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Found 17 results

  1. Since yesterday the Webserver of my emby instance keeps crashing and I don't know why. I'm using the community Plugin on FreeNas atm. Installed is Version I don't find a valid reason in the server logs for why it suddently started crashing... and decided to simply use that moment to move to a new jail with the offical Plugin on Version installed, but I can't find a way to force trigger a Server Backup using the Server Backup plugin. I don't wanna wait 12+ hours to maybe get a backup. Isn't there a trigger button for that and if not, why? (Yes I am premiere user)
  2. S3v3nD34dly51ns

    Video crashing to Roku home screen

    Noticed something as of late, when trying to play videos through Roku they will 'cycle' through as though they're going to play then it will immediately crash the Emby app and then go right back to the Roku homescreen. It's random, because sometimes it will play the movie that I was just watching and other times it will do this. Roku software version is 9.0.0 build 4084-24, and Emby has been uninstalled and reinstalled. Sometimes restarting of the Roku fixes the issue. Anyone else experience this? I can do a debug log and send it if need be just need to enable Emby debug on the Roku and pull
  3. Hello, I picked up a new Android Box and set up Kodi and am trying to Emby for Kodi sync add-on and while it syncs the server will turn off. Kodi is a fresh install, I added the Sync via the repository. Then i allowed it to sync all of my media, it adds my movies and TV and crash some where between my TV shows and my Music. I have had to turn on my server 4 times tonight, and with kodi trying to sync it will crash in 20 minutes. embyserver.txt embyserver-63676182309.txt embyserver-63676182777.txt
  4. Hello everyone. Having some issues with my Emby Server Version I have a Roku that I push all of my media to and just recently the emby app hasn't been working. I've figured out that every time i can not play something i have to come upstairs because my Emby Server app has stopped running and I have to manually start the process again. I've attached the error log file with this that i got from http://localhost:8096/web/log.html - If anyone needs a ny more logs to have a look at please let me know. Emby Log.txt
  5. Darkieth

    Server crashing within minutes

    Server lasts a few minutes before crashing and requiring a manual start. Been working fine and I haven't altered anything recently. Somewhat inept at reading logs so could anyone tell me what's causing it? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Currently been up for around 30 minutes without crashing, perhaps solved itself. System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: Connection reset by peer. ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Connection reset by peer --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.AwaitableSocketAsyncEventArgs.Throw
  6. Hi, I have an issue with my episodes of South Park, I just added them to my library so this isn't a case of 'they used to work, now they don't', they haven't worked properly as of yet. I either get the 'an error occured loading this content' or it begins to play the episode without sound, then the sound begins around 15 seconds later (in sync) and a few seconds later the whole app crashes. I have attached the log - the latest crash occured at 11:00 / 11:01 but the log doesn't appear to have anything listed after 10:05 on a side note, maybe I'm just being stupid but Emby is n
  7. I'm running the emby server on my ubuntu 16.04 server. It has worked well a long time. I just did a "service emby-server restart" and I got a crash that looks like this ... $ service emby-server status ● emby-server.service - Emby Server is a personal media server with apps on just about every device. Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/emby-server.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: core-dump) since Mon 2018-05-14 19:44:42 PDT; 44s ago Process: 5232 ExecStart=/opt/emby-server/bin/emby-server (code=dumped, signal=ABRT) Main PID: 5232 (code=dumped
  8. Per my title: I am at work and trying to listen to music through the web portal. It's fine until I try to sort by artist. No list of artists load on the screen, I just get a spinning circle and then the server crashes. I've had no issues with the other music categories (by song/album). I now have to manually restart EMBY on my server when I get home to get it working again. Anyone have any explanation as to why this is happening?
  9. karaskis

    Pi3 Crashes on library scan

    Hi All, My Pi3 is crashing on Emby's movie or TV library scan. Emby is not able to finish the activity (usually freezes around 70%) and I even lose SHH connection. To restart I have to unplug Pi. All files are on a ext4 external HDD with it's own power supply. I have performed a long fsck and HDD/data seems OK. I'm running on Version on a clean (new) OSMC install and have used the official instructions to install Emby https://emby.media/c...l-instructions/ . Could anyone please take a look at the attached log? I can't find what's wrong. Log.txt
  10. jp.server

