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  1. mmm77

    Hilfe? Namensgebung 3D- Filme

    Hallo zusammen, ich benutze Tiny Media Manager (TMM) und versuche die Namen so zu machen, daß Emby alles korrekt erkennt. Bei den normalen Filmen funktioniert das nun, es werden nun auch Kopien in anderen formaten erkannt. Meine Einstellung ist: ${title} ${- ,edition,} (${year}) - ${3Dformat} ${videoFormat} ${videoCodec} ${hdr} ${audioCodec} Nur funktioniert das nicht mit der Erkennung vom 3D-Format. Beispiel: z:\#3D\The Jungle Book (2016)\The Jungle Book (2016) - 3D HSBS 1080p h264 DTS.mkv Das wird leider nicht als 3D Film erkannt. Kann mir da jemand
  2. gerry.emm

    Watchin 3D movies

    Hi everyone, I have been collecting 3D movies both on BluRay as well as digitally. Recently, I acquired a DLP projector that is capable of projecting 3D movies, so I purchased a couple of sets of active shutter 3D glasses. I don't own a 3D capable BluRay player, but my PS4 is capable of playing 3D BluRays. When I play 3D Blurays on my PS4 and project them using my projector, I am able to actually watch them in 3D, so there is no question whether or not my projector system (Viewsonic PG707W) is capable of displaying 3D movies. So, I have been trying to play 3D movies from EM
  3. So, this past weekend I did some research on how to rip and play 3D Blu Ray movies from my Emby server and I'm just as confused as I was before searching. I'm hoping someone in the forums can shed some light for me. First off, do I need a 3D Blu Ray player just to rip 3D movies? I have a Blu Ray drive, but its not 3D. If I need a 3D drive just to rip 3D movies then the rest of my questions are moot. However, I have successfully been able to rip 3D movies with MakeMKV but they only play in 2D. Which leads me to my next question... What do I need to PLAY 3D ripped movies, software an
  4. Hi everyone, been having a weird issue where playback stops every ~26 minutes. I'm streaming via lan (wired) an MKV bluray remux with DTS-MA audio. It plays great, then after ~26 minutes the playback freezes and Emby Theatre is unresponsive, nothing happens if I press play/pause/stop. I kill Emby Theatre and then resume the movie, it plays fine for another 26 minutes. If I play using an external player, the player quits and returns to Emby Theatre.. Nothing is in the server's log, just regular heartbeats. Nothing is the Theatre log, I did set to EnableDebugLevelLogging=true but nothi
  5. Hi, I am new to Emby and only installed it yesterday. When I try to play a 3D movie, it plays but I have to manually switch the TV into 3D mode. Looking at the metadata, all the movies have been correctly identified as either tsbs or ttab, they say 3D in the information in Emby player but they do not switch the TV. I have been trying Plex for a few days but finding that it is taking too much processing power on my NAS whereas Emby hardly uses any cpu and just works. Plex however does auto switch the TV mode to 3D on all the movies, the ones that didn't, I just added the appropriate
  6. Hello! I have a lot of question, sorry about that. I use Emby for my 2D- Movies and I love it. But I struggle a lot with 3D. I want to save my 3D-BluRay on HDD and watch it via Emby. First of all Hardware: My Way to watch is: Server (PC with Ryzen/NAS) -> Player (Playstation 4 Pro/Samsung Blu-Ray-Player with no Emby App) -> BenQ TH681 Full HD 3D DLP-Projektor 1. Question: Is my Hardware (Playerstation Pro) good enough or need I another streaming Box, like nVidia Shield? Software: I use DVDLab, but there I get just a 3D-TS-MPEG2 File. For my 2D-Movies I use Make
  7. unisoft

    MVC 3D support (MKV)

    Does anyone know if the LG TV App can support playback of MKV/MK3D whee the metadata tag is set to MVC and the rip is done in MakeMKV with MVC and a 3D bluray disc? If so, should the extension be MK3d or MKV and do I need to press anything on the TV or is it automatic? I have extension as MK3D at the moment and no 3D (my OLED55C6V is 3D TV) thanks
  8. schmitty

    MK3D support

    Hi, Could the mk3d file extension be added to the 3d file naming conventions? eg. if the file extension is mk3d, then the server shouldn't have to rely on the other naming conventions.
  9. serpi

    3D mode broken

    Hi, it seems the settings for the 3d conversation mode are not working anymore in ET 3.0?! (I think it already didn't work in 2.9.9) I had it set to mono (convert to 2d), but now all 3d videos are played with the setting none (no conversation). I tried it on two different installations, both with the same result. I tried different settings, all are ignored. Does ET use the video-stereo-mode setting of mpv? In the documentation it is mentioned: "Set the stereo 3D output mode (default: mono). This is mostly broken and thus deprecated." So, maybe ET sets it but it doesn'
  10. Hi, I'm creating all metadata by myself, I used to use MetaBrowser but now switched to EMM. So now, I've changed from using movie.xml files to movie.nfo files. For 3D movies, I have a tag <format3d> in the xml file (HSBS, HTAB, etc) that ws auto created by MetaBrowser, which works with xml files. But if I insert the same tag into the nfo file, it seems to be ignored, the server doesn't show that the file is 3D, the Format3D field in the information is empty and I have to edit the information in emby manually. Is this a bug or is there a different 3D tag for nfo files?
  11. heciruam

