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Found 19 results

  1. IrishMerlin

    Need more information about screensaver

    I'm using Emby web app, version I searched the Emby (should it be lowercase emby?) forum and googled, but didn't find what I was looking for - apologies if this was already asked: I go to "Configure Emby" - or "Manage Emby Server" -> Clicked on "Display" -> I see Screensaver with Logo, Backdrop, Photo - that made me smile. But how do I implement that? I couldn't find a good Knowledge Base regarding screensaver. So... based on the forum/google research, I confirmed that I'm not using windows screensaver at all. I do not have computer go to sleep, etc. If I selected the Photo screen saver, after 5ish minutes, the screen goes to black. If I were to change the backdrop screensaver, do I need to provide images somewhere? -- Basically I need guidance on this. Is there a way I can shorten the delay before displaying screensaver? Again, based on research, I found one person said to check screensavermanager.js, but the forum ended without much details. I looked into screensavermanager.js (I know some programming) and had to use beautify for JS and didn't find anything related directly to 5 minute or whatever minutes to modify. Perhaps I overlooked, but is there a way to change the duration before displaying screensaver? Is there a detailed documentation about the difference on Logo, Backdrop, Photo screensaver and how to use / build images / etc for each one? Basically I'm asking for ELI5 on how to implement screensaver. (ELI5 = Explain Like I'm 5 years old). Much appreciated.
  2. I think that backdrop screensaver is a great feature but needs some improvements mainly more config options, some of this were posted already in a feature request to have an AndroidTV independent screensaver app, but i think that this could be great additions to the core Backdrop Screensaver as well, so i hope this takes a little bit of more attention that the AndroidTV one, options like: Option to ignore libraries so its possible for example to ignore music (artist) backdrops or Series backdrops. Rating filter independent of user rating limit so i can left my user screensaver running without worrying about some backdrops showing. Move the text with the tittle of the movie/show to different corners every 2-3 backdrops (to avoid burn in). Chose the color of the font with the tittle of the movie/show or take the same config as the Subtitles settings of the user. Option to show clock. More transition effects. A way to set the idle time before the screen saver shows. Those are the ones that comes to my head at this moment.
  3. I'm putting this in case anyone else wants to support this request. It is possible for someone to create an Screen Saver App compatible with Emby making the same function as the Screen Saver from Web App that shows Backdrops with the movie title on the corner but integrated at the OS level so instead of showing the landscapes from Chromecast we can show backdrop from our library and some photos. Here is some nice to have features that i think will enhance the experience: Ability to limit rating of chosen backdrops. Option to show some photo library images Show some local trailers occasionally. Move the text with the tittle of the movie/show to different corners every 2-3 backdrops (to avoid burn in). Chose the color of the font with the tittle of the movie/show Option to show clock I've been looking on the Play store and the closest thing that i found is an app that connects to Kodi and some other that can show images of a local folder or google photos.
  4. Hello, First, do you by chance have an app for Samsung TV? If not, no problem. I didnt find one which is why I ask. I bought the below RokuAmazon.com: Roku Streaming Stick+ | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device with Long-range Wireless and Voice Remote with TV Controls: Electronicshttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075XLWML4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 When I select Photos from your application (streaming from a windows box on the same network with emby server) after a few minutes the Roku Screensaver kicks in with the buildings and movie references....I dont want this, I want your photos to play. Surprisingly when a click something the screensaver goes away and the photos are still there changing.... I checked online for Roku Screensaver and nothing ressonates, I find no setting at all in Roku for screensavers, not a channel, anuything Can you please help me have your software running the slideshow when I press the play button Also, the fact that you can press the play button to get a slide show although natural is not intuitive and took a long time for me to figure out...some screen cue for that woudl be most welcome. Thanks for your help, Kind regards, Miguel Feitosa
  5. kanipek

    Screensaver - ?

    I am not seeing the Android TV screensaver activating when I pause a show in Emby for Android TV. I understand we are relying on the Android TV screensaver for Emby and that there is not one coded into Emby. I have my Shield screensaver set to 5 minutes and it does work, but not when Emby is paused. I believe it did at some point but I can't say that for certain. If Emby is open (not paused) the Android TV screensaver does start at the 5 minute mark. This is v1.4.52g for Android TV. Thanks for reading and any help!
  6. kakaokka

    Screensaver for ROKU

    It would be nice if the Emby roku app had an screesaver of the movies you have on the library.
  7. Although I could not verify this on a bunch of scenarios, I have the feeling there is a kind of screensaver on the web client. When Emby's web client is open on a Chrome tab and other tab is being used for some time, returning to Emby's tab quickly shows a backdrop image which almost immediately disappears revealing the actual client interface. I left Emby's interface open on the current tab display for a very long time and nothing happened. Is there such function as a screensaver on the web client interface? If so, what is the scenario to use it? Or does it only start when the tab is not being used?(!)
  8. qazwsx10

