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Found 7 results

  1. I am running 4 rokus and they all have the same issue. After a recent server update (there have been a few lately) my rokus have not been suggesting movie titles as it did before. 1. It is only suggesting unplayed content rather than titles from the full library as it did before. 2. It is only suggesting based on the last movie played rather than cycling through the last 5-7 when I clicked ok on the suggest movie based on tile. Is there a setting I don't know about? Can't find anything. Roku Emby version 2.2 build 4 Server: 3.0.6020.0 Danke. -M
  2. My users love the suggested series and movies in all the different clients. One thing them and I have been after for a real long time is to not show watched movies/series in these suggestions. We have already watched it so there is really no point to have these taking up room when there is plenty other things to pick from for suggestions that I'm sure are unwatched. Was hoping it could be a toggle in user preferences area similar to having the watched items appear in latest media toggle that is currently there so that way each user can set this how they want. Thank you.
  3. v.523 (I think, downloaded yesterday) The Samsung client is marking partially watched tv content as watched. All the other clients do not seem to set the watched flag until the content is fully watched. Consequently, partially watched tv content on Samsung, does not show on tv next up (on any other clients).
  4. My request is for semi watched first episodes to be part of next up. Currently if you watched S01E01 half way through..it will not appear on next up. (next up only seems to kick in on S01E02 and later.) thanks for considering..
  5. IMO it is undesirable and counter intuitive that if i start (for example) S01E03 of Modern Family, Stop half way...and close start a client (eg Roku) the next day....look at tv 'next up' (aka suggested) and see S01E04 as 'suggested' not S01E03 (with the default option of resume from where i left off) yes S01E03 is under resume...but wouldn't users prefer S01E03 under 'suggested' in preference to S01E04 so the feature request is an option (possibly the default option/or indeed just the default with no option) that resume tv content is part of next up/suggested (and resume is the default play action in clients). And of course if there is a resume episode in suggested then the next episode of the show...would not show, Im trying to think of a reason why people wouldnt want this as default..but cant... but if there were any naysayers, an option on clients to mark resume content as either complete/watched or not watched/not started) in a simple way...would probably handle them..which i think has its own feature request. although a side issue to this feature request...such client functionality (to easy manage watched status) might become more useful once a feature to sync content offline becomes available..a although a native client would presumably sync watched status on recconnection, its not 100% guaranteed that synced content would be watched using the official client? one question..if 'resume' is a subset of 'next up' then why have 'resume'..... maybe its not required... one use may be people who do not want tv shows added to next up if they haven't completely watched 1 full episode.. imo it would be better to remove resume....and add such half watched content/shows to next up...safe in the knowledge the client can tag an episode unwatched (and if its the oldest episode (S01E01), then remove the show from next up suggested entirely). thanks for considering.
  6. 1.76 3.0.5478.2560 100% reproducible. When i enter a suggested title based on movie A from the roku home screen, to review the description/cast then back to see other titles in the suggested list...i find that the suggestions are now based on Movie B. expected behaviour would be the seed for the suggest content would not change until asked to cycle by oking on the UI element that shows the current seed value.
  7. This feature request was brought about by the fact that the Roku TV Suggested/Nextup is limited to less than 10 objects. I regularly can not find the show series/episode i am after in the suggested view. Request 1 - Increase size of Suggested View to 20 episodes. Request 2 - Tweak the logic of Suggested to alter priority. (To Ensure the most useful entries in the constrained suggested view). Next Episodes of the shows that i have watched the previous show's most recently should be highest. (If i have just watched episode 3 of show X then episode 4 of Show X should go straight to the top) Next Episodes of a show that i have watched in the past, but am not currently watching a great deal, should not push out episodes of shows that i am currently watching/have just watched. Perhaps there are two types of usage of the suggested view, a) - the users that want to see the next unwatched episodes of the the shows they have most recently watched b ) - the users that want to see the oldest unwatched next episodes episodes of shows that they have ever watched. an option to prioritise for use case a) is requested. but perhaps just increasing the length of the list on the Roku is all thats really required. thanks for considering.
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