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  1. Hi all, I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've found that the 3-letter country codes / language codes do not really follow a standard (I may be wrong). It is most obvious in the section "Filters", where emby automagically only displays languages that it has ingested into the library by from the imported media. However, there are obvious dual entries for one languages: deu - ger for German fra - fre for French ice - isl for Icelandic Possible other overlaps that I can think of (just that my library does not have any media to support it): hun - mag for Hungarian / Magiar fin - suo for Finnish / Suomi chi - man for Chinese / Mandarin Since the developers cannot foresee ALL codes that may ever be used, there should be an interface in the Settings: Codes Language to map to de, deu, ger German [ger] fr, fra, fre French [fre] ice, isl Icelandic [isl] [+ add new entry] This may be made easier if there is a DB online that provides codes for languages (like IMDB does for titles tt* and names nm* etc.). Thank you all for your support. Roodee
  2. I would suggest to add the possibility to filter the library by languages, i.e. - Allow to filter for the audio and/or subtitle language. Regards Max ( Request taken from a former github issue: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/1782#event-982356301 )
  3. edit 30/08/2022 I've updated the script as follows - - On repeat usage, added Progress Monitor when skipping existing STRM files (rather than thinking it's hung ..) - Added Summary page of the New Libraries This also works with TV Series - due to the nature of each episode needing it's own STRM file - it takes a little longer, but works just as well. ------- I've created a simple script that creates a copy of the structure of an existing emby library (file path). It then populates this new structure with strm (link) files back to the original video files. You can then use this library as a new library within emby - and subsequently you can choose the metadata language as you would do as part of the normal setup. This means you can get : native language metadata (if it exists) native language artwork (if that exists) subtitle language as required (you can do multi language subs in the core system) The video file is played from the original library - so there is no need to duplicate the video files. If required, user permission can be removed from the main library, leaving just this new library to browse in the users native language. Usage (windows batch file) Copy the batch file 'libstrm.bat' and 'library.txt' to the emby server in a suitable directory. Modify the 'library.txt' file to match your system. In the example file I have - D:\TV Series\;D:\French TV Series\ D:\Films\;D:\German Films\ Also works with UNC - \\media\TV Series\;\\media\French TV Series\ \\media\Films\;\\media\German Films\ The first path is the original location, the second path is the new library location (with the strm files). Note - the path must end with a \ and the entries are separated by a semi-colon. The 'library.txt' file can contain any number of drives and folders - I suggest testing with a sample to start with. Run the 'libstrm.bat' file from a command. Depending on the number of folders/files - it may take a few seconds or more to complete - but it will show progress as it goes. Once complete - create new emby libraries pointing to the new locations - remembering to set the metadata language as required. For example :- Once setup and emby has scanned the new folders (it will do this automatically if set to monitor - or a manual scan) - all the relevant metadata will be imported. As an example - in my test French library :- Note the French metadata, episode names and artwork. In my test German library :- Again, German metadata & artwork. Keeping the system updated ... Because creating the strm files is manual - to add NEW media, the script can just be run again (via the Windows task schedule ever day for example). If the strm file is already there, it will not recreate it. However, if media is removed from the original library (remember it links to it, it is not a copy) - then the strm link will unfortunately break. It can of course just be removed manually by deleting the strm file. I've added a progress bar to now show when items are skipped (every 100 items gets a # displayed..) Media Playback ... The resulting playback will of course be identical to playing the original file (as it IS the original file) but any playback preferences will be remembered for that library. So if the Audio was set to French with French subtitles, then next time it is played, it will remember those settings. There may be a way of setting these to a library default in the native language - I have not experimented with this. Feedback welcome. (rename the libstrm.bat.txt file to libstrm.bat) library.txtlibstrm.bat.txt
  4. pettergulbra

    Metadata, wrong language..

    Hi I try to get my metadata to be in Norwegian, nothing I do change this. I have tried Norwegian, Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk. Stil does not change. Is there something I don't do right? Petter
  5. Ahmed4Subs

    Multi-language metadata

    Hi, It would be nice to have an option for single or multi languages metadata fetching. And based on the user settings it display the language metadata with in the home and in libraries. And maybe with a button or dropdown menu like in Audio and Subtitles if there is more than one inside the main page of the media. Thank you.
  6. Trying to install the Server - latest release. I cannot get past the language selection. It is just a blank drop-down, and clicking "next" does nothing. Windows Vista. Firefox. Adblock turned off. Admuncher turned off. I checked the forums for similar problems. I noticed at least three (3) other people over the past several months posted the same issue. No certain solutions. Frustrated. This occurred at the end of a long line of problems installing the software in the first place (related to Windows blocking me - "protecting me" - from installing the setup.exe.) I got past that. But this one? I'm too burned out to trouble-shoot on my own. I really don't want to update every add-on like shockwave, flash, java, etc, in Windows to see if it "might" fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Better yet, a final solution for other people who'll eventually have the same problem in the future.
  7. Hello I have new Emby Premiere and can now use emby theater But what irritates me is, on Emby itself I have entered all my content information manually in German. Emby scraps everything in English and I then manually change the description to German. On Emby Theater it shows me exactly this information in English from the content that is in German. And when I go to the normal EMBY via the ip everything is still in German. So I do not understand why Emby tehater is displayed in English.
  8. chacawaca