    OLED Screensaver

    I thought I saw a previous post about this earlier, but I couldn't find it when I searched for it again (it may have been on reddit). I had read that if you have a Nvidia Shield as the Emby Client/App, the screensaver wouldn't turn on automatically when you pause your media since it's play directly on the Nvidia Shield. I was curious if instead we use the LG Emby App directly on the TV, if the screensaver would turn on if we pause the media since it is an internal app? Thank you! Qazwsx10
  9. Was wondering if anyone could help me with the Cover Screen Saver on Window Media Center. It stopped working a few updates ago and now when I go to install it it just hangs. Anyone have any ideas? Its such a great screen saver and would love to get it back....
  10. I would like to see an option to use your own photos as a screensaver. Maybe even an option to point to a specific folder set aside for just that. In Windows Media Center, I pointed to a folder with just photos for the screensaver.
  11. So I think I am having a similar but not exactly the same issue as the one about blank/black screen on start: Theater loads and connects fine, but if I let the Emby screensaver start (either the logo or backdrop) I have to use the mouse to "wake it" before I play a movie or else it just plays UNDER the screensaver - and since it is a dedicated Media Center computer that means VNC - where it didn't do this before (about the same time that thread was started, somewhere in August). Also at the end of playing a file it looks like Theater doesn't stop/close the file or player. It sits at a black/blank screen instead of going back to the front page of Theater. If I play another file while on that post-file black screen there is no problem, it just switches the player right to it and goes. This behavior is NOT seen when using the browser, only Theater. I tried the solution in the other thread anyways and it didn't work. It is almost like Theater isn't sending the proper end signals (screensaver and file/movie)...?
  12. This functionality may already exist, but if so I haven't been able to trigger it. I love the Emby Theater "Screensaver" -- it is a great way to be reminded of various titles in my library. It would be nifty if there were a key-combo that would take the user directly to item currently being displayed by the Emby Theater "Screensaver." It's fun seeing various items being displayed, but then it is a pain to have to go search for them! I propose one of the following key-combos be used (these are from Keyboard and Remote Support): control-d (which normally "shows menu or info for selected content"). spacebar (which normally "toggles play/pause"). Windows media "play" command. There's pros and cons to each, but my thinking is we should use an existing command that would make somewhat intuitive sense for taking the user to the item being displayed, while also not being something that one might commonly use to exit the "screensaver" (which in my opinion makes "spacebar" less ideal for this purpose). The good news is that even if the user accidentally triggers this functionality they should be able to use the "Back" command to go back to the previous screen. And I think an existing command is preferable to a brand new command because a remote has a limited number of buttons and it is undesirable to have to dedicate one to this functionality when an existing key-combo could be re-purposed for this context. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  13. Hello Emby community. I love the Emby Theater but I have a feature request for the Screen Saver. Would it be possible to put an overlay for the show icon on the screen saver like to previous WMC version? The background images look great but it has plain text for the show on the bottom right. It seems weird that they show image is not called up as well to make it look a little prettier. Or, am I missing an option to make this work? No a biggie but oddly something that is bugging me :-) Great work and will be supporting for a very long time - thanks Rob
  14. Hi Guys, for a while now I have been using my old RC6 WMC remote to control ET with great success - including when the screensaver has activated, however, as of version 2.1.5 the SS is producing loss of focus issues again. If I am quick enough on the back button when an episode finishes, I retain full control of everything, but if I allow the SS to start, all control/focus with the RC6 is lost. I can still use a BT mouse to navigate & play etc but must restart to get control back with the RC6. Also the SS is still cutting in within a second or two of the episode finishing when there are no more episodes to autoplay. Can the SS be adjusted or stopped altogether please as its a real PITA!
  15. First thing first. Great kudos to you guys migrating the model of MediaBrowser into this new format of server-client. I was a disciple of MB years ago when I was a paying member for goodies like Coverart and various themes. I eventually couldn't deal with the frustrations of fumbling codecs (I remember Shark007, I believe? and the likes). This present model is great, even more so the integration of Kodi. Stopped paying for Plex and now back with guys who gives me the option to configure things the way I want it and not one size fits all. So please keep this basic principle of giving us a choice. When playing music through the new Emby Theater, it goes into screensaver mode after a few minutes. This is an absolute no no no. I want to see the fanart of the current playing media as well the song/artist/album. I don't want to see random pictures from my movie and music collections. And while displaying the fanart, stick the album cover of the song in a corner along with the song title. Please give an option to turn off this screensaver mode. Thank you. For now I have stopped using Emby Theater for playing music.
  16. Hi thanks everyone for the work really loving mb3. My wife really misses the media centre screensaver that pops up random photos from your photo library. Is there any chance of having this feature in mb theatre? Thanks
  17. Xzener

    Screensaver Ignore Folders

    Luke, Eventually, can we add support to the MBT screensaver to ignore folders/VFs?? Love the screensaver, but some backdrops are out of place... Box sets for example is a VF I wish I could ignore.
  18. I'm not sure how Screensavers are handled so apologies if this post is in the wrong area. So can a screensaver distinguish missing media types? When nothing at all is happening, it's obvious to initiate 'the active screensaver plugin' but can you have an audio screensaver plugin that plays stuff from you library, (perhaps you're displaying a slideshow) when no audio is playing or perhaps you got music playing and the video screensaver plugin kicks in to display geiss-like visual joy?
  19. Is it posible to port the MBC Backdrop Screensaver to a real windows screensaver? So we can make a hole new MedaBrowser based Windows Theme.
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