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  1. I was wondering if implementing this feature could be a possibility eventually. Considering the option to change the version of a movie is so tiny, I'd like to be able to have the poster change whenever choosing the different cut of a movie such as Apoc. Now with the 10,000 cuts it has. I understand I can split apart the movies but this ruins the look and flow of my set up imo and I personally think the ability to change version posters would be neat. I also realized that the information such as length, rating, etc are based on the original release of the film and don't change when selecting another version. Thanks for all the hard work regardless! I attached some photos of an example of the change aswell.
  2. Hello, I just tried android TV app and found out the images including my avatar and movie poster cannot be shown. After browsing articles in forum I realized it's due to the IPV6 setting of server. But then I sideloaded the android app and suprisingly it's showing the images without any problem, so the real issues are the android TV app right? Is Android TV app going to support IPV6?
  3. Hello, Recently, I've been trying to script some bulk editing of the NFO file in my Emby Library. This was mostly just a fun project for myself to learn more with Python. Currently my biggest issue I'm running into is trying to update the video NFO file to use a new Poster. Whenever I edit the NFO file lines: <art> <poster>/config/metadata/library/37/3776ebd48296df86690cc5c678d8814e/poster.jpg</poster> </art> to something like: <art> <poster>/config/my_posters/MoviePoster.jpg</poster> </art> Then try to update the Metadata for the video in Emby, Emby will overwrite the poster data back to the original value. A couple notes on how I've set up my system. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Emby installed inside of a Docker Container. The media is stored a ZFS file set up across 3 mechanical hard drives and mapped to Emby via docker The Emby program and config files are on the SSD and mapped to Emby via docker My goal was to have the NFO and Posters on the SSD while the media files could live on the much larger drives. Currently, the NFO files live in the media folders (which means they are on the mechanical hard drives). I'm okay with keeping the NFO files on the mechanical drives. I was hoping to keep the loading times down on the thumbnails, but it's possible that the NFO file has to be accessed before loading the thumbnails so I might be shooting myself in the foot. Also, I am aware that it's probably overkill keeping the thumbnails on the SSD, but I really prefer my system to be as snappy as possible. (I have thousands of videos in certain directories, so any optimizations can make a difference). My main questions are: Is there a way to update the poster via the NFO? Or am I doing something incorrectly. Do you think NFO files on the mechanical disks would bottleneck the posters enough to the point where keeping the posters on the mechanical disks wouldn't matter? Thanks for any help you can provide, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong subforum
  4. Hi, I just uploaded a poster image to TMDB movie but Emby still can't find it when I go to edit images. How long does it take for me to find the image so I don't have to manually add it to Emby? Could it be cached somewhere? I have tried replacing all metadata and replacing existing images but still cannot find it.
  5. Edit: This would only be for on the Detail screen of an item, as that is where I think it would make the most intuitive sense. It would be nifty in Emby Theater to have some way to select the Poster and enlarge it for better viewing. Perhaps we could be able to select the Poster itself, and then press Enter to Enlarge? Personally, I'd be interested in a two-stage method: Activating Enlarging makes the Poster fill the screen; then pressing Enter a 2nd time (while Poster is filling the screen) Enlarges Poster to full size (if it is not already at full size); a 3rd Enter press then restores the Poster back to normal. In my old custom system I had this functionality (the two-stage method), and I appreciated it for certain really detailed posters. However, I realize other's may not care about that level of detail, and so I could be content with just having a method to Enlarge the Poster to fill the screen (or to go as big as it can in given the original file size, while staying within the bounds of the screen). PS-If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  6. is this uninteded or another masterstroke of the design team?
  7. centuryx476

    Movie Poster Size

    Hello, I have searched the forum and not really found a direct answer. If there anyway to increase the size of the posters when they are being displayed ? For example I have a poster that is 2000x3000 pixels and viewing it in the web browser for example seems small. I can increase the font size of the browser itself but that affects other aspects of the web browser. Thank You

    Movie thumbnails

    Recent I run into the problem that the thumbnail does not work or get corrupted. See attachments. What I have done a few times is to install the entire (Emby) server on new ones. This with the result that everything works again in time. But I am done with that now haha. Would someone help me. Greetings SPARTAN
  9. Hello, The roku Emby app displays the posters of "Latest movies and Shows" and also "Trailers" section perfectly. But when I open the main folder the posters are resized and scaled which comes out distorted. Check out the pictures** I went through all of the settings on Emby server (Windows AND linux servers) and also settings on the Roku player but to no success to correct this. Does anyone have the solution?
  10. Exilhamburger

