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  1. Luticus

    Hide blocked tags

    Can it be made so that tags that are listed in a user's profile as "Restrict Items With Tags" are themselves hidden as well. Currently it does hide the content that is restricted, but if I log on as a user who can't see that content and then go to movies -> tags, then I can see the hidden tag listed and it even shows a preview of the items tagged. So while users can't play any blocked content they do get a glimpse of what is being blocked or even THAT something is being blocked, which isn't desirable. I'd like to have that tag be completely invisible to the user it's being applied to.
  2. Hi, I am new to Emby. Having had poor experiences with iTunes, MediaMonkey, and MusicBee, and as my music files are stored on my Synology Diskstation anyway, I've just started using Emby. Is there a full list of which music ID3 tags reads, and the syntax (e.g. delimiters for multiples)? Specifically, I'd like to know which ID3 tag corresponds with the Emby "Tags" metadata. My music files already have tagging info in the 'Grouping' ID3 tag (Chart position, Nationality, "Christmas", "Halloween", etc., e.g. "Top 10, British, Christmas"), and it doesn't read that. I was wondering whether I can 'fix' that by moving these into another ID3 tag? My music files have multiple genres separated by ";" and Emby seems to be reading that correctly. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello I do have problem with reduplicating labels (names) on some albums, genres and song and with randomly generated albums/artists in music library. It started with Amy Winehouse +- half year ago, after some updates ( issue spread on AC/DC, Limp Bizkit and few more, both for flac and mp3. My tags are fine, I tried to scan library and refresh metadata with no luck. I did create new library but It seems that old library share same metadata with new one, I assume I would have to delete old library first but in that case I will lost all "favourite" labels. If I switch to "Album Artist" tab artists will not be splitted but album will keep duplicated name. What am I doing wrong? Is there any solution? Thank you
  4. RaimundMit

    File art instead of album art

    One of my libraries contains only folders with mixed songs - the tags are adapted to work better for DLNA usage - therefore e.g. the title is "Darkness", but the album is "Pop-Shuffle". As the Folder contains ~150 titles i would like to use the embedded cover art for all of them (as it differs mostly). Even tho i have Media extracting activated (and it works) all songs in one album have the cover from the first one - is it possible to change that? P.S. i used to have my organised library and the 'mixed folders in one server, so i gave them all the artist "Playlists" to not destroy the artist and ablum tab with many duplicates/incomplete artists MFG Raimund
  5. I am having an issue with album titles not updating in Emby when the ALBUM tag changes. File rescan and a normal library scan have not solved this issue. Specific example, Lady Gaga "The Fame" existed in my library for some time was recently renamed/retagged to "The Fame (HDtracks)". This new album title is not showing up in Emby, even after multiple general library scans and a forced metadata refresh on the artist page. I have NOT tried a metadata refresh on the entire library as this would take days with a 15TB library. A library rescan is usually enough to update track artists or titles, but unfortunately does not update the album title. The only way Emby has updated the album title is when I completely remove the album from my library, rescan library files, add the album back, and then rescan once again. Please let me know what additional info I can provide to help troubleshoot.
  6. tomnjerry74

    Mass delete tags?

