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Found 20 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm having trouble playing/streaming dsf music/audio files from Emby DLNA to my Sony Blu-Ray UBP-X700 using remote apps on my iPhone (mainly three: mConnect, 8Player Pro, and nPlayer Plus). Using the Twonky server, I have no issues what so ever direct streaming DSD dsf files to my UBP-X700 and from there playing it on my YAMAHA receiver which indicates its a DSD stream and plays it perfectly, even Multichannel DSD dsf files play perfectly with full surround. I don't even touch anything in terms of configurations in Twonky. With Emby, this does not work. On my remote a
  2. http://www.operasoftware.com/products/tv-store I saw Opera TV today on my TVs apps, and I know it's a long shot, but I think a wide enough range of TVs use the Opera TV apps and it might be beneficial to have a dedicated app for the TV to browse media in, instead of an ever failing DLNA link which keeps dropping in and out. currently DLNA between my sony kd-55x8500b, and windows 7 PC Media Browser Server, keeps dropping out. it annoys me, and I think if an app can connect (android app never fails), it would be better. any ideas? Thanks http://www.operasoftware.com/products/
  3. Hi friends, since a couple of days now even low bitrate direct play freezes frequently in my Sony Bravia. (Like once every 15 to 30 minutes everything freezes for 10 to 60 seconds) It was working perfectly for months If not years. All other apps and other devices, no problems. Testet LAN and WLAN. Bandwidth is stable. Server settings didnt change like forever. Does anybody experience the same issues? Was there a recent app update maybe? Thanks Soki
  4. bartold

    orientazione immagini verticali

    Ho messo un server emby su PC con windows 7 per guardare i video presnti sul PC mediante smart tv sony bravia. I video ripresi col telefono in verticale appaiono si in verticale ma con il bordo superiore spostato sul lato sinistro. Il risultato è che l'immagine originale è ruotata di 90 gradi antiorari e scchiacciata. Qualcuno ha avuto questo problema ? saluti.
  5. Server: Arch Linux Emby server Client: Sony KD-55AG9 Android TV 9 Yesterday I played this movie (see spoiler) in a Sony KD-55AG9: This smart TV supports H.265 video codec natively (see specifications: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-oled-tvs-android-/kd-55ag9/specifications). Why Emby transcode it?
  6. Hello everyone, i'm trying to get my Tv sony + receiver connected by optical cable to get 5.1/7.1 audio (DTS, DD, etc). the problem is that in any configuration (view the video settings next) the output from my TV to my Receiver is only PCM 2.0, but if i play the same video by DLNA or direct HDD connection i get the 7.1 dolby digital or true HD sound with no problems. in emby app i have the sound mode setting to AUTO (not downmix to stereo). the video info next: log attached in the post. thankks for you help. Regards. bladerunner_log.txt
  7. После какого то из обновлений перестали воспроизводится некоторые файлы по DLNA, через функцию "Воспроизвести на", сервер EMBY стоит на DSM Synology (Xpenology) Модель телевизора: Sony BRAVIA KDL-46HX753 Ошибка в логах вот такая: 2019-10-07 00:06:38.746 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/77.0.3865.90 Safari/537.36 2019-10-07 00:06:38.869 Info HttpServer: HTTP HEAD
  8. Hi all, I kind of new with Emby, I've been using only Plex until yesterday when I gave a shot at Emby because Plex was buffering endlessly. So with Emby on my Sony 43XF8505 TV I'm unable to play SD content. I select the dragon ball episode, click play and I'm greeted with a green loading circle for eternity, nothing else. The same video file plays just fine on my 55OLEDB7V. I enabled debug options and sent the logs, is there anything else I could do? Anyone experienced similar? Everything plays just fine except SD content; from 720p upwards it's like Plex on steroid. Many thanks!
  9. I just got a new Sony BRAVIA (55 inch X90F - KD-55X9000F) yesterday and want to use the Emby app on it instead of the old HTPC running WMC and Emby Classic. The TV is running Android TV 7.0 and the Emby Server is currently version on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. The audio system is an old Panasonic one with support for Dolby Digital and DTS and is connected via the optical out from the TV. The HTPC was connected to this system via optical out as well. Videos open fine from the Emby app on the new TV, but all audio is only being passed to the sound system as stereo instead
  10. Hi, couldn't find find this question anywhere, so here goes. For several months now, I've had this weird navigation problem. Unfortunately I don't know exactly anymore, when this was introduced. Currently the App reports itself as: AndroidTv 1.6.62g Running on: Sony KD-65XD7504 The Problem is as follows: 1. Navigate to any TV show episode overview page (the one with chapters and actors and so on). 2. Visit any sub page like going to an actors page or starting the episode. 3. Upon pressing back, or having the episode finish playing, the overview page is displayed again. However, I can
  11. Hi, I've been noticing audio stuttering whilst using the app. I'm using AC3 5.1 ch audio with hvec codec. Also my TV support AC3 and HVEC so I'm not sure if this is a app issue or a setting I'm not aware of. No errors are displayed. For example I would be in the middle of a action scene with alot of talking and background music which has a spike of static audio for about 3 secs then resumes like normal. Then it will continue at different points through out the film. Log File: http://bit.ly/2y2Xl0J Any support or help would be great. Cheers.
  12. So, I've tried a few solutions to similar issues people have been posting about, but no luck so far. Short backstory: last week, my HTPC running a Kodi front end died. While waiting for parts for a new computer, I first tried passing movies and TV shows from my Emby server to my Sony Bravia KDL-48W605B over DLNA. The video worked fine, but there was no sound. Weird, I seem to recall it working before. Maybe that was my old TV set? Trying to read logs and figuring out the DLNA settings didn't help, so, I tried with a Chromecast 2 instead. Same problem: video is running but no audio. Mor
  13. I'm trying to steam an .mkv video file though the Emby android Tv app. It is running on a sony bravia kdl-50w800c. I can use dlna and it will play fine, just not through the app. I have attached the logs, it might just be a wrong setting. server-63601610683.txt transcode-0a2ca02d-9772-41f1-a531-6dfb31e38439.txt transcode-cd55ab88-18b1-4280-b553-2f150b43715f.txt transcode-e787199d-6c08-4345-9564-ccad0600ed89.txt
  14. ultraroi

