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Found 3 results

  1. Lukkkkas

    NAS should play/Control with mobiles

    Hi, I try now for some days already to reach my (in my eyes: simple) goal and I would like to have some advice: I have my music on a QNAP TS-453Be and would like to plug my sound system to the analog audio output jack of the NAS and then control via a desktoppc/laptop or mobile what is played on the NAS to the sound system. After some other tools tried out I am now friend of emby. I installed it on the NAS and I can log in from various PCs and play locally music and can even play music on other PCs if I allow the user to do so ("Allow remote control of other users"). Now, this is nice and the UI is how I imagined, but it is not fullfilling my wish above to have the NAS play the music and in fact I do not want to allow every user I want to allow to play sound on my sound system to also remote control my mobile musicwise. So I see three options: A) I find some way to play to the QNAP Audio output jacket and I can configure users that they can do that but not remote control the other users. I install Linux Station (as it can send sound to the audio output jacket) on the QNAP and open within there a browser to connect to emby and then I can remotecontrol it from everybody else. I then would like to limit other users to only be able to remote control this Linux-Station-User and not everybody else. C) I install Linux Station and install some kind of daemon that emby can stream to. This daeomn then plays the music over the audio output jacket and I can configure users that they can do that but not remote control the other users. I do not know if any of these options do work at all and whether it has something to do with DLNA. My understanding of DLNA is that you can provide music files to other devices, but these devices need the active player part that starts music etc. Of course I would prefer A) as I do not need to have a linux station running only because of that setup. Plan sounds hacky and I do not have the feeling that I can limit which user can be remote controlled only none or all. Plan C) sound ok, but I have no idea at all what I need to install on my linux station ubuntu 18. Do I need some kind of DLNA receiver/player? What software do I need and how do I configure it in the emby server? I am very confused why this whole setup is so difficult as I thought this would be something everybody wants, but it seems that most people wnat to decide on their DLNA TV what should be played and use the NAS only as a storage but not for generating analog sound. I'd be very glad if somebody could bring some light into my situation and could just point me into the right direction. I am very capable of digging into manuals how to do something if I know what I want, but I seem not to have a good enough understandings of the standard DNLA and the QNAP NAS to know what to goole for ... Or maybe I am totally wrong expecting to solve some wish like this with such a setup? Thankx for your time in advance Lukas
  2. Hey guys, This is not so much an emby problem, just looking for any expert advice from the community. I have a HTPC that was running Win 7, and used a Fusion Dvico remote (plugged into USB port) for control of my WMC, and also Emby. After upgrading, finally to Win 10, I have a curious but not unheard of problem, that when the HTPC is turned on, the remote IR receiver driver is not automatically loaded. Simply unplugging it for 1-2 seconds resolves the issue as the USB Input device driver is then correctly installed, and bingo, I can use my Logitech Harmony for full remote facilities. I have researched a fair bit and have tried the following:- 1) regedit all USB devices and "ForceHCResetOnResume" 2) use a $5 USB hub controller from the mobo usb ports, and plug the remote receiver into one of these ports 3) tried all different USB ports on the mobo 4) used MCEStandby Tool (which also tries the ForceHCResetOnResume) Still no go, any guru out there who has experience with this issue? On some occassions, windows will install "Dvico Remocon V1.00" driver, but on most occassions it seems to just go for "USB Input Device". Any thoughts? Thanks Brad
  3. Hi folks, please take me to school. As the title suggests, I'm in the market for a new A/V receiver. My current one is an Onkyo TX-SR603X. It's a beast of a thing, been using it since 2005, but it doesn't support HDMI inputs, and I may be redoing my home theater setup in a way that requires HDMI input. Currently, I'm going direct from HTPC (a circa 2009 PC) via HDMI to the TV (bypassing the AVR), and optical SPDIF to the receiver. The TV's optical out is also an input to the AVR, so the built in TV Apps like Netflix can stream 5.1 to the receiver. To be clear, I'm not an audiophile. Because my AVR can't decode HD Audio, I haven't even bothered ripping HD tracks so far. I've got one big beef with the Onkyo, that I want to fix with its replacement: My wife and I are sensitive to audio lip sync issues. It seems every source of media has a different offset when played through my system. Netflix from the TV to the AVR has one delay. Hulu from the same TV output to the AVR is off my maybe 100 msec compared to that. Even from one Bluray rip (MKV) to another, played by my HTPC, may be off. Drives us nuts. WHAT I WANT: The remote for the AVR should have an audio delay adjust button on the remote, so I can change the delay on the fly, increasing or decreasing the delay, to match that particular device/show/phase of moon to get it right, as needed. I don't want to have to go into some funky configuration mode and futz around with it, I just want to move change it with the same ease I would change volume or the channel on a TV. Another thing I like about the AVR that I want the new one to do is to convert DTS 5:1 into a quasi 7.1... on my Onkyo it's called DTS Neo:6 or something like it. It simulates rear surround. I have 7.1 speakers; the AVR has discrete outs for them despite really only being a 5.1 AVR. Other than that, my needs are probably run of the mill. Several inputs of each type (HDMI, Optical, old-school analog connections). Might as well get 4K capable but I'm not a real believer that 4K offers anything better at my seating distance, and my Panny plasma (60ST60) is just 1080p. I'll give it up when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. Or when the panel dies. I'd like to keep the AVR under $300... definitely under $350. I've been looking at THIS ONE ON AMAZON but haven't investigated the audio delay thing yet. I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts on best hardware based on my needs above. Thanks Marc
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