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  1. sbm7815

    Slow channel changing

    Hi, I recently purchased a lifetime Emby Premiere license to try Live TV with both of my HDHomeRun Prime tuners. I saw that Emby advertised fast channel changing with a decent guide and the possibility of viewing TV remotely, so I thought this would be a good solution for my needs. I'm running Emby on a Xeon E5-2698V4 with 16GB of RAM, because I wanted fast transcoding times. My client is an Nvidia Shield TV, but I also tested channel changing on the server itself and both are slow. In the beginning it was taking 45 seconds or more to change a channel on my local 1GB network, which was di
  2. Py7h0n

    Extremely Slow

    Hi all, I've been chasing a huge slowdown in Emby recently and I am stuck - Not normally one to ask for help! Browsing media takes 10-15 seconds to load images. Clicking play can take the same. It used to be instant! I was running the latest production version when I ran into the problem but then decided to build a new Windows server and try the Beta build to try get around the problem. It has however not helped. Emby is running on a Windows 10 VM Xeon D-1521 - 4 cores presented 8GB ram SSD OS - Tested at ~200-500MB/s Storage is running on Freenas and is fast. Tests from t
  3. sc4

    Super slow UI / Playback

    Hi! I've all of a sudden have an issue with my Emby server. Over night it got from being fast / smooth to be insanely slow. I only have the "basic plugins" installed. Attached is the server log. Any idea of what's causing this? embyserver.txt
  4. Hi All, The recent upgrade to 4.3.3 states "Performance improvement to TV guide', But I am not seeing anything on my setup. My setup is Andriod TV on an Nvidia Shield, connecting directly to a Synology NAS via managed hub on the same VLAN. The NAS runs the Emby Server which also connects to a HD Homerun Quattro, also on the same hub and VLAN. My issue is with scrolling through the TV guide If you scroll through the guide with the BBC channel highlighted, I can scroll forward through programmes for weeks, no problem. But if if I select another channel to be highlighted such as ITV2
  5. So I just figured out why my web frontend seems to be unresponsive and slow from time to time and wanted to share my experience in case anyone stumbles about the same issues. my setups is: emby in docker on unraid behind a pfsense firewall linked with an nginx docker as reverse proxy. In the past I had the issue, that my web page loading times are super slow. the categorys would show fast, but everything underneath takes up to 10 seconds to load, sometimes even crashes the server and kills stable connections from other users. Also I had slow loading times on the admin page and everywh
  6. eversmannx

    Issues in Linux setup

    Hi All, I am attempting to setup Emby on Ubuntu 18.04 and I have a couple of issues I am looking for help. I have all my media in a old NAS (which doesn't support apps like Emby on it), so I am running Ubuntu on a seperate laptop - all connected with ethernet cables and my broadband is 300mbps. I tried many times, but Emby server on Ubuntu never indexed my full library. My library is not huge - I have about 100 movies, and 10 TV shows. After a few fresh attempts I managed to get the TV shows done, but then when I add Movies, it just doesn't do the full job. and I Uninstalled the serve
  7. Phuein

    Question about my Roku performance

    So, this is not a technical post. I know that's annoying, but I've been having this odd experience for a while, so I'm wondering if I'm not alone in this... My Roku sometimes becomes very slow. I noticed that going into the emby app and out again sometimes resolves this. But not any other app. Almost as if there's some kind of [memory?] leak. Today, not for the first time, the wife and I were watching a show and by the middle of the episode it bugged out and kept on doing the Loading thing (bar.) I restarted emby on my PC, but that didn't help. I restarted the Roku, disconnecting it from p
  8. I recently upgraded from to using the following instructions from Makarai: Upgrade went smoothly and after initial database upgrade, library scan (4 & a half hours) and reinstall of some plugins, everything worked great... I added some more media and did a manual library scan which took around 40 minutes ( would scan in ~10 mins). I have done a couple more scans and get the same results around 40 minutes per scan. The scan gets to around 90% in about 5 minutes and then the last 10% takes the rest of the time. Any ideas about why it takes longer?
  9. Chompy Lompy