    MKV files on Sony Bravia

    Hello everyone, I am trying to set up the Media Browser Server from my mac to connect with my Sony Bravia 40W605. Everything seems to work fine except for MKV files, which is surprising because the Sony is compatible with this media container. I suspect the reason for the issue must be related with the fact that when browsing the media folder from the TV mkv files are shown to be mpeg (this is not happening using PLEX and mkv are played fine). Changing the file extension to avi and the file plays (a quick fix I want to avoid). I've have also noticed that a transcoding log and an activ
  15. My specific issue lies with two devices in my home: Sony BDP-S390 and BDP-S5100. Long story short, there doesn't appear to be an acceptable/reliable way to differentiate these two devices using HTTP Headers or DMR responses. Therefore, they end up using the same DLNA profile in Emby. I have 100% reliable playback on the 5100 with disk backups to mkv done with makemkv (DVD backup, MKV, mpeg2video, AC3). BUT, the 390 refuses to play any mkv I have thrown at it. Any suggestions for getting mkv's to transcode to one device while direct playing them to another? Any possibility of do
  16. Over the last couple of months, as I've sporadically upgraded emby, I've noticed some content streaming issues via DLNA to my KDL-42W670A. I've had these in the past but was extremely happy with how comprehensive emby was before now. Until Jan 1st I don't think I'd ever actually had something streamed by emby give me an Unsupported content warning. The most understandable is when something will stream, gives the warning, but then audio or video wont work... but extremely confusingly and somewhat telling that something is set wrong in the profile, I have a complete show that plays fine, A
  17. effakt

    Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A

    Hey, I have a Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A and am attempting to play .mkv files, I can play the video fine, but if I pause the video, fast forward or rewind, The video plays back from the beginning. Has anybody had this issue and been able to resolve it? Thanks. server-63573965130.txt
  18. I've been trying desperately to create a profile for the Sony SMP-N100 Now, I've got it to recognize the player, and the logs tell me that is is ASSIGNING my newly created profile. However, what to put IN the profile is a bit of a mystery. Any expert advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  19. enthous

    Sony TV not showing artwork

    I have a Sony Bravia Smart TV and can see my Emby server and files. They play just fine. However, even though there is artwork showing when I look at the files on my Windows 7 PC, there are just gray icons showing when I browse the Emby library on the TV. This happens for movies and music. This makes it not only unattractive but really difficult to browse the library. I see beautiful graphics in the MediaBrowser web app and on my Roku. Is there something that needs to be set to get the graphics on a TV? Is there a Sony app I can download?
  20. I am looking (for a friend) at a NAS with one function to store and serve videos to a Sony Android TV. At first I thought it was best to do this using a basic Netgear ReadyNAS's DLNA server. Then I thought about Kodi before realising that QNAP NAS's support Emby Server and would prefer that (I have a MediaPC running Emby and Emby for Windows Media Centre). My friend would like to spend as little as possible so I was looking at the TS-212P but I was not sure if this would be powerful enough to run Emby Server. Video will be mostly SD and 720P stuff. Can anyone share their experience with this?
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