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  1. Hi, I was reading the wiki regarding naming convention and it suggests to create a single for sub-folder for each extra content (extras, specials, shorts, scenes, featurettes, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, interviews, trailers). I found really time consuming.. because I have to do rename a lot of files folder for each movie have... can I instead just use a single "extras" sub-folder and chuck everything in there? If so, please any con? Can I just leave them named with interview.mkv, cutscenes.mkv and so on? Thanks for any clarification
  2. Skyobliwind

    Music Libary after Emby Update

    Hi, after Updating my Emby from a Version 4.5.x.x to my Music libary is broken. YES, I read something about a rescan of the music libary etc, but the rescan doesn't seem to change anything. Even setting the kind of structure from "different" to one of the "perfectly structured" options doesn't change anything. I have a few Thousand Song all structured in A -> Musicans -> Albums -> Tracks B -> Musicans -> Albums -> Tracks and so on. What is very strange is, it shows exactly 4 Musicans in the libary and exactly 1 Album of each of these musicans.... I don't really get how that could happen. Ideas how to fix this? What of the 3 structure options should I choose for my structure or do I have to restructure it and put all musicans in the root folder?
  3. Hello, I bought the premium lifetime emby connection and it's working great! Would it be possible to add an additional functionality for the organization of the ebooks: Rather than displaying several titles of the same ebook, would it be possible to have them appear on the same item, and be able to select the version? For example : Ebook / Harry Potter Tome 1 / Harry Potter Tome 1 - Traduction Fr PDF Version Ebook / Harry Potter Tome 1 / Harry Potter Tome 1 - Traduction Fr Version epub Ebook / Harry Potter Tome 1 / Cover In this example, the two versions appear as two different ebooks, and the cover does not appear on either of the two ebooks. It would be interesting to only show "Harry Potter Volume 1", with the chosen Cover, and to be able to select the desired version. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi, was wondering if I'll lose some accuracy if I were to choose the TMDB option instead of the TVDB when my folders use the TVDB naming structure? Sonarr doesn't support using TMDB and all my folders have been named using Sonarr, so I would much prefer to not have to manually rename all my folders, or if I were to chose TMDB and all of my Emby entries gets messed up. Thanks in advance.
  5. Skyobliwind

    Book Libary (Naming/Sorting)

    I know about the naming convention article (https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159115-book-naming), but I'm still now sure how to name some magazines for example. Is it possible to collect all editions of magazine A in a Webfolder "Magazine A" as in the earbooks libary with the tracks? Books libary also supports earbooks? What's the difference to the earbooks libary? Regards Skyobliwind
  6. Hi, I have the complete series of "Homicide" on my Emby server with the following naming convention: Homicide - SXXEXX - title.mp4 (with each season in a separate directory) under the TV/Homicide directory. All is working well. But, there are a few Law & Order cross-over episodes (that is, the story starts in a Law & Order episode and concludes in a Homicide Episode, or vice versa). I have the Law & Order episodes as separate mp4 files and would like to include them in the Homicide listing. I tried doing the following: Homicide - S06E05 - Baby, It's You (Law & Order Crossover Episode, Part 1).mp4 Homicide - S06E05 - Baby, It's You (Part 2).mp4 But when I look at Season 6 in my Emby client (browser), all that shows is the Part 2 episode, not the Law & Order episode. Can you tell me if there is a way to accomplish what I am trying to do and, if so, how to do it? Thanks, I appreciate the help. Bruce
  7. BruceDavid