    Emby server doesn't load remotely

    Hi all, I just got Emby 3 days ago. It works fine in my house. But when I try to watch it at my girlfriend's house on her Roku I am able to select my server and then I just get a spinning wheel. That's as far as Emby works when not in my house. Can anyone please help? Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. Hi, Since a week or so now Emby has been loading sooooo slowly (up to at least 2 minutes) on my two devices (Shield and RPi3) which results, I think, in it sometimes not even loading the subtitles correctly. Turning on/off subtitles or switching to the next one doesn't even work then and I'm forced to download new ones. I think the problem would be solved if it would load fast again, but I can't figure out what it is. Help? log.txt
  11. wizardbuilder2017

    Emby server is very slow

    Hello, i'm a proud user of emby, but the latest days the web UI rendering is very, very slow. It's taking 30-45 seconds to load the page when I click the Home icon for example. Clicking Movies, which takes me to the all movies view, is around 15 seconds to render the single page of movie posters. I have removed all plugins with no improvement. i hope someone can help me. i have uploaded the embyserver.txt i hope i have provided all needed information. Thank you embyserver.txt
  12. Kimballslice1890

    Help improving server performance

    I have been running an emby server for about 2 years now. Love the platform and am an emby premier subscriber. I am looking to improve the performance of my emby interface have it be web or app. Currently my emby will have random hangs with a spinning loading circle when just loading content or using the search function has a good couple of seconds before it begins to populate anything. I currently run a workstation with 2 xeon e5 2660, 128gb ddr3 ecc all on a gigabit network with FiOS gigabit 940/880mbps internet connection. I have multiple hard drives installed all minimum 7200rpm. (Use
  13. medolino2009

    LG UB850v-ZD with Emby 1.08 very slow

    Hi guys, i am Mickey, i have LG UB850V-ZD with webOS 1.4 and Emby is painfully slow... Browsing trough library takes 3 sec. for every click , so to move right click on remote right and need to wait about 3 sec. for selection to move... when press ok to play something it takes also around 5 - 10 sec. before it start playing .... Playback is ok... I used to use Plex, and have life time Plex Pass, but found Emby and fell in love with it... I really hope app for webos LG TV became usable so i can pay for life time license for Emby to... This is for me show stopper... so please if possible fi
  14. hhb97b

    slow to start playing media

    Hi I'm having an issue with the system being slow to start playing the media. It doesn't matter what media I'm playing and according to the dashboard its direct playing. Emby theater is running on the server/same machine, but external machine have the same behaviour. I'm seeing this error in the log each time I start the playback( see below). It will play the media, but it typically takes 10-25 seconds to load. It doesn't matter if its the internal player or external player. Live tv is also slow to start compared to previous, but I don't know if the error also appear in the log or it just
  15. I have a problem with recorded shows. (Have not yet organized my dvd's to emby, so I don't know about movies). I have set Emby to start recording a few minutes before scheduled start, which works as intended. This means that I need to stap a bit forward to find the "intended" recording". I do that using the time bar at the bottom of the screen. It's sometimes painfully slow, or seems to hang completely. (for minutes, until I give up and go back to the Emby main screen). When it (seems to) hang, I can't resume the playback (it's selectable, but I just get black screen). I have
  16. I am a new to EMBY came over from Plex, primarily because of the way EMBY integrates my my M3U and HDHomerun on one platform. Running it on a Qnap 251+ with 16GB Ram. I recently installed the QNAP beta build provided by Emby and it seems to run everything just a bit faster than the one I originally got from the Qnap community. However the load times for the HDHomerun and the M3U are slow to load when changing channels take 14 seconds and 12 seconds. When I load on other apps both only take about 1-2 seconds at the most. I have tried some of the recommendations for other post however the
  17. vladromas

