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Found 16 results

  1. Konsider

    Sleep Timer for App

    I would like to request a sleep timer function for the Emby app. For example, when a song is playing, it should be possible to quickly and easily set a sleep timer to shut off the song after a desired interval. Options could include 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 120 minutes. If it had this, I would be happy to purchase Premiere.
  2. We have a couple of Samsung TVs in the house, which are not very "smart" out of the box. To solve that problem we have installed nVidia Shield devices for each of these TVs. This solved the problems with the built in functionality. Streaming apps are working perfectly now ... with the exception of Emby. The problem is that the Emby client for Android TV cannot manage a server that is in the Sleep State. I'm respectfully requesting for a feature that can manage the sleep/wake state of the Emby Server (in my case the host is Windows 10). This can be done by: - Sending a WOL magic packet to the server when a client requests a video to be streamed (and the server is in the sleep state). - Keeping the server awake during streaming. Really love the Emby server, as it provides many benefits over its competitors, like Plex, but the absence of this feature really limits its usability in the Android TV space.
  3. Hi Since last server upgrade my Win 10 machine will not sleep automatically . Powercfg requests shows that the Emby server is the problem Anything I can do at my end to get round this Thanks for your help John
  4. I note that my Emby server will not go to sleep if my mobile has used Emby, BUT then the Emby app has been closed and cleared from android recent apps. The server dashboard still show the device in Active Devices: "Emby for Android Mobile 3.0.45" But I have a clue and a way to get the device removed. Apparently, Android 6.0+ will keep apps Active, even though they are not "open" and even if removed from the list of recent apps. The feature is "App Standby": https://developer.android.com/training/monitoring-device-state/doze-standby The Emby app shows as "Active" (not in standby) even when closed. You can enable Developer mode, and see which apps are in Standby, and which are Active: https://www.howtogeek.com/242834/how-androids-app-standby-works-and-how-to-permanently-stop-apps/ (Scroll to "How to See Which Apps Are Currently in Standby") Follow instructions above, scroll to Emby, tap it to toggle from Active to Inactive. Then after a while, the server dashboard drops the device from Active Devices, and will go to sleep. Is there some way to force the Emby app to Inactive/Standby when it is closed?
  5. Hi all For a very long time now I have been battling sleep issues with my server. It’s nothing special, Win8.1 desktop style pc running WMC, Emby, NordVPN and uTorrent, and lots of storage managed by Drivepool. Most of the time getting it to sleep was ok, but not great. Having it stay asleep until it was actually needed was an absolute nightmare. I think the most I got was about 15 minutes sleep, and the average would probably be about 4 or 5 minutes. I’d give up for long periods of time and just leave it as an always on server, but then it would get the better of me and I’d spend considerable time trying to get it right, but never actually getting there. I tried to source what was waking it through the Event Viewer, but the source was always “Unknown”. I discovered Emby is one of those unknown sources, waking it when wanting to do some remote viewing, but it was few in a long list. After a bit more research I came across Econap (previously known as Stand-Bye!) which is a bit of very useful software that monitors a few key areas of pc activity, and uses benchmarks in those areas to either keep the pc awake, or put it to sleep. When you install it, it scans your pc and disables all but a few areas that can wake a pc. You then set the benchmarks for the monitored areas and after a nominated period of time, if the measured performance falls below all of these benchmarks, Econap puts the pc to sleep. Without any exaggeration, this piece of software has totally change how my server behaves. Seriously, it now sleeps like a baby. Absolutely nothing random wakes the pc now. I’m still tweaking the benchmarks a little for it to go to sleep, mainly the network setting, but it’s like 90% there. I said before I had it going to sleep good but not great, it's now great and I'm going for awesome. Econap keeps second by second logs that show which blockers are active and what they are reading, so using those logs to set benchmarks is a no-brainer, and then it can be fine tuned from there. Free version monitors Audio, Ram, CPU, HDD, NIC, and Multi-User activity. It also has the ability to be directed to a program to say that if this program is running – do not sleep. There is a bit for running processes as well but that area still needs some work. Basically everything you need to get the pc to sleep. Paid version (all of $12AUD) adds Controller, Printer Queue, Fullscreen Detection, and ability to manage all the wake up devices found on your pc. I've paid for the software, but only because i have found it very useful and that's how I roll. You could easily just use the free version and be happy with it. If you’ve struggled with your pc sleep, you could do a lot worse than giving this a go!!! Cheers Chris
  6. I've been using Emby for a while now, but I just started trying out the Live TV functionality and so far I haven't been able to get a schedule recording to work correctly. Today I had a program scheduled to record and I turned off sleep mode (see secondary issue below) so that the server machine was certain to be running at the time of the recording, and the recording never started. When I checked on the recording a little over 3 hours after it was supposed to start there were files or any other indication that the recording was even attempted. When I checked the Live TV settings it still showed that the program was supposed to be recorded. Interestingly enough, when I opened the server configuration it appeared that may have in some way triggered the recording to start, as the folder and associated files were created right after I opened the configuration. Yesterday I scheduled a recording and then left for a while and when I came back the computer was asleep. The recording appeared to start and run until which point the computer reached it's normal sleep timeout (1 hour) and at that point apparently the active Emby recording task was insufficient to prevent the computer from entering sleep mode. When I started a recording manually and then set the computer to sleep within 2 minutes, it appeared that the recording task prevented the computer from going to sleep, so I'm not sure what the difference is between those two methods. I don't know exactly where to start tracking this problem down, but hopefully I just have some settings incorrect? I'd certainly like the computer the be able to go into sleep mode at some point, so the ability to wake it up for a recording or prevent it from sleeping during a recording would certainly be nice to have. I know that the wake timers are scheduled to be implemented soon, but hopefully there's a fix for the computer sleeping during an active recording as well. The server machine is Windows 10 x64. TV tuner is a HomeRun connect quatro. Thanks! server-63656929423.txt
  7. ShoutingMan

