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  1. Hi guys, I wanted to move from plex to emby since a while for multiple reasons. I decided to make this guide first because I want to give back something to the amazing community behind UNRAID/REDDIT/EMBY and second because I couldn't find a step by step guide so I thought it would be nice to have a lot of useful information in a single place. If you just want to setup the hardware transcoding using intel quick sync video in emby on unraid go directly to STEP 8. I take also the opportunity to thank spaceinvaderone for the amazing videos he made about UNRAID, I learned a lot, and t
  2. shaefurr

    Gamebrowser Guide

    Gamebrowser The Gamebrowser plugin brings game support to your living room, GameBrowser fetches game art and metadata automatically, and launches games using supported Emby clients. Get started with the correct folder structure The first thing you will want to do is make sure your games have the ideal folder structure, Start with a ROOT Games folder, then each game console should be in its own folder, with each game in their own subfolders. Games > ATARI > Asteroids > Asteroids.a26 > Pitfall > Pitfall.a26 > SNES > Donkey Kong Country >
  3. Hi - I am using Emby (latest version on a Fire TV and always had this problem for the past year, even with previous versions. I am using Emby's Guide Data. I am currently getting OTA through Locast, but this exact same problem occurred when I had OTA channels with HDHomerun. Here is: - When opening the live tv guide, I see the list of channels and programming starting from the top (see print screen 1) which is for me starts with channel 2.1 CBS since I sort them by channel number. When I scroll down the channels, I see all channels and program data. For example, scrolling down to
  4. mickeyfinn

    Live TV Channel Groups

    It would be great to be able to configure channel groups in LiveTV, which can be selected in the guide view (maybe as tabs) so that we can more quickly navigate to preferred channels using the d-pad. Perhaps start with Favorites by default, but be able to add custom groups (similar to collections) which we can add channels to (Network, Premium, Basic Cable, Kids, News etc.).
  5. I am fairly new to Live TV in Emby, and have only just started to test it out. I have an IPTV service which is working in EMBY, and contains channels for the USA (I live in the UK). Currently I will be keeping these channels, but was wondering, using Emby Guide data, which is the best zipcode & service to pull data from which would give me the most channels (I know some I will have to add other guides) Many thanks inadvance for your help and info
  6. Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro with Android TV The home screen tool bar things. called "Channels" I have one for Emby, "Live TV" It only puts 3 icons there, On Now, Live TV Guide, Recordings. The On Now does not always go to the On Now screen, say if i was in a tv series folder or else where previously, it will just load back to that page and not On Now. Ideally, would like to the list of On Now programs be the "Channels" banner thing on the home screen, so I can just scroll through what is on now on the atv home screen, like i can with the butil in "Channels" live app, or Cha
  7. philnick

    Live TV Guide

    Hi All I have just moved over to Emby from Plex and I have setup my Live TV via IPTV in the App from my supplier. The channels download and play OK but I cannot get the Guide to show what is on....nothing shows only the channel names. The format of my M3U statement is https://website link/my username/password - do I need to get some additional settings from my IPTV supplier? I am using the app on a samsung tv Thanks Phil
  8. Hi All, The recent upgrade to 4.3.3 states "Performance improvement to TV guide', But I am not seeing anything on my setup. My setup is Andriod TV on an Nvidia Shield, connecting directly to a Synology NAS via managed hub on the same VLAN. The NAS runs the Emby Server which also connects to a HD Homerun Quattro, also on the same hub and VLAN. My issue is with scrolling through the TV guide If you scroll through the guide with the BBC channel highlighted, I can scroll forward through programmes for weeks, no problem. But if if I select another channel to be highlighted such as ITV2
  9. MadibaJ

    Xmltv Enhancer

    I’d like there to be an option for the tvguide xmltv to be enhanced using tvdb or moviedb data. Also useful would be to tag the scheduled recordings with a tvdb Id so it fetches the correct metadata and matches shows more easily.
  10. lifespeed

    Live TV guide channel display?

    Would it be possible to display the channel alongside (underneath, on top?) the channel logo artwork? It is sooooooo difficult to try to decipher these tiny icons, which usually don't have any channel number info. While logos may have some value, and are pretty, the channel number is indispensable while attempting to scroll through what could be hundreds of possibilities. I understand screen real estate is severely limited, but leaving the channel number out just isn't a good UI decision. Something has to give, even if it means fewer lines of guide per screen. We need the channel numb
  11. speedingcheetah

    Emby Guide Data vs Schedules Direct?

    I just noticed that there is a "Emby Guide Data" option to use as source for Guide. How does this compare to Schedules Direct? I deleted S.D and switched to E.G.D. as it seem that is free?? I can't see any differance, or than more tags seem to show up, like NEW and Repeat... (I've been paying for S.D each year now, had no idea Emby had a free data source option)
  12. h0ttz

    I have my Emby Server configured to get two files from my provider: - "channels.m3u" (playlist) - "guide.xml" (EPG) I scheduled to update once a day 11:30pm ET. I was checking my provider (IIS log file), there is 1 request for the channels.m3u file and there are 220 requests for the guide.xml in 25min. I don't think this is correct behavior for the guide.xml (EPG)... it is requesting too many times.... this process should download once and parse the XML data. As you can see the channels.m3u file it was okay, There was only one request to get the file. I asked a friend to
  13. Recent Premier Emby user in USA and Emby Guide (14 days of data) seemed to be working great until MCE (Win 8.1) EPG Guide data went away. Now I can only get OTA EPG guide data (via NextPVR, i believe) for one day at most! I don't have officially supported tuners so apparently I cannot map channels either? because I don't receive OTA EPG data in Emby for ZIP 46808 (Fort Wayne, IN) I thought that Emby Premier included EPG guide data? Sorry if I'm confused but I couldn't find my exact problem in the forums Thanks!
  14. speedingcheetah

