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Found 4 results

  1. hi, i'm having this problem with my emby server that when i play anything on it, localy or from other devices, it becomes really slow and unresponsive. i searched the forums for something similar but could not find anything. while trying to troubleshoot it i noticed that as soon as i start playing something the disk usage of my system rises to 100% and everything becomes slow. and as soon as i stop the playback the disk usage returns to normal: first image is normal workload (gaming, music, ...) second is when i start playback on emby and third is when i stop it. im running version 3.0.7200.0 and i get this problem in my server accessing it from any device or browser any ideas? sorry for the bad english and thanks in advance server-63610790400.txt
  2. I'm running the latest stable version of Emby on a CentOS 7 VM on Hyper-V 2012 R2 with the latest updates. The VM is configured with 3GB of RAM and 4 vCPUs (the host is running a Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30GHz -4 cores + HT, 8 logical cores,-). The vNIC is configured using a NIC team on the host, so network connection is redudant and there is more bandwidth available. I only have 2 concurrent users at most, from time to time but usually just me. A couple of nights ago I was watching an episode of one of the shows using the Samsung TV app when suddenly playback stopped and the app went back to the episode information page reporting a "Network connection error". This happened already a couple of times, always using the same app, but it was only the other night that I started to dig into it. An important detail is that the Samsung app is not doing any transcoding on the server side, just direct streaming. So far I couldn't find any network related issue (actually the network is very performant) or problems in the VM or Hypervisor itself. What I did find that it's quite surprising is that in emby-server logs I can see more than a few responses taking a very long time, in the order of the couple of seconds, or even more. While tailing emby-server log during normal playback I also checked the CPU, disk and memory usage. Since no transcoding is done, the CPUs are practically idle, less than 2% used. The disks (RAID 1+0 on a HP Smartarray P222 hardware raid card) are also barely used, but yet I keep seeing responses from time to time taking more than 2 o 3 seconds. Anothe thing that called my attention is that many, many responses are returning a code 500 (internal server error?). But I don't see any affection on the user experience at all. Please find attached a couple of server logs in case you want to take a look at them. Right now I'm pretty much lost on why this responses return a 500 code, and even more surprised that sometimes the response time is so high, even when the VM is practically idling. server-63584956811.txt.gz server-63585043210.txt.gz server-63585129600.txt.gz server-63585206083.txt.gz server-63585206858.txt.gz server-63585216010.txt.gz
  3. Hi, I am pulling my hair out trying to get emby to even work any more. It was working fairly well until the past couple of updates then everything just fell apart. I have the memory leak that others have mentioned with emby tv. when I try to launch emby most of the time it will just clock for several minutes. if, and that's a big if I get into emby, tv shows and movies load very slowly. I select tv shows for example usually it will be a blank screen and tv shows don't show up, same thing with moves. and it takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute or more to load. when I select a show I have to sit another minute or more. most of the time I get a wait or close dialog box and no matter what I choose, I have to wait and just end up ending task. this all happened within the last few updates. as new versions came out it gradually got worse and worse. the only pattern I notice on all my media center logs is 5715,Error,,Error getting response from http://server which to me would indicate hardware issue, but I checked everything and nothing is wrong. I/o speed for the array is strong, the server never goes to sleep and neither do the harddrives. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the server and clients serveral times. no changes. Any ideas? I am really at a loss at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! MBClassic-9112015683b39771f2342aca11262ea757f80c4.log
  4. RedStripe

    No response

    Dear Moderator, Developer and/or Administrator, Have I done or said something to tic you guys off and cause you to stop responding to my posts (server)?! With regard to my posts, your superior responsiveness of the past has been dwindling to the point that I have received no response to my last couple of posts in addition, to partial or no response to a few other posts in the recent past. Perhaps I am doing or have done something wrong?...I would strive to correct it if I knew what the problem might be. If it is a matter of you guys being swamped at the current time, perhaps there is some way to let those of us waiting for a response know that we are not simply being ignored. I've looked in on a couple of other threads that appear to have a near real-time (complete exaggeration, but I did observe a steady and ongoing) back-and-forth between poster and admin/dev/mod. I have received no response to posts on 17 Apr 2014, 10 May 2014, 11 Jun 2014, (2 posts on) 22 Jun 2014 and 17 Jul 2014. I think there are others but I think this demonstrates my concern. Based on past history I am sure that there is some mis-communication or some circumstance(s) I am unaware of, in any case please advise me as to what my expectations should be regarding my posts currently awaiting responses and my future posts. If you do plan on responding to any of my post, I'd like to indicate that at this point in time, I am only concerned with my 17 Jul 2014 & 20 Jul 2014 posts. Thank you for your attention.
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