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Found 4 results

  1. Hey folks, new guy here. I’ve found myself tired of Plex and their growing issues and happened to stumble upon Emby and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. I’ve done quite a bit of research on some of the differences and what not but I’d love to hear some tips and tricks, and your overall experience with the differences especially if you’re a previous Plex user. Thanks for any help you may send my way! *Please feel free to close this topic if this isn’t allowed or if I’ve posted this in the incorrect area.*
  2. I can't understand what's going on anymore. Video MediaInfo: Tablet: Teclast M40 (Android 10), Unisoc T618 Processor Mali-G52 3EE GPU (Also MP2/3EE) Supported HW Codecs theoretically (VIDEO): Supported HW Codecs for real, by MXPlayer (VIDEO): What happens: On Plex, MX Player and other video players, it starts in SW and therefore not in Full DirectPlay (Plex do transcode 😭). On Emby they all go directplay (🥴) and those who can keep up with it do quite well (But I don't understand if I'm in HW or SW, it doesn't tell you). Some get buggy and I have to force the aspect ratio to anything that IS NOT "Auto" or I get the frozen frame (it's also difficult because you have to pull up the navbar software and then press on the settings for AR, as long as the navbar software stays up, the video returns to work, if you don't change AR it freezes again on the last frame before the navbar disappeared). But let's get back to the main course. From what I understand after 1 year of use, Plex and MX Player are the best to understand what is 100% supported or not (like it's an on-off switch, if you don't have 100% but 99%, they go into transcode/SW ). Also plex tells me it is using ExoPlayer. I remembered that on Emby, a few months ago, the app told you which player it used on android (on the Nintendo Switch with Android 8, the emby app told me it used MPV, I'm sure). Leaving aside the player, it would be useful to have a feature that tells you which codecs in HW the app is able to use as MX Player and if directplay is in HW or SW as MX Player. MX Player Status: Summing up: Emby goes to directplay but doesn't give me any information (HW / SW / etc.). and the menu for nerds tells me nothing about playback info except "direct play" which answers itself. Nerdmenu: In order to understand each other, Plex says AC3 is not supported. If I force plex to play a file with AC3, the audio is mute. If I start AC3 on Emby, it can be heard ... But in the playback info I only have "directplay". But I know that Emby uses native codecs (which according to Plex I do not have for AC3) and therefore I am no longer understanding if it is Plex that limits itself to not doing SW regardless while emby goes to SW even for unsupported codecs or emby it goes to HW and then uses custom codecs.
  3. plittlefield

    Jumping Ship

    Hi Folks, My first post, so be gentle :-) So, after 5 years of using Plex and being a pretty busy Plex Pass member, I am uninstalling Plex for good. I just want to watch my stuff, that's all. The latest update is very broken and after hours of wasted time, I am done with it. I am hoping that Emby can stand up to the challenge... just give me my stuff at home, even when the internet is down. That's all. Here we go... "The king is dead. Long live the king."
  4. Would it be possible to group movies in a UNIQUE, having a different file name, and being in a different route if they identify the same? since PLEX does it, in case of doing this function it does not last in buying the emby version of subscription. but the fact that the same movie appears several times makes it difficult for me to use and good emby experience. Thanks!
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