    Fallback Language themoviedb

    Hi, on themoviedb website you can set your default language and a fallback language for data not translated, it is possible to set that in metadata setup ? Often, title between FR-CA and FR-FR are not the same, i prefer FR-CA but this database is less populated than FR-FR, on moviedb you can complete unpopulated data with FR-FR.
  9. queenbuzzo

    Metadata default language

    Hi, I have a quick question and couldn't find any information. Is there an option to set a default language for metadata, if no data for the language set for the library is available? In my case I have set the library language to German, but theTVDB does not have German content for all the episodes yet and currently Emby is not showing any information. In this case I'd like Emby to pull the English content, but it seems that this is not possible or am I missing something? Thanks.
  10. As discussed in this post, I'm hoping there is some way of searching or filtering movies by (original?) spoken language of film so that (for example) I could see all the Spanish language films I have. Or all the French Language. Or...etc. Kodi implements this in their "smart playlist" feature and the language seems to pull from the metadata stored within the file itself. I say this because if I had encoded something as an avi or mp4 then it did not show up in the playlist. I would have to repackage as an mkv (and make sure to specify the language of the track) in order to have it show up. So a 'smart playlist' feature might be a place to implement this. Adding a '...' at the side of the nav bar for additional options like this one would be another possibility. themoviedb.org has a data field called "original language" which could be useful for such a feature, but of course, a dubbed version might have a different language than the "original language". The metadata (.nfo) files emby generates seem to read the actual language track (at least for mkv format... which I've been using exclusively lately). Those are my main thoughts. Thanks for the help.
  11. I’d like to be able to set a library to filter its contents, rather than including everything in a folder. in particular I’d like to be able to filter by language, so I can have one library that contains only TV shows with English audio, and another that has only shows with Russian audio, and I can have both pointed at the same folder (containing some English, some Russian, and some dual audio). In another topic Luke confirmed that filters for language will be in the next release, but as far as I know there’s no way to permanently set a filter for library contents. Searching with filters is ok when I’m looking for something, but way too cumbersome for my wife and kids. A solution that lets them just open the Russian library (without keeping duplicates of all my dual-audio content) would be really cool. Thanks!
  12. Hi, Ho do I organise video with different languages? DO i rip the DVD first in english and then a second time in italian? What folder strucutre do use? media-> movies-> my_movie->mymovie-IT.mkv mymovie-EN.mkv I don't seem to be able to find the naming structure on the wiki or searching "language" in the forums. And what about a series of 26 DVD, each an episode of a cartoon my kids follow? Episode 1 - mymovie.mkv Episode 2 - mymovie.mkv Episode 3 - mymovie.mkv etc? For now I have added all 26 episodes in a collection "mymovie" but I noticed that Emby has recognised that "The Smurfs" and the "The Smurfs 2" belong both to a single collection that Emby created itself. Thanks for you help in advance.
  13. Hi, I dont know if a lot of user multiplex there mkv before uploading but would be a sure awesome feature if we could have the option that instead of telling us formately witch language the audio track is, it only read the actual track name. For example. As a french user, I have most of my media in both french and English Audio ( wich btw work amazingly good work on that ! ) However, as a canadian user, I also try to obtain most of them in Quebec French Audio version. Now, as most of them are only availible in France French Audio, I still apreciate being able to know the diference on the one I have wich is currently Impossible since French is a unique Language Tag and Emby currently on read the Language Tag. Also, same thing for the subtible, some of them or Forced, some or Full and some time there only commentary but since there all in the same language there's no actual way to identify them threw emby other than English, English and English Thank for your consideration !
  14. Hekmon

