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Found 23 results

  1. HsiaoweiYuen

    Player improvement

    Hello, the player needs to be improved. As shown in the picture, the video content is completely blocked. I hope the player will be simpler and move the fast-forward button and pause button to the bottom of the screen. Want to add small window playback mode.
  2. Hi, I want to know if there is a way to show Music CoverArt in correct ratio (i.e. other than forcing 1:1) in the folder view or in player. I have recently updated from 4.6.xx to 4.7.xx version. In the previous version, although Music CoverArt in folder view will be forced in 1:1 ratio, in player view, the art will be shown in correct ratio. However, I noticed that the player cannot show the Music CoverArt in correct ratio anymore in 4.7.xx version, after adding lyrics function and some changes on the buttons. For example, the song "to the beginning" is forced to show its CoverArt in 1:1 in folder view. The cover is actually 1710x1920. In the previous version, when I click the bar in the bottom, the player will show up and I cannot see the art in correct ratio. In this version, even after closing the playlist view and have the screen only display the CoverArt, it is still 1:1. Sorry I couldn't provide the screenshot that the player showing the art in correct ratio in older version. Is there any way to display the CoverArt in correct ratio? (Music Folder OR Music Player) Thank you!
  3. for about a year now, probably since i updated to Kodi Matrix (and started using Add-on mode), i have been experiencing playback issues when first starting a movie/video file (mkv)....for the first 20-30 seconds of most files i would have brief 1-2 second periods of jerky playback/ stuttering, but then eventually the rest of the video would play fine it was annoying but i got somewhat used to it, but after updating to Emby 6.2.10, the jerkiness/stuttering seemed to get a little worse i had assumed it might be a hardware issue with my HTPC system, but now noticed the same mkvs played smoothly with players like VLC and MPC-HC i had been using Emby in Add-On mode, so then experimented with using Native mode, and was surprised to find that now the video files play smoothly from the very beginning, no more stuttering/jerkiness what could be the reason for this?
  4. Hello, I want to warn you, and request a quick solution, when I use the Android TV client application configured to use an external player, I always have the serious problem that when I stop playback in the middle of a movie, or in the middle of the episode , when I resume playback, it always erroneously starts from scratch again and never resumes from the exact minute and second that the stop position was marked. Besides, many times the movie is mistakenly marked as fully played until the end, when in fact I had stopped the playback in the middle of the movie. I also have the error that at the moment there is a current playback, in the control panel of my Emby server for Windows operating system, in the control panel I can see the current playback in the client for Android TV with an external player, but in the control panel of the server it never shows the exact minute and second of the current playback, it counts only a few seconds and jumps back to zero, but the playback can actually go to half or close to movie's ending. All these problems happen only when I use an external player. With the internal player of the Android TV client application there is not problem. But unfortunately I find myself more and more forced to use the external player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) since its powerful video decoder is configured in the HW+ configuration, it is the only player application that makes absolutely all the movies , all the series, and all the videos all play smoothly without jerks or jumps in the image, on my Philips 55OLED873 television with Android TV operating system. I would like to use the internal and native player of the Emby client application, but I have the serious problem that on my Philips 55OLED873 television, more than 70% of the movies and series have the problem of reproducing the image with constant jerks and jumps in the picture. But luckily there is the MX playback application (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) that, with its powerful HW+ decoder, forces my TV to play absolutely all the videos without jerks or jumps in the image. For this reason, I request if you could solve the problem so that when I play with the external player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) always after stopping the pre-production in the middle of the movies, it resumes playback from the minute and exact second that it had stopped. Another solution that I would much like is if it were possible for you guys to add the MX Player (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) as a well-optimized alternative internal player within the Emby Android TV client app, so you can add a settings option where I can pick and choose MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) and dismiss ExoPlayer. If you please solve this problem, please let me know that future versions of the Emby client application for Android TV, and in the future version of the server for Windows operating system, all the problems and errors that I report to you will be solved. Greeting.
  5. I can't understand what's going on anymore. Video MediaInfo: Tablet: Teclast M40 (Android 10), Unisoc T618 Processor Mali-G52 3EE GPU (Also MP2/3EE) Supported HW Codecs theoretically (VIDEO): Supported HW Codecs for real, by MXPlayer (VIDEO): What happens: On Plex, MX Player and other video players, it starts in SW and therefore not in Full DirectPlay (Plex do transcode 😭). On Emby they all go directplay (🥴) and those who can keep up with it do quite well (But I don't understand if I'm in HW or SW, it doesn't tell you). Some get buggy and I have to force the aspect ratio to anything that IS NOT "Auto" or I get the frozen frame (it's also difficult because you have to pull up the navbar software and then press on the settings for AR, as long as the navbar software stays up, the video returns to work, if you don't change AR it freezes again on the last frame before the navbar disappeared). But let's get back to the main course. From what I understand after 1 year of use, Plex and MX Player are the best to understand what is 100% supported or not (like it's an on-off switch, if you don't have 100% but 99%, they go into transcode/SW ). Also plex tells me it is using ExoPlayer. I remembered that on Emby, a few months ago, the app told you which player it used on android (on the Nintendo Switch with Android 8, the emby app told me it used MPV, I'm sure). Leaving aside the player, it would be useful to have a feature that tells you which codecs in HW the app is able to use as MX Player and if directplay is in HW or SW as MX Player. MX Player Status: Summing up: Emby goes to directplay but doesn't give me any information (HW / SW / etc.). and the menu for nerds tells me nothing about playback info except "direct play" which answers itself. Nerdmenu: In order to understand each other, Plex says AC3 is not supported. If I force plex to play a file with AC3, the audio is mute. If I start AC3 on Emby, it can be heard ... But in the playback info I only have "directplay". But I know that Emby uses native codecs (which according to Plex I do not have for AC3) and therefore I am no longer understanding if it is Plex that limits itself to not doing SW regardless while emby goes to SW even for unsupported codecs or emby it goes to HW and then uses custom codecs.
  6. Francisco Pineda

