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  1. PS when I say folder I mean folder / library. I have 1 folder per library. So yes, I know there's already 1000 of threads about this exact error. But mine seems to be different. First of all, I recently had this exact error with some new movie files, which had really really long titles (and the folder where the file was in, had the same super long title). It gave me this same error every time, until I shortened the folder and video file. Strange, but okay, solved easily. Now I have this same error, but a different issue, with my 1 folder of HDR demo files. They're all short 1/2 minute files, all in the same folder. All stopped working. They worked before. I don't think I've changed any setting on my demo folder. BUT when I take one of these files, and move it to my movie folder, then play it from Emby, it works. BTW the demo folder hasn't worked in months, but they worked before that. I just want to fix it now. So I guess it must be somehow setting related. So I compared the settings for both folders. And as far as I can see, they're exactly the same. Strange, right? Any ideas? Can it somehow have to do with the fact that the files are short in time? I think the demo folder is set up as a TV show library, but I can't find where I check that. It does have some other tv-show related settings which my movie folder doesn't have. Could that be it? I looked at other threads with this error but it looks like 10 different issues all gives this same error, and also many people said: do: "PKG install ffmpeg" but I'm pretty sure that's not a thing on a server running windows, right? And yes I can probably fix it by making a new (movie) library for this folder and solve it that way, but I rather know what is happening for next time.
  2. I tried to add a photo's library. When I clicked `Okay` - it just sat there... greyed out. After an hour or so of waiting - I refreshed. To find out that I have over sixty-thousand of the same library created. Please... there must be a way to bulk delete libraries. Deleing them one at a time is _not_ an option.
  3. Was this ever resolved or a workaround in later releases? I have a similar issue. Part of my library is stored on a remote disk that is mounted via CFS/SMB to my NAS, where Emby is running and the main library is stored. After a disconnected disk, the movies are being deleted from the library and I will need to do a full reboot of both NAS and Emby, do a full re-scan (sometimes it takes a couple of times) to get them back. Metadata is stored with the media but still need to do some manual fixes in terms of selecting proper backgrounds or covers which are missed or not properly recovered. Strange thing is that Movies is much more affected by this compared to TV Series.
  4. Hello, My first post here. I'm on an UnRAID server, but I didn't see that as an option, so I figured Linux was general enough. Tonight I went to watch Emby and found that the number of episodes in my library was way off. Upon further investigation, it's reading the wrong folders. My folders are organized as recommended here https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159110-tv-naming, for DVD episodes. M*A*S*H, for example /TV /M_A_S_H /Season 1 /M_A_S_H S01E01-E08 /VIDEO_TS episode 1.mkv episode 2.mkv episode 3.mkv In this example, Episodes 1-8 are all from the same DVD, with each episode being an individual video file. Previously, this was read correctly by Emby, and all the episodes in a given season were displayed as individual episodes. Now, it's counting the disc level folder, "M_A_S_H S01E01-E08," as a single episode. However, it seems to still understand that there are multiple episodes, it's just lumping them all together and listing all the titles in a row. Screenshot of this attached. This is consistent, across my entire library of TV shows. Doesn't seem to be affecting movies or music, although they don't have as many subfolders. Anyone know what would have caused this? How do I fix it? Edit: corrected/clarified the way the files are organized within the folders.
  5. This is my very first post / issue out here, so apologies if I miss something while reporting it. So far a simple google search solved all issues Since the latest update (Currently on Ver., for some odd reason the TV Shows are not displaying the unwatched / latest episodes when the particular show is opened up. I have to specifically go to Show >> Scroll to Season >> Scroll to Episode, to see this episode which has been added in case I want to refresh its metadata or watch it specifically. Previously the latest / unwatched episodes would get displayed above the seasons list and below the tv show info. I tried checking the settings to see if anything had changed, but nothing was changed and couldn't find anything in the changelog regarding the episode display change. Is this an intended change or bug? embyserver.txt
  6. I would suggest to add the possibility to filter the library by languages, i.e. - Allow to filter for the audio and/or subtitle language. Regards Max ( Request taken from a former github issue: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/1782#event-982356301 )
  7. I would like to have the option to view and play the Libraries as they are stored on the server: by Folders. It seems that it would be a great feature. I would prefer to use it. I've made also a similar request for the Android app.
  8. When in "Detail view" of an item in a Emby library (like Movies), is it already technically possible for the Emby devs (@@Luke & @ebr), to incorporate swipe actions, to go to next or previous Movie in that library ? Would be awesome if mobile Emby users could browse their Movies in a Emby library just by swiping left or right AND still stay in detail view ! Example of swiping content with Infuse 5.x on iOS: https://streamable.com/5zv2i
  9. Emby server v4.7.2.0 Why can't I delete "Collections" from my library? I have not created this folder.
  10. dn_angel000

    Emby Purging Watched Media...

