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Found 24 results

  1. Georg22

    Extremely Slow

    Hello a question I have a dedicated server yesterday everything worked very quickly and today very slowly until emby builds pictures. and because the film opens, it can take up to 15-20 sec. early 1-2 sec I don't know what that could be My_ Server is Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core Coffee Lake 128 GB DDR4 RAM 2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD (Software-RAID 1) 1 Gbit/s bandwidth
  2. Py7h0n

    Extremely Slow

    Hi all, I've been chasing a huge slowdown in Emby recently and I am stuck - Not normally one to ask for help! Browsing media takes 10-15 seconds to load images. Clicking play can take the same. It used to be instant! I was running the latest production version when I ran into the problem but then decided to build a new Windows server and try the Beta build to try get around the problem. It has however not helped. Emby is running on a Windows 10 VM Xeon D-1521 - 4 cores presented 8GB ram SSD OS - Tested at ~200-500MB/s Storage is running on Freenas and is fast. Tests from the Windows VM run at ~1000MB/s anytime. Emby accesses the storage over standard SMB File shares EmbyServer has no tasks running, one "Admin" user logged on and is constantly using 15-35% CPU. Nothing in the logs I can see? I have also tried to store metadata with the media to try and speed things up but it has not helped. I do have a lot of data it is looking at - Around 27Tb but this has never been an issue before? This is my last attempt to find a solution before I wipe my installation again and try to piece it together manually vs using my backup to see if that helps. Emby is one of 4 VMs on the same SSD / Hardware. Nothing else is running slow. Any suggestions or things to look at? Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys, I just bought emby lifetime and am building a new budget machine for it. I'm building it under the assumption that my GPU is the piece that needs to be the most powerful as it will handle my video en/decodes and the proc/mobo/mem need to be sufficient enough to run windows and emby. Specs: ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX-ac AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Quad Core Radeon RX570 12GB DDR4-2666 (4GB) + 8GB 120GB M.2 boot drive (same performance different size) 1TB,3TB, 3TB 7200 RPM Media Drives Media Background: While a significant portion of my media is 480p encoded with H264 and AAC audio future forward I will only be purchasing blurays to add to my digital collection and will be ripping them with a web optimized H.264 30FPS 8bit color, AAC audio (avcodec) setting with light NLMeans denoise filter. Questions: My Goal is 10 streams at 1080p or lower. Should I return the RX570 for: an RX580/590 - I figure extra the extra oomph and more ram from a stronger card will help me handle more simultaneous streams. It's only 10 bucks more. a 1660 - 10 series and 16 series seems to be recommended with this driver patch that allows unlimited simultaneous streams With Specs Like these, how many concurrent streams can I expect to handle and what could I do to improve it? @ @@Sammy @@lightsout
  4. I'm been using Emby for a few months now, and recently I made a deal and got a GTX 960 Zotac 4GB version. I put this in my media server and enabled hardware encoding on Emby Server. The problem is that I can't stream 4k movies without buffering pauses during playback. The server cannot transcoding more than 20 fps and I always need to pause the video and let the buffer load for a few minutes. There is something hide that I need to enable to get more performance? GPU usage for every 4k stream is around 25% (viewing through Windows Task Manager panel). I know you guys will ask for the logs... which one of them is required? ffmpeg logs.txt server logs.txt
  5. I have wmc channels edited and unchecked all but 52 of the channels I watch. In serverwmc I can see just the 52 channels, but in envy when I ended the guide or channels I get all 800 and it is very slow to load and open ... Several minutes. How can I ensure that envy only loads the 52 active channels that I want to help improve the experience? Thanks
  6. Hi, The music sync performance never has been the best of the world, but it wasn't bad. It's sadly to say that since the last version the performance is horrible. Sorry devs, but I had to say it. I love Emby, but the main reasons to migrate my Plex Server was the music sync. I have to clarify that Plex Server is a fucking nightmare with offline music and Emby is the better option to do this actually. So, I have a list with the main problems with offline music: Not real sync. When Android App die and start again, songs download several times and is necessary to use third party software to clean duplicate files to save storage. When you try to sync playlist or collection with so many songs (500 or more is enough to start the party xD), server and client (android app) goes crazy/slow. Many times, sync process is blocked by a single song. My workaround is edit sync object, delete the blocked song and wait server refresh that song again to include in sync object. After this, sync process start again in some moment, not immediately. I have to clarify that my devices (server and phone) are very powerful: Phone: OnePlus6 (8GB RAM, 8 cores, 128GB internal storage) Server:Dedicated server (bare-metal) in professional hosting. Debian 9 Intel® Xeon® CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz 16GB RAM Emby is running using Docker (18.06.1~ce~3-0~debian) Attaching my personal sync objects. As always, thank for your support.
  7. Kimballslice1890