    TheTVDB incomplete media results

    Hello, I just switched to Emby from Plex because I was sick of their way to always burn subtitles killing the transcoding perfs when the srt could just be sent to the player. I'm having a really nice time with reactif UI, clean ffmpeg forking, plugins, animes agents, etc... Anyway, I'm not here for this but hello emby community ! I am slowy rebuilding my libraries and there is something I quite not get with the tvdb plugin: With the given show Afro SamuraiWhich has 5 main covers And 13 backgrounds The fact that the association between my files and the IDs of the the tbdb worked just fine (ID 79755, see attached file afro_ids) Why am I seeing:0 posters even with "all languages" ticked (attached file no_posters) but 1 background even with "all languages" ticked (attached file only_one_background) If I had to guess, I would say that the "all languages" tick is not working because the only background shown is indeed in my language (fr). Any help greatly appreciated
  15. I decided to go for hash matching for subtitles instead of leaving it off, but a bunch of subs are already downloaded. Is there a way to clear all non-matched subs, or refresh them all to follow what's saved for the library? Right now it seems like it will keep the non-matched subs regardless.. Feature request: Also, having a 2nd language preference for subs would be nice, I usually always use english subs, unless the thing I watch is in my native language, so I would rather then use that if available.
  16. DancingMan

    subtitle problems

    I recently added a few TV shows on my emby server and I'm having an issue with the subtitles. The files have English subtitles, but they are mislabeled inside the mp4 files. If I look at the files using ffprobe, the subtitle and audio streams show "und" next to them (my other files show "eng" for the audio & subtitle streams). Emby seems to go on the assumption that the "und" audio streams are English, and uses them automatically. For the subtitles though, since emby does not see English subtitle streams, it follows through with the server's subtitle settings and tries to download subtitles from online. I have two questions: 1) is there a way to set emby to assume "und" language subtitle streams are English just like it does with "und" audio streams? 2) how can I set those subtitle streams in the mp4 files to have the correct label of "eng"? Thanks
  17. Hello, One of my TV shows is defaulting to a non-English language track and I cannot seem to fix it. I have my languages set to English in the settings but it doesn’t seem to help. I refreshed the metadata and also set English in the TV show settings (even though it should have inherited that from the global language/location settings) and it hasn’t helped. Not to try to compare but for reference, I checked how Plex views the same files and it defaults to English. I’ve also had Emby rescan the files to see if it was a glitch. It is doing this in the web client as well as the Roku client. Could anyone please help me figure out what to do to fix this? We also use these files in a playlist and I cannot be changing over to English everytime it switches to the next show. Thanks so much in advance![/size]
  18. When playing a dual audio (Spanish/English) movie using the "Auto Speed", The proper audio and subtitle gets played. But problem is that "Auto Speed" always gives a speed of about 850kb. My server upstream is 10mb. So, I have to manually set the speed. The problem is that doing this I get the movie played in Spanish audio track. Even if I select the English audio track, it keeps playing it with spanish audio. I already tried selecting English as default languag on Emby Server and Emby User Prefrences.
  19. Here are some examples: * https://i.imgur.com/i1089cv.png * https://i.imgur.com/J0B3Mfi.png This doesn't always happen, sometimes refreshing fixes the problem, but it happens enough to bother me. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as my server, using Firefox on Arch Linux to stream. It's as if it can't figure out which language it needs to display the strings inside the headers and buttons, so it defaults to the internal one. My display language is set to English (UK). What can I do to troubleshoot this problem? What info can I provide?
  20. Hi, i've been trying to add my library of Chinese (Hong Kong) movies to emby, but after adding all Names and Descriptions are appearing as Simplified Chinese. Further investigation from the logs i found there's a -HK missing from the query. e.g. this is what emby sent to tmdb: https://api.themoviedb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=f6bd687ffa63cd282b6ff2c6877f2669&query=S%E9%A2%A8%E6%9A%B4&language=zh this is what it should be to show correct language result: https://api.themoviedb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=f6bd687ffa63cd282b6ff2c6877f2669&query=S%E9%A2%A8%E6%9A%B4&language=zh-HK Is there an easy way for a regular user like me to manually modify the query to get my desired results? Thanks.
