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Found 5 results

  1. On Emby Theater (latest) in Windows 10 (1803) the mouse cursor reappears when media change happens, and does not disappear after. Ie: Click on episode 1 Move cursor to lower corner of screen out of habit Media bar and cursor eventually fade out Finish episode 1 Mouse cursor reappears in lower corner and never disappears. This gives me the angular resize cursor in the lower corner when I'm binge watching and it drives me bonkers.
  2. Sometimes there is a disconnect between what you have highlighted and what is *really* highlighted in the code behind. I haven't yet figured out what triggers them to get disconnected but it may have something to do with quickly moving between channels and/or using mouse + remote control. On that note, mouse could scroll but it couldn't select anything. This is as of the current beta (updated a few hours ago).
  3. HI all, I just purchased Emby from the Windows 10 store 3 days ago and installed on a fresh W10 installation. I have a media server running on FreeNas with emby plugin. The server has link aggregation with 4x Gb NICs and connec ts to the client via Cat6, delivering regularly on copy a throughput of over 100MB/s. So far my experience has been way less than desirable, so I have to think the problem is with me and not the software. The issues I have encountered so far: 1. MKV with default Italian audio - I can select in the player the other languages but the audio track does not change. It shows the new one selected in the pop up menu on the bottom right hand side of the player, but the audio itself does not change. 2. Player video freezes but sound and movie continues. It has done this on numerous occasions with different movies at different places in the timeline. Restarting the movie at the broken spot does not cause the issue to re-appear and the movie plays well the second time around. This has been particularly frustrating 3. I set up a sync job via the emby drop down menu at the top of the screen. The one inside settings. Ever since, all movies show a sign of "queued" but upon going into the sync jobs again to delete the queued job, it does nothing when I hit delete. I cannot delete this job and it is stuck on 0% since 3 days ago. Worse still, it seems to freeze the app when i try and delete the sync and I have to CTRL-ESC to get control back on the PC. 4. Mouse and keyboard stop working inside the settings menu at times. I have to exit emby and restart to get the mouse & kbd back. 5. I cannot figure out how to use VLC instead of the player in the download. Is this possible? 6. The server is collecting metadata so I cannot understand why the images emby presents for the movies on the initial landing pages are stretched images from a scene in the movie and not the movie art. These look terrible and out of shape. How do I get it to show movie art only? Is it me or is the software less than stable? Can someone help me with information on debugging my situation. Here's all that is in the logs: Sequence: 86 Date/time: 2015-08-17T13:36:43.4677006+00:00 Level: FATAL Thread: 3 Logger: Application ------------------------ The application crashed: The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002) ------------------------ Session: {"PackageArchitecture":"Neutral","PackageFullName":"436337Illusions.com.MediaBrowser_3.4.2.337_neutral__77hd5e1v1hqs4","PackagePublisher":"CN=CA9FBA89-9B8C-4501-9177-37B89E41D3FF","PackagePublisherId":"77hd5e1v1hqs4","PackageResourceId":"","PackageVersion":"","InstallationId":"4a1c7c77-3733-4841-b35f-a444c979e524"} and the second log file: 86|2015-08-17T13:36:43.4677006+00:00|FATAL|3|Application|The application crashed: The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002) 25|2015-08-17T13:36:49.3270742+00:00|INFO|5|RtLogger|Created new web socket of type WebSocketClient 27|2015-08-17T13:36:49.3270742+00:00|INFO|10|RtLogger|Connecting to ws:// 29|2015-08-17T13:36:49.3426980+00:00|INFO|17|RtLogger|Connected to ws:// 32|2015-08-17T13:36:49.4208684+00:00|INFO|3|MainHubView|Clearing backstack 25|2015-08-17T13:39:28.7640783+00:00|INFO|5|RtLogger|Created new web socket of type WebSocketClient 28|2015-08-17T13:39:28.7952945+00:00|INFO|17|RtLogger|Connecting to ws:// 29|2015-08-17T13:39:28.8109201+00:00|INFO|10|RtLogger|Connected to ws:// 32|2015-08-17T13:39:28.8734673+00:00|INFO|3|MainHubView|Clearing backstack 25|2015-08-17T13:44:58.6902978+00:00|INFO|5|RtLogger|Created new web socket of type WebSocketClient 28|2015-08-17T13:44:58.7058792+00:00|INFO|10|RtLogger|Connecting to ws:// 29|2015-08-17T13:44:58.7058792+00:00|INFO|9|RtLogger|Connected to ws:// 32|2015-08-17T13:44:58.8308806+00:00|INFO|3|MainHubView|Clearing backstack 26|2015-08-17T13:57:30.8655900+00:00|INFO|5|RtLogger|Created new web socket of type WebSocketClient 27|2015-08-17T13:57:30.8655900+00:00|INFO|19|RtLogger|Connecting to ws:// 29|2015-08-17T13:57:30.8811711+00:00|INFO|10|RtLogger|Connected to ws:// 32|2015-08-17T13:57:31.0061725+00:00|INFO|3|MainHubView|Clearing backstack 25|2015-08-17T14:00:23.9527633+00:00|INFO|5|RtLogger|Created new web socket of type WebSocketClient 26|2015-08-17T14:00:23.9683487+00:00|INFO|14|RtLogger|Connecting to ws:// 28|2015-08-17T14:00:23.9683487+00:00|INFO|10|RtLogger|Connected to ws:// 66|2015-08-17T14:02:26.4718076+00:00|INFO|21|RtLogger|Received web socket message: SyncJobCancelled 26|2015-08-17T14:03:50.5257403+00:00|INFO|5|RtLogger|Created new web socket of type WebSocketClient 27|2015-08-17T14:03:50.5569666+00:00|INFO|10|RtLogger|Connecting to ws:// 28|2015-08-17T14:03:50.5569666+00:00|INFO|9|RtLogger|Connected to ws://
  4. I have used the original Media Browser "plug in" for a while and recently transitioned over to the new Media Browser Server and Windows Media Browser Classic 3. Great Product. I was wondering if there is a setting to improve my mouse control in Media Browser Classic 3-- using it in Windows Media Center. I am having a problem with the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom (Channels, Collections, Movies, Music...) I have to chase down the "button" to select one. Moving the mouse makes it scroll right or left. I have the problem no matter what type of mouse I use. I have good control when I have a List that goes up and down. Any Advice? Is there a View setting that can make this an up/down scroll?
  5. Hi, I have just updated to MB Classic 3.0.187. I use MB in a WMC windows environment (Win 7 pro 64bit) with a mouse and KB - no remote. Since upgrading to this latest version, I can't play any ripped DVDs as the DVD screen buttons do not respond to the mouse or the KB. Ripped TV shows play fine as MKV files, as the MB buttons are used to start playback, but anything that requires the DVD screen buttons to start the Movie do not work. The DVD intro screen just sits there, looping the background video and music. Is that a problem with MB Classic or with WMC. Thanks. Edit: Fixed - I had to disable the 'Custom Player Interface' under the Playback tab in Configuration. Whenever the Custom Player Interface was enabled, any mouse movement would cause the interface to appear, preventing mouse input from reaching the DVD screen controls.
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