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Found 59 results

  1. fighuass

    How do I search by tags?

    I have a few libraries, and inside each one I'd like to search by tags. For example, let's say I have a library full of videos, with some videos containing monkeys, and some containing dogs. I tagged the videos with monkeys as monkeys, and the videos containing dogs as dogs. Some videos have both, and I tagged them both monkeys and dogs. Is there a way to search with tags so I can search for example for only the videos with dogs, or only videos with both dogs and monkeys?
  2. EduardoSantos

    Tagging music artists

    It's been some time I started tagging music artists. Got excellent results from tagging musicians to their instruments. Not only can I get to, let's say, all flugelhorn players on library but also, when viewing one flugelhorn player, Emby will provide flugelhorn players on the section "More from this..." This is a great feature and thanks to Emby team for providing it. I recently started tagging some music albums. I have just a few album tags on special themes or series (e.g. "Columbia Jazz Masterpieces" or "Rudy Van Gelder remasters") Today I accidentally found out Emby will return album tags as search results (web app). Did some tests, also in web app, and it seem not to return artist tags as search results. Questions are: 1) Should Emby return artist tags as search results or is this a known restriction? 2) Would it be possible to have a "cover image" or even a "background image" to a tag to be shown nicely on search results? 3) Would there be a "all tags" section?
  3. deiniol39

    I liked the Look of Disney+ so

    Been having a play today after seeing Disney's logos from Disney+ Platform. I am no Photoshop expert so please be gentle. I'll keep updating what I make. I'll put the PSD into the share once i'm done. So if anybody doesn't like the colours they can change it.. It very basic. New Link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a8wbn5jgfxXZayREBxFOUvJP39uOq54L?usp=sharing
  4. theusedversion

    Adding Links back up top

    For Version In case anyone needs to add links back up top where they used to be. The latest update broke the previous fix. Here is how to add them back. Note: I know nothing of HTML but I kind of figured it out by using the old fix. First, go to Users>AppData>Roaming>Emby-Server>System>dashboard-ui and copy the item folder somewhere else to make a backup in case you screw something up. Now that you have a backup, go into the item folder (not the backup, the other one) and edit the file item.html with preferably Notepad ++ if you have it. Scroll down to the following lines (413-416) and delete them. Here is the code that you will delete: <div class="verticalSection linksSection hide"> <h2 class="sectionTitle padded-left" style="margin-bottom:.4em;">${Links}</h2> <div class="itemLinks padded-left padded-right focusable"></div> </div> Then scroll up to the following lines (273-275): <div class="seriesRecordingEditor hide" style="margin-top:2em;"> </div> and paste the following lines after it (276-278) <div class="verticalSection detailVerticalSection linksSection hide"> <div class="itemLinks padded-right"></div> </div> it should look like the following lines (273-282): <div class="seriesRecordingEditor hide" style="margin-top:2em;"> </div> <div class="verticalSection detailVerticalSection linksSection hide"> <div class="itemLinks padded-right"></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="trackList vertical-list padded-top padded-left padded-right padded-bottom hide" is="emby-itemscontainer" style="margin-bottom:1.5em;"> It should look like this Looks good, right? Again, I don't know HTML so I'm not the best person to be doing this but I couldn't find any threads since the latest update that broke the previous fix so I figured I would try to fix it myself and I guess I did. Please make a backup of that item folder before you begin though. Hope this helps someone. Edit: Oh yeah, you will probably need to restart Emby as well as clear your browser cache. If you made the changes but nothing changed, then clear your browser's cache.
  5. Hello For some reason Emby recently only started reading the first Genre tag in all of my music. My Music folder is setup as Artist > Album > Tracks My Music is tagged using Mp3Tag and Music Bee Genre1//Genre2//Genre3//Genre4 Stone Sour Come What(ever) May Heavy Metal//Hard Rock//Alternative Metal//Post-Grunge Emby only shows Heavy Metal.
  6. I have an album with two different format (flac vs dsf) have the same tagging by mp3tag. Both tag with multi artists separate by \\. Emby is able to show the multi artists of flac format but re dsf format, it only show one artists. Would you pls take a look on that? Besides, if the album tagged with multi albumartists, Emby is able to show the multi albumartists at the details page but in the album selection page, it just show one artists name under the cover photo. Is that possible to add this feature to show multi albumartists at any page. Pls help. The above situation only applied to flac format, re dsf format, both details page and album selection page show none of the multi albumartists, only one artists name is showing.
  7. FalconX

