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Found 16 results

  1. Unless I'm being a bit blind (highly possible!), I'd love a way to hide a couple of the top green navigation items without hacking it in myself. For example, in Movies I don't want the 'Trailers' item to appear for any profile and for TV I don't need the 'Upcoming' nav link. Obviously not a major issue but thought it would be a nice thing to have, perhaps allowing them to be re-ordered like the home page items but again just a nice extra,
  2. Preface All of the media I'm testing have previously worked flawlessly in the current environment. Meaning my network topography/speed has not changed. I cannot say for sure when this problem began as I rarely need to use a browser to access my Emby personally, however I had a user report issues a few weeks ago. I gave it very little thought until I had reason to use a browser recently and I ran into problems. Problem Recently (within the last few weeks), Emby playback within my web-browser has begun giving me the following error: Testing I have tested with various browser
  3. blastbass

    New way to update Emby-Server ?

    Hello, It's probably said many time, but what is the new way to update my emby-server without lose any config or data ? I don't want to lose special data (devices keys/hash not saved with the backup plugin) I'm run on Debian with an "apt-get" installation. No new version when i try the "apt-get update". Do you have a full procedure to upgrade to the further versions ?
  4. Hello, i've been starting to use emby server in this week and although there is already a dashboard to manage emby server, such as creating users and stuff, i'd like to use my own admin panel already done that was written in php. I'd like to know if it is possible to access emby's dashboard options through another panel created by myself through an API, remote access or something similar, and if so, i'd like to know how because i'm new at this .
  5. zetatec

    Intercept video playback

    Hello. I am a programmer in PHP and JAVA, although I know a little about C, I have no command of the language. Following the wiki I managed to generate the base of a plugin. When reading about "Automatic Type Discovery", it was not clear if any of the classes met my need. I don't know if it goes against politics either. But I need my plugin to be able to be called via url scheme. Something like: plugin://example.plugin?id =FILEID The idea is that when recording a .strm with this content and reproducing it, the plugin intercepts the reproduction and delivers the video file. PS: I am usin
  6. I have a Macbook Pro 15" for mid 2012 with 16GB RAM. Whenever I run emby server the fans kick in 100% and never stop while emby server is running. First question: Is this normal? PS: I am not running anything else. Just vanilla Mac OS Catalina with no added software running at startup. The fans are so loud that it is not fun watching a movie while laptop is in the same room. There is also some issues with streaming to TV where the movie just freezes and I wait 5-15 seconds till it starts playing again. Network is no issue as far as I can tell. Both TV and laptop are close to the route
  7. schmitty

    Local and cloud libraries

    Hello, I would like some clarification please. I currently have three tv and two movie libraries setup. I have a local and cloud library for tv and movies, and I set up a third tv library which merges the local and cloud tv libraries, which I only access at the moment for testing. The idea was to, while I am in the process of moving media across to the cloud have one library which merges the two together... for some reason though, it doesn't seem to work that way. It is showing duplicate series... one from local and one from cloud, instead of merging the two.
  8. Hi All, I have tried to upgrade my existing Emby server using the the new installation method for the 1st time and it failed - can someone please help? The Emby server is down and I have the whole family breathing down my neck to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Here go all the relevant details I can think of: I am running Ubuntu Server 18.04.1. I had been using the old Suse repo set in etc/apt/sources.list.d/emby-server.list # deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/xUbuntu_16.04/ / # disabled on upgrade to bionic Today I have tried: w
  9. FredFrin

    Login Session won't expire

    Hi, Emby-server: docker on Linux, Version Client: Chromium Browser This is sort of weird. I was unable to remove some LiveTV test channel data, so I did the folowing: - stopped server - removed the .emby-server directory - all runntime data - cleared all browser history data incl cookies, shift-reload the emby page - re-start server as per https://hub.docker.com/r/emby/embyserver/ docker run -it --rm -v /usr/local/bin:/target emby/embyserver instl - start the emby-server with: emby-server - as expected I'm asked for a media directory on the host ..
  10. Hi everybody, Its a request that probably only hits synology user but i think it would help this media platform to become the best ever My problem is that the synology has folders in every media-folder with the name "@eaDir" and when i browse the Metdata-Manager and the TV-Section from my Emby-Server in any folder is a subfolder called "@eaDir" and i cannot delete it or make it invisible. That "@eaDir"-directorys where made from several processes runnning on my DS, i can delete them but i dont know side effects. I'm not good in progamming but i think the best way to solve that pr
  11. Hi there Every night my emby-server service on my Pi 3 stops running and needs to be restarted. It seems to be during the library scan. Can anyone provide some insight as to what's happening here. I haven't enabled the debug logging option. I have also disabled real time monitoring, as I saw that mentioned in a similar older thread. I am also running openvpn on the device. Could that be causing some form of conflict, or maybe overloading the capabilities of the Pi 3? When it's running, it has no issues at all. Only that I need to restart it ever day as at some point it just disappe
  12. I have noticed ever since I have upgraded to Version 3.0.8500.0 the emby web interface has become very unstable. From images not appearing to very slow updating and searching. It appears that emby is utilising many threads and perhaps using more resources. The logs don't really show any reason why? I am using Debian 8. Jessie Any ideas?
  13. original_bumpy_bob

    Can't see all of my movies

    Hello, I Downloaded and installed emby with the "pacman -S emby-server" command (i am running arch). the i started it with systemctl and then i configured it. i added a movies folder called "Movies" located on my ntfs hard drive called "Server_Data", then i entered the server through my pc but i could only see few of my movies in the movies section. If someone would help me that will be great.
  14. i am trying to install the emby server....but everytime i failed... using centos 6.5 remote server.... [root@[member="emby-server"] yum.repos.d]# wget http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:emby/CentOS_6/home:emby.repo--2016-02-17 02:17:31-- http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:emby/CentOS_6/home:emby.repoResolving download.opensuse.org..., 2001:67c:2178:8::13Connecting to download.opensuse.org||:80... connected.HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved PermanentlyLocation: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/CentOS_6/
  15. Just wanted to know, since Media Browser 3 server has changed its name to Emby, if the install location is still: %appdata% \ MediaBrowser-Server Or if the path has changed to reflect the new name (e.g. Emby-Server or something)? Thank you in advance.
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