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  1. Hi, I understand that subtitle support on the LG app is limited by the LG OS and what it is capable of. Can a setting be introduced to remove the non-supported subtitle formats from the subtitle drop-down? i.e. only show available subtitles that the LG app can display.
  2. Hello there I have a lot many Files in My media Folder arranged this way Deadpool 2016 Deadpool 2016 720p x264.mkv Deadpool 2016 720p x265.mkv Deadpool 2016 1080p x264.mkv The Avengers 2011 The Avengers 2011 720p x264.mkv The Avengers 2011 1080p x264.mkv Thor 2011 Thor 2011 720p x265.mkv Thor 2011 1080p x26.mkv When I added them to my Library,they are shown as different Movies Like its shown in the Image My request is: Is there way to fix this? Like is there any way for me to show these 3 same movies of different resolution appear inside a single Movie Folder In a way that I can choose the one I wish to Thanks
  3. I recently tried to use the books category on Emby but it seems it doesn't work. I tried using PDF and CBZ files. They do show up but when I click on it it's just blank!
  4. Hi, I am a user with emby premiere, I would like if you can add an option for emby to add apart from the m3u list format, add another such as xml or that you can add a list by user and that the list can be seen by such an available user and not all because before I used tags but it is very difficult to block all users from the list
  5. So lately i start prepare my photos for Emby. 1, It is possible turn off filename of images ? In web version it is easy, dont know how to do it in Android TV app. 2, I was having sorted photos by Date added but it affect folders and subfolders as well. Id like if possible have folders by Title and photos by date.(This is not problem in web version) With this is another request. I have in every folder with photos subfolder "video" but that subfolder should by by logic always in the first place but it is affected by sorting option. Can this be added or changed ? Something like pin folder in the first place. 3, I only try small sample of photos right now. Somebody has experience with around 500k mixed photos and short videos ? And i thin it will grow even more. Thank you for answers.
  6. This is quite an unusual request, I'm asking for a way to name 1 file containing 2 episodes that are not adjacent to eachother For example: S1E01-06 will be episodes 1 THROUGH 6 S1E01+06 will be episodes 1 AND 6 Is that possible?
  7. Would love to see my soundtrack albums listed on the corresponding movie and tv-show pages, as well as seeing the movies and tv-shows listed on the corresponding soundtrack album page. That way it’s easy for an user to see whether the soundtrack can be listened to.
  8. Look I understand there are more important things to worry about for awhile and this sort of thing isn't super important. And It's not like I can't use the actual apps either but it sure would be nice to if you guys could work out a deal with apple and/or spotify to integrate. I 'll bet the Plex users who hate that dumb music service they added would love to see this as it has been requested multiple times. Of course Plex is probably being paid to add it. I personally will never use anything other than spotify or youtube to listen to my music, not some site I had never heard about previous to it landing on Plex.
  9. Hi! I'm requesting the feature to be able to use the video timeline in the player for the Emby app on Samsung SmartTV, we are not able to to forward or backward a video so can you put the feature on? I know there is a new version of Emby for Samsung SmartTV (Ver. 1.0.84) since 3 days but the feature is not in. Thanks! ✌️ Greetings, Brandon
  10. SuperMinecraftKid

    Bulk New Users Python Script

    Hello everyone! I used to have a python script that would add accounts with selenium. It worked well enough, but that was broken by an emby update. Current events have given me lots of free time and I'm kinda bored, so I decided to rewrite my script using python requests and the emby api. This script takes input from a text file in the format <server username>, <emby connect username> <server username>, <emby connect username> <server username>, <emby connect username> and creates users on an emby server with the username <server username> and attempts to link it to <emby connect username>. The script also configures a bunch of settings for the new user. A list of settings that are configured by the script and more details can be found in the readme in the github repo. Here it is: https://github.com/stummyhurt/auto-emby-accounts I'd love to hear any thoughts!
  11. Hi, I would like to request that the requirements for TV Shows naming scheme to be more flexible. Today's naming convention required is: TV Shows / TV Show name / Season 0x/ Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext Would be possible to allow for the same format but without the need of the Season folder? Example: TV Shows / TV Show name / Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext And even better would be to just require that S0xE0x should be present on the filename. A few reasons to allow this: 1. Easier and faster to look into an entire TV Shows. Faster to organize. Faster to spot missing episodes and erros. 2. Many of us store their content on remote servers that count API requests. Opening multiple folders is much slower compared to opening a single folder and it also requires less API calls. This would be a good pratice in coding and preserves bandwidth, time and the resources of servers around the world. Hope this request find good ears. Thank you in advance for your time considering this.
  12. xsteacy

    More than one resolution

    Hi, My wife doesn't care at all about quality, she can what anything even an old VHS but I like 4k... It would be really nice to be able to have a 1080p and a 4k (for example) resolution of the same movie and be able to choose witch one, like YouTube... Does it make sens or it's totally useless? Thank you
  13. Milldor