    25.6 GETTV wrong gudie info

    @@ebr KJNKLD6 (GETTV) 25.6 is showing the guide data for KJNKLD (TELE) 25.1 25.6 shows up in the channel map under the correct call sign but guide data is for other channel lineup USA-OTA55426
  15. I have a series recording scheduled. When clicking on the show from the guide while it is currently recording, does not play the recording. It goes straight to live. Once there, you cannot even scrub back to the beginning. It doesn't show up under "Recordings" or "Schedule". Am I doing something wrong? How do I watch a series while it is recording?
  16. I have noticed that the Emby Theater for Windows (as well as the web browser playback) is lacking some of the UI elements/features of the Android TV app during Live TV playback. Such as the mini bar style guide option, and the Also On bar, with the shows thumbnails. Really would like to see these elements added to the Windows Theater and web player. As it stands, in Theater and web, u can not view the Guide or On Now unless u stop play back entirely and navigate back to those pages. It just just has a much more basic toolbar at the bottom. The bottom tool bar is much better in
  17. speedingcheetah

    Channels not in order

    Just trying out a Roku Ultra. The channels in the Guide are not in number order....how fix that? see 1st pic Also, how do u get it to look like Emby Theater does and its full screen On Now page < see 2nd pic
  18. Hi *, the following problem seems not to be a general problem of the LG app, I have 3 LG TVs and one is displaying the guide correctly while the other two do not The attached screen is taken from my LG OLED65C7... it seems it tries to display to many rows so the current selected show that is shown at the bottom of the epg is overwritten by the epg grid. On the TV in my bedroom (LG 43UK6300LLB) it is displayed correctly. don't know if this behavior is already known to you ;-) greetz
  19. Great job bringing built-in TV without plugins! The "Channels" tab allows filtering (favorites, likes, dislikes). That is very useful. It would be even more useful to have such filters on the "Guide" tab. I hope that is possible, even simply implemented. Thanks for the continued great work!
  20. Hi relatively new to Emby coming over from Plex. Thank you for a great usable product that just works. So I'm not sure this is a new feature request or more a just trying to understand how listing shows works. So first, I am using Emby as a DVR on Unraid and currently using the Beta version. What I am looking for is when I select shows by clicking Guide then Programs and then Shows, that it then just lists on one thumbnail of a show that are upcoming for the next two weeks (or whatever guide data time you have). I have played with the filters and I think what I should see with
  21. josenightbreed

    Guide not refreshing on schedule correctly

    Hi! My guide is not refreshing correctly under some conditions, I have my pc bios set up to boot turn on the pc at 7am daily, (I'm old school, i turn off my pc when i go to sleep lol), i made a task to refresh the guide at 9am daily because my iptv provider only gives me 24 hours of guide and the provider refreshes the guide at around 6:30pm so i have another schedule to refresh at 7pm. My problem is that while emby runs and functions as soon as the pc boots into windows without any user logged in, (that part makes me happy), the guide refresh at 9am does not work it seems because when i
  22. Hi, I'm a newbie to Emby and I'm trying it out working with my M3U playlist. When I've imported the M3U playlist only some of the channels are listed I've identified with BBC One (listed) and BBC One HD (unlisted) Then i've cut back the M3u list only to include those: #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="BBC One HD" tvg-id="BBC1.uk" tvg-logo="http://vod6.service.tv:8080/logos/bbc%20one%20hd.png"group-title="United Kingdom",BBC One HD http://Service.tv/live/user/pass/2464.ts #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="BBC One" tvg-id="BBC1.uk" tvg-logo="http://vod6.service.tv:8080/logos/BBC%20one.png"group-titl
  23. bgeelen

    Filter channels from overviews

    Hi guys, I'm working with the awsome Live tv integration. My setup is Tvheadend as backend. I use iptv-epg.com for guide data, which gives me all the nice and rich epg functinos i want. The only issue i'm having is with adult channels. Now i don't want to exclude them in total from my account, but i don;t want them to be present up front. If i go to the live tv section now, and the row with movies and on now is flooded with aldult movies. I want the channels to show up in the general grid epg view, and in the channels, but i want emby to ignore it in all the overviews a
  24. When I use the guide and tap play a currently active live tv program, it plays it fine but the Emby bottom Nav bar does not auto hide with the top UI elements. It stays there and never hides, even when u toggle buttons like pause etc. When I launch Live tv program from the Programs tab, On Now etc sections area(not in the guide) it auto hides fine. The only thing i notice that is different about these 2 processes of starting a active live tv program, is that the "program info" page does not come up when u launch from the Guide. That page does come up from the Programs tab, then u cl
  25. Title says it all. On some channels icons are missing. On others the icons on there. When I first set up Emby on Jan 29 all of the icons were there. Anyone know how to fix it? To rule out mobile client issues (even though I noticed it on iOS), I opened up a Chrome browser and the issue is still there. I am using Emby's built-in guide (since I didn't want to pay for a guide and emby provides it so I figured it would be the "most supported" option) These channels are at the top of the guide (there are more with no icons but this is just a subset). And here are some with icons.
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