    Help improving server performance

    I have been running an emby server for about 2 years now. Love the platform and am an emby premier subscriber. I am looking to improve the performance of my emby interface have it be web or app. Currently my emby will have random hangs with a spinning loading circle when just loading content or using the search function has a good couple of seconds before it begins to populate anything. I currently run a workstation with 2 xeon e5 2660, 128gb ddr3 ecc all on a gigabit network with FiOS gigabit 940/880mbps internet connection. I have multiple hard drives installed all minimum 7200rpm. (Users at a given time range from 1-6, the amount of users using does not seem to have an effect as to weather or not I experience the slow hangs) My current emby server runs on a windows server 2008 virtual machine on VMware workstation with 16gb of ram and 16 processing threads dedicated to the VM on a dedicated 7200rpm spinning disk with one of my 5 gigabit nics dedicated specifically to the VM and nothing else. (I have a 120gb SSD installed not in use that I was considering using as a cache drive but am posting here to see if that's the best use). As for my storage I have 2 Netgear readynas raid 5 arrays setup content storage on a network share mapped to the emby server and their gigabit nics are bonded for 2 gigabit total throughout (have tried unbonding and testing performance to see if it caused the hangs and it does not). I also recently purchased an hdhomerun prime and set it up for live TV through emby. I noticed the tv guide and channel population and selecting the channels is very slow even on good connections. (hdhomerun is also connected via gigabit) tried having tuner transcoding on and off, doesn't seem to make a different in speed. My networking equipment are some Netgear unmaneged gigabit gs switched leading into a ubiquiti unifi 8 port managed switch and a unifi usg firewall as my main router/firewall. Given my current setup, is there something that could be configured wrong or that I could improve to increase the performance of my server ? (I apologize for any typos. Typed this up on my phone)
  8. I have a question about performance... I currently have a windows server 2008 R2 x64 with about 40 TB of storage that I am using for my emby server. It has 64GB of memory. It is currently close to being maxed out for space. I am considering options for upgrading the server. Should I go to Windows 10 x64 Pro or should I go with windows server 2012 x64? Anyone notice if there is a performance advantage with using server software as apposed to Standard Windows OS? Would adding a decent video card improve transcoding performance? With some of my videos coming in as 2160p, I have noticed that server2008 struggles to stream it to various devices. What are your thoughts and recommendations? As well does anyone have any apps they use to connect to Emby that work well? thanks... Stan...
  9. keith2045

    Performance issues

    I've recently starting having some performance issues with my setup. I have emby server running on a VM, with 8 cores and 6GB of ram assigned. The guest is running Debian 9(after i rebuilt it from CentOS 7). All of my videos are stored on a NAS (and always have been). I'm able to play short videos (like TV shows) without issues, but i'm not able to watch longer videos (movies). When i start a movie using the FireTV app, i just get the loading icon and eventually it asks if i'm experiencing playback issues. I have 3 different FireTV's setup and they all experience this. Sometimes when i launch the app loading the content (new movies, movies, tv shows, etc...) takes a long time. When using the web interface i experience the same issues with playback. If i restart the server (and sometimes the Amazon fireTV devices) everything works for a while (dont know the exact timing, but works for at east 6 hours), then i start experiencing the same issues again. Everything is hard wired together. I've noticed that when the issue occurs SSH to the server is slow. Attached are some logs, i'll keep digging but has anyone else experienced this? ffmpeg.log server.log
  10. jort

