05:49.429 Error HttpServer: Access token is invalid or expired. 2020-11-28 20:05:49.429 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 401 to Time: 1ms. http://emby.domain.io:8096/Users/authenticatebyname?X-Emby-Client=Emby for Android&X-Emby-Device-Name=SAMSUNG_DEVICE&X-Emby-Device-Id=180dd06ae38b4c18&X-Emby-Client-Version=3.1.64. ConnectionId: null My haproxy configuration is as follows: global log /dev/log local0 log /dev/log local1 notice chroot /var/lib/haproxy stats socket /run/haproxy/admin.sock mode 660 level admin expose-fd listeners stats timeout 30s user haproxy group haproxy daemon # Default SSL material locations ca-base /etc/ssl/certs crt-base /etc/ssl/private # Default ciphers to use on SSL-enabled listening sockets. # For more information, see ciphers(1SSL). This list is from: # https://hynek.me/articles/hardening-your-web-servers-ssl-ciphers/ # An alternative list with additional directives can be obtained from # https://mozilla.github.io/server-side-tls/ssl-config-generator/?server=haproxy ssl-default-bind-ciphers TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256:TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:ECDHE-ECDSA-CHACHA20-POLY1305:ECDHE-RSA-CHACHA20-POLY1305:DHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 ssl-default-bind-options no-sslv3 defaults log global mode http option httplog option dontlognull timeout connect 5000 timeout client 50000 timeout server 50000 errorfile 400 /etc/haproxy/errors/400.http errorfile 403 /etc/haproxy/errors/403.http errorfile 408 /etc/haproxy/errors/408.http errorfile 500 /etc/haproxy/errors/500.http errorfile 502 /etc/haproxy/errors/502.http errorfile 503 /etc/haproxy/errors/503.http errorfile 504 /etc/haproxy/errors/504.http frontend www-http bind *:80 bind *:443 ssl crt /etc/ssl/domain.io/domain.pem redirect scheme https code 301 if !{ ssl_fc } acl letsencrypt-acl path_beg /.well-known/acme-challenge/ use_backend letsencrypt-backend if letsencrypt-acl use_backend gitlab-backend if { hdr_dom(host) -i gitlab.domain.io } use_backend gitlab-backend if { hdr_dom(host) -i pages.domain.io } use_backend nextcloud-backend if { hdr_dom(host) -i nextcloud.domain.io } use_backend emby-backend if { hdr_dom(host) -i emby.domain.io } default_backend gitlab-backend backend gitlab-backend server gitlab backend pages-backend server pages backend nextcloud-backend server nextcloud backend emby-backend server emby backend letsencrypt-backend server letsencrypt If users navigate to my Emby subdomain in a browser and login they have no issue. Only when using the app do they have trouble. I should also note that if a user has an Emby Connect account and I have set their account email in their profile then they can use the Connect account to login from the apps. While this is a work around, not all my users want Connect accounts so I would like to avoid this if possible.
  20. Hello, I have an emby server running on freenas, no issues there. Several android devices (4 phones, Android TV, android tablet) plus I do use web browser access. One of the phones has failed to load the app, after staring it it goes to gray screen on the phone and then errors out. Retrying gives the same results. I had force stopped, uninstalled, reinstalled, used internal memory or SD card to run the app from, running it without network connection, restarting the phone in recovery mode and wiping out the cache partition but no luck. Phone logs Sun Nov 15 22:08:53 GMT+01:00 2020 AndroidCredentialManager: null or empty credentials Sun Nov 15 22:09:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Scheduled periodic work 'EmbyCameraUpload' with id = 'd730aa29-9972-49de-8954-a0c577a96b20' Sun Nov 15 22:09:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Scheduled periodic work 'EmbyAppSync' with id = 'fcc9770b-e937-4bc8-b3d2-45d50aaccee0' Sun Nov 15 22:09:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Scheduled content uri trigger work 'EmbyCameraUpload' with id = '75829826-4fba-4bab-8dad-4242b5da5a92' Sun Nov 15 22:09:01 GMT+01:00 2020 External dir: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.mb.android/files isExternalStorageEmulated: true isExternalStorageRemovable: true Sun Nov 15 22:09:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory: /storage/emulated/0 Sun Nov 15 22:09:01 GMT+01:00 2020 MediaBrowser.connect Sun Nov 15 22:09:15 GMT+01:00 2020 AndroidCredentialManager: null or empty credentials Sun Nov 15 22:09:16 GMT+01:00 2020 CameraUploadWorker: Start executing job. Sun Nov 15 22:09:16 GMT+01:00 2020 Found 0 server(s) for camera upload Sun Nov 15 22:09:16 GMT+01:00 2020 Could not find credentials for camera upload servers Sun Nov 15 22:09:16 GMT+01:00 2020 CameraUploadWorker: Exit SUCCESS Sun Nov 15 22:09:16 GMT+01:00 2020 AppSyncWorker: Start executing job. Sun Nov 15 22:09:16 GMT+01:00 2020 AppSyncWorker: No available servers found -- Exit SUCCESS Sun Nov 15 22:11:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Scheduled periodic work 'EmbyCameraUpload' with id = '866f36fd-c5f8-424f-9259-852eff045c27' Sun Nov 15 22:11:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Scheduled periodic work 'EmbyAppSync' with id = 'de53373c-23fa-46c5-a53c-61a893294033' Sun Nov 15 22:11:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Scheduled content uri trigger work 'EmbyCameraUpload' with id = '9d272539-c93f-462b-a8f2-bea31c2066e3' Sun Nov 15 22:11:01 GMT+01:00 2020 External dir: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.mb.android/files isExternalStorageEmulated: true isExternalStorageRemovable: true Sun Nov 15 22:11:01 GMT+01:00 2020 Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory: /storage/emulated/0 Sun Nov 15 22:11:01 GMT+01:00 2020 MediaBrowser.connect Server log (phone's IP address is 2020-11-15 22:15:33.361 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager POST: https://api.opensubtitles.org/xml-rpc 2020-11-15 22:15:33.520 Info App: ProcessRun 'StreamTranscode 137a6a' Process exited with code 0 2020-11-15 22:15:33.520 Info App: FFMpeg exited with code 0 2020-11-15 22:15:33.559 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Linux/3.18.79, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.19 2020-11-15 22:15:33.560 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 1ms. 2020-11-15 22:15:33.666 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Linux/3.18.79, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.19 2020-11-15 22:15:33.666 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 1ms. 2020-11-15 22:15:33.694 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager POST: https://api.opensubtitles.org/xml-rpc 2020-11-15 22:15:33.761 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 8.1.0; Ulefone S7 Build/O11019) 2020-11-15 22:15:33.761 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 1ms. 2020-11-15 22:15:33.764 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Linux/3.18.79, UPnP/1.0, Portable SDK for UPnP devices/1.6.19 2020-11-15 22:15:33.764 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 1ms. 2020-11-15 22:15:33.844 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 8.1.0; Ulefone S7 Build/O11019) 2020-11-15 22:15:33.845 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 0ms. 2020-11-15 22:15:34.035 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager POST: https://api.opensubtitles.org/xml-rpc 2020-11-15 22:15:34.232 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET,mpeg2video,hevc&AudioCodec=ac3,mp3,aac&VideoBitrate=808000&AudioBitrate=192000&AudioStreamIndex=1&TranscodingMaxAudioChannels=6&SegmentContainer=ts&SegmentLength=3&MinSegments=1&BreakOnNonKeyFrames=True&hevc-profile=Main&h264-level=41&TranscodeReasons=ContainerBitrateExceedsLimit. User-Agent=mpv 0.31.0, Accept=*/*, Connection=keep-alive, Host=, Icy-MetaData=1 Previous day server log, all OK 2020-11-14 21:17:35.057 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to Time: 150ms. 2020-11-14 21:17:35.508 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.1.0; Ulefone S7 Build/O11019; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/86.0.4240.198 Mobile Safari/537.36 2020-11-14 21:17:35.532 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to Time: 23ms. 2020-11-14 21:17:35.543 Info App: ffmpeg successfully started 2020-11-14 21:17:35.551 Info App: returning /var/db/emby-server/transcoding-temp/420c2c4a594311c62bc93796f70b510d871.ts 2020-11-14 21:17:36.412 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET,mpeg2video,hevc&AudioCodec=ac3,mp3,aac&VideoBitrate=808001&AudioBitrate=192000&AudioStreamIndex=2&TranscodingMaxAudioChannels=6&SegmentContainer=ts&SegmentLength=3&MinSegments=1&BreakOnNonKeyFrames=True&hevc-profile=Main&h264-level=51&TranscodeReasons=ContainerBitrateExceedsLimit. User-Agent=mpv 0.31.0, Accept=*/*, Connection=keep-alive, Host=, Icy-MetaData=1 Server is Phone is an Ulefone S7 running Android 8.1.0. It has 1,24GB free space. I've submitted a crash report when I was prompted. Could you please tell me if this is something unique to my device or something is going on? Thanks!

