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Found 8 results

  1. blue-wizard

    Audio/video sync adjustment?

    Is it possible to set an audio/video sync adjustment / offset / delay in Emby Web? I'm using Emby Web on a laptop that is playing audio through bluetooth speakers and there is a consistent delay in the audio (audio is behind video by about 500ms or so). I would like to compensate for this by setting an offset/delay to the audio or video. Is this possible? I cannot find a setting anywhere.
  2. So I just figured out why my web frontend seems to be unresponsive and slow from time to time and wanted to share my experience in case anyone stumbles about the same issues. my setups is: emby in docker on unraid behind a pfsense firewall linked with an nginx docker as reverse proxy. In the past I had the issue, that my web page loading times are super slow. the categorys would show fast, but everything underneath takes up to 10 seconds to load, sometimes even crashes the server and kills stable connections from other users. Also I had slow loading times on the admin page and everywhere. I fiddled around with stable/beta of emby and nginx and tried different versions, checked my firewall and could not figure it out. In the end it was the fact that I forwarded my connections from the encrypted nginx connection to the encrypted 8920 port of the emby container. I tried several certificate options there as well but just plain forward it unencrypted internally to 8096 solved my problems and the website is faster than ever. I hope this helps anyone who might has the same issue and if the emby team wants to dig deeper into this just let me know. greetings from germany. DelSol
  3. I was having transcoding issues I was able to resolved thanks to the great help of the developers and people in general in this forum. But now I noticed all my mpeg-4 videos and VC-1 videos are delayed, the sound is heard first and after approximately 2 seconds the image follows, most of my videos have subtitles and they are in sync with the audio. I checked all the settings in the device and emby app but I've been unable to find any solution. It's important to clarify the videos are not transcoded, therefore I'm unable to attach log files for this issue. On my android phone (Alcatel 4047A) this delay is absent.
  4. Hi, I've seen, that you can add an audio delay in the directshowplayer.xml file. This seems to work, as long, as it is an positive value. But I would need an negative value, so I put -200 into it, but this doesn't seem to work, it's the same as if it was zero. I tried higher values (-700) and this also had no effect, but positive values do work. How can I make this work? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  5. Hi folks, please take me to school. As the title suggests, I'm in the market for a new A/V receiver. My current one is an Onkyo TX-SR603X. It's a beast of a thing, been using it since 2005, but it doesn't support HDMI inputs, and I may be redoing my home theater setup in a way that requires HDMI input. Currently, I'm going direct from HTPC (a circa 2009 PC) via HDMI to the TV (bypassing the AVR), and optical SPDIF to the receiver. The TV's optical out is also an input to the AVR, so the built in TV Apps like Netflix can stream 5.1 to the receiver. To be clear, I'm not an audiophile. Because my AVR can't decode HD Audio, I haven't even bothered ripping HD tracks so far. I've got one big beef with the Onkyo, that I want to fix with its replacement: My wife and I are sensitive to audio lip sync issues. It seems every source of media has a different offset when played through my system. Netflix from the TV to the AVR has one delay. Hulu from the same TV output to the AVR is off my maybe 100 msec compared to that. Even from one Bluray rip (MKV) to another, played by my HTPC, may be off. Drives us nuts. WHAT I WANT: The remote for the AVR should have an audio delay adjust button on the remote, so I can change the delay on the fly, increasing or decreasing the delay, to match that particular device/show/phase of moon to get it right, as needed. I don't want to have to go into some funky configuration mode and futz around with it, I just want to move change it with the same ease I would change volume or the channel on a TV. Another thing I like about the AVR that I want the new one to do is to convert DTS 5:1 into a quasi 7.1... on my Onkyo it's called DTS Neo:6 or something like it. It simulates rear surround. I have 7.1 speakers; the AVR has discrete outs for them despite really only being a 5.1 AVR. Other than that, my needs are probably run of the mill. Several inputs of each type (HDMI, Optical, old-school analog connections). Might as well get 4K capable but I'm not a real believer that 4K offers anything better at my seating distance, and my Panny plasma (60ST60) is just 1080p. I'll give it up when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. Or when the panel dies. I'd like to keep the AVR under $300... definitely under $350. I've been looking at THIS ONE ON AMAZON but haven't investigated the audio delay thing yet. I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts on best hardware based on my needs above. Thanks Marc
  6. Hi, I am pulling my hair out trying to get emby to even work any more. It was working fairly well until the past couple of updates then everything just fell apart. I have the memory leak that others have mentioned with emby tv. when I try to launch emby most of the time it will just clock for several minutes. if, and that's a big if I get into emby, tv shows and movies load very slowly. I select tv shows for example usually it will be a blank screen and tv shows don't show up, same thing with moves. and it takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute or more to load. when I select a show I have to sit another minute or more. most of the time I get a wait or close dialog box and no matter what I choose, I have to wait and just end up ending task. this all happened within the last few updates. as new versions came out it gradually got worse and worse. the only pattern I notice on all my media center logs is 5715,Error,,Error getting response from http://server which to me would indicate hardware issue, but I checked everything and nothing is wrong. I/o speed for the array is strong, the server never goes to sleep and neither do the harddrives. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the server and clients serveral times. no changes. Any ideas? I am really at a loss at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! MBClassic-9112015683b39771f2342aca11262ea757f80c4.log
  7. Hi all, been a while since I've been here and posted. Recently, when I start Windows Media Center and then click on the Emby icon, it takes anywhere from 30-60 seconds for Emby to finally take me to the Emby loading screen and then start. Once I am in, everything is fine but I'm not sure why, after several years of being an Emby/Media Browser user this has started. Please point me in the direction of something to check and figure this out. Thanks! Ken My system Asus MoBo Quad core 3.2 Ghtz processor 8 gigs ram Radeon 6750 2 gig card 5 Sata HDD Bluray player/burner
  8. Hi, I'm finding it takes an awfully long time to start streaming wtv files from a windows 7 64 bit computer to a now tv box is there a known delay in streaming as it goes at an absolute crawl but using next pvr works faster and as such do people prefer using next pvr when trying to stream over the network or not?
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