    I'm not sure when exactly this happened, but my server recently applied hundreds of tags to items in my movie library. This isn't something I want, thus I'm looking for a way to bulk delete all of the tags so I don't have to go through every movie one-by-one. Is this possible? What are my options? I use nfo's if that's useful information..
  7. Hi, I'm a big fan for emby server, and I love to fill my metadata with useful information about the content using Tags; I feel it will be much more powerful if Tags can be auto-completed based on previous tag entries. a drop down list also will do a good job. thanks, DaN
  8. Now, you'd most likely want to obtain the required information from either AniDB, , Anilist or MAL (example screenshots in links), the most favorable by far is Anilist with its rich tags. All sites offer studios too and in some cases (MAL) even age rating. If features like "More like this" would use Anilist backed tags it'd be a hell of a lot more accurate. This is such a small change on the grand scale of things and would boost the quality of life in the anime sector of emby significantly. You could even build upon this further and let some organizing feature make collections out of tags or studios. In practice/from a UI perspective I imagine there being options (in library settings) to choose metadata provider as with existing providers (TVDB etc.) under a "Tags" and "Studio" section respectively. Since there already is an umbrella option, namely "Series metadata", I'd propose for these settings to be shown when you enable the "advance" interface. This is the nit-picky approach, though. If this is pursued (which would be highly appreciated) I imagine there being another realization of this idea.
  9. Hi, I've been using Emby with nextpvr for a short while now with the latest plugin ( I've noticed that the tags (channel groups) are not reflected in Emby. When I solely used Emby for the same IPTV service, the channel groups where shown as tags. Any way I can fix this? Than you for any suggestions.
  10. How do I allow Recordings/ DVR folder when I enable Parental controls to "Allow or Block" certain tags... what I'm seeing if you add tag parental control the ability to see Recordings go away... if I remove the parental filter off it works again
  11. Emby is not properly reading all ARTIST tags for MP3 files. FLAC files are okay, seems to be only MP3 files. Not sure what causes this, but I tag MP3 and FLAC files the same in mp3tag and MusicBee, with an ARTIST tag for each artist on the track: Title: Believe ft. Big KRIT (DatPiff Exclusive) Album: Before The Box Album Artist: David Banner Artist: David Banner Artist: Big K.R.I.T. When FLAC files are tagged this way with multiple artists, the artist tag is treated as a list and all artist are recognized individually. However, it seems like Emby can only read the first ARTIST tag from MP3 files. This means that any featured artists do not get indexed, and any MP3s they are tagged on will NOT show up on under the "appears on" section for the artist page. Here are the tags viewed in Mp3tag:
  12. Hi, I've configured an IP TV source and I'm receiving the channels. How can I edit –the metadata– of multiple channels to add tags and parental ratings? I know I can do it individually, but there are so many channels. Tried the web interface to no avail. Using Thanks
  13. unisoft

    TV - TAGS menu option

    The TAGS menu option under Television introduced in general release seems to pull any matching tags from other libraries into the results in the TV section. To my understanding, the TAGS function here is to tag television and radio channels so you can add content types such as "Reality TV", "Politics", "Drama", "Radio" categorise the type of channel. I noticed that mixed case names were often converted to lower case tags too which resulted in bizarre mixture on the display. TAGS and UPCOMING should also be options (like tick boxes) to enable or not (default enable) under TV library configuration or somewhere applicable. Not everyone uses them.
  14. GrimReaper

    Tags as Sidebar sub-menu

    FR for Tags to be included in Sidebar as a collapsible sub-menu, in the line of Playlists and Collections sections. Would make handling/identifying/manipulating way more handy.
  15. Hello, i just started with Emby Server and added new Music Library with hundreds of songs. They are id tagged with track name, artist, album and genre. When library scan finish, genre and album section in library is empty. Is because genre are not standard like "POP" but personalized "POP1"? But the same happened to "album". Please help Thanks
  16. tjmcd.314

    Music metadata issues

    I'm having issues importing my music library. I don't have a list, but there are lots of issues with incorrect meta-data. Just to start with an example, I have a ton of random artists showing up as having "3 doors down" as the artist and album artist (see image below of library). I've checked the metadata with ffprobe and mp3tags and none of the tracks I see list 3 doors down anywhere (mp3tags screenshot of one track below). I've tried deleting and re-importing the library several times, and the issue persists. I think I was able to get 1 album to correct itself by just re-writing the tags with picard, but I don't understand why that did anything since I can't figure out what metadata emby is seeing that is grouping this artists together under an unrelated artist.
  17. fighuass

    How do I search by tags?

    I have a few libraries, and inside each one I'd like to search by tags. For example, let's say I have a library full of videos, with some videos containing monkeys, and some containing dogs. I tagged the videos with monkeys as monkeys, and the videos containing dogs as dogs. Some videos have both, and I tagged them both monkeys and dogs. Is there a way to search with tags so I can search for example for only the videos with dogs, or only videos with both dogs and monkeys?
  18. EduardoSantos

    Tagging music artists

    It's been some time I started tagging music artists. Got excellent results from tagging musicians to their instruments. Not only can I get to, let's say, all flugelhorn players on library but also, when viewing one flugelhorn player, Emby will provide flugelhorn players on the section "More from this..." This is a great feature and thanks to Emby team for providing it. I recently started tagging some music albums. I have just a few album tags on special themes or series (e.g. "Columbia Jazz Masterpieces" or "Rudy Van Gelder remasters") Today I accidentally found out Emby will return album tags as search results (web app). Did some tests, also in web app, and it seem not to return artist tags as search results. Questions are: 1) Should Emby return artist tags as search results or is this a known restriction? 2) Would it be possible to have a "cover image" or even a "background image" to a tag to be shown nicely on search results? 3) Would there be a "all tags" section?
  19. Been having a play today after seeing Disney's logos from Disney+ Platform. I am no Photoshop expert so please be gentle. I'll keep updating what I make. I'll put the PSD into the share once i'm done. So if anybody doesn't like the colours they can change it.. It very basic. New Link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZACUG5UiwHgUXqu45b6DID48CE2gCn4a?usp=sharing
  20. theusedversion