    New Live TV Plugin

    Hey guys, just a bit of an idea i would like to run past everyone. i have been wanting to get live tv on my server now for a long time and have to either buy a tv card or sort something out to be able to get live tv. i know this isnt new for emby or an idea however i would like to know if it would be possible to make a plugin for emby where you can use a ulr link for internet tv, as i have come across Pluto TV which is free for all and with demand programmes as well. the interface is very easy to use and with no restrictions in place to use there service im hoping that this could be a way forward for emby to get live tv and on demand shows without having to install extra software on the customers side. https://pluto.tv/live-tv/ this is the link to pluto tv.
  22. eliasfrehner

    Mac Os X App -> The display goes dark

    Dear community The Emby app for the Mac has been available for a few days. When you watch a movie or YouTube video on your MacBook the display does not normally turn off. With the Emby app, however, the display darkens after a certain time. Do you have this problem too? regards Elias
  23. Hi guys, first off to the team; great work with the Halloween theme! That was a very pleasant surprise! Now to my point . One of the first things I noticed with the halloween theme was the background image on the overview page. I would like to implement my own image, but can not seem to find where to edit so it would show my image. Could you guys maybe help me with this? I don't mean when you've opened a movie or serie or w/e to see the info. But while looking through the movies and such. While we're at it. I'd prefer not to see the colored banners under the pictures. I'd prefer to have them in one color. What would the css selector be for that particular part? Thanks in advance!
  24. Can anyone help me figure this out? I want to open the EMBY app installed on my TCL Roku TV as an activity when I turn it on and open the EMBY app seconds after the TV turns on so I wont have to!! lol
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