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Found 13 results

  1. Salve mi piacerebbe sapere se è possibile con emby essere visti sulle smart v. Ho provato ma oltre a vedersi il server quando voglio vedere le tv in diretta vedo solo uno schermo nero. Grazie
  2. Hi Emby team! I power cycle my Samsung SmartTV as you where mentionning on another topic in this forum but the app installation didn't work after this step. The same error pops up. My Samsung SmartTV is from Canada. I live in the province of Quebec. I don't know what to do... Do you have the solution? Thanks! Greetings, Brandon ✌
  3. Hi! I'm requesting the feature to be able to use the video timeline in the player for the Emby app on Samsung SmartTV, we are not able to to forward or backward a video so can you put the feature on? I know there is a new version of Emby for Samsung SmartTV (Ver. 1.0.84) since 3 days but the feature is not in. Thanks! Greetings, Brandon
  4. Server: Arch Linux Emby server Client: Sony KD-55AG9 Android TV 9 Yesterday I played this movie (see spoiler) in a Sony KD-55AG9: This smart TV supports H.265 video codec natively (see specifications: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-oled-tvs-android-/kd-55ag9/specifications). Why Emby transcode it?
  5. Hello everybody! Did the design application for Web OS, please vote and write what you think. If OK, continue to do a PS4 and XBOX ONE. With colleagues think make applications. So far, there is no design of some pages. P.S. I do not speak English well =) https://www.behance.net/gallery/32725695/Emby-LG-Web-OS-DLNA-client-design
  6. frank42

    Howto for KU6079

    Hi there, I'm sorry if the question has been answered already, but I was unable to find a solution for my situation. According to https://emby.media/emby-for-samsung-smart-tv.html the app is only available in USA, UK and Ireland (for whatever reason). I'm in Germany, so direct install is not available, but there are downloads for USB installation available for D-H series. So, I own a KU6079, which seems to be a 2016 model (see https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01CJS845I). It seems that there is no app for my TV, but I found the post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/74969-samsu
  7. Hi, I have installed latest Emby server and when in Browser Library/Playlist, I clik Play On and choose my Samsung Smart TV DLNA, then Play All, but nothing happens. If I click individual photo or movie from that playlist, it immediately plays on TV (I think it runs on TV native player). TV model is SAMSUNG LED TV UE43NU7022. What won't Emby play all content from playlist on TV? If I don't connect to TV and just click Play All, I see rotating circle, changing colors. Thanks for explanation and support. Regards,
  8. Francisco Pineda

    Error al reproducir playlists

    Hola. Se me presentó un error al querer reproducir algun playlist en una de mis pantallas (solamente en esa). El error dice: "Error de reproducción No tienes disponible ninguna calidad por ahora. Intentalo más tarde o consulta con el administrador para más detalles". Supongo que es la traducción del error "no compatible streams are currently available" Adjunto los logs del servidor, si alguno hace falta mas tarde los adjunto al hilo. Muchas gracias por el apoyo. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-213c27f0-4ee6-4b47-bedc-f6d21770054d.txt
  9. Hi All, I'm new to Emby, and i hope i have post this in the right place. i have a Linux Ubuntu Server 16.04 with a 2 x network card bond and Emby server installed on it with a fire Wall I have 2 LG smart TV Model number: 47LW6500-TA an 55LW6500-TA the issue i'm having is that the TV's are able to see DLNA but when i try to go into to it i get an error: Failed to connect to device. Check the device connection, Try again. i was using Plex an the DLNA with Media-link but they have stopped supporting it but Plex DLNA still works with not issue. i have turned off my Fire wal
  10. It would be great if you could set the Emby client to start by default when the TV is turned on. (instead of e.g. HDMI1) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21347109/launch-an-app-on-samsung-smart-tv-startup Looks to be a pretty simple thing to setup.
  11. I'm really just throwing out some ideas/concerns here, I really hope someone like to share their experience. So I'm looking to replace my living room TV, currently it's setup to use Kodi with emby plugin, I also use Kodi for Live-tv/PVR (tvheadend). But here is the dilemma, what brand to bet on for best client support. Looking at this forum Samsung seems to be the safe bet, but then there's the kicker, and it's called Tizen. All models now has Tizen OS. Tizen uses some awsome tech (wayland), but it's new, so hard to find information and app support. And does Tizen playback video at nat
  12. Hello, I will open a discussion that I think will be useful for many Samsung SmatTV users! I am not capable to see subtitles with the latest beta Emby 3713.3 on Windows 10 system for a .srt file. When I send the video to "My Devices" (laptop) and I choose the .srt file from beginning (and only at the beginning of movie) the subtitle is visible. In the middle of the movie don't work. When I send to [TV]Samsung LED40 the caption don't work everything I do. I have changed the subtitle with Remote Button, the movie re-start but all the time without caption. I want to see the subtitles in Rom
  13. Hi Community - I would appreciate some hardware advice to purchase during my upcoming trip to the USA. I live in Asia and can't fully use (or order from Amazon) streaming devices like Roku, FireTV, Samsung Smart Media Player, etc. By this I mean that all of the features like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video are blocked through a standard internet connection in my country. I have had a taste of the ease of using my Android app to stream to my old DLNA compliant HP Mediasmart Media Center extender. I love the convenience of not loading the media center client, dealing with overscan settings and c
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