    Problemas con el reproductor

    Tengo instalada la aplicación v2.2.4 en 5 televisiones Samsung. Todas las TV reproducen un playlist en especifico, que esta almacenada en mi Servidor. El problema es que la mayoria de las veces, la reproducción se detiene sin antes terminar de reproducir todos los videos y la TV queda como en modo "Sleep" y tengo que apagar y encender la TV para poder acceder a la aplicación de nuevo y reproducir. Alguien sabe que puede estar ocasionando este problema? Los videos que se intentan reproducir o algun problema con el servidor? Muchas gracias por su cooperación y sus respuestas. Saludos.
  7. Pommes

    Add Button to player

    Hi How can i change/remove/add the buttons when a video is playing? I would really need a way to add videos to a playlist while they are running. (Music videos running in random mode and when i like it just klick to add it to my "I like" playlist) at the moment i need to stop playback and go back to menu and search it by name. So is there a way to add the more settings button "button.btnMoreCommands" from the normal menu to the bottom of the player? pic one in the blue circle. It would be also fine for me to replace an other button such as Pip that i dont need. Or is there an other way to easy add the video to the playlist while playing? Thx
  8. Hello, I have lots of home videos that are recorded in portrait mode but emby's player only launches in landscape mode thus I"m not being able to see the videos in "full screen". I know I can use an external player but that wouldn't let me have played status and resume support. Any reason why the player is forced to landscape? Thanks
  9. Lukkkkas