    Album Interpreten

    Woher nimmt Emby die Bilder von den Interpreten? Ich habe meine MP3s mit MP3Tag getaggt und bei allen auch den Album Interpreten eingetragen. Die Musicbrainz ID ist ebenfalls enthalten, und wenn ich die ID auf der Webseite von Musicbrainz eingebe, bekomme ich den korrekten Interpreten/Band angezeigt. Dennoch werden mir zu den meisten Album Interpreten keine Bilder in der entsprechenden Ansicht angezeigt. Wie kommt das?
  8. piecesofme

    Trying to understand Collections

    Hello, I’m trying to wrap my head around the Collections features in Emby. I’ve read through the documentation and understand that I can either manually setup collections or I can use the AutoBoxSet plugin. What I cannot tell is if I can choose to show items on their own and in a collection. For instance, I want to make a James Bond film collection. And want all the Bond films to be in it. But I also want those Bond films to show up in the main movie library when I’m browsing everything looking for something to watch. Is this possible? Or when I add something to a collection, will it be removed from the library view? Secondly, I’m curious as to what other options there are for creating collections. For instance, I also want to make a Christmas/Holiday movie collection. What’s the best way of doing this? If I add tags or genres, can I use either of these to make a collection? Is there a better way of doing this? Lastly, is it possible to “import” (for lack of a better term) data from either Plex or Kodi? Meaning, if I have Genre data for Christmas, or Playlists in either of these, I don’t suppose there’s any way to get that into my Emby info? I know it’s a long shot but thought I’d ask. Thanks so much in advance!
  9. schmitty

