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Found 9 results

  1. Kimballslice1890

    Scan Media Library Hanging

    Not sure if it was a result of server release or TVDB release 1.07 but my library scans have been hanging at 92.3% going on at least 6 hours now and the server has slow responses while this is happening. My emby server hung up 2 days ago and I had to do a full restart of the VM, not sure if it was because of the library scan or not. There are no issues with the storage locations in which my media is hosted. I searched the forums and didn't see anyone else reporting such issue.
  2. Natilus13

    Playback freezes when outside of LAN

    Hello all, Has anyone else run into issues with playback when off your local network? I have had users reporting this recently (I believe only since updating to server v4.x) and have not had any luck in resolving it, I have tried adjusting the transcoding options, and even turning it off. I have also had the users try using much lower quality settings on their end. It all made no difference. Users are trying to playback files using various methods and it is always them same. While on my LAN, everything runs smooth as butter though. Would love to get some help trying to troubleshoot this. Thanks! N
  3. Kimballslice1890

    Help improving server performance

    I have been running an emby server for about 2 years now. Love the platform and am an emby premier subscriber. I am looking to improve the performance of my emby interface have it be web or app. Currently my emby will have random hangs with a spinning loading circle when just loading content or using the search function has a good couple of seconds before it begins to populate anything. I currently run a workstation with 2 xeon e5 2660, 128gb ddr3 ecc all on a gigabit network with FiOS gigabit 940/880mbps internet connection. I have multiple hard drives installed all minimum 7200rpm. (Users at a given time range from 1-6, the amount of users using does not seem to have an effect as to weather or not I experience the slow hangs) My current emby server runs on a windows server 2008 virtual machine on VMware workstation with 16gb of ram and 16 processing threads dedicated to the VM on a dedicated 7200rpm spinning disk with one of my 5 gigabit nics dedicated specifically to the VM and nothing else. (I have a 120gb SSD installed not in use that I was considering using as a cache drive but am posting here to see if that's the best use). As for my storage I have 2 Netgear readynas raid 5 arrays setup content storage on a network share mapped to the emby server and their gigabit nics are bonded for 2 gigabit total throughout (have tried unbonding and testing performance to see if it caused the hangs and it does not). I also recently purchased an hdhomerun prime and set it up for live TV through emby. I noticed the tv guide and channel population and selecting the channels is very slow even on good connections. (hdhomerun is also connected via gigabit) tried having tuner transcoding on and off, doesn't seem to make a different in speed. My networking equipment are some Netgear unmaneged gigabit gs switched leading into a ubiquiti unifi 8 port managed switch and a unifi usg firewall as my main router/firewall. Given my current setup, is there something that could be configured wrong or that I could improve to increase the performance of my server ? (I apologize for any typos. Typed this up on my phone)
  4. I have a problem with recorded shows. (Have not yet organized my dvd's to emby, so I don't know about movies). I have set Emby to start recording a few minutes before scheduled start, which works as intended. This means that I need to stap a bit forward to find the "intended" recording". I do that using the time bar at the bottom of the screen. It's sometimes painfully slow, or seems to hang completely. (for minutes, until I give up and go back to the Emby main screen). When it (seems to) hang, I can't resume the playback (it's selectable, but I just get black screen). I have to start the recording from it's beginning, and the skip into the recording. Anyone else experiencing slow response when skipping tinto a recording? Am I doing it wrong when úsing the time bar at the bottom of screen? Is there a keyboard shortcut or other/better means of jumping in time of a recording?
  5. Good evening everybody! I just switched to emby from several years of Plex usage - and so far, I'm loving it. Old setup: Synology Storage with Plex running on it, clients connecting via regular Plex Players or Kodi with PlexBMC-Plugin. Worked until the load on the synologies cpu got too high. New setup: Synology hosts movies and tv shows on samba shares, emby is running on a windows 10 machine (in my own user account), accessing these samba shares. First client is Kodi with emby plugin, accessing via local network (= running on the same machine). First problem: While setting the libs up, I had to enable the guest account on the synology just to make the samba shares visible to emby. (They were mounted in windows with my credentials). Adding the unc-Paths didn't help. But ok, guest access to these 2 shares is fine. Important problem: While playing tv shows, the playback hangs after ~60 Minutes. No matter if I started a new episode in between. It just hangs and after some seconds the playback completely stops (or starts the next episode, depending on the playlist). I already found out that my samba connection seems to drop in that moment. At least windows reports the shares as disconnected and it has some trouble reconnecting to them. That lasts for 1-2 Minutes, then everything is back to normal - until the next 60 Minutes pass. Also the synology doesn't show my cifs-shares as in use (and corrects that info after windows managed to connect back). I haven't tried to reproduce it with playback in my browser or with active transcoding. Did I miss anything? Can someone help me?
  6. Sicorius

