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Found 12 results

  1. riothamus

    Apache Proxy Frontend for Emby

    I have had a few people ask me to explain how I set up my Apache server to forward to my Emby server. Here is a breakdown of how mine is set up should anyone else wish to try this. This is just my way of doing this (yeah, I know, Nginx exists but I have always been an Apache user). Note that I use RPM based distributions, and my frontend Apache server is running on Fedora Server Edition (so that I can have the http/2 goodness). My instructions will emphasize this type of Linux distribution, so you will need to read up on how your particular flavor of Linux handles Apache installations. Fi
  2. Currently I only have a 9 seasons serie at my server and would be awesome if I could continue where I left off with one click. Why this? Because I love how Emby organize and get all the metadata of my series. It's really beautiful. It's much more pleasant and organized than just using video players. I use Linux, but since this is a non-specific OS question, I posted here.
  3. ShadowKindjal

    Emby WAN URL

    I seem to be having issues accessing my server from the internet in certain situations. Currently, my SSL connections is handled by a reverse proxy, apache. This URL is (for example) https://emby.server.com/ but the URL listed on my dashboard is listed as https://emby.server.com:8920/. When connecting to my server with the reverse proxy URL I never have any issues establishing a connection but the URL posted in the dashboard seems to go down randomly. This is an issue because users connecting to my server with emby connect accounts are usually trying to access the server via dashboard URL. My
  4. Hi, everybody. Did not find a similar question on the forum and created a topic. There is a server on Windows and Emby server installed. How can I change the link from localhost:8096 to localhost:8096/emby ? P.S. sorry for english, I use google translate =)
  5. Gaspar Filmes

    URL playable in emby player

    how can I play a url in the emby player, natively inside the library, without being plugins. Due to the excellent presentation, organization and functionality that the library does in comparison to the IPTV plugin for example. it may be a stupid response from me but there it goes: I thought about editing a file (.m3u and etc ...) and insert the link inside it (http: //.......mp4) and then copy the file inside the folder containing the movies / series and etc, to see if it reproduces in the player of the emby but without success. would be in short, to do an alternative task with the ope
  6. David Martin

    Emby + Domain Name?

    Hi, I've been using Emby for a while now and i really like it, So much so I want to get a domain name for it so instead of having a DDNS address point users to my servers IP address and port I just want to have a URL instead or my IP address and port. For example. Current - http://dukservers.ddns.net goes to Wanting - www.exampledomain.co.uk How would i go about doing this? Many thanks David
  7. Hi I'm hoping you can help me with this problem. I have the latest Emby server on windows 7 64-bit and I spent hours setting up my Live Tv yesterday with the Live tv section on the server. I put a url in for the iptv service i subscribe to and also put 4 schedules direct epgs and the xml epg from my iptv service. I spent several hours matching channels up and getting the guid to put the channels in what order i wanted them. And when I went back on this morning the server changed the url address to an old one that i use to use. And it deleted the xml epg also. I don't know why this happened? I
  8. I'm interested in changing the Local Address used to access my Emby installation from the HTPC's IP address to "localhost" or the computer's name. I don't see anywhere in the Emby Server settings that I can do this. Am I missing it? If not can this be done via a registry edit or the modification of an .ini file, etc.? Current Local Address: Proposed Local Address: http://localhost:8096 or http://htpc:8096 How do I do it? Thanks, MJ
  9. dmaddini

    media access url

    Hello all, On what basis is the url generated on the web client like this http://localhost:8096/web/itemdetails.html?id=1f69f63c3cdb2c41d0f4cf39066a344e can I access the media item by its name rather than a long id? please help me..how is the id generated
  10. In library manager it's possible to download images for a given item from either - data found by scrappers online, or - local folders In addition, it would be nice if we could just copy/past an url to an image file. Thanks for your awesome work.
  11. Can anyone give me an example how to request json data from the api in a http url?
  12. how do I get the / media browser the url ex: / MediaBrowser ex: I'm using windows 7
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