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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, everybody, How to add other mandatory subtitles under the premise that the movie has built-in default mandatory subtitles? I tried using {forced/foreign} but nothing worked. As shown in the picture below, I renamed the subtitle suffix to {.forced}, but the movie still defaults to mandatory main subtitles in English. Is there any other solution?
  2. Emby does not render the display correctly for foreign TV Series, especially when using non English Text. 1) Unable to browse any season beyond season 1 2) Seasons do not display 3 Unable to scroll down with the FireTV remote. 4) Pressing PLAY NEXT throws a "Media not found error" However, this is not an issue with American TV Series.
  3. Please can we make emby able to correctly identify foreign films when the original title is included in the filename enclosed in normal brackets (parentheses). Currently, if the filename of the movie has either the English title, or the foreign title only, then the film will get identified. If the filename includes the English title and the original title enclosed in brackets, it will not identify the movie. e.g. English Title (YYYY).mkv Original Title (YYYY).mkv These two work just fine. English Title (Original Title) (YYYY).mkv With this filename, emby simply can't identify it. And you have to manually 'Identify' by copying either titles into the Identify dialog. Including the original title, enclosed in brackets, is very common and the logical, correct way of including both titles for foreign films and any other films that have differing titles in different regions. For example, here's Rotten Tomato's Top 100 Art House & International Movies: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/top_100_art_house__international_movies/ From the 100 movies in this list, emby will fail to identify 38 of them. Entering these filenames into any other system, website, app, etc. results in the correct movies being identified. emby fails. Having to manually identify all these foreign films is laborious, time consuming and ultimately surprising... Why can't emby cope with these???
  4. Is it possible to, when you're in metadata manager, if you change some settings in a media folder, it appplies on everything inside the folder during refresh? e.g. I have set english and USA as my default language and country for metadatas. While everything is in english, I like to get the overviews in a different language (french) for my movies. To do so, I go to metadata manager, click on the movie folder, change the language for "french", uncheck name and genre (because I want to keep english genres and english titles) and I click save. Then, I refresh. The expected result should be that only titles and genres stay in english while everything else is in french on all movies inside the folder, which is not the case right now. As of now, doing this would just ignore the specific selections and modify everything in french. It would be awesome to have this feature!
  5. Today when we search for images, the result from providers are only ordered (AFAIK) by votes. Even when I toggle the search for "All Languages", sometimes I have to look page-by-page to find my country's images. So I have some ideas to resolve this: - Beside "All Languages", create a option to search only for "Metadata language". In my case, I have Portuguese (Brazil) configured for fetching metadata, and would want to filter "pt" images only, if they exist. - When "All Languages" is enabled, put my Metadata Language images (ex: pt) at the top of the results, Tnx.
  6. Hello devs, In another thread I suggested creating a "priority ordert" about foreign metadata download. So choosing several in priority order instead of one, in case it doesn't find as the first choice. Besides that, I think I bumped into a bug here. My global settings are set to download metadata as "Portuguese" language and "Brazil" as country. If I just configure in this screen (global), it doesn't matter if I put Portuguese or Portuguese (Brazil). It just doesn't works. How do I know that it should ever work? When I set those same languages in the MOVIE metadata, not globally, it refreshes and downloads just fine my foreign language. Very strange. Can anyone take a look at this? Thanks
  7. I have quite a lot of 'foreign' films in my movie collection. Whilst I only speak English, I enjoy these with English subtitles enabled, which works really well. However, sometimes I just want an "easy watching" experience and wish to avoid picking a film which isn't in English. Currently I haven't found any easy way to do this. The ideal thing to have would be an icon with the mediainfo icons, OR an overlay on the poster (like the HD overlay) which reflects the language that the film is in. A little flag would work well I think. The relevant information already seems to be present in my movie.xml files. For example, for the film "Yojimbo" I have the following sections.... <Countries> <Country>Japan</Country> </Countries> <LanguageCode>ja</LanguageCode> <Country>JP</Country> <MediaInfo> <Audio> <Language>ja</Language> </Audio> </MediaInfo> Forgive me if this has come up before but I've had a fairly thorough search and found nothing
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