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Found 15 results

  1. BruceDavid

    One File in Two Libraries

    Hi, I am using Emby on Win 10. I have several libraries created. One of which is Movies which uses as a content type, "Movies." Another is Music Videos which uses as a content type "Mixed Content." I have a directory on my computer called "Movies" and the content from there is showing-up nicely in the Movies library. I have another directory on the computer called "Music Videos" and the content from there is showing-up nicely in the "Music Videos" library. This content is mostly short form music videos. But, there is some content that I would like to have in both libraries.
  2. Joanie214

    Deleted files

    Hi, I've been so happy with Emby after switching over from Plex. Out if nowhere episodes of my complete T.Zone, are disappearing and being deleted from my windows file. I've made no changes. Any help would be appreciated. Jdesign
  3. mauriciomaurente

    Renomeando Arquivos - Outras Considerações

    @@cayars @@Happy2Play Na Wiki do Emby está que podemos ter várias versões do mesmo arquivo, basta que suas nomenclaturas estejam corretas para o Emby compreender. Se houver um filme: movie - 720p movie - 1080p Porém, não fica muito claro que se houver estes filmes acima o arquivo de trailer deve ter um para cada? movie - 720p - trailer? movie - 1080p - trailer? Eu acho que o trailer pertence aos dois arquivos, portanto: "movie - trailer" seria a opção mais correta. Estou certo? E se houver mais um tipo de classificação no mesmo arquivo, como: "movie - 1080p - 3D", isto estará cor
  4. Skyobliwind

    Tips for Codecs and Fileformats

    Hi, after some testing on different devices and with different media I noticed that almost all files transcode which reduces quality and sometimes makes playback shutter. My main Playback devices are Firefox on Windows, The Emby app for Tizen(Samsung) and the Android app. My Films and Series are all in mkv container. Most are DVD Rips in Mpeg2 Codec, some are Bluray Rips in Mpeg4 codec and I think also a few in HEVC. Even Musicvideos in H.264 seem to transcode. All transcode to H.264(AVC) if played from Firefox on Windows, Firefox on Android and emby app on Android. So is H.264(AVC) the
  5. xsteacy

    Windows sofware raid on linux

    Hi, I need emby to access a Windows formatted raid in linux. I mounted the raid with the ldmtool but I cannot access the files with emby. I gave emby access to the drive with chown but with no luck. I saw lots of posts in Google and here about that but for normal drive... I use Elementary OS 5.1(bases on Ubuntu 18.04) Thank you for any help, all is welcome.
  6. Hello fellow Emby enthusiasts, I have just recognized that several media files have been deleted from the server. It is not just a database/scanning issue, the actual folders where this media files have been in, are gone. I just found out about the deletion because the collection folder had some movies in it which are not present under the corresponding folders. The media harddrive is raid protected, a manual deletion can be excluded also. - Can you guys think of any other possibility which may randomly deleting media folders? - The option to allow deletion which can be done in us
  7. aspdend

    Music Videos - File Naming

    A quick question as I am a bit confused by Music Video file structures. I am sorting out my music videos on my server and I think I have it right in that the music videos are stored in a Music Video share on the UnRAID server as: Server/Music Videos/artist name/artist name - track name.ext Example Server/Music Videos/ABBA/ABBA - Dancing Queen.mp4 And all other ABBA videos are in the same folder. The Share is listed as a Music Video folder in Emby. However, what do I do for my music videos that are in *.VOB format? These are under a VIDEO_TS folder Do I put them

    Activity Log

    Would anyone know where I could find the Activity log files. I want to try to go through all the raw information and data myself to see I could make something out of it. The Reports plugin with the activity log doesn't give me all the information I need.
  9. Ok, this one actually freaked me out a little. I was watching a movie through Emby. I decided it sucked and deleted it from in the program (trash can). Then I went back to the movie list and all the pictures were gone. When I went to the server, in the directories, all the NFOs and JPGs were deleted. Worst part is that I rebooted everything then told it to scan the directories and it does not update. I am starting to re idendify all the movies. Any idea why? Also, only the movies. The TV shows are fine and so it the music files. Don Epilogue: a lot of my movie files are g
  10. Sony TV has automatically updated to KODI 17. For some reason TV shows are not merging together in my kodi library on this tv although series are appearing merged in emby server and on my other android tv running kodi 16.1. In my TV library on the emby server I have a path directed to files on a mycloud and a local file path on the computer. I have reinstalled emby add on in KODI 17 but no luck. Although I can still access everything, it is annoying that a TV show is showing up twice with different episodes. Any ideas for what to do next? I'm a bit stumped.
  11. KiDayz

    Problems with playing files

    Hi everyone, I'm getting problems with playing my files. Here the explanations : To begin, I'm running emby server on my raspberry (raspBian OS) connected on ethernet. All is running fine. I'm abble to play some files from the windows media player in the network files, so I think there is no problem here. I'm running Kodi from my computer, connected by Wi-Fi on the same network as the Emby server of course. Installled the plugin Emby for Kodi, wrote the right ip address, verified twice. Connected as an administrator user of the server. All the synchronization is running fin
  12. Hi guys, I have my collection and I would like to follow what emby recommend as standard. It is possoble rename my current catalog? this will affect my current watched movies/tv series? Thanks
  13. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming
  14. Luke

    Strm file guide

  15. Our KB is located at https://support.emby.media For articles related to media files & folder structure: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/folders/44000764515
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