    Bring back Madvr

    Could you please bring back Madvr support and get rid of MPV. Or even allow support for both, I've tried for months to get everything working well in MPV but it's just a garbage player with no hope to ever beat Madvr. HDR implementation is absolutely appalling, the tone mapping is an inconsistent mess no matter what config options are changed. The fact the a text editor is necessary to change anything is absurd. Refresh rate changing has constant problems and bugs. Using a new version of MPV breaks livetv. Motion blur is handled poorly and the interpolation option looks like crap when it decides to work. All of the above is not a problem with Madvr, Plus it has the benefit of looking far better and being updated more regularly. Please could you think about reintroducing it to theater or giving the option to use either. Or beyond that giving resume support or OSD support to external players. I'm quite sure that the majority of users would prefer Madvr. Thanks
  14. I think the current login is kinda lackluster. For users with no Emby Connect account, there is no way to handle password resets on their own. There is a "Forgot password" link but since emal adresse is not registered, the email with reset password form does not arrive to user. So my request is 2-parted: 1: Add the options to ad an email address for users without require to create an Emby Connect account. 2: Give to posibility to costumize the login page so I, as an admin could better help users that forgot their password.
  15. Hi. I found that the Client side (APPS) that I use (Android TV and Roku), they doesn't have the option to setting up the audio or the subs before play. This feature is present and working in the web/server side. It is very handy. If for some reason you don't have a receiver and your TV can handle stereo, or dolby, or dts, only. Avoiding the initial hang or freeze of the APP if the audio is multichannel and your TV is stereo is a good thing. However, It depends of your TV brand, some can handle ac3 (dolby 5.1), some DTS 5.1 and sometimes both, sometimes just one of those or only stereo. Since 7.1/2 and 9.1/2 are more popular and complex to transcode, one option is find and add an aditional audio track (for compatibility, if is available) and choose that other audio 5.1 to be transcoded on the fly. I don't know why this is happend (hang or freeze), some ffmpeg issues, maybe... (I don't know), but sometimes the APP leave the movie hanged or can't be played, and other times, for some unknown reason, the video can't be played, because the audio can't be transcoded. Anyway, nevermind if it just to avoid more complex audio to transcode but many times when you have 2 or 3 audio tracks available, and maybe two languages, if you can change the audio before play any content, is much better. I had to change the default audio many times in the server side before play some content, and then go to the device to can watch the video/movie/tv show without problems. This feature maybe, can give to the developers team, more clues to fight with some playback issues when the content needs to be transcoded, in this case, the audio. Anyway, if you can choose the audio or subs before play any content, it is a good thing. Thanks in advance. Regards.
  16. Hi folks, Twice now I've received an email requesting approval to link my Emby account to "fullfilmespro". I've no idea who it is and as far as I know have not generated it myself. Anyone else seen this?
  17. Would it be possible, in a future version, to add the TV show's name under the Continue Watching screenshots? When going through my continue watching list, it is not always immediately obvious which TV show I'm looking at. Alternatively, instead of showing a screenshot of the episode, if the boxart was shown instead, that would suffice. Thanks for the great app.
  18. Because the shield controller stays on and connected while media is playing and because the theme songs start playing again after you stop a show and play on repeat infinitely it kills my controller battery. Can we get a limit on how many times a theme is allowed to repeat? Also going to the shield home screen the theme keeps playing in the background so I cant even solve it by leaving and coming back unless i launch another app. Does not have to be a user settable setting but maybe limit it to 10 times?
  19. Hi I don't know if this is bug or not supported feature, My primary language in Emby is CZECH, and usually, I search movie with both options, English name and Czech name Now is only option due this save movie name with both languages, but why? Is it no choice to search with original movie name? Thanks
  20. It would be nice to have the option to add subtitle files to a movie/episode from the web interface. Currently I have to SCP into the correct location. Adding the option to upload .srt or other files to the directory of the media would be great.
  21. Hi! It will be nice if we could see the nomber of the episod (ex: S01E02) with or instead of the episod name in the device activities. What do you think!?
  22. Hey there, can we skinners get a window property to check if a Emby sync process is running? It would be enough if a window property is filled as soon as the extended progress dialog is called, and reseted as soon as the sync is done. Reason: My skin has a very complex widget scenario and I'm looking for a way to show a "loading home"-splash screen. Thanks in advance!
  23. I am thinking about converting from XML files to NFO files because of the general conscience that XML will go away. Could someone post an example of one of their NFO files generated by Emby. Thanks JohnnyM
  24. I was thinking it would be a good feature to change the way Emby is naming movies when they are recorded. From: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (long alpha numeric character string).ts To: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1941).ts The year information is available in the metadata. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading and considering!
  25. Kodi now supports season names (since Kodi 16, I think). Emby also supports season names. If I use Emby to set the name of Babylon 5: Season 1 to "Signs and Portents", I would like that to sync to Kodi. Luckily, syncing doesn't overwrite whatever name I give it in Kodi, but I would prefer not to maintain it in two places. Thanks, and sorry if this has come up before. I couldn't find it by searching. Also sorry about the tags. Not quite sure what happened there, and I can't do anything about them now...
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