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  1. sbm7815

    Slow channel changing

    Hi, I recently purchased a lifetime Emby Premiere license to try Live TV with both of my HDHomeRun Prime tuners. I saw that Emby advertised fast channel changing with a decent guide and the possibility of viewing TV remotely, so I thought this would be a good solution for my needs. I'm running Emby on a Xeon E5-2698V4 with 16GB of RAM, because I wanted fast transcoding times. My client is an Nvidia Shield TV, but I also tested channel changing on the server itself and both are slow. In the beginning it was taking 45 seconds or more to change a channel on my local 1GB network, which was di
  2. i would like assigned at my user only 2 channel from my list. Example http://drive.google.com/open?id=1VKZ74-GN0ES8JDyomMffntT8W-GDLt9x if have 2 tuner with same channel i would like see only one channel and when watching one channel if the fist tuner is busy automatich switch to secondo tuner. Example tuner1 : - Channel 1 - Channel 2 tuner2 : - Channel 1 - Channel 2 In this moment i see channel 1, channel 1, channel 2, channel 2. I would like see channel 1, channel 2 thanks
  3. Anthony Musgrove

    IChannel - searchable?

    Hi all, just a general question regarding implementing a channel. I've implemented the channel using IChannel, and it works great. I'd like to know if it were possible to include the Channel in the Emby Search engine. I found the ISearchableChannel interface, however I've noticed it doesn't implement any functions. I figured maybe it was ISupportsMediaProbe, that also doesn't implement anything. If anyone has experience with Channel development and could shed some light that'd be great. I basically want it searchable, so the user types something into the search box
  4. lifespeed

    Live TV guide channel display?

    Would it be possible to display the channel alongside (underneath, on top?) the channel logo artwork? It is sooooooo difficult to try to decipher these tiny icons, which usually don't have any channel number info. While logos may have some value, and are pretty, the channel number is indispensable while attempting to scroll through what could be hundreds of possibilities. I understand screen real estate is severely limited, but leaving the channel number out just isn't a good UI decision. Something has to give, even if it means fewer lines of guide per screen. We need the channel numb
  5. Kimballslice1890

    Channel Access

    I was looking at this post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-177-manage-your-home-with-emby-users/ And noticed that not only am I missing the "Content Access" section on my user management panel. I am missing "Channel Access" Is this something that is just being posted as a preview for a future release? Channel Access restrictions would be very useful as I have multiple users and only 3 tuners and am looking to restrict specific users to specific live tv channel access in order to keep necessary tuners available and concentrate other users towards a single tuner.
  6. speedingcheetah

    Channels not in order

    Just trying out a Roku Ultra. The channels in the Guide are not in number order....how fix that? see 1st pic Also, how do u get it to look like Emby Theater does and its full screen On Now page < see 2nd pic
  7. Hi there, I have started looking at Emby's plugin API. I have two Plex Plugins I would like to convert for Emby. They are both channel plugins. I was trying out the Channel plugin API and saw the ChannelFolderType option. However, as I found out it does not have an effect. After searching through the source code and running it under a debugger, I found the following line, that prevents this from working: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Common/blob/6ef8705ed609666555894c698dfc140fd8314831/MediaBrowser.Controller/Entities/BaseItem.cs#L2047-L2055 Is there a reason, the line about
  8. Kimballslice1890

    Live TV Channel Numbers in Guide

    Was wondering if there was a way to enable the channel numbers in the Live TV Channel guide on android? I have a lot of channels, searching them hangs up the server and scrolling through them I can easily get lost as to where I am in the lineup.
  9. Kimballslice1890

    Feature Request for Live Tv

    Don't think this feature exists, if it does can someone please tell me how to go about doing it? I would like to limit Live TV channel availability to specific users. For example if I have 10 channels, user 1 can access channels 1-4 while user 2 can access all 10. I know I can manually select available channels for all via the HDHomeRun but its an all or nothing solution.
  10. jasonwilliams

    A Problem Channel - IPTV

    Hello, I have one problem channel when I try to play it over an Emby Connect connection. It works fine on my LAN. I've tried multiple external connections and no matter how fast, this one channel stutters. I've also try lowering the resolution to the minimum and it makes no diff. I can send the M3U for this channel over PM if you need it. I have attached the FFMPEG log. Thanks, Jason FFMPEG.txt
  11. Hello, This is the first time I am making a request, I hope to have answers and I hope that my requests will succeed. I am French and I use Google Traduction because I am not good enough in English to make my requests as well as possible. I would leave in French too, for other French people who use Emby like me. First of all, I am very happy with Emby, it works really well. 1) On Emby Web App and Emby App (Windows and others) Is it possible to embed logos on thumbnails of movies like 3D, HD, SD, Dolby Surround / DTS and more ... And, is it possible to display them in the sheets of films b
  12. arrbee99