    Server Hang

    First of all, good morning. I am having issues where the home page portion of the server does not want to load, even after server restart. All I get get is the waiting circle and nothing else loads. This happens both in a web browsers and within the Android apps. The setup side of the server does load and allow me to make settings changes. In addition, the reporting side does not appear to be working either. No data is displayed. I have been a Premier member since this weekend as I am looking for alternatives to Plex and if I cant get this resolved within the month, I will have to cancel emby. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Sicorius Update: This happens regardless if I come in through emby.media or via IP address.
  7. Windows Server 2012r2 Datacenter Emby Server version 3.0.5785.0 Run server at startup is selected in Advanced Basically, when Emby is told to restart either via the web interface (Chrome) or right click on the systray icon and select restart, it fails to restart 99.9% of the time. It must be manually restarted. Rarely, best guestimate/swag, Emby will restart after an automatic update to Emby 10% of the time, if that. Daily, swag again, Emby will execute start a new log file 99% of the time successfully. To try to lend some feedback, I removed all of my plugins, scanned my library, ran a database cleanup, and rebooted the operating system. 1. Emby started successfully on reboot. 2. Used Chrome to try to restart through the web interface, had to be restarted manually. 3. Used Chrome to enable advanced->debug, try to restart through the web interface, had to be restarted manually. 4. Right click on the systray icon and select restart, had to be restarted manually. Logs attached. I've seen this reported in various threads over a fairly long period of time, but I haven't seen any resolution. I don't recall when I first experienced this, but it has been for at least a few months. It is most evident when the server updates over night and I receive a phone call the next day that nobody can access the media server... server-63588284140.txt server-63588283979.txt server-63588283763.txt server-63588283635.txt server-63588283567.txt server-63588283410.txt server-63588283191.txt server-63588283035.txt server-63588282816.txt server-63588282091.txt
  8. I have been having this intermittent issue with the initial sync causing a hang on my FireTv's, I thought maybe it was attributed to using incremental sync so I disabled that; however, the problem persists. It just did it on my Windows box so I grabbed the log file quickly and it's the same error. Doesn't do it every time, and restarting Kodi nearly always fixes it, but it probably does it 50% of the time none the less. Any idea where I should go from here? In this case, this is a nearly sterile install of 15.2 RC3 as I just reinstalled Windows last weekend on this box and haven't added any addons to speak of. Any chance the 1.1.48 release will address this?> kodi - Copy.log
  9. With the update to Media Browser 3.0.5264.17006 I had a problem where my Roku channel wouldn't open. Now I'm having a problem where the library scan is hanging. I noticed it last night--the media library scan would get stuck at 55% and never move past. I finally turned off the SPI Firewall on my router while tinkering with different settings and the scan completed quickly without any issues. The router firewall was always on when using MediaBrowser and I have never changed any settings in it. Any idea why there would suddenly be a problem with the new MediaBrowser release? I tried to upload two server files but the first was 780kb so the system would not let me upload it. Joe Smart server-63537306383.txt
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