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  1. Could we get swipe gesture functionally in the mobile apps that would enable adjustments of audio volume, screen brightness and playback position? I use VLC on android and they've implemented this well, it's simple, intuitive and a joy use. It's explained here, https://www.vlchelp.com/volume-brightness-seek-gestures-android/
  2. My cheap phone has a 4.7-inch display with 540 x 960 pixels. On the Android player I can read the text like artist, album and song title fine from a foot or so away, but when the device is mounted on the dash about 2.5 feet or so, I have more difficulty reading the text. Would it be possible to include a font or text size setting? I just need it for artist, album, and song, but more customization is better. I'm fine with more space between objects, cut-off text, or wonky screen effects due to this, but it would mostly improve usability for me and I'm sure those people who want to use it
  3. This only happens on my mobile device in shows that have a high number of seasons (20+). When I try to direct play (or direct stream idk the difference), this is how it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/EAkg2Qu.png . I'm using the latest emby server and emby app updates. This happens for all the episodes in the show. If I set the quality low enough (1 mbps) it forces transcoding instead of direct play and everything works as normal. I'd like to see this fixed so I can play it at full quality instead of having to set it low. I'm on a Pixel XL, Android 9.
  4. Lukkkkas

    NAS should play/Control with mobiles

    Hi, I try now for some days already to reach my (in my eyes: simple) goal and I would like to have some advice: I have my music on a QNAP TS-453Be and would like to plug my sound system to the analog audio output jack of the NAS and then control via a desktoppc/laptop or mobile what is played on the NAS to the sound system. After some other tools tried out I am now friend of emby. I installed it on the NAS and I can log in from various PCs and play locally music and can even play music on other PCs if I allow the user to do so ("Allow remote control of other users"). Now, this
  5. jason.atwood

    Android Mobile: endless paging

    I noticed this on music (artist, albums, songs, genres, etc.) that the app loads the first 100 items. I then I have to scroll to the bottom, and click the right arrow to load the next 100 items. It would be much easier if the app would just load items as scrolled to. This might even save some bandwidth since the app would stop loading once I reached the item I wanted.
  6. Hi, Just wanted to thank the devs for the update I've long been waiting for and finally, I got it. Thank you! One small issue with the light (red accent) theme. The bottom menu is completely white. I don't use it but someone would probably want to.
  7. I have a bunch of videos downloaded onto my phone and these have been working fine. Today however when I click on one I get the circle going around for some time and then it simply returns to the selection menu. I seem unable to play the media at all. I also cannot hold down on them to delete or change in any way, just nothing happens. I wondered if the video was somewhere accessible and searched for them using VLC . It found nothing on the phone. (any hint as to where they could be stored?) Checking my phones update log the App has not recently updated and I have not updated the b
  8. I searched but I couldn't seem to find an existing topic on this. I feel like this has got to be my stupidity because I can't see how no one has mentioned this before. So my apologies if this is a duplicate topic and can you please point me to the old one? In case this is the first time this has been reported, I use offline sync to my mobile on Emby a lot now that I fully switched over from Plex. If I watch something offline and then close it, then come back later to it, it does not resume and I cannot find my left off point anywhere. However, as soon as I connect to my Emby server, my lef
  9. Hello! I'm trying to watch some movie on an old smart TV which already has browser integrated. (Unfortunately no native Emby is on that) All the movies are playing nice and smooth, very good! However if I play a movie with subtitles, the browser asks for webvtt. Emby then converts my subtitle on-the-fly to vtt and pass it back to the browser. Texts are displayed under the movie, but they are delayed by more seconds, so it is not usable. I have compared the vtt file and the original srt, and they are identical (by time-perspective). Here are some of the log: 2019-05-13 19
  10. PristDean

    Android Mobile - No Live TV

    Well just bought a life time pass after becoming very tired with Plex's very poor EPG for live TV. 12 Hours later Emby seems better on my NVidia box than Plex, but with this app, the Live TV does not play at all on my mobile. My films play no problem, but no live TV channels will play. You can also scroll channel numbers up and down in the listing within the app without the actual programmes moving, not good. If I 'double tap' a programme, it opens with basic info, but option to play. This is true wether on cellular or my wireless network with my mobile device. Anyone else experienced these
  11. Tout d'abord bravo pour la communauté francophone d'Emby et pour Luc qui est su présent. Je suis nouveau avec Emby et Synology. J'ai fait un mini test d'EMBY et je suis antousiasmé par les résultats. J'ai transmis un fichier video MKV à mon chromecast à partir d'un fichier video avec son Eac3 et en prime les sous-titres ont suivis. Voici la démarche de ce qui ne fonctionne pas bien: * J'ai installé "Emby pour android" sur mon cellulaire * J'ai bloqué spécifiquement l'application Emby pour qu'il n'utilise pas les données Internet mobile * J'ai activé les journeaux sur Synology
  12. The text in English will follow. Je suis nouveau avec Emby et Synology. J'ai fait un mini test d'EMBY et je suis antousiasmé par les résultats. J'ai transmis un fichier video MKV à mon chromecast à partir d'un fichier video avec son Eac3 et en prime les sous-titres ont suivis. Voici la démarche de ce qui ne fonctionne pas bien: * J'ai installé "Emby pour android" sur mon cellulaire * J'ai bloqué spécifiquement l'application Emby pour qu'il n'utilise pas les données Internet mobile * J'ai activé les journeaux sur Synology pour obtenir la trace de ce qui accède les fichiers *
  13. mediacrypt