    Design Frage bei Inhaltstyp "Musikvideo"

    Hallo, eine Design-Frage zu dem Inhaltstyp "Musikvideos". Wenn ich eine DB meiner Konzerte mit dem Inhaltstyp "Musikvideos" erstelle, werden diese nicht im Coverformat angezeigt sondern im Fanart/Screenshot Format (siehe Foto - Anastacia und Andreas Bourani - Hey). Das Cover wird dann breit gezogen. Gehe ich dann auf "Bearbeiten Bilder" und wieder zurück auf die Übersicht und mache dann noch einrefresh des Browsers-Fenster", werden die Covers (Poster) im richtigen Format angezeigt (siehe Adele im Screenshot). Das Cover zwar nicht mehr breitgezogen, jedoch immer noch im "Fanart-Rahmen". Gibt es eine Möglichkeit nicht den Fanart-Design sondern das Cover Design unter Inhaltstyp "Musikvideos" zu ändern? Update: Jetzt wird es ganz verrückt: Nachdem ich manche Covers wie oben beschrieben geändert habe, ist der Rahmen auf die größte Bildgröße geschrumpft (Bei machen aus dem TV aufgezeichneten Konzerten habe ich einfach ein Bild des Interpreten oder der Sendung). Manche Cover werden jetzt breitgezogen, obwohl das richtige Format im Verzeichnis liegt und dies lässt sich auch nicht mehr wie oben beschrieben ändern (sieh 2. pic: Amy Winhouse und Andreas Gabalier). Müssen alle Poster/Cover/Bilder im gleichen Verhältnis (z.B. 2:3 oder 9:16) abgelegt sein?
  11. JXL2112

    Folder View Poster

    ​​Folder View poster image: Who needs Photoshop when you have Microsoft Paint 3D.....you boys have never seen such artwork. ​ ​ ​
  12. Mechanical Whispers

    Primary posters not downloading

    Greetings, I have had Emby for a long time now, and for a while it has had an issue where the primary images aren't being downloaded automatically for movies I add to the database. If I manually go in and edit images, I can do a search and grab the primary image. But for some reason, Emby isn't doing this automatically. I do notice that if I try to manually grab the primary image, in the selector, the first thumbnail is always blank. I'm guessing that's some website that Emby can no longer reach? And perhaps this is what it is set to as the default image to search for? Is there a way to troubleshoot and fix this? Thank you!
  13. tmdb is the only image provider emby doesn't allow season images to be fetched please make this possible
  14. i'm wondering if i'm missing something or if this feature is working as intended. does the "replace all metadata" with "replace existing images" selected also refresh metadata and images on items marked as "lock this item from future changes" ? my goal is to set some movies to have custom poster images and/or custom sort titles, lock them, and still be able to refresh the rest of the library, but right now my custom selections are getting wiped out. how do i set my server to really and truly lock metadata and/or images on an item?
  15. I just installed Emby on a Windows system and added several libraries. Somehow one of the libraries received an auto-generated a poster (or primary) image with a tile of several movie posters. It was very nice, but I have no idea why this happened only to one library. Is there a way to do it for all libraries (I can re-create them if needed). Also, is there a way to generate poster images for videos that are not movies, TV series, etc? Like, say, home videos or custom tutorials? It generates a poster for each file (I assume from some random video file snapshot), but how do I get them for the series or seasons? Thanks.
  16. At one time, maybe a long time ago, I could have sworn there was a tool that would scan your library and make a background image out of movie posters. Is anyone familiar with what I'm talking about and maybe have a link to it? Thanks Josh
  17. I work on a 27" Thunderbolt display often... and it'd be nice if we could get another breakpoint for .scalableCard.portraitCard posters... something around the 2000px mark for 10% width is what I'm thinking, but it might need to be specific to non-retina displays. So the media query should include -webkit pixel ratios and min-resolution. kinda like this. https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/retina-display-media-query/ Currently on this screen, poster images are coming out at 311x511px, real life 2.75x4.125" ... they're just monsters. Smaller subset of people, but that group of people will grow as technology gives us larger screens for less $$
  18. I'm loving emby, but.... I had a nice clean directory with just video files. Easy to view/read raw or with multiple viewers, clients and servers. Now I have a clutter of extra supporting files that fill up the directory with -thumb, -poster, .nfo files. I understand the need for them, but is there way to create a sub-directory called "emby" and have all the supporting files live there? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Akak
  19. shaefurr

