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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow Emby Users, lately i encounter extreme loading times, when i open emby on web/mobile app/desktop app it takes 10 seconds easy to load all the preview. Same for searching or any click, it takes ages. Starting a video file sometimes can take up to 30-60 seconds. If i go into the Database Settings and vacuum the database on next start up and restart Emby, everything is blazing fast again as it should be. But pretty much as soon as i start a library scan it slows down pretty fast till it's not usable anymore. A library scan takes +18 hours in this state. The VM is installed on SSDs and runs Ubuntu 22.04 minimal version. I set up a new VM and installed Emby again but i run into the same issues. I am trying to troubleshoot this for a couple of weeks now but i sorta run out of ideas. For storage i use cloud storage mounted via rclone and image extraction off. The VM has 8GB ram and 8 cores of a i9-10850K CPU assigned which is plenty so there shouldn't be any bottleneck. I sadly can't tell when this issue starts if it came with a new Emby version or not since i've got this for a while and only occasionally bothered to check what could cause it, so i have it for a while. If it requires me to test different scenarios and or send more files please let me know. Thanks for any help in advance! embyserver.txt
  2. Hello Guys, I would like to share with you all a way where you can speed up your pc server to help stop freezing, slow performance and many internet problems with one little fix. This has worked for me like a treat and i hope it works for others as well. their is no downloading other software either. To achieve the best results possible run a speed test using this link Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test first to see what your connection is like. you normally look straight at the upload and download speeds don't worry about these just yet, your main focus is the PING speed, as you can see this was mine before i started with the next step. Notice I have a PING of 114ms. this is really bad and needs to be as low as possible, Basically PING is what sends information to one server to the next, having a lower PING speeds will give you better performance with streaming to other tv's, xbox and other devices. this helps with a lot of things such as loading, screen freezing, playback freezing, internet speed, and many more.... Okay so what we need to do is DISABLE NETWORK THROTTLING. DISABLE NETWORK THROTTLING Windows has a built-in setting that limits your bandwidth to what your computer can handle. Results will vary and it might cause more harm than good, but it’s worth playing with the settings to see if it works for you. We’ll need to play with some internet Windows settings, so follow carefully. Step 1. Search Windows for Regedit. Step 2. Follow the the following program path, using the arrow next to each folder to to open the next: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile. Step 3. Whilst you have the SystemProfile folder selected, double click on NetworkThrottlingIndex. Step 4. Change Value data to ffffffff (fx8 times) with the Hexadecimal base still selected. If you want to switch back, the default value is hexadecimal a. Once these steps are complete close everything down and Restart your pc. Once everything is rebooted these setting will take place and you can now run the speed test once more to check the new speeds, as you can see in the picture below i achieved a massive difference having PING 114ms to PING 11ms. With this being lower i then checked all my devices (phone, tv,pc and xbox) all with massive speed and performance increases. I hope this helps anyone that is finding bad connects, low performances, freezing and slow loading. Best Of Luck and hope this helps Onyx
  3. Hi, I have just switch from Plex and have some issues/problems with Emby 1.When i try to play a movie/tv show sometimes i get this error: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available. What can i do? 2.It takes a long time until something plays - like 3x clicks - is this normal, is it my internet, server or tv? Anything i can do about it? It works fine on the computer. Library (Emby is on iMac with Catalina - streaming wirelessly to LG Smart TV (42LB650V-ZN) Emby Theater 1.0.24. IMG_2264.mp4
  4. Skyobliwind

    Web/GUI Performance

    Hi, I couldn't find any post regarding website performance (not Playback), so I start a new one then: I'm not sure If this is the right subforum, but I think it's more general then FreeBSD based. (If not feel free to move it whe it matches better.) First my Setup: Embyplugin on FreeNAS 2Gbits local Connection from the Server 300 Mbits Download 250-300 Mbits Upload to the Internet CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 32GB 3200Mhz ECC Kingston Storage: 120 GB SSD containing FreeNas System 3x5TB 2,5 5600rpm HDD in RaidZ(Raid5 on FreeNas software base) containing the Data Plugins installed: Anime, Cinema Intros, DLNA, DVD Folder Support, Fanart.tv, MovieDB, NFO Metadata, OMDb, OpenSubtitles, PortMapper, Studio Images, TheAudioDb, TheTVDb The Problem: The Webinterface often(not always) reacts slowly, when clicking on my profile for example it sometimes takes 10 seconds, sometimes opens up instant and sometimes doesn't open up until reload... The same can occur on any other button(subpage) in the Interface. The Url instantly changes to the new one, but the page itself doesn't change. What may be the reasons for this? I often read it may be a plugin problem? Or is it the HDDs that are too slow? (But shouldn't the HDDs just impact the Playback/Movie Libary and not the whole interface?) Do you have any tips to improve the performance? I can't imagine the hardware being to slow... Regards
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