    TV channel numbers

    Just wondering - is there any (easy) way to add channel numbers to tv channels. Have added some for a few IPTV channels provided by someone who wrote a collection of them, (all legally available) but non of them have a channel number assigned. If they don't have channel numbers, presumably they can't be accessed using a remote (not that I have one on the PC anyway) ?
  13. Hi there. Wondering if we can have a feature on the home page of the webapp of emby? Looking for an option to add Favorite Live TV Channels. Click on the channel would bring up the channel guid for that channel for the days. Thanks Monkeyslapper
  14. Well done! Damn ISP, block all the fun
  15. Is there anyway to change the channel numbers detected from HDHR in Emby built-in LiveTV? For example in my HDHR lineup channels are numbered starting from 5000 (don't know why exactly and couldn't find a way to change that on the HDHR itself either yet...). It seems that Emby built-in LiveTV is picking up the channel number from HDHR so again in Emby all channels numbers are starting from 5000. What I would like to do is to be able to manually change the channel number from 5067 to 1, or 5033 to 2, etc. I already checked metadata manager and there is a "Sort Title" field there that
  16. I would like to see like to see TV channel type functionality similar to cytube. Where you can create a 'TV station' playlist from videos in your library and people can join in to watch the same stuff that everyone else is watching. Like cytube it doesn't have to be 100% in sync. On the surface it seems pretty simple, keep track of the current video in the playlist and where it would be in relationship to the start time. When a client connects start the client at that spot. When the video is done start the next one. If we could get that it would be great. I looked through the developer
  17. Perhaps someone can help with this... I'm using WMC on Win 10, Serverwmc, Emby. Haupauge quad tuner. I just changed from ASTC to clear QAM cable. WBZ HD (channel 4.1 CBS boston) displays fine on WinTV8 and WMC, and the guide displays fine on WMC. Neither the channel nor the guide will display on Emby. Only this channel is affected. Any ideas? Thanks Bill
  18. Okay the goal of this little script was to remove unwanted TV channels, in my case this dealt with SD channels where I had an HD option available, or foreign language, shopping,..so on and so forth. #Include <Array.au3> #Include <File.au3> ; /////////////////////////////////////////// ; // Array Remove Channels ; /////////////////////////////////////////// Dim $aChannelsToRemove[1] = [0] $aFileList = _FileListToArray( @ScriptDir, 'Remove Channels *.txt' , 1 , True ) For $ii = 1 To $aFileList[0] Dim $aCurrentFileList _FileReadToArray( $aFileList[$ii] , $aCurrentFileList ,
  19. Is there a way to record the same series on 2 separate channels, but not on all channels? I am catching runs of The Big Bang Theory on a local Fox station have it set to One channel, but would like to record the new episodes from CBS, but it seems to be limited to one or the other or all channels Unless I schedule the new episodes individually. Thanks for reading and any help!
  20. Just got the 3.0.8100 update. Noted that the order of the guide channels is now out of order. Instead of starting at 2.1 I have 8 channels (random?) at the beginning starting with 640. Same issue in the Channels tab. Is this a bug? Is there a new way of reordering channels I am unaware of? Screenshots attached Thanks for reading and any help you can provide! Try this again with the screenshots
  21. speedingcheetah

    Guide Formatting issue

    When u view the guide for a single channel....the formatting is messed up. Its all just text and not set up in a table format like it used to be. Does it on all channels. Emby sever Version 3.0.5951.0
  22. RedStripe

    Channel collection

    Has the channel collection option been removed permanently? Thanks
  23. thefirstofthe300

    Jupiter Broadcasting Channel

    Introducing the Jupiter Broadcasting Channel! Now you can watch your favorite Jupiter Broadcasting shows including the Linux Action Show and TechSNAP from your MediaBrowser server. If you like open-source and tech podcasts, check out this network. Release 3.0.5555.17337 Fixed an issue causing Linux Action Show feed to not populate.
  24. Luke

    Channel Guide

  25. Glyde62


    New free streaming site here in Australia Would love a plugin for it ) http://viewlorium.com/
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