    Performance issues

    I have a server consisting of the following hardware: Asrock N68C-GS FX AMD fx 4800 8 GB of Dual Channel DDR3 1600 RAM A generic usb 3.0 drive as boot drive A seagate barracuda 3TB HDD for media storage Ubuntu server 16.04.3 as OS playback on Chrome on a windows 10 pc When playing videos, the playback seems to drop very often and buffering seems to take forever. However when looking in the dashboard I often see that the server is either direct streaming or transcoding at over 60 frames per second. I also notice that when playing media firstly the process takes up around 60 to 70% of the cpu, at which point the playback is fine. However after some time the process disappears, and the playback stop, it then takes about a good 5 minutes for a new process to start streaming the media again. I have tried reinstalling emby-server as well has tried multiple versions of ffmpeg, however nothing seems to work. I hope someone else can spot the issue and bring me the sweet joy of smooth video playback GeneralLog.txt transcodingLOG.txt
  11. Rithea

    Capacity and Performance

    When I tried to stream multiple devices in a time, I wasn't able to run videos in several devices. It worked okay with auto quality videos, but it stuck completely when playing HD videos.
  12. Hey there, I was just wondering if you guys can suggest any settings, tweaks, hacks, plugins, etc. for pushing the overall streaming performance when multiple users stream media. When I start a 1080p mkv movie ( in this case with dts) which triggers transcoding at 10 mbps the movie runs like it should... but as soon as another user starts streaming a movie like this, it sadly turns into a wallpaper-picture-show. While the overall performance of my server should be more then enough (100+mbit bandwidth, 2 cores, 32gb ram) there seems to be a pretty tight performance bottleneck somewhere and I hope you guys can help me fix that. My goal is to be able to stream for up to 5 users (from different sources like browser, fire stick, apple tv, and so on) at the same time without any lags. what do I need to know and understand here? how to manage this? how/what to tweak? what topics should I look deeper into? Any input on this topic is greatly appreceated for I am new to this software. Thanks in advance Soki
  13. smc007i

    NAS Recommendation

    Hi, Is there a NAS specification/recommendation for running Emby somewhere? I've had Emby running on my main PC and then on a stick PC and they've worked fine for years, but each config has had it's own issue with the way I want to locate and watch my media. I've decided to get a dedicated media NAS that I will keep near my TV (& Roku) and run Emby on, but I can't find any sort of specification or recommendation on what sort of processor, memory, models I should (or should not) consider for my purchase to ensure good performance of a server located on it. Going though the forums each NAS app type obviously has it's own issues (as you'd expect) but there must be some set ups out there that are good? Can anyone please share their NAS spec & experience so I (we) can get some idea which brands/models worth (or not) looking at? The last thing I want to do is fork out a load of cash and find I've bought something which cannot host the server well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. SMc (Lifetime supporter)
  14. emilyjune

    Kudos on remote streaming

    With my kids off to college and my wife and I often travelling, I decided to give remote access/streaming a try. The only glitch I encountered was that I needed to bypass cloudflare. Once I did that Emby 3.0.7200.0 connected and streamed (direct) flawlessly from a Foxconn R20-S4 Atom 330 dual-core with 2GB memory and SSD disk running Windows Homeserver 2011 (through a Linksys E2000 w/ddt-wrt v24-sp2 and Comcast 25mbs service) to my college kid's PC across the state. Her comment was "better than YouTube." She was streaming the Bablylon 5 series (MPEG-4 720x480, AC-3) which I have on a 1TB WD USB drive attached to the Homeserver. CPU rarely went above 25% and total memory ran about 50% (while logged in to the remote Windows GUI). Nice job.
  15. I'm new to Emby and trying to get a optimal setup sorted. I have the following: Emby Server running on Windows Server 2012 running on a new Quad Core low end (new) Xeon Processor, 4GB Ram. Storage is traditional spinning rust. Media is all stored on another Server 2012 OS, running on the same hardware (they are two VMs in the same box) Clients include the web app, the Android app, Windows Theatre and the WMC Client (which I hope to replace with the Win 7 Theatre or even the Win 10 UWP App) I initially tried Emby on CentOS and although everything worked as expected I experienced occasional slowdowns where the server would just stop responding for a minute or two. On Windows it's a lot better however sometimes when loading the libraries from a client it will just hang and not display any media. Flicking between libraries usually resolves the issue if it doesn't load itself after 20 seconds or so. I have experienced this on all clients. My guess is that the storage is just not performing well enough and taking too long to load files, causing a slow down. What I'm going to try next is to do one of the following: Move the Emby server onto an SSD, this should speed up the server itself. Move the media into the Emby server and make it a combined Emby and Media server. This in itself shouldn't really make much difference except from moving the media a little closer to the server. My gut is to move the Emby server itself onto an SSD first and see what it does to the performance. Does anyone with more knowledge and experience of Emby have any suggestions for what I should check or anything else that I can try to improve performance? Cheers, Chris
  16. Trexx