  21. As seen in this post: https://www.themoviedb.org/talk/5119221d760ee36c642af4ad , there's a new update to the API engine where now they can tell apart PT-PT from PT-BR (usually was only PT) I just tested that it works perfectly in new API, as seen below. Movie: Die Hard 2 PT (only one until yesterday): https://api.themoviedb.org/3/movie/1573?api_key=##YOUR_API_HERE##&language=pt PT-PT (now official PT for Portugal) : https://api.themoviedb.org/3/movie/1573?api_key=##YOUR_API_HERE##&language=pt-PT {"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/kywkOlRpYtfVlar41R1s8lO46vD.jpg","belongs_to_collection":{"id":1570,"name":"Duro de Matar - Coletânea","poster_path": "/mbJHXe0fooS9ukOZsZ4PmDQnjcw.jpg","backdrop_path":"/5kHVblr87FUScuab1PVSsK692IL.jpg"},"budget":70000000,"genres":[{"id":28,"name":"Ação"},{"id":53, "name":"Thriller"}],"homepage":"","id":1573,"imdb_id":"tt0099423","original_language":"en","original_title":"Die Hard 2","overview":"Terroristas assumem o controle do aeroporto de Washington, visando libertar um preso político (Franco Nero) que está sendo extraditado, e ameaçam destruir várias aeronaves se as exigências deles não forem cumpridas. Mas a esposa (Bonnie Bedelia) de John McClane (Bruce Willis) está em um dos aviões, assim ele resolve enfrentar a quadrilha sozinho.","popularity":2.824351,"poster_path":"/2vHKly0sePRowvOGZbQL5PuhwHn.jpg","production_companies":[{"name": "Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation","id":306},{"name":"Gordon Company","id":1073},{"name":"Silver Pictures","id":1885}],"production_countries": [{"iso_3166_1":"US","name":"United States of America"}],"release_date":"1990-07-02","revenue":240031094,"runtime":124,"spoken_languages":[{"iso_639_1": "en","name":"English"},{"iso_639_1":"es","name":"Español"}],"status":"Released","tagline":"John McClane está de volta na hora e no lugar errados.", "title":"Assalto ao Aeroporto","video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":1045} PT-BR (item with Brazilian info): https://api.themoviedb.org/3/movie/1573?api_key=##YOUR_API_HERE##&language=pt-BR {"adult":false,"backdrop_path":"/kywkOlRpYtfVlar41R1s8lO46vD.jpg","belongs_to_collection":{"id":1570,"name":"Duro de Matar (Coleção)","poster_path": "/mbJHXe0fooS9ukOZsZ4PmDQnjcw.jpg","backdrop_path":"/5kHVblr87FUScuab1PVSsK692IL.jpg"},"budget":70000000,"genres":[{"id":28,"name":"Ação"},{"id":53, "name":"Thriller"}],"homepage":"","id":1573,"imdb_id":"tt0099423","original_language":"en","original_title":"Die Hard 2","overview":"Terroristas assumem o controle do aeroporto de Washington, visando libertar um preso político (Franco Nero) que está sendo extraditado, e ameaçam destruir várias aeronaves se as exigências deles não forem cumpridas. Mas a esposa (Bonnie Bedelia) de John McClane (Bruce Willis), um detetive de Nova York, se encontra em um dos aviões, assim o marido resolve enfrentar a quadrilha.","popularity":2.824351,"poster_path":"/2vHKly0sePRowvOGZbQL5PuhwHn.jpg", "production_companies":[{"name":"Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation","id":306},{"name":"Gordon Company","id":1073},{"name":"Silver Pictures","id": 1885}],"production_countries":[{"iso_3166_1":"US","name":"United States of America"}],"release_date":"1990-07-02","revenue":240031094,"runtime":0, "spoken_languages":[{"iso_639_1":"en","name":"English"},{"iso_639_1":"es","name":"Español"}],"status":"Released","tagline":"","title":"Duro de Matar 2", "video":false,"vote_average":6.4,"vote_count":1045} As they created the PT-BR database from scratch, there will be movies/series missing... but users are adding they in a daily basis, and with the correct info! PLEASE make Emby query correctly pt-BR from TMDB after this update. I`m tired of getting movie names from Portugal. ps: I tried to color the title difference inside the boxes above, but it hasn`t worked. So please note the TITLE difference between them.
  22. Hi there Emby Staff. Been a while since I have posted anything on here. Guess that is a good thing, cause Emby has been running buttery smooth..... until now. I am currently using Android TV and long with emby tv version. I want to be able to choose the audio channel I would like to use. Somes of the video default to another language. Which is alright, but i am not able to change it on emby tv? I have tried to go into the setting and see there is a subtitle/audio selection. But its telling me to go to the web app to make the nessary changes. Kinda dumb, but I went to the webapp and change the settings there. I have select prefer audio english and turn off play audio default. I went back to the emby tv app and still playing the wrong audio. I have reboot server and emby tv. and still playing the wrong audio. Is this a bug? Can we have this option added to the emby tv?? Any suggestion and help would be greatly appreciated Monkeyslapper.
  23. jasong905

    Wrong Language for Hong Kong

    When I set my location to Hong Kong and language to Chinese (Hong Kong), All the movie titles and descriptions are in Simplified Chinese. In Hong Kong, we never use Simplified Chinese, we use Traditional Chinese only. Most people in Hong Kong can't read Simplified Chinese. Simplified Chinese are used in China only, please don't mix up.
  24. Dear all, I have multiple languages as source for my movies/shows,.. the audio is in the local language, with french subs I would like to keep the title and the info of the movie in the local language, but the synopsis in french. my way of splitting the movies/shows is easy, each language has its own library. so let's consider my english titles.... I would like to be able to scrub a library with english title / banners / etc, but french synopsis. it there any way to do that ? Cheers. C
  25. Hi together, Just bought 2 Apple TV 4 nd a Synology 216+II for my Emby setup Now wanted to know apart from my quest regarding VLCKit support if there is multi language support (especially german language) planned and how I can support the the Devs for translating the various strings for the tvOS App? Regards Vlaves
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