    NAS should play/Control with mobiles

    Hi, I try now for some days already to reach my (in my eyes: simple) goal and I would like to have some advice: I have my music on a QNAP TS-453Be and would like to plug my sound system to the analog audio output jack of the NAS and then control via a desktoppc/laptop or mobile what is played on the NAS to the sound system. After some other tools tried out I am now friend of emby. I installed it on the NAS and I can log in from various PCs and play locally music and can even play music on other PCs if I allow the user to do so ("Allow remote control of other users"). Now, this is nice and the UI is how I imagined, but it is not fullfilling my wish above to have the NAS play the music and in fact I do not want to allow every user I want to allow to play sound on my sound system to also remote control my mobile musicwise. So I see three options: A) I find some way to play to the QNAP Audio output jacket and I can configure users that they can do that but not remote control the other users. I install Linux Station (as it can send sound to the audio output jacket) on the QNAP and open within there a browser to connect to emby and then I can remotecontrol it from everybody else. I then would like to limit other users to only be able to remote control this Linux-Station-User and not everybody else. C) I install Linux Station and install some kind of daemon that emby can stream to. This daeomn then plays the music over the audio output jacket and I can configure users that they can do that but not remote control the other users. I do not know if any of these options do work at all and whether it has something to do with DLNA. My understanding of DLNA is that you can provide music files to other devices, but these devices need the active player part that starts music etc. Of course I would prefer A) as I do not need to have a linux station running only because of that setup. Plan sounds hacky and I do not have the feeling that I can limit which user can be remote controlled only none or all. Plan C) sound ok, but I have no idea at all what I need to install on my linux station ubuntu 18. Do I need some kind of DLNA receiver/player? What software do I need and how do I configure it in the emby server? I am very confused why this whole setup is so difficult as I thought this would be something everybody wants, but it seems that most people wnat to decide on their DLNA TV what should be played and use the NAS only as a storage but not for generating analog sound. I'd be very glad if somebody could bring some light into my situation and could just point me into the right direction. I am very capable of digging into manuals how to do something if I know what I want, but I seem not to have a good enough understandings of the standard DNLA and the QNAP NAS to know what to goole for ... Or maybe I am totally wrong expecting to solve some wish like this with such a setup? Thankx for your time in advance Lukas
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a known problem or if it has been experienced by anyone else? The problem I'm experiencing is the intermittent cutting out and skipping of the last few seconds of a music track when playing on Kodi using Emby. If you choose to play an album then, randomly, when playing the last few seconds of music of a track are skipped and the player jumps to the next track. I've done a clean install and checked using a number of configurations and the problem is reproduced. I've noticed the following: The problem doesn't occur when playing with a 'standard' Kodi configuration using an SMB source and connection for the Music store on the file server. The problem doesn't occur when using EmbyCon When using the Emby plugin, the Fast Foward/Skip Forward and Fast Back/Skip Back controls are missing on the Full Screen Player view but do show on the Home Screen mini-player (Confluence Skin) on the Estuary Skin the FF/FR controls are missing. Problem is not to do with player Cross Fading setting. Sometimes a track will play to the end and sometimes the same track will cut out a few seconds before the end and jump to the next track. Configuration is: Emby Server Emby Kodi Plug-In 4.1.14 Log File - https://paste.kodi.tv/oqigeyovel Would welcome any suggestions about how to fix problem. Many thanks, -martinix
  11. Zakaoai

    Problem media stuck at 95% of lecture

    Title well descriptive. I use Emby Server ( on my QNAP NAS TS-251b. For all media I tried to watch at 95% approximaticly of the lecture the media stop and I had a black screen instead of the movie. If you want more info please ask me. Thank you for your answer. emby server log.txt emby server full log.txt
  12. el_pedriyo

    Bugged media player in google chrome

    Hello, I think I am having some time of bug or problem for playing some of my films in my chrome browser, seems that they are working fine in internet explorer. Ataching some photos of the bug. So first it seems like the player graphic design is not loading 100%, it is loading another extrange theme, even 2 different ones and the film is not being played neither. Can you please help me? Kind regards
  13. Natilus13