    TV Show Naming

    Hi, I am saving episodes of "Homicide Life on the Street" as individual MP4 files ripped from the DVD. I am using the following naming convention: Homicide - S01E01 - episode name.mp4 The issue that I've run into is that the order of the episodes in the DVD is, according to the DVD, the order in which the producer intended, it is not the order in which they were broadcast. So, for example, one of my episodes is "Homicide - S01E03 - The Night of the Dead Living.mp4." But, that episode apparently was the ninth episode broadcast and the third episode broadcast was an episode called "Son of a Gun." Emby thinks that my third episode is the "Son of a Gun" episode, not the "Night of the Dead Living" episode. Is there a way for me to get Emby to recognize (or manually override) the "Night of the Dead Living" as the third episode instead of it thinking that my third episode is "Son of a Gun?" Thanks, I appreciate the help. Bruce
  8. In advance of the upcoming 4.6xx update on stable, I am trying to hoover up some of the known issues with tagging in my music library (I know I should have done these ages ago, but I have thousands of tracks and some stuff I ripped ages ago I didn't do a great job with and there's never enough time). Anyway, as part of this - I wanted to check the Wiki to make sure I was using the correct naming structure. There is nothing in the Wiki regarding naming multi-part music albums, althugh there is for the videos. I tried the advice there using albumname-cd1/tracks and albumname-cd2/tracks under artist/albumname/ and that created each disc as a separate album. Revert back to CD1/tracks and CD2/tracks under artist/albumname/ and they are back to single album with two discs. Attached images show what I mean
  9. I'm currently dealing with the cartoon Animaniacs. Because of the way the TVDB lists this how, I have each episode split into segments. I have two questions based on this and hopefully one of them is possible: 1. Is it possible in emby to have these segments combined? For example TVDB EP 1,2 & 3 is actually S01E01 .. I think Plex calls this stacked naming 2. How flexible is emby with multi episode naming? If I were to combine these segments into full episodes, it would be based on the Wikipedia / IMDB lists. The problem with this is that the order doesn't correctly line up with TVDB (TMDB is the same). For example S01E27 in Wikipedia is made up of 3 segments (1,2,3). However the order in TVDB is different and would mean that the segment with the end credits would be in the middle (2,3,1) So for me to join the into 1 file in the correct order & have the metadata pulled from TVDB in the correct order I would need to name the file weirdly - like S01E66-65-64 Does emby support something like this or am I just going to have to live with having the wrong name / description order for some episodes?
  10. Hi, I would like to request that the requirements for TV Shows naming scheme to be more flexible. Today's naming convention required is: TV Shows / TV Show name / Season 0x/ Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext Would be possible to allow for the same format but without the need of the Season folder? Example: TV Shows / TV Show name / Show Name - S0xE0x - title.ext And even better would be to just require that S0xE0x should be present on the filename. A few reasons to allow this: 1. Easier and faster to look into an entire TV Shows. Faster to organize. Faster to spot missing episodes and erros. 2. Many of us store their content on remote servers that count API requests. Opening multiple folders is much slower compared to opening a single folder and it also requires less API calls. This would be a good pratice in coding and preserves bandwidth, time and the resources of servers around the world. Hope this request find good ears. Thank you in advance for your time considering this.
  11. i have been having trouble with anime series in particular like Naruto, dragon ball z and now black clover. upon reaching the 100th episode, emby no longer detected the episode, it appeared as some random serial number. so i changed the folder structure as it appears in IMDB, season 1 with 51 episodes, season 2 with 51 episodes, and season 3 empty since no episodes have aired for that folder yet. In emby i created a folder called ANIME SERIES with a tv category, then the folder structure for this series was ANIME SERIES_ Black Clover_ Season 1_ Black Clover S01E01 Which gave me this in emby- it shows episode 106 and 107 unaired in season 1 which is wrong. also season two looked like this- it shows the title of each episode from season 1 and attached it to season 2. originally the folder structure was just the episode numbers starting with 1 and it detected and properly idendified all the way to episode 99, but when it got to 100 emby did not recognize it. i have also have episode 101 and 102 but emby doesn't even recognize that its there and i cant even play it on emby. i need help please.