    Emby Server has recently been crashing

    I've noticed that recently Emby has started to crash if I'm selecting somewhat rapidly between movies in my library. I'm by no means an Emby expert, but I have software experience so I checked the log file and found the below: 2017-01-23 07:14:06.4887 Error HttpServer: Error processing request *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /var/lib/emby-server -ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /usr/bin/ffprobe -restartpath /usr/lib/emby-server/restart.sh Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True
  11. SH4N

    Emby Not starting

    Emby has been running fine until this noon. I made few changes to the folder and it stopped working. On top bar emby icon comes up, but when i click browse media library it disappears. I deleted the reinstalled app few times but still the same issue, can someone please help me with this issue? Thanks
  12. joegoldade

    Emby Roku consuming all tuner resources

    I've tried using Emby for my Roku 3, both version 2.09 and 2.10, and while watching Live TV does work, the stream always continues to stream even long after I've exited the Emby channel on my Roku. Additionally, when I change channels, Emby always opens the live stream on another Tuner instead of the one it was using before. In other words, I have a CableCard and 6 tuners available. I can start a live tv stream in Emby on the Roku, change the channel 5 more times, and I've now consumed all my tuners. Upon changing the channel one more time, no tuners are available and the Emby channel on m
  13. If you are running an Ubuntu or Debian server and mono version 3.10 or older or 4.0 or newer and are experiencing random crashing of Emby with no errors in your logs, you might be experiencing an issue related to a bug in the kernel. Finally one of the Sonarr devs popped in and helped us figure out a possible solution to the problem. (that quote is from http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/19955-emby-crashing-ubuntu-server/page-5&do=findComment&comment=207271) Once users started upgrading their kernels to as new as 4.0, they reported that the stability of Emby has gr
  14. after upgrade to new Emby server WMC starting crashing i have updated the WMC app to the latest release and its crashing. firstly; After the new pic update it cause a crash when you go in to the show and it has to rebuild the tumbs it crashes and you have to load wmc back up and go in to the show and then you will see the season thumbs. Secondly if your watching a show it just crashes you reload wmc and the same show and it works. I don't know what is going on behind the scenes but something is not quite right. This is a fresh install(just did it to see if that was the issue). i have uploaded
  15. Hello all, Knowing my luck this is getting posted in the wrong place. I cant find help in any of the threads i looked in and searching didnt prove to be helpful. I am a new user and just downloaded media browser and media center master. From what I read it was recomended to download both. It seemed to not be working so I uninstalled MB and reinstalled it. The server works ok.in so much as I can access it online and add/delete folders. I do not however see it in windows media center. Ive been trying to download MB classic to see if that is what im missing but im told to installe from the p
  16. Joramilea

    Server crashing

    My husband installed MB3 server for me and set everything up... it all worked great! Then he got a real server computer and put MB3 on that it worked great until that computer died. He put the old computer back up as our movie server and since then have nothing but issues! movies freeze while watching it on the app. He streams to chromcast and it freezes. My daughter and myself have had it freeze or pause several times during playing a movie. And at one time it showed up on my Xbox 360 and now I don't see the movies any more making it un-usable for MB3. Sometimes even though the server i
  17. mikeinla

    MBT Crashing While Browsing

    Dear Team: First of all, thank you to all of you for putting this whole thing together. I have been a MB Classic user for some time and love your platform. I recently upgraded to MB3 and MBT from the MB Classic (version 2). Guys, MBT repeatedly crashes as one is browsing content and when one reaches around the 2200 title. I have over 5000 titles in my library. With MB Classic this never happened. Granted that MB Classic took quite a while to load given the approximately 18TB of content that I have, and MB3 and MBT load much faster. But at least with MB Classic (integrated within the Wi
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