    3D MVC metadata

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the "3D format" tag, one can edit under "edit info" for a movie. I tag all of my media with mediaelch before I let emby scan them. So after I added them I let emby fetch the local media metadata, I go in and change the "3D format" tag to "mvc". - My question is, if that mvc format tag is an emby internal thing or if I could do that before hand so that would get saved into the .nfo file. (Where is it just a regular "tag" or does it need to be saved anywhere specifically?) - If it is an emby thing, could I let emby export the metadata just
  12. rubicon

    Samsung TV APP

    Hello, My TV model is: UE32H6400 and I have been running the community app version 2.2.2 for couple months now with no issue at all. First of all I was excited to read that now the app is available in the official samsung store for users in UK and I am now running version 0.109 at the same time. Its very handy that I didn't had to delete the community app and have them both installed, as some problems I have with version 0.109 are non existent on 2.2.2 Those in detail: 1) I have noticed when I am running version 0.109, from time to time when I am browsing through my library, th
  13. SmokenOaken

    Google Cardboard

    I've been using google cardboard a lot as of late to watch my media via my Note 4 in Virtual Reality 3d. There are some decent apps for this, but none so far from what I can see with the ability to stream media to my phone. My favorite app the 3d application so far is Full Dive. Has there been any thought to build native support in to the Android Media Browser app to view streaming media browser content and 3D movies to a smart device in a sort of Virtual Cinema view. I think this would be a great addition to this already amazing product.
  14. Hello, I have two issues I'm hoping someone can help me with. First off, I like how Emby allows you to have a background picture or video for movies, TV shows, and Music. However, I don't like the 'theme' it uses of starting the image from totally black on the left and then (mostly) visible on the right. What ends up happening is that you can only see about 1/4 to 1/2 the image. How can I change that? My second question is how do you name 3D movies that have multiple parts, such as the Hobbit movies? The naming conventions state to put "-3D" at the end for 3D moves and "-part#" f
  15. ShoutingMan

    What's the codec tag for 3D?

    Is there a built-in tag for 3D, and if so how do I name an intro codec video to play automatically? Or do I manually tag 3D videos with (say) "3D" and put a file such as "3d - 3D.mvc.mkv" in my Codec folder? https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Cinema-Mode Thanks
  16. schmitty

    Blu-Ray 3D treatment

    Hi ebr, Is there any chance of adding a Blu-Ray 3D treatment to CoverArt, and adding 'Blu-Ray 3D' as a recognised tag for 'Treat image as...'?
  17. What, if any, are the solutions for playing 3D movies in MVC MKV Format from Emby Theater? @, Or, am I better off playing 3D blu-rays with PowerDVD? I find scattered threads on the topic, but nothing definitive or detailed. It looks like the solutions are PowerDVD to play the original blu-ray or something called Stereoscopic Player. It appears the ET doesn't natively support 3D, which is what I saw tonight quickly trying out a new 3D movie. What do people do for 3D from Emby Theater on a Win10 system? Thanks! https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/17686-3d-external-player/?hl=mvc&
  18. mattykellyuk

    Multiple versions of films

    Hi I have had a quick search hopefully no one hasn't asked this. I have a number of 3d and non 3d films. To identify them I change their title adding "3d" to the end and put them in a genre called "3d", after this i block the server from updating these aspects. I would love to see the functionality that enables these films to be displayed as one in the library and then you are asked which version you would like to watch. Is this possible at the moment or if not can I make this a feature request? Thanks
  19. As 3D playback still requires external programs: Would it be possible to use the App to display only one half of the HSBS/HTOB content so that we at least could watch it in 2D, and use external players only if we actually want to watch 3D? Regards
  20. Hello, I would like to know which 3D format tag I should use for 3D Blu-Ray rips
  21. I have been using Emby for awhile now, but the one thing I've been unable to do is watch ripped 3D Blu Rays on my HTPC. I was wondering what solutions people have come up with for this problem? So far the only success I have had (other than putting in the disc and playing it with PowerDVD 15) is to rip it with MakeMKV as an mvc file, and use Stereoscopic Player. The trouble is, I only have the demo of Stereoscopic Player since its not a free application and I'm, um, on a budget. Is there any free software that can be used to play 3D Blu Rays? If not, I will bite the bullet and buy it, but c
  22. I need help understanding filename conventions as applied to blu-ray ISOs. I'm referencing the guidelines, but Emby isn't behaving as I expect. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming For example: Mad Max: Fury Road. My set has both 2D and 3D discs. I think the names should be: "Mad Max - Fury Road (2015) - 3D.bluray.iso" "Mad Max - Fury Road (2015) - bluray.iso" I've got the hyphen to indicate two versions, the bluray to say it's a blu-ray and not DVD, and 3D for that version. For this case, I get only the 3D version in Emby Theater, but it's not labeled
  23. pgriffith

    3D Movies

    Hi I've only just recently become aware of the 3D movie support Emby now has https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/3D%20videos Previously I'd just had them in their own separate folder as stand alone movies. So after reading the WIKI I figured I'd do it the 'right' way. I had an issue where even though I'd added tags to the video filename, Emby didn't recognize it as 3D. I started with the following file Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).mp4, renamed it to Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) 3D HTAB.mp4 which didn't work, then tried lowercase, Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
  24. Nelcruz

    powerdvd 16

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone was using Powerdvd 16 as an sxternal player in new Emby Theater? If so, which exe did you select, and did you enter any arguments? Does it minimize ET? Does it close Powerdvd 16 abd gring focus back to ET? Ang help would be appreciated.
  25. jasonwilliams

    External Player Triggers

    Hello, It would be great if we could trigger the External Player based on the 3D meta-data. If a 3D option is set, it would call the External Player. Thanks, Jason
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