    Emby admin password forgot

    Hi team, I setup password for my admin user login. but when try i login, it didn't accept my passwrord. Hence tried to reset password i got a promt to check for the following location "/var/packages/EmbyServer/target/var/passwordreset.txt". I got the below detail I can see the below detail in the txt file ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://localhost:8096/web/forgotpasswordpin.html Enter the following pin code: 7960 The pin code will expire at 31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But i rem
  14. We are getting ready to take a trip out of the country in about 2 weeks, and the GF would like to have something to watch on the trip. Does Emby have a client that is supported on the Amazon Fire tablet? And does it support syncing content to it from the Emby server? Are there any catches to doing this? Any major issues?? Thanks!
  15. I didn't see this reported anywhere, so here it goes: When I click on an album, and then on the (big) play button/triangle, only the first song plays. To play the whole album, I have to play the first song instead. Seems kinda backwards to me.
  16. When listening to music while also having Google Maps speak turn-by-turn directions the music is played over the directions. Instead Emby should duck the audio so that I can clearly hear the GPS.
  17. When playing music, the app shows a notification (presumably because the app is using a ForegroundService). The only way to stop the Service is to click the notification (or nav back to the app manually), then click the play list button, then click stop. It would be much easier if there was a stop button right in the notification.
  18. LouisMylle

    iPhone X support

    Hello, I’ve tested the emby app on the iPhone X but it is apparently not optimized for this device. Is there any iPhone X support planned in the feature? Regards, Louis Mylle
  19. LouisMylle

    How soon is "soon"?

    Hello! I've purchased Emby recently and I am wondering how soon "soon" is (explained below). Regards, Louis Mylle.
  20. When I go to play an album on my phone, it gets pretty jittering since it's streaming it, without much of a buffer. It also doesn't buffer/sync ahead, so this makes it very internet-sensitive. I would really love it, if that when I play an album it syncs the whole album, or whole "scope" of what I told it to play. Syncs it to the phone. This way as my internet fluctuates, it buffers a-head. If there is some way we can set (on the client/phone) how far a-head it syncs based on Wifi/Cellular I think that would be rad too. Say X number of songs if you're on Cellular, Y if you're on wifi (
  21. adam1010

    How to refresh stale data

    Is there a way to manually refresh the Emby app home screen? Currently I have to close the app and re-open it (or open up a random movie and back out of it) If I decide to switch from my TV => phone while watching something I often find that the Emby home screen hasn't updated the progress. Many apps allow you to scroll up when you're already at the top of the page to force a refresh. I think it may be called Pull-to-Refresh (like in the Gmail app). Or if it's easier, just a simple "Refresh" button in the menu would be sufficient.
  22. My music collection consists of uncompressed flac files. Before I move head with Emby I need to know if I play a flac file to the mobile app over tower using my data will the file be transcoded to an mp3 file, and downgraded so I do not kill my data? I looked in the settings of the app, and I do not see a setting to set Music Quality to tell it to stream at a certain bit rate. I see it for movies, but not for music. Also, I seen someone mention about the app cashing the music file while listening to the app, I see the web client already does this, it would be great if the app did this as w
  23. @@ebr -- Have you received reports of playback regressions on v2.9.07? I've been watching Emby videos on my phone for many months so I think this bug was introduced recently. Example: 1) I'm watching a video and I'm 15min in and I want to rewind a few minutes so I show the seek bar and then I tap earlier on the timeline 2) The video pauses for about 15 seconds 3) The video resumes playing at like 23min in (so it went to a different time than I clicked, in this case it even went forward instead of backwards) I also tried pausing the video, changing the seek location, and hitt
  24. AdilMahboob

    Offline Mode

    Hi all, I have just started to use the synchronisation functionality available within Emby and noted a couple of points that render it almost unusable as a solution for my scenario! I use the Android app on my tablet and, as expected, the items that have been marked for synchronisation do copy down to the device correctly. The first problem is that they can only be copied to internal storage which means there is a severe handicap on the space that can be used. I tried to change it to SD card; however, it would seem the app is not requesting the appropriate permission (an example of an
  25. Hello! Thank you everyone involved to make emby possible. Well, I installed the emby server Version: on my laptop for testing purposes. Everything went well and I can access my test files over my Xbox One, another PC, and my Lumia 950 XL using app.emby.media on Edge. But I can't connect using the official W10 mobile emby app. When I try to use "Emby Connect" the app returns the error "HeaderLoginFailure" and "MessageInvalidUser" And connecting manually to the server returns ""Connection Failure. We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it i
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