  12. Hello: Emby Setup: >> I am using Emby Server with Kodi Leia 18.3. Issue/experience: >> When I add TV Shows to Emby Server (and tag them as TV Shows) all of my files are renamed with a "SxxExx" prefix convention. Emby Server also attempts to regroup my files by adding season folders/containers on the server. The naming convention and grouping structure then passes on to Kodi as is expected. >>What I would like is for my TV Show folder structure and file naming convention to remain the same as it is on my hard drive (unmodified), is there a way to do this? If not is there a work around that can be used with "Mixed Content" tag? If a work around exists how do I enable it as, or under, a Kodi main menu item selection? Background: >> I am converting from a HTServer that ran MediaBrowser2. All of the files are DVD type VIDEO_TS files with movie.xml files and .nfo files that store all of the metadata correctly and every episode was set to display an image similar to a movie poster. These TV Shows are stored with the following naming and structure <G:\Television Series\SeriesName\Episode xxx - EpisodeTitle\VIDEO_TS>. Thank you.
  13. Hi, can anyone say whether TV episode numbering is case sensitive please? I've recently switched from OS X and Plex to Windows 10 and Emby (such a relief!) but all my current TV episodes are named in the following way: Show - s01e01 - Name of 1st Episode Show - s01e02 - Name of 2nd Episode ...etc. I've named them this way for trivial reasons I guess; that being I prefer how the lowercase 's' and 'e' look for season and episode, over the uppercase 'S' and 'E'. I've read the official wiki which explains how to go about naming TV shows and the only example of this way of naming shows the uppercase version only, before season and episode numbers. Will my shows still be searched and catalogued properly by Emby if I leave the 's' and 'e' lowercase? Many thanks.
  14. I ran into an edge case in multi-version naming. I have 2 cuts of the film The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. Afaik, the cuts are only referred to as the 1976 cut and the 1978 cut. My naming is as follows: `The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)/The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976) [1976 Cut].mkv` `The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)/The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976) [1978 Cut].mkv` Emby is picking up the date from the version string and not from within the parenthesis. This also occurs when using the hyphen method for the versions. The result is that 2 separate films appear in my collection when they should appear as 2 different versions of the same film. While I think this should be fixed in whatever parsing routines Emby is using, if there is a manual change I can make to the nfo file in the meantime, that would be great. Thanks for all the hard work. I am happily a lifetime member.
  15. I currently use Plex and considering switching to Emby. I see that Plex uses a single movie folder with all the movies in it whereas Emby prefers separate folders for each movie. Can someone please elaborate on these two approaches and suggest if I should convert my existing library to separate folders for each movie?
  16. Dear Emby Team Quick question, I have created a new library called "my sports" where I want to keep major sports events like prior NFL Super Bowl playoff videos etc. I'm not sure of how to go about the naming convention so the metadata gets loaded accurately (like the case for movies or TV etc) Could you please give me some guidance on how I should lay out / name my sports videos? Many thanks Rob
  17. Hi all, Hope you're well Thanks for software I'm having issues using file splitting/stacking[g] I experimented with deleting file meta and "Locking items to prevent future changes" but files still appear out of order (e.g. part 1 after part 2) when I navigate into season views Please confirm my file name syntax is valid and that it's possible to use this naming feature with television (the docs are for movie)?: Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 1.mkv Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 2.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 3.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 4.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 5.mp4 Curb Your Enthusiasm - s0e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05 - part 6.mkv If you have any issues (e.g. questions/queries) happy to help Hope to hear back Keep up great work! Yours faithfully [g] https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie-naming#split-video-files-file-stacking https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hRWp9oOeOtxqxGtgQpyk_2d1Nofc57kS
  18. aspdend