    Adding Links back up top

    For Version In case anyone needs to add links back up top where they used to be. The latest update broke the previous fix. Here is how to add them back. Note: I know nothing of HTML but I kind of figured it out by using the old fix. First, go to Users>AppData>Roaming>Emby-Server>System>dashboard-ui and copy the item folder somewhere else to make a backup in case you screw something up. Now that you have a backup, go into the item folder (not the backup, the other one) and edit the file item.html with preferably Notepad ++ if you have it. Scroll down to the following lines (413-416) and delete them. Here is the code that you will delete: <div class="verticalSection linksSection hide"> <h2 class="sectionTitle padded-left" style="margin-bottom:.4em;">${Links}</h2> <div class="itemLinks padded-left padded-right focusable"></div> </div> Then scroll up to the following lines (273-275): <div class="seriesRecordingEditor hide" style="margin-top:2em;"> </div> and paste the following lines after it (276-278) <div class="verticalSection detailVerticalSection linksSection hide"> <div class="itemLinks padded-right"></div> </div> it should look like the following lines (273-282): <div class="seriesRecordingEditor hide" style="margin-top:2em;"> </div> <div class="verticalSection detailVerticalSection linksSection hide"> <div class="itemLinks padded-right"></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="trackList vertical-list padded-top padded-left padded-right padded-bottom hide" is="emby-itemscontainer" style="margin-bottom:1.5em;"> It should look like this Looks good, right? Again, I don't know HTML so I'm not the best person to be doing this but I couldn't find any threads since the latest update that broke the previous fix so I figured I would try to fix it myself and I guess I did. Please make a backup of that item folder before you begin though. Hope this helps someone. Edit: Oh yeah, you will probably need to restart Emby as well as clear your browser cache. If you made the changes but nothing changed, then clear your browser's cache.
  21. Hello For some reason Emby recently only started reading the first Genre tag in all of my music. My Music folder is setup as Artist > Album > Tracks My Music is tagged using Mp3Tag and Music Bee Genre1//Genre2//Genre3//Genre4 Stone Sour Come What(ever) May Heavy Metal//Hard Rock//Alternative Metal//Post-Grunge Emby only shows Heavy Metal.
  22. I have an album with two different format (flac vs dsf) have the same tagging by mp3tag. Both tag with multi artists separate by \\. Emby is able to show the multi artists of flac format but re dsf format, it only show one artists. Would you pls take a look on that? Besides, if the album tagged with multi albumartists, Emby is able to show the multi albumartists at the details page but in the album selection page, it just show one artists name under the cover photo. Is that possible to add this feature to show multi albumartists at any page. Pls help. The above situation only applied to flac format, re dsf format, both details page and album selection page show none of the multi albumartists, only one artists name is showing.
  23. FalconX

    Album Interpreten

    Woher nimmt Emby die Bilder von den Interpreten? Ich habe meine MP3s mit MP3Tag getaggt und bei allen auch den Album Interpreten eingetragen. Die Musicbrainz ID ist ebenfalls enthalten, und wenn ich die ID auf der Webseite von Musicbrainz eingebe, bekomme ich den korrekten Interpreten/Band angezeigt. Dennoch werden mir zu den meisten Album Interpreten keine Bilder in der entsprechenden Ansicht angezeigt. Wie kommt das?
  24. Hello, I’m trying to wrap my head around the Collections features in Emby. I’ve read through the documentation and understand that I can either manually setup collections or I can use the AutoBoxSet plugin. What I cannot tell is if I can choose to show items on their own and in a collection. For instance, I want to make a James Bond film collection. And want all the Bond films to be in it. But I also want those Bond films to show up in the main movie library when I’m browsing everything looking for something to watch. Is this possible? Or when I add something to a collection, will it be removed from the library view? Secondly, I’m curious as to what other options there are for creating collections. For instance, I also want to make a Christmas/Holiday movie collection. What’s the best way of doing this? If I add tags or genres, can I use either of these to make a collection? Is there a better way of doing this? Lastly, is it possible to “import” (for lack of a better term) data from either Plex or Kodi? Meaning, if I have Genre data for Christmas, or Playlists in either of these, I don’t suppose there’s any way to get that into my Emby info? I know it’s a long shot but thought I’d ask. Thanks so much in advance!
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