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  1. I would find it really useful if there was some visual indication that a Watched movie still had Unwatched Extras. What makes sense to me is if the green check mark could be half gray (or some other two-tone effect). So essentially there'd be 3 states: Movie Unwactched = no checkmark; Movie Watched, Some/All Extras Unwatched = partial green checkmark; Movie Watched, All Extras Watched = green checkmark. I'm totally open to other ways of doing this. My goal is simply to be able to quickly see when viewing my Movies that there are Unwatched Extras for a given Movie (so that I might have a be
  2. Hi all, After starting this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42676-help-trouble-sorting-media-in-kodi-to-respect-emby-libraries/ I did research and was helped by wonderful folks in the community, and thought I had sort of figured out how to set up Kodi to show specific content from my libraries rather than lumping it all "Movie" type content together in annoying ways. I'm on Emby server 3.0.8500.0 (no, I haven't updated yet, and won't for a week or more until I know it's not likely to break anything... I'm cautions! ). My Kodi is the stable version (16.1 I think
  3. I have ripped We're the Millers Blu-Ray to MKV, with extras and an Extended Cut. The extras and extended cut are not being detected as an alternate version or extras, they are being identified as individual movies. I have followed the instructions in the wiki, to no avail. The file structure is as follows: \SERVER\Movies\We're the Millers (2013).H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p\ We're the Millers (2013).H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p.mkv We're the Millers (2013) - Extended Cut.H264-DTS.BluRay-1080p.mkv extras\ deleted-scenes.mkv don't-suck-the-venom.mkv extreme-aniston.mkv gags&more-outtakes.mk
  4. This is just a quick heads up: I have the Movie and TV Theme Song/Video plugins, and I found that if movies weren't in their own respective folders, things like themes and backdrops were shared between items. For instance, all of my films had the backdrop for "The Sword in the Stone (1963)" before I moved my media into individual folders. After the move I had to rescan the library. In the absence of those plugins, if media was not using individual folders, I observed that each asset (like posters, etc.) had the film name/year prepended which works fine until you use plugins like the on
  5. I was thinking it would be a good feature to change the way Emby is naming movies when they are recorded. From: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (long alpha numeric character string).ts To: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1941).ts The year information is available in the metadata. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading and considering!
  6. SilentASSassN

    Kodi Movie Covers Corrupted

    Been using Emby Theater since it's release and finally decided to make the move to Kodi. I've installed the emby addon, done the initial sync of all my media, and have to say it looks gorgeous. Only problem I have is that a good chunk of my Movie posters and other artwork is not showing correctly when browsing the movie library in Kodi. It's as if the artwork half-loaded up and I can't figure how to get it to refresh or if that would even fix it. See attached. Any clue why this is happening? Or, how I can fix this? Let me know if you need any additional information from me or on my set
  7. lsl283

    Movie Library Scanning

    Hi All, I'm new to Emby and setting up my movie library against my NAS. It's scanning the TV shows perfectly fine, but it's ignoring all the 1000+ movies (almost entirely MKV format). This has been working fine directly from Kodi via SMB for years, any ideas? It scans successfully, but finds zero movies. Structure of the folders is /Movies/MovieName (Year)/MovieName.Year.mkv etc. Cheers
  8. I am running 4 rokus and they all have the same issue. After a recent server update (there have been a few lately) my rokus have not been suggesting movie titles as it did before. 1. It is only suggesting unplayed content rather than titles from the full library as it did before. 2. It is only suggesting based on the last movie played rather than cycling through the last 5-7 when I clicked ok on the suggest movie based on tile. Is there a setting I don't know about? Can't find anything. Roku Emby version 2.2 build 4 Server: 3.0.6020.0 Danke. -M
  9. madkaz

    Soundtrack zum Film

    Ich mag Emby und finde es wirklich gelungen. Auch dass man sich zu Filmen einen Trailer herunterladen kann ist wirklich toll. Jetzt wollte ich wissen, wenn ich zu einem Film den passenden Soundtrack habe, kann ich den irgendwie mit dem Film "verlinken"? So dass er zum Beispiel bei der Beschreibung des Films erscheint, und ich ihn sofort von dort aus abspielen kann? Das wäre echt spitze. Grüße Peter
  10. I was testing a test movie file, and the web client crashes at around 32 minutes of play back. It doesn't matter if I skip through the video or watch it to the point, the video crashes. I've attached my three logs relating to playback, and it seems that FFmpeg is throwing an exception somewhere. Any tips? A little bit of extra information, it crashes in the web player AND on Chromecast. I've tried the video straight in VLC (just the video file, not DLNA) and it plays the section just fine. remux-c8cb89d2-a6f3-44a7-9364-73b75a9e4e70.txt remux-c990a73f-5972-4ea5-9633-76da4e1bc127.txt
  11. Just wondering if there is a way to have a movie soundtrack album in a theme-music folder (so it plays when you navigate to the movie) as well as in the music section. I have tried adding the folder as movie and music, but the movies are removed and only music shows after scanning the library. I know there used to be a link that you could do to have the music associate with the movie, but I believe that was removed some time back? Regardless, I don't think it used to play the music from that soundtrack link automatically like the theme.mp3 or theme-music folder. Any ideas for this one or is
  12. shaefurr