    Music Videos - File Naming

    A quick question as I am a bit confused by Music Video file structures. I am sorting out my music videos on my server and I think I have it right in that the music videos are stored in a Music Video share on the UnRAID server as: Server/Music Videos/artist name/artist name - track name.ext Example Server/Music Videos/ABBA/ABBA - Dancing Queen.mp4 And all other ABBA videos are in the same folder. The Share is listed as a Music Video folder in Emby. However, what do I do for my music videos that are in *.VOB format? These are under a VIDEO_TS folder Do I put them Server/Music Videos/artist name/artist name - track name/VIDEO_TS/artist name - track name.vob or should I be doing something else instead? The Wiki is quite unhelpful for music videos - it just says it's the same as for movies...
  19. Hey there! Since there are multiple plugins, which can help you to manage your library like map your Genre to another one or fix any missmatch, is there anything like that for the age rating? E.g. if I would like to map all not rated movies to my maximal age rating 18, than I have to enter into every metadata of every movie and change it myself? Or is there a easy way to do it from the emby interface?
  20. balasankarc

    Daily tv show naming not working

    I have a collection of a local tv show that runs daily (on weekdays). Suppose it's name is "Something Else", the episodes are named in the following order 1. Somthing_Else_0001.mkv 2. Somthing_Else_0002.mkv 3. Somthing_Else_0003.mkv . . . I checked out https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming#by-date and saw that they could be handled if I name them in the following order 1. Somthing_Else_2015-12-14.mkv 2. Somthing_Else_2015-12-15.mkv 3. Somthing_Else_2015-12-16.mkv . . . However, when I tried that, Emby collected all of them inside an "Unknown Season" season. How do I inform Emby that there is no concept of "Seasons" with this show, but only a sequential list of episodes ?
  21. hey, hi kk, there some way to put device custom name to web app, most time i using 2 or 3 clients they are chrome web apps, so its impossible to know which is that one i wanna control in the cast feature, please add at least what user is using that web client, that would help aloooot, and at the best, some kind of naming, i dont know, by some how to indentify the chrome client or the ip adress that client is using, mac adress of the pc, i dont know something like that, but the user that is using that client, it would be so much help.
  22. Aussiedroid

    Bluray NFO Location & Naming

    I wanted to check where the Bluray nfo file should be located & how it should be named. Originally, I had these as movie.xml files in the root folder of the movie. I've upgraded to nfo files and removed xml but having this as movie.nfo was not displaying or refreshing. Some searching around the forums & wikis found that this should be now called index.nfo under the BDMV folder. I've tried this but still no data will refresh/display. If I manually refresh to fetch new metadata from Emby Theater for example it creates a file <foldername>.nfo. So I renamed my original nfo file to the folder name & refresh missing metadata & it displays as expected. Is this correct? (before I go through and manually update my other rips) Also, on a side question, should subtitle options display the name of the subtitle stream? They are present if I play this via an external player such as Media Player Classic but show as Und (Undetermined) in Emby interface. Many Thanks, AD
  23. monkeyslapper

    IPTV Live Recording naming scheme

    IPTV / M3U recording seems to be GREAT! So far. Installation is pretty straight forward. Adding the guide is pretty simple as well. What I am having problems is not really the recording. But i am having problems on the naming of the video. It shows the title of the of the recording great. But its not adding the episode or season or even the original air date. this is what I am getting for the current naming " Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs_20170912_14051430 " I am not sure sure the of the whole naming then the first part is the current recorded date. I am sure that it may have something to do with the XML guide. And i have tried using what is given and tried using zap2it for guide as well. Anything else you can recommend that works with what i am looking for? Thanks
  24. Is there a way to name video files so that Emby will properly detect the episode number and the episode title? I have read through https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming but it mostly does not consider the episode title. If I use one of those conventions, then Emby does detect the episode number correctly, but I can't get it to display the episode title properly. It seems like Emby wants to detect the episode number and then use a remote database to look up the episode title to display. The problem is that I have some obscure shows that aren't in any database. The best I have come up with is <show_name>/<show_title> S<season_number>E<episode_number> With this convention, Emby detects the episode numbers correctly and shows the episodes as for example "2 - Title S01E02". Is there any way to format the name so that Emby detects the title and shows just "2 - Title" without the trailing "S01E02"?
  25. cloudstriker83

    TV Episode Naming Incorrect

    Hi, I used iTunes before Emby and so have a TV episode structure in the form of /TV Show Name/Season 1/01 Episode Name.m4v according to https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV-naming#episode-naming-conventions it should be okay, to have episodes named just with episode number and episode name. But it's not working that way. I have the file “The Expanse/Season 2/06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” which results in Emby as an episode named “06 Paradigm Shift” with season number 2 and episode number field blank. So Emby doesn't recognize the “06” as episode number but part of the title. When I rename the file to “S02E06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” everything works fine and i have an episode named “Paradigm Shift” with season number 2 and episode number 6. Do have have to rename ALL of my tv media files to correctly work with Emby because the TV-Naming wiki page is incorrect. Or is there a problem with Emby? I attached both logfiles, one with scanning the libraries with the not working “06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” and one with the working “S02E06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” files. logfile_incorrect.txt logfile_working.txt
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