    Support for HW Trancoding

    I have a QNAP TS-453Pro (w/16GB RAM) and recently started looking at Emby as an alternative to Plex. I like that Emby has support for HW transcoding, but it currently appears that it does NOT support QNAP's implementation of it - CodexPack. Are there any plans to build in support for CodexPack, or an option to allow users to repoint to "vendor-specific" files (ffmpeg, etc.)? The CPU utilization w/o the HW Transcoding support is pretty high. Thanks, T.
  17. I started my configuration in a TS-651 with 1GB of RAM. I have around 2000 movies and shows so the response time was rather slow. I upgraded the NAS and added 8GB of RAM. Things went much better after that but noticed that the memory utilization was around 1GB tops so started to check how to assign more memory to the Emby Server processes assuming that it would work better. Found the following link in the Linux forum: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/24529-systemd-supervisor-scripts-and-how-to-make-emby-faster/ Since QNAP runs in a flavor of Linux thought that it could be helpful but couldn't figure it out completely. Anybody knows how to tweak the parameters: MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU and MONO_GC_PARAMS in the post above the recommended values are: environment=MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU="500",MONO_GC_PARAMS="nursery-size=512m" I was thinking on putting them in: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser.sh but wanted to check with the forum first. Thanks in advance.
  18. hhb97b

    loading of a channel

    Hi I would like to say thank you for all the progress made on the live TV functionality. My setup has become a lot more stable after the last couple of release. So thank you I have some question to other who are using TV regarding load performance. First, my setup is an i7 4790k and raid0 with 2 ssd. I am using dvblogic service and dvblogic pluing, which is located on the same machine. The dvblogic service(dvb-c) is 100% stable no issues at all in 8mc. I can load a channel in 3 seconds in 8mc In emby server it takes me around 30 seconds to show picture from a HD channel. 22 of the 30 seconds goes with ffprobe process (it seems like the ffprobe process is called twice, but not sure). ffmpeg process uses the last seconds. In emby theater the picture is shown after 22 seconds, because no transcoding is done. Are other people seeing the same load times? Is there anything one can try to improve the loading for channels?
  19. apologies for the following comparison with Plex, i hope a comparison is reasonable/helpful in this instance..... Whilst investigating an issue the other day i had cause to look at the raw emby and Plex databases. . I noticed that the Plex has 1 database with different tables for different datatypes, and precooked indexes to speed up common select statements, with an app memory footprint 1/20th-1/50th of emby and a speed of anywhere between same to 50 times slower on the same hardware...for similar user functions eg. show album artists.. I noticed emby has a few separate database, and uses blobs to store text attributes for media parts....with less separation of data types into table types...and no? person/artist database Is album artist performance slow for large collections because their is no table dedicated to people/artists which can be queried immediately and indexed? The design decision of emby to support multiple album artists, album as well as artist bios, rich image metadata, gives emby the potential of being best for music, but currently the performance is seriously hampering the product (imo for use with larger collections). Could the devs share their thoughts on DB design/album artist performance?..this is what i am selfishly interested in...perhaps there are others too...please speak up/lend weight to discussion. thanks
  20. Version 3.0.5289.18702 there seems to be a significant performance bottleneck with persons and artists views in the dashboard, and its not related to cpu or disk subsystem performance. perhaps the database is the constraint along with the query. (roku and android clients dont seem affected but then their views have more spurious entries) all my content is stored locally on 5400rpm hdds my.application /ibn is stored on SSD (across 2 partitions of same ssd) all my views are 500 large (500 for movies, albums, persons and artists) q6600, 4x3.2ghzcpu 6Gb ram win7sp1 if i click (in dashboard) (views configured 500 large) home - movies - movies....the 1st 500 movies are shown <1second home - movies - persons....it take 20seconds to show persons.. likewise albums <1s artist or album artists >20 seconds. It is 100% reproducible for me and make no difference how many times the query is run (ie same after all images are cached etc the cpu and hdds are not breaking a sweat when viewed in perfmon. 2014-07-06 11:45:56.0530 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/Artists/AlbumArtists?SortBy=SortName&SortOrder=Ascending&Recursive=true&Fields=DateCreated&StartIndex=0&ParentId=ad14e238b35e6a32a39d2ef9c1a779f3&Limit=500&userId=59543acb15f7ccd6012f4447c75b0cf2 2014-07-06 11:46:18.9273 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:55920. Response time: 22874.3084 ms FWIW the time for artists query grows somewhat linearly as the the number of objects increases, but even with 20 objects it is slow 2014-07-06 12:11:55.0781 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/Artists?SortBy=SortName&SortOrder=Ascending&Recursive=true&Fields=DateCreated&StartIndex=0&ParentId=ad14e238b35e6a32a39d2ef9c1a779f3&Limit=20&userId=59543acb15f7ccd6012f4447c75b0cf2 2014-07-06 12:11:56.3852 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:56748. Response time: 1307.0747 ms 400 albums <.2 sec 2014-07-06 12:15:55.5739 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/Users/59543acb15f7ccd6012f4447c75b0cf2/Items?SortBy=AlbumArtist%2CSortName&SortOrder=Ascending&IncludeItemTypes=MusicAlbum&Recursive=true&Fields=PrimaryImageAspectRatio&StartIndex=0&ParentId=ad14e238b35e6a32a39d2ef9c1a779f3&Limit=400 2014-07-06 12:15:55.7699 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to [::1]:56753. Response time: 196.0112 ms whole log https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/server-63540244767.txt
  21. sangerhonda