    [FR] CoverArt: tag-based profiles

    Hi @@ebr, Would it be possible if you could add tag-based profiles to CoverArt? I find the directory-based profiles very cumbersome to setup with a large-ish library. Using tag-based profiles would be a lot more user friendly. I currently use the flat treatment for SD/HD and mixed content, and the case treatment for movies and series I rip myself. Having profiles set up in this manner would be a lot easier to maintain than having to setup a profile for separate seasons, then the series, as some series have content from mixed sources or qualities.
  10. Hi everyone. I use TinyMediaManager to do all of my metadata. I happen to move my files around a lot based on my own organizational madness, lol. This would KILL Emby's collections method. I switched over from Plex a few days ago and this was maddening because I was used to using tags. So I wrote an export template for TinyMediaManager that exports a list of movies in xml form. I wrote my template to conform to Emby's collection.xml scheme and placed the xml in a "CollectionName [boxset]" folder in the Collections folder. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked. So, I can rearrange my files at will, use whatever folder and naming scheme that I wish, replace files with better quality rips, re-tag or rename, or pretty much do whatever i want. I just thought that I'd share my methods for people in the same situation. I have several MoviesFolders though, including a folder containing all the movies that I haven't watched yet. There's also a folder of movies that I consider temporary residents on my hard drive. TinyMediaManager keeps it's export templates in a folder named "templates" in the main program folder. In this folder, I had to create a folder named "EmbyCollectionXML". In that folder, I need 2 files. I need a "template.conf" file and a "list.jmte" file. TinyMediaManagerFolder\templates\EmbyCollectionXML\ In the conf file I needed the following: name =EXCEL list type=movie list=list.jmte extension=xml description=This template exports a valid Emby collections.xml file In the list.jmte I needed the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Item> <LockData> true </LockData> <LocalTitle>Collection Title</LocalTitle> <DisplayOrder>PremiereDate</DisplayOrder> <CollectionItems> ${foreach movies movie} <CollectionItem> ${foreach movie.mediaFiles mediaFile} ${if first_mediaFile}<Path>${mediaFile.path}\\${mediaFile.filename}</Path>${end} ${end} </CollectionItem> ${end} </CollectionItems> </Item> This template exports an xml that writes the path for every one of your movies inside a CollectionItem. In TinyMediaManager, I simply filter the list by tags or by "datasource" or by whatever I want, then I export the list using my template. Open that xml and change "Collection Title" to whatever the name of my Collection will be. Rename the xml to "Collection Title.xml" Create a folder inside your Emby Collections folder: \Emby-Server\programdata\data\collections\Collection Title [boxset]\ Place your xml in that folder. I put a folder.jpg in there too for my collection. I refreshed my Collections in Emby and BOOM: There it was. I don't know if this will be helpful for anyone else, but that's how I do it for my custom collections that plugins might not pick up and to deal with me moving stuff around occasionally. It's best for big collections or random custom collections. Oh, and the reason I can't just filter by tags on the movies screen is because I'm using the Tizen version of Emby client on a Samsung Smart TV. That means if I filter and there aren't enough movies, I can't get back to that "Filters" button. It's been discussed in another thread.
  11. Hi, I'm a big fan for emby server, and I love to fill my metadata with useful information about the content using Tags; I feel it will be much more powerful if Tags can be auto-completed based on previous tag entries. a drop down list also will do a good job. thanks, DaN
  12. Hello Would it be possible to allow Emby to add multiple points of info into the same section? This would be helpful for other types of media where Emby doesn't currently save local metadata files. Something like being able to add multipole genres, tags, and studios by leaving a , between each. For Example: Being able to add Horror, Crime, Fantasy > save rather then Horror > save then Crime > save then Fantasy > save
  13. I've been looking through forum posts and help files, and I haven't found a definitive answer to these questions. Metadata, including tags and images, can be drawn from several locations - embedded in media files, stored locally alongside media files ("sidecar"), and from online sources like last.FM, Gracenote, etc. I'm wondering in what order Emby searches for these, and in what order Emby prioritizes them. I can see in the Library properties that I can prioritize the online sources, but I see no way to tell Emby to prefer local metadata over online, or embedded vs. sidecar. For example (sorry to compare to Plex, but that's my experience) Plex can be configured to search for and use embedded tags if present (except images - more on that later). Only if an embedded tag is missing or improper, it then goes to the online source (Plex doesn't support sidecar tags, like Emby does). They used to prefer embedded images, but, because embedded images tend to be low resolution (so not suitable for large display), they switched to preferring sidecar images, then embedded, then online. So how does Emby prioritize metadata sources? Also, if I manually edit tags, is there a way to tell Emby not to replace my changes during a refresh?
  14. Hello. I have a lot of random videos (mostly short comedy videos) which I have put into a Home Videos library. However, I'd like to be able to tag these videos with either genre tags or just plain tags in Emby, and then use those to search for videos. I'd like to see these in a list, or just use them by searching. For example, let's say I have a couple of videos that contain Spongebob. I'd like to tag these as Spongebob and then be able to search for these videos by searching the term Spongebob. *Or*, if possible, I'd like to see a list of genres/tags, which also contains Spongebob in this case, and then click on that and view all videos that have the genre/tag. Is anything like this possible?
  15. kRyszard

    Reading tags from filesystem

    I use emby as a server for large amount of pictures. I put all my pictures for emby to manage but I don't want some of them to be seen by my family so I tag my private folders with a tag named "priv" and I use the "block items with tags" to deny access (yes, I use parental control on my parents). However it would be more convenient for me if I could somehow add the tag from the filesystem level e.g. create a file named "folder.nfo" or similar and put the tags there. The advantage is that these files would be automatically backed up along with the content to some other drive. Other advantage: it's faster to copy a file than to click, scroll, type, click and click again in web client for every folder I want to exclude.
  16. ballen