    New movie posters

    Wanted to start a new thread, ive made lord of the rings posters, now one for Interstellar, bunch more id like to make at some point, so ill be previewing them here before uploading to tmdb. This one is already uploaded so it shouldshow up in the mage fetcher in (2?) days. Don't remember what the timeframe is. Another for Prometheus
  13. Hi, I'm in the process of testing out an upgrade to my HTPC, using Emby as the server (which looks awesome, love the webUI!) and Kodi as the front end client (which also looks great) - I previously used MediaPortal. I am happy with the way TV Series' are displayed but I'm struggling to get my Movies and other media (Doco's, StandUp, etc) in a useable viewing format. I have looked over these forums and the interwebs for a few days now and I'm still struggling to get this - either its not possible or I'm doing something wrong... so its time to see if the experts can help Background
  14. I have quite a lot of 'foreign' films in my movie collection. Whilst I only speak English, I enjoy these with English subtitles enabled, which works really well. However, sometimes I just want an "easy watching" experience and wish to avoid picking a film which isn't in English. Currently I haven't found any easy way to do this. The ideal thing to have would be an icon with the mediainfo icons, OR an overlay on the poster (like the HD overlay) which reflects the language that the film is in. A little flag would work well I think. The relevant information already seems to be present in
  15. Marianum

    Movie/Music folder report

    Hello everyone, I was to join mp3 (audio) folder on my emby server but it doesn't work. There was already an folder with movies. But when i put the mp3 folder i cant see the mp3's. When i deleted the movie folder and did the mp3 folder first and afther the movie folder, it works fine for me! maybe someone have the same issue... so here the solve in emby webclient: 1. Delete ur movie folder 2. Put your MP3 folder named music or els 3. Then put your movie folder back. Hope you enjoy this Koenske
  16. 112358z

    Smart Import

    Hey guys! So I wanted to use Emby to import movies from an old hard drive. Being an old hard drive, and with a bunch of backups in it, it's got movie files in a lot of folders. So I used the drive itself as the media folder to import and selected content type as Movies. However, it's showing me all kinds of non video files (like .bin now in my library. Any way to smartly pull only the video files into the movie library? Thanks!
  17. chrismp

    Movies Won't Play On iPads (with app)

    I really hope that someone can help. I've used MB3 since about January and had no issues until a month or two ago. I use MB3 primarily to watch my movies (mp4/m4v) on the iPads via the media browser app (latest update). Previously, I had no issues watching movies both within my network and externally. Then, all of the sudden, playback stopped working on most movies and I can't figure out the cause. I have an iPad 2 (iOS7) and an iPad Mini (iOS8) and both have same issues. I am able to see the library and select the movie, but the movies just won't load. Just get the spinning wheel and so
  18. In Media Browser Theater we have the ability to tag trailers, and quality of the movie such as 720p and 1080p, but it would be helpful to have a way to tag Extended Cut vs Theatrical release. I maintain multiple versions of the same movie in the same folder, such as the Hobbit 1080p Theatrical Release, as well as the Hobbit 1080p Extended Release. It would be nice if Media Browser Theater would display this as another option as it does with trailers.
  19. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming
  20. I use the trailer plug-in to download trailers for movies I have, and all work except for one movie. For this one movie (Wolverine), rather than displaying the movie with the link to the trailer, the server is separating, so that under movies, I have one entry for the film and another one for the trailer Latest Movies: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kt3m85a5xlumr14/Screenshot%202014-12-14%2017.03.55.png?dl=0 Movie page: https://www.dropbox.com/s/blhdzen0rp1yf3t/Screenshot%202014-12-14%2017.06.11.png?dl=0 Trailer page: https://www.dropbox.com/s/26boe7fluzax296/Screenshot%202014-12-14%2017.06.
  21. The external IDs were present for Back to the Future Part I except for the tmvb collection ID. I went into the "collections" MBS server view and attempted to refresh the entire collection, at which point it told me the action would be "queued." However, no changes have occurred. Here's my concern: these movies were always appearing in the "collections" before whatever change took place. I have not paid close attention to when exactly "collections" were brought back into MBS as a mainstay (I know they were jettisoned from the MBC EHS for awhile, at least), but there's no reason why they sh
  22. I originally posted this on 10 May 2014 - 05:45 PM. I haven't received any response from admin/developers (maybe due to upgrade over weeekend). In any case I am reposting this in the hopes that It will get a response from admin/developers. I apologize if I am just being to impatient. Using old IBN person structure. Updated person .jpg does update in movie display. The scenario is as follows: 1) IBN\People\{Actor Name}\folder.jpg exists. 2) folder.jpg is replaced. 3) Corresponding image under "Cast & Crew" is old .jpg 4) Click on relevant image to go to the person/actor page->i
  23. Using old IBN person structure. Updated person .jpg does update in movie display. The scenario is as follows: 1) IBN\People\{Actor Name}\folder.jpg exists. 2) folder.jpg is replaced. 3) Corresponding image under "Cast & Crew" is old .jpg 4) Click on relevant image to go to the person/actor page->image is new .jpg > Click on "Edit" > Click on "Refresh" > Return to "Cast & Crew" on main movie page->image is still old .jpg 5) On main movie page click on "Edit" > Click on "Refresh"->image is still old .jpg 6) On "Scheduled Tasks" page click on "Refresh Pe
  24. JohnnyM

    Movie Theme Music

    Does anyone have a good source of Movie Theme Songs? Johnny M
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