    New movie posters

    Wanted to start a new thread, ive made lord of the rings posters, now one for Interstellar, bunch more id like to make at some point, so ill be previewing them here before uploading to tmdb. This one is already uploaded so it shouldshow up in the mage fetcher in (2?) days. Don't remember what the timeframe is. Another for Prometheus
  20. Seeing the Poster (Screenshot) helps me see what episode I am up to at a glance from the home screen for any given TV Show. The new ET defaults to the Thumb view for the season (or show) which doesn't give this detail until you navigate into the next level down for the TV Show. Also not all shows have Thumb views, which results in a mixed bag of Thumbs and Poster views on the home screen which looks a little messy. I would like to see an option added to change your default preference between Thumbs and Poster views for areas on the TV home screen like latest episodes or next up episodes (perhaps an independent option for each?). This would allow me to customise it to my personal preference and get more information directly from the home screen. Many Thanks!
  21. Hi. I am just only a week with Ember and I have lots of questions... Let's make one: I have the "save metadata and images into the media folder" and "Download artwork and metadata from the internet" options checked. Sometimes, landscape, poster and logo images are not saved into the movie folders. For example, if the server does not have internet connection during the library scan or it is aborted somehow (restart/shutdown the server), some of the images are not downloaded. Then, when there is again internet connection or a library scan is forced, the missing images are downloaded. They can be correctly seen in the Metadata Manager and in the Movies Library, but, however, they are not saved into the movie folder, whatever I do afterwards. In order to make them be saved, I have to delete the whole library, restart the server, add again the media folders, let them be scanned without any interruption and, then, everything is correctly saved in their place. Is there any possibility to force these images to be saved into the movie folders without having to delete the whole library and start the library scan from zero? Thanks!
  22. I've noticed that some of my movie folders are overlayed with movie posters while others are not. I haven't managed to figure out how those overlays work. Can anybody tell how to display movie posters on LG Smartshare TVs? In Windows Media Center all movies have posters.
  23. Hi there so I was noticing whenever I use poster view it is alot easier to "remember" what movies I have backed up and see all of them BUT it does not have details of the movie when hovering over it. I enjoy uaing coverflow view for this reason BUT then you have to scroll by a single row. My suggestion is to add an option to add details with poster view. I know it then basically makes coverflow view useless or just a copy of poster view but it would be a nice thing to have.
  24. Hi @@ebr, let me start by saying this is not a new issue so it's not as a result of any recent code changes. It's been around as a bug for me forever (maybe even MB2), it's just taken me a while to get around to collecting all the info so I can post it. Issue is, when first entering the EHS screen and scrolling along the menu bar, when I get to one of the special folders like 'Favorites' or 'Movies by Genre' - the posters on that row do not display initially (just the default one) -- if I then move to the next item and back to the problem item, magically all the posters are there (and will continue to be there for the entire session) The best way I can demonstrate this was to record a video of it in action so you could see, I've also attached MBClassic and server logs for your reference covering the same timestamp as the video. Hope this all helps, thanks in advance. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12267194/MBC_EHS_poster_load.mp4 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12267194/MBC_EHS_poster_logs.zip MB versions: Classic version and Server 3.0.5395.0 both on Windows 7 Issue happens on 2 separate machines also.
  25. First of all, major thanks for all the hard work, MBT is an amazing upgrade, coming from having used MB2 for years. One thing I do really miss from MB2 is that when viewing series/movies in List View, it showed the item's poster together with the overview. In MBT, you instead get a shrunk-down version of the backdrop. Since there is already an icon-sized version of the backdrop next to the item name, you have the same image shown 3 times on one screen, which looks a bit off. It would probably look somewhat better with backdrops turned off (in which case it would just seem like a logo/poster-alternative), but that would somewhat defeat the purpose of having separate backdrops/posters. So my feature request would be to have an item's poster displayed above the overview instead of the smaller version of the backdrop (or make it a toggle). I searched the forums for the issue, but only found a single post on the issue with no reply, from back in January, so I thought it was worth bringing up. Thanks for listening, and, seriously, thanks for all the hard work you guys/girls put into this. You rock!
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