    Metadata tags usage

    How are metadata tags in Emby server used? When I use the Edit Info window to add tags to a TV episode, the tags appear on the episode page, but they are not clickable, and they do not appear in search results, nor in the library filter.
  17. Hi, is it possible to import mp3-tag-fields to emby, e.g. website, overview for songs and/or albums? These fields are used in emby right now (see attached screenshot). Background: I have lots of songs with website information and describtions in different tags (e.g. %comment%, %WWWAUDIOSOURCE%, %WWWPUBLISHER% and so on) %year%, %title%, %album%, %albumartist% works fine of course, but which tags to I have to use for the other emby-fields? Best, Stefan
  18. Hi, I have a music video folder in my library, this contains folders for the artists with the video files in it. No I have enabled the nfo and the xml reader for this folder: So far I've created a folder.xml file for the artist metadata (with LocalTitle, SortTitle and Description in it), but as I'm trying to move to nfo files, I enabled also the nfo saver for music videos: While this works without problems for the video files, there is no nfo created for the artist folder, even if I edit and save the metadata. So this is, what a folder might look like: As you can see, no nfo for the folder, only the old xml file. But when I enter the metada editor in the emby web client, I can edit and save the data, but still no nfo file is created. Also, in the wiki there's nothing about the file names for (artist) folders nfo files, at least I couldn't find something. So what would be the right name for an artist folder nfo file? Also, does anybody know a tool for creating the metadata (nfo files) for music video files, as emby is really bad at automatically creating these (tried with one folder, artist Army of Lovers, video file Crucified (1991).mkv it created metadata for a comletely different artist and song (something with crucified in it's name) from 2003. It could be much easier, if the artist could be read from the tags in the video file (just as it is already done with title, genre and year)... Ciao, Alfred
  19. Guten Morgen, ein kleines Problem habe ich noch nicht lösen können. Manchmal wird, obwohl in album artist "Various Artists" eingetragen ist, dieser Wert nicht in das Abum übernommen (Screenshot links). Bei anderen funktioniert dies jedoch. Frage: Wo kann ich diesen Wert nachträglich pflegen? Unter Info bearbeiten … kann ich das nicht. bkh ---------------- Good morning, I haven't been able to solve a little problem yet. Sometimes, although album artist "Various Artists" is entered, this value is not included in the subscription (screenshot left). With others, however, this works. Question: Where can I maintain this value afterwards? Under Edit info... I can't do that. bkh
  20. Hello, I would have two smaller suggestions for server operation. It should be possible to evaluate a user-defined SKIP tag for songs. This tag indicates (value = 1; otherwise empty or 0) to some audio players that this song should not be played, but skipped. A maintenance option in the info dialog would then also be useful. The next suggestion concerns the taking over of pictures from music albums with several CDs. First of all, the backsides "back.EXT" and "disc.EXT" are not copied automatically into the pictures, only "folder.EXT". It would also make sense to transfer images with attached digits, disc1, disc2, folder1, folder2, booklet1, booklet2.... Thank you bkh
  21. This is somewhat related to the FR (which I'd also like to see implemented) for defining External Players based on Tags ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/31386-request-external-playback-based-on-tags/ ). What I'd like to add to that is External Player support for Media Stubs ( https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Media%20stubs ), with the ability to define a custom message to be displayed instead of the default message that is displayed for Media Stubs. (For those not familiar with Media Stubs, they are empty files that mark the existence of offline media, thus they are not "playable" within Emby, so a message is displayed instead.) I'm open to a variety of ways of going about this, but my current thought would be to add a Media Type of "Offline Media (Media Stubs)". And then the Enable For list would be something like this: Disc (no media flag) DVD Media Flag (if the filename contains DVD). Bluray Media Flag (if the filename contains BLURAY, BRRIP, BD25, or BD50). HDDVD Media Flag (if the filename contains HDDVD). TV Media Flag (if the filename contains HDTV, PDTV, or DSR). VHS Media Flag (if the filename contains VHS). I propose that Tag support (which could be added for all media types, not just Media