    Performance on MB3 vs MB2?

    I'll start off by saying I am no expert and any help is appreciated. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get the log files, so I will get them up tonight after work. My home setup was the following: Home Server running WHS2011 4 Media Center PC's and 1 gaming system all with Win7 All behind a 1Gb switch All Media centers ran MB2 with core AVC and ffdshow One of the media centers was giving me issues so I wanted to do a clean install and I decided to load win8.1 and Media Browser 3 classic. I decided to try LAV for the codecs. On the Server I loaded Media Browser 3 Server. Everything works but performance is slow. What i mean by this, is when I am running a movie and I forward a couple times, it takes a few minutes for the movie to start playing again. I tried different movies and get the same results. I never had or currently have this issue with my other MB2 client systems that connect to the WHS directly without MB3 server. Is this expected? From a networking perspective, with MB3 server on WHS, does the MB3 client have to go through the gateway and before with MB2 it didn't? I am guessing here.
  22. I am enjoying the functionality of MB Server, MB Classic and MB for Android -- many thanks to all developers! I have re-ripped my DVDs and Blu-Rays into MKV containers with the original CODECs for video and audio (some MPG2, some AVC, some VC1, some Dolby TrueHD, some DTS-MA, etcetera). When playing on my CinemaPC media center computers (Win7x64) with all the necessary CODECs available, performance is of course flawless and not a burden on any of the processors. When streaming to Android, the burden on the MB Server's CPU is about 90% throughout the streaming, and responsiveness of the Android client is very slow if I attempt to advance along the timeline. I can surely adjust the bitrates in the Android client, but do not want to bump it up above the level where pauses will occur while streaming over non-wifi connection (Verizon 4G typically). I'm posting my MB Server specs below, and ask anyone's help in understanding the parameters, variables, or factors that I might consider as I try to improve Android client performance. Intel i5-2500k at 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM, nvidia 430 MB Server 3.0.5171.19958 MB Classic 2-12.2 MB Android 1.0.19
  23. Just upgraded from MB2 about four days ago. My wife complained to me that video was randomly becoming laggy and stuttering for short periods. I noticed it myself and had a look. Looks to me like whenever the library scan kicks in the performance drops way down. I noticed that everytime a scan occurs it starts hitting the internet for metadata, but MBS appears to ignore the [dontfetchmeta] tag and everytime a scan occurs it requests metadata for the same stuff it failed to find last time it ran. Runs for about 5-10 minutes and then performance picks back up. I disabled getting metadata from the internet and this solved the problem, but makes me sad. :-( Currently running MBC and MBS on same machine. Server:Version 3.0.5070.20258 MB-Classic B11-3.1
  24. Hi, I've just rebuilt both my media systems using MB3. Both are functionally stand-alone systems as the media library is on a Linux server via smb, configured using UNC paths in MB. Both are WIn 7 ultimate, one 32 bit & one 64 bit. LAV codecs on both. Both use the basic theme, no plugins & everything set to Coverflow display format. The video side (TV & Movies etc) seems to work pretty well. The only oddities are: Scrolling through collections is a bit 'jumpy' - the side to side scroll is nowhere near as smooth as the older version & does not seem to be dependant on CPU / Graphics capability. After a video finishing or being stopped, it seems to take a few seconds after the collection has appeared before it can be scrolled again. Going to the 'actor' tab within movie info screen seems to