    External Player Won't Load

    Hello Emby community, I'm really hoping someone out there can help shed some light on this for me. Try as I might I have not been able to get an external player, in my case VLC, working with Emby Theater on Windows. Back when Emby was known as Media Browser, I was able to get VLC working fine. I've found some good posts on the forums and spoke with some kind people but have still not had any luck. I've copied my settings to match exactly with the settings in this post... https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43054-considering-emby/?p=402646 No luck, Emby Theater still plays any video files. I have also tried copying the settings from this post... https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/31284-external-player-support/page-6&do=findComment&comment=323052 Same issue, VLC is not loaded and Emby Theater still plays the video. I've tried cutting back on the amount of arguments, and even using no arguments, but I have not been able to get VLC to play. I am running Windows 10 and Emby Theater 2.5.35 I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!
  14. Gaspar Filmes

    URL playable in emby player

    how can I play a url in the emby player, natively inside the library, without being plugins. Due to the excellent presentation, organization and functionality that the library does in comparison to the IPTV plugin for example. it may be a stupid response from me but there it goes: I thought about editing a file (.m3u and etc ...) and insert the link inside it (http: //.......mp4) and then copy the file inside the folder containing the movies / series and etc, to see if it reproduces in the player of the emby but without success. would be in short, to do an alternative task with the operation of the IPTV plugin for the emby natively, without requiring a plugin. Any help i'll be thankful!
  15. Steverido

    What is The Best Player For OSX

    Can someone advise which is the best player to integrate with the server on OSX please? I normally run WMC on pC's but have a MacBook Pro too and wonder if there are good solutions to match WMC. Cheers
  16. Krikroff

    DLNA Profile for Freebox player

    Hello, Does anyone can share custom profile to use with Freebox player (V6) ? I tried to create a profile but nothing works Thanks a lot for any help br Edit: i have successfully create profile for Freebow Player. Idendetification -> User-Agent
  17. jasonwilliams

    External Player Triggers

    Hello, It would be great if we could trigger the External Player based on the 3D meta-data. If a 3D option is set, it would call the External Player. Thanks, Jason
  18. First thing first. Great kudos to you guys migrating the model of MediaBrowser into this new format of server-client. I was a disciple of MB years ago when I was a paying member for goodies like Coverart and various themes. I eventually couldn't deal with the frustrations of fumbling codecs (I remember Shark007, I believe? and the likes). This present model is great, even more so the integration of Kodi. Stopped paying for Plex and now back with guys who gives me the option to configure things the way I want it and not one size fits all. So please keep this basic principle of giving us a choice. When playing music through the new Emby Theater, it goes into screensaver mode after a few minutes. This is an absolute no no no. I want to see the fanart of the current playing media as well the song/artist/album. I don't want to see random pictures from my movie and music collections. And while displaying the fanart, stick the album cover of the song in a corner along with the song title. Please give an option to turn off this screensaver mode. Thank you. For now I have stopped using Emby Theater for playing music.
  19. Hello, Is it possible to use MPC as an external player using the web client ? Thank you
  20. So I'm trying to use retroarch as an external player for my emulation need. When I pass what emby theater passes through the command prompt it works fine, but when i try to launch any rom trough emby theater it self it does not work please help me
  21. My preferred webclient is google chrome. I use version 37 at the moment. When playing a video in the webclient the default bottom playertoolbar behavior is set to auto and activated by hover over or clicking the mouse but with this behavior I experience unexpected and annoying popups of the bottom toolbar behavior during play of the video. That's why I would like to see a manual visibility toggle. Turn bottom toolbar in player on or off.
  22. Koleckai Silvestri

    Larger Video Window in Web Client...

    Here is a screenshot of Hulu's player in the same size browser window. A player that can be resized could work as well.
  23. Hi, have any sorted out how to use an external player like TMT6 to play folderBD/iso ? So far MPC-HC is working just fine, but TMT6 just starts, but no movie is loaded. I've tried the {PATH} but it does not work, TMT6 just starts but does not load up any movie.. Is there any solution for this? Thanks
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