Stubs) be added under Additional Filters, perhaps with a checkbox for Tags which would then open a dialog for selecting from a list of all Tags used within Emby. (Note that this functionality might depend on underlying functionality related to: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/40912-metadata-manager-tags-autocomplete/ ) The Custom Message field should default to whatever Emby normally says for Media Stubs (and probably include a way to restore the default message), to make for easy customizing. The benefit to general users of being able to customize the message is that they can indicate where to go look for the disc (ie, everyone's physical organization is different). For my purposes, I'm wanting Tag support as well (and/or the ability to create custom Media Stubs [ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/41937-questions-about-media-stubs/ ], but I'm not sure there is enough demand to warrant that feature) because I want to use Emby to also catalog some of the videos I have in online services such as Vudu, iTunes and Disney Movies Anywhere. I use the .hddvd.disc Media Stub (because I don't actually own any HDDVD's) for my online content, and then I Tag items according to the online provider (eg, Vudu, iTunes, DMA, etc.). Thus with the above feature request, I could have my items which are Tagged as Vudu give the custom message "Lauch Vudu to watch this item." One additional thought is that it might be nice to have a variable for the item Name (ie, {name}) so that we can include the Name of the movie, etc in the custom message. That's not a must-have though. (Edit) Related Feature Request: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/44012-emby-server-and-emby-theater-support-for-custom-media-stubs-andor-an-online-media-stubs-andor-filename-string-matching-for-external-player/ Thanks! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  22. Hi, hopefully this is user error but I need to ask. I created a user called Kids and then I added a tag to some TV called NoKids. I then changed kids so that it Blocked Content with the tags "NoKids" However when I log in as Kids I still see all the content and I can play it. I created the tag at the Series level and that didn't work so I then created the tag at the Episode level and that didn't work either. Which should work? I've attached screenshots. You'll see the tag on the series and the episode. I've also restarted the server and logged out and logged back in. Thanks
  23. Hi, I would like to see some additional functionality added, either directly to the server, or via plugin. I use Media Center Master for scraping and downloading tv torrents and nzb, and would really like to see this added, as MCM is becoming a pain to use, due to it's often slow response. i am currently looking into purchasing a Synology NAS, and when I finally do, I want to retire my sever altogether. Unfortunately though, I won't be able to, as I will still need it just to run MCM. Also, additional filename conventions need to be added to the server. Currently TV shows are using the following format: \\SERVER\TV\T, T (YEAR)\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA.ext And Movies: \\SERVER\MOVIES\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA.ext The Movie path is so long because MCM does not allow seperate naming for the directorty and filename, otherwise I would use \\SERVER\MOVIES\T, T (Y)\T, T (Y).VCO-ACO.VSO-QA.ext Unless there has been an update that I have missed, where the VSO (Video Source) and QA (Quality/Resolution) has been added, as I use MCM for the renaming for this reason, it would be good to have this added.
  24. I'm using Emby Theater for Windows Desktop (ie, not the Windows App), on Windows 10. Is it possible to customize the Skin, or create a custom Skin? At this stage I'm not wanting to do anything major (ie, I don't want to design a whole new skin), but I would love to be able to customize the display of Tags (ie, display them, and control where they are displayed), and perhaps some other things (eg, I might like to display some custom text based on a item having a certain Media Stub media flag). I did just notice that the Tags are displayed when viewing my library via the server browser interface, so hopefully those are coming in a similar way to ET eventually. I'm open to creating a Pull Request if someone will point me to the appropriate file(s) on GitHub. Thanks!
  25. I'm breaking my collection of TV Series into Parent TV and Kids TV by using the Emby tags in metadata manager. Do metadata items that didn't exist when the metatdata was auto-updated get overwritten when it auto-updates again? i.e. - Do I need to lock every show that I add a tag to? Thanks!
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