cause a temporary lockup, there is a long delay. It was near enough instant in MB2 with the same imagesbyname folder. The music side - which is more important to me - is virtually unusable. [You typically select TV/Movies every hour or two; you need to locate dozens of music tracks to fill an evening]. I have two collections set up, Albums & Years. All files are properly tagged 320K MP3s. The basic display of Albums sorts by album title and does not show the artist name. I can understand metadata being used while displaying tracks, but it appears to be using metadata from a random(?) track with a folder to attempt to display a name rather than use the folder name, which I always have in artist-title format for albums. This is not that good for single artists albums, but considering roughly half my album collection is 'various artists' compilations it effectively makes the whole thing pretty much unusable. When viewing the tracks within an album folder, the Artist name is not shown for the track, just the track title. Again, bad enough when the albums don't have artist shown & complete nonsense in Various Artist albums. The other half of my audio collection is singles arranged in decade/year folders, many thousands of tracks from the UK Top Twenty. (CD singles are a penny each on Amazon UK..) Effectively, each year is a giant 'various artists' album. Again the folder names are not used for sorting, it picks out random info from files within and the resulting 'sort' is completely nonsensical - the years within a decade can appear in any order & the tracks within a year (which can have 200 - 300+ singles) are approximately by track title. I have all extra sort / grouping options turned off, I just want folder names unless I'm looking at tracks. The original music plugin on MB2 worked perfectly & the displayed info was fully configurable by metadata field names. I've been using this as my main system until a recent hard drive failure forced a rebuild. The second version of the plugin did not do this, but apparently due to limitations in available metadata. Looking through the developer wiki, MB3 definitely has all required data & metadata available - please make the displayed info fully configurable at both folder and file level, it's pretty much useless to any serious music collector as it stands. [i have often several and occasionally thirty or more versions of some tracks - all different from different studio/live/album/single releases; I don't want any form of automated grouping, I want to be able to select which album or year/single I'm playing. I would consider a moderate bounty on the properly configurable setup]. There is one oddity in the music playing side; when a track finishes or is stopped, the album or folder content re-appear - but the scrolling does not work for a few seconds then jumps erratically with long delays. Exiting the folder & re-selecting it cures this. After trying it while checking log files this morning, I discovered that this only happens if the WMC window is above a certain size... Running in a small window it's perfect, but when the window is stretched beyond a certain point (or maximised) it goes jerky-mode again after stopping a file. Possibly a memory buffer too small somewhere? Software versions: Server 3.0.5031.21343 Client B10-17.2 Both machines are uses as dedicated HTPCs, the 32 bit one has 4GB RAM & the 64 bit 8 GB RAM. Both have HDMI connections to 1080p TVs, via 7.1 amps. All metadata fetching is turned off in MB3, media management is done from another machine & using Media Centre Master for movie & TV metadata. Re. the Linux server being developed - I'm a long time Linux user & my main media collection is accessed via a Linux machine (it's on iSCSI arrays behind a Centos system). If I can be of help testing, or programming when time permits, please let me know.
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