    Very slow browsing photos

    Good afternoon! Emby in my Asustor AS3102T is very slow displays photos. I tried different versions Emby and settings, but the display speed of photos and has not improved. miniature displays terribly slow - 20 miniatures for 10 minutes. Emby does not store thumbnails, and create them anew each time? Photo Gallery displays these same photos instantly! photography weigh 3-8 mb Emby displays 100 thumbnails per page and while it will not load them all, I can not begin to view them. Thank you.
  18. I have messed with the stable emby, and the two most recent beta releases. My server is running Unraid and im using the official Emby docker. The server specs are Core i7 4790 with 32GB ram with a 5Gb/s network connection, allot of my media is stored on a separate Synology server that has a 2Gb/s network connection. Just as a reference I have Plex running using the exact same configuration and it is lightning fast. So the issue I am having is that 99% of the time I open the Emby web app, Windows 10 App, or iPhone app, it is excruciatingly slow. I'm talking 5-10min just to load the main scr
  19. Bigstack

    Roku - Live TV Guide - Slugish

    Ok so I got the Emby premier to test everything out before buying lifetime I have some questions before I go fully into this. I am having some issues (or maybe this is just how things are) 1) The TV Guide - On my phone this works great. On my PC this works ever better... On my Roku Premier and my Roku 3 etc. Things ~kinda work... On the roku scrolling through the Guid is painful at best. When i get to the bottom on the current view and go down to continue on it takes a good 2-3 seconds to "load" the next block of channels. In addition scrolling one to the next is rather slow i find myself
  20. cfox10

    Unusable on UN60KU6300

    Converting all of my devices over to Emby as I would like to support the community and I enjoy the interface. Unfortunately the Tizen version of the application is (for my model at least) unusable to say the least. My media collection is large (Nearly 2k movies, mostly HD) which I know plays a part in the issue ~ I hate to mention Plex, but it handled this collection with no issue whatsoever. I don't have the option to sort by release date like I do on the Android version of the Software I'm able to navigate through TV shows, and other smaller collections however it's extremely slow an
  21. I have noticed ever since I have upgraded to Version 3.0.8500.0 the emby web interface has become very unstable. From images not appearing to very slow updating and searching. It appears that emby is utilising many threads and perhaps using more resources. The logs don't really show any reason why? I am using Debian 8. Jessie Any ideas?
  22. hi, i'm having this problem with my emby server that when i play anything on it, localy or from other devices, it becomes really slow and unresponsive. i searched the forums for something similar but could not find anything. while trying to troubleshoot it i noticed that as soon as i start playing something the disk usage of my system rises to 100% and everything becomes slow. and as soon as i stop the playback the disk usage returns to normal: first image is normal workload (gaming, music, ...) second is when i start playback on emby and third is when i stop it. i
  23. memorynet

    Downgrade Emby Debian

    Hi, how do I downgrade the version for debian? After upgrading to the versions 3.0.5984 and 3.0.5985 the Emby this very slow.
  24. I cannot get used to how slow artwork loads and how it doesn't load in the background it has to wait for me to browse the media. Is this normal functionality for emby? It recently asked me to rebuild my library and it's a pain to have to recache all the episode thumbs. they take about 10 seconds to load into kodi on my openelec inter i5 nuc. Prior to emby this was nearly instant, I'm I doing something wrong? TIA!
  25. Sammy

    Guide Slow Loading

    The Guide on Emby Live TV is excruciatingly slow to load and needs several page advances to get to some of the programming I want to tune. I knew I can set Favorites which show up at the top of the guide but sometimes I'm not looking for a Favorite Channel. I suspect that the guide needs to parse data from the internet each time i loads but could this be down with some sort of caching scheme to speed things up? I see this issue with the PlayOn app too so I think it is an issue with Emby that could be improved. Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? Is something in the works for this?
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