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Found 9 results

  1. I convert my stuff to vp9/opus for quite a while now. So far one of the components always had trouble with opus, so the emby server always said "device can not playback audio as transcode reason", so it converted the file and everything was peachy. Then, I do not know exactly what happened, but I guess some update on either your firetv app, firetv itself or even a firmeware upgrade in my reciever (what seems the most unlikely thing) and now I have trouble getting decent sound out of my setup because my reciever seems to not understand that it is getting a 5.1/7.1 sound and mixes it down (the wrong way) to stereo. As you can see from attachment 01, the result is a screwed up 2.1, resulting in me still hearing background voices (I guess the left, right and surround channels), but not the center one, so basically no conversations. If I press the "i have problem seeing stuff" in the settings, emby switches to transcoding and the sound is back as it should (receiver displaying getting DD+) and all channels light up. Although the subtitles are screwed now, fast forwarding and beeing no longer sync (but I guess thats a different problem and I will make a seperate post for this). If I playback the file on another TV setup where I only have stereo I do not get the problem obviously because some clever step realises there are no 6 nor 8 speakers and mixes it down to 2 correctly. What strikes me as odd and totally wrong is the fact on the screenshot, that my reciever thinks it gets a 7.1 STEREO PCM stream (which does not make any sense, I know). Can you make any sense into this? If you need debug logs I would appreciate some pointers as in how to get them off the firetv, as it is quite a while I push/pulled something from an android device and my swiss cheese brain has trouble remembering how to do so :-)
  2. doffactory

    Transcoding into Opus

    I just imported my whole Music collection into Emby. It works, sort-of. I read in the forum that Opus transcoding should work between NAS>>Emby App (Android). How can I check it? All I see on the dashboard that it is being transcoded. Would it be possible to introduce for music a selectable transcoding option (mp3, opus) in the Settings (similar to the options of kbps selection)?
  3. Could you please show OPUS bitrate. All my encodings are at 96Kbps OPUS. It'd be nice for others to view the bitrate.
  4. I am trying to get playback of 5.1/7.1 opus/truehd audio working native in the emby app, but so far I fail. The only way I see my receiver doing some sort of 7.1 at all is if I install kodi or spmc and set the emby app so it lets one of these apps handle the playback. When I try it without these inside the emby app, I always end up with "transcoding audio because playback device does not support it" which frankly is bs, as my receiver can playback all current audio formats. Setting it up in kodi/spmc with android passthrough I end up with 7.1 multichannel pcm input at least, which is still not the raw audio stream, but at least 7.1 my receiver can put to use. So the question is, does the emby app not support passthrough in any way on fire tv? If it does, someone please explain to me how its done. I really dont need that forced transcoding.
  5. theonlycure

    Opus audio and webm support

    Opus is a great format made for streaming. Please start supporting streaming in opus or at least convert to mp3 or other format. As it is now just won't play individual tracts or play webm video with opus audio. Also run Plex on same server and it will either convert and play audio or stream directly depending on device. Plex always converts webm video. Emby unfortunately wont stream either format or convert them to another. Thank you.
  6. It would be great if the Chromecast Ultra profile would be updated to allow direct playing of VP9, Opus, and mkv/webm containers. They all definitely work, as I can direct play them with all transcoding turned off. The reference VP9 encoder (libvpx in ffmpeg) pushed out an update in October that allows for much faster encoding than before, making VP9 a useable codec for me (and others). All of those codecs and containers are open and freely licensed as well, which is a great thing to support. Also, VP9 + Opus + webm is directly playable in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera (as well as Edge if an experimental flag is enabled) which makes up a large percentage of browser use.
  7. Hi just trying to sync my music to android phone and keep original format. I'm not much of explaining things but I will do my best to provide an example. While having my sync settings in Settings->Offline Sync to Max audio file bitrate ->None I select the music for Make available offline and the expected result is for Emby server to transfer the music files as originally stored on the server side. Unfortunately this is not the result, instead Emby it converts the files which are wma format to opus. I understand how great this format is but its not recognized by any of my music app on android. My question is how can I configure Emby on the server side or android to properly sync keeping the original format?
  8. I have Windows 10 build 1607 with Edge Browser 38.14393.0.0 This new update browser now supports h.265 and Opus, which is fantastic. I know folks have bad tastes in their mouth about windows products mainly Microsoft browsers but this one really seems to be a winner. Anyhow my issue is simple the embeded playback utility will not load in the edge browser and in turn no audio will play. Please fix this as soon as you can, Thanks! BTW the reason you see the bar in this pic is because this is Chrome but I copied to illustrate the bar/embedded player that I'm talking about that is missing from Edge browser.
  9. KingJ

    Opus support for Cloud Sync

    With the release of 3.0.5782.0, Emby now supports transcoding of Music to Opus instead of MP3. I've definitely heard a noticeable improvement in quality as a result. However, syncing music to a cloud service continues to transcode it into MP3 format before uploading. Is it possible to transcode in Opus format instead? Thanks in advance!
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