    Question about Windows sleep

    It seems that Emby Server prevents my Win10 HTPC from sleeping. If I manually put the computer to sleep, it will wake up a second or two later. I've quit or disabled various applications that were possible causes. As far as I can tell, it's specifically Emby Server. Is this a known behavior? Is there a server setting I should trying changing so Emby can let the computer go into and remain in sleep mode? Thanks
  8. I just downloaded the latest server (3.0.5786.0) and WMC Classic Application on the weekend for my windows 7 Media Centre PC. Since this installation every time I wake the Media Centre from sleep I get a black screen and WMC note that it is not responding. I have to then shut down WMC and start it again. I will note that this is only now occurring. WMC did used to give me a black screen on wake but this only required pulling up the Task manager and WMC would go back to normal. This updated version seems to be causing something new to happen. Love Emby but my Pregnant partner is getting annoyed at the Black screen and restarting of media center so I would like to get this fixed.
  9. Like the title says I have some really good perform at present but after a restart and a wake from sleep i need to make the server rescan to see any content. I have set it so the server does this automatically on wake from sleep and server boot but still seem to need to manually rescan. I haven't done a reinstall yet is there any other suggestions? Thanks for your time.
  10. I use the Emby addon (2.2.10) with Kodi (16.1) on an Intel NUC with rapid start enabled. This allows me to keep the NUC in a sleep/powered off state but still start up in a few seconds however this means that Kodi is rarely restarted. My Emby server is woken up with a wake on LAN add on upon wake of the NUC. I have noticed that when waking from sleep I do not get the Emby log on notification that I receive when I open Kodi fresh. This seems to effect real time updating of the libraries. Playback is not effected. This was not the case in previous builds of the addon where I would get either an error saying the server could not be reached or a welcome notification. Is this normal behavior?
  11. twos50

    Wake from Sleep

    My libraries don't scan when my pc wakes from sleep. They scan upon application startup . But not "wake from sleep" I have both triggers set. I believe they used to. But they don't now. My current version is Version 3.0.5641.4. Has anyone else experience this or am I missing something in the functionality??
  12. MCE isn't the most reliable bit of software, especially after your system resumes from sleep/hibernation. ebr has suggested many times in the past to use the MCE Standby tool and there is a great tutorial on these forums for using such. This works great but isn't for all users because it isn't network aware, so if your HTPC doubles up as your server, it will go to sleep while your watching some thing elsewhere on the network. Again I think someone wrote a work around for this, which is also somewhere in these forums I also use MCE Remote Plus to control subtitles in MB Classic. And for me at least, this works fine right up until the system goes to sleep/mce is restarted, at which point the program needs to be restarted before it responds to keyboard commands. If any of the above sounds familiar, keep reading. http://win7suspendresume.codeplex.com/ I've downloaded the above. It's a small footprint program that will open and close services and programs at suspend and resume. I've added ehshell (Media Center) and MCE Remote Plus to my "before suspend" list, and again to my "resume list" and so far, so good. Anyway, thought I'd share in case it's of use to someone else. Sorry if it's been posted before, but I don't recall seeing this mentioned anywhere here before.
  13. I have the server and MBC running on a NUC under my TV. When we've finished watching, my remote puts the NUC to sleep - which is exactly as I want it. Browsing the server client causes the NUC to wake and I can run tasks, edit metadata, etc. I'd find it really useful if we could have an option in the Web UI to put the server PC back to sleep. Maybe add a "Sleep" button next to the "Restart" and "Shutdown" buttons. I realise Restart and Shutdown refer to the MBS application and not the actual machine - maybe name the Sleep button "PC Sleep" to signify the difference.
  14. I have my HTPC, which is currently running MB3 server, set to sleep after 45 mins. When using it for WMC, it does not go to sleep. I assume WMC somehow prevents it. However, when I'm using my Roku, which is in another room, the computer DOES go to sleep, even while I'm watching a movie. Is there some setting in the server dashboard to prevent this?
  15. My HTPC goes to sleep until I use it, and when it wakes it often requries me to click the 'Couldn't connect to Server. Retry?' button. Would it be possible to add a setting to allow MBC to automatically retry connecting to the server (maybe for 15 seconds or something) before prompting the user?
  16. So I am having some sleep wake issues when sleeping the pc from media browser classic. I found a few root causes and hoping someone can help. I kept getting a black wmc screen so whenever I woke the pc so.... 1) I uninstalled the display driver but kept the current catalyst control center. Then I let windows auto detect. Now it shows a version from 4/3/13. I think it says 12.1. Not exactly sure because I'm at work and not home right now. So I did this and also played with regular sleep, not hybrid sleep. It would sleep and wake fine when sleeping from live tv playing, the guide screen, or the main WMC screen. 2) Then I tried sleep from the media browser classic screen. Slept fine, but I was not able to access my tuners after wake. Even the hdhomerun software wouldn't detect the tuners. I had to restart the pc to access the tuners again. I found this to be the wmcserver plugin. I had this issue before but reinstalled it recently thinking the problem was something else. So I uninstalled wmcserver and it's plugin in media browser server and that issue is solved. No more tuner errors on sleep/wake from media browser classic. 3) lastly I tried sleep/wake from media browser classic while playing a movie or show. Sleeps fine but wakes to a black screen, but I can hear navigation sounds if I press keys on the remote. If I press live tv, live tv plays and everything works fine. So now I think I need to find a better codec pack or settings. I'm using shark007 but maybe I need to deviate away from shark codecs. What does everyone recommend for codecs? Anyone else using serverwmc and having it freeze or lock up tuners?
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