    Is there a way to disable watched media from being purged!? I just noticed that I no longer have media in TV Shows I watched awhile ago no longer showing up in my list of TV Shows when trying to find them in emby. I also looked into my external HDDs and they're no longer there either, is there a way to disable this from happening to other media I've watched in the future!?
  11. Hi guys, I created those simple library icons for myself but decided to share - maybe someone will find them useful. Every icon is a PNG file in 1280x720 px. Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15SGUccIljBZEysLj-cuMzpJ3I3QOVbIB?usp=sharing
  12. jeffersoncg

    "Better" identify library

    Hi, I'm new here. I added several movies to my library, but the names weren't 100% accurate, for example: "expendables.mkv", which was recognized as "expendables 4" I don't know if Emby would need the information there like "expendables 1.mkv", but there are several of these movies that were added that ended up like this, having only the name of the movie, without informing the "order" (like the movie "Scream .mkv" which emby recognized as "Scream 5"). In a "Manga" reader that i did, i make this code to "find" the most probably correct match. I'm not a developer, i just tryed make the code until it give-me a good result. Code running with 2473 movies in db, and it find the match easily (I used it a lot with all 1.378 manga that i have, and it update each correctly, without a problem), so... Is there a way to implement something like this on emby? I know that the code is way to not optimized, but, for now is what i can do. 😢 Code: function GetAllMangaMatches(Lista, Nome){ let NovaLista = Clone(Lista); let Retorno = {Vazio: ''}; let Mangas = []; let Counter = 0; while (!Empty(Retorno)) { if(Counter > Lista.length) break; Retorno = FiltrarManga(NovaLista, Nome); if(!Empty(Retorno)) { Mangas.push(Retorno); delete(NovaLista[NovaLista.indexOf(Retorno)]); NovaLista = CleanArray(NovaLista); } Counter++; } return Mangas; } function Clone(Objeto) { let Copia = null; if(!Array.isArray(Objeto)) Copia = Object.assign({}, Objeto) else Copia = Object.keys(Objeto).map((key) => Objeto[key]); return Copia; } function Empty(Object) { return $.isEmptyObject(Object); } function FiltrarManga(Lista, Nome){ if (Lista.length == 0) return ''; let Manga = []; let CountMax = 0; let Count = 0; let ListaNomes = arrayColumn(Lista, "Name"); ListaNomes = ChangeCase(ListaNomes, toLowerCase); Nome = RemoverCaracteresEspeciais(Nome.toLowerCase()); let NomeArray = Nome.split(' '); NomeArray = CleanArray(NomeArray); let isOrigemDoujinshi = NomeArray.includes('doujinshi'); let SelectedValue = []; let isMatchDoujinshi = false; x = 0; let foundExact = false; ListaNomes.map(function(value){ if(foundExact) return; value = RemoverCaracteresEspeciais(value); if (value == Nome) { Manga = Lista[x]; foundExact = true; return Manga; } Count = GetOcorrencias(value, Nome); if (Count > CountMax) { CountMax = Count; Manga = Lista[x]; SelectedValue = value.split(' '); SelectedValue = CleanArray(SelectedValue); isMatchDoujinshi = SelectedValue.includes('doujinshi'); } x++; }) let NomeArraySize = NomeArray.length; if (((CountMax > NomeArraySize*0.9) && (NomeArraySize + 3 > SelectedValue.length) || (foundExact)) && (isMatchDoujinshi == isOrigemDoujinshi)) { if(Manga != undefined) { if(Manga.length == 0) { Manga = Lista[0]; } } else { Manga = Lista[0]; } } else { return []; } return Manga; } function arrayColumn(array, columnName) { return array.map(value => value[columnName]) } function ChangeCase(Elemento, CaseFunction, Parameters) { switch (typeof(Elemento)) { case 'string': return CaseFunction(Elemento, Parameters); break; case 'object': if(Array.isArray(Elemento)) { return Elemento.map(x => ChangeCase(x, CaseFunction, Parameters)); } else { if(Elemento != null) { let ElementTemp = {}; Object.keys(Elemento).map(function(key){ ElementTemp[key] = ChangeCase(Elemento[key], CaseFunction, Parameters); }) return ElementTemp; } else return null; } break; default: return Elemento; break; } } function RemoverCaracteresEspeciais(texto, subst = ' ') { let pattern = /[^a-z1-9]/gi; return texto.replaceAll(pattern, subst); } function CleanArray(Array) { return Array.filter(x => !$.isEmptyObject(x)); } function GetOcorrencias(Fonte, Busca) { let ArBusca = RemoverCaracteresEspeciais(Busca).toLowerCase().split(' '); ArBusca = CleanArray(ArBusca); Fonte = RemoverCaracteresEspeciais(Fonte).toLowerCase(); let Contagem = 0; ArBusca.map(function(value){ if(Fonte.indexOf(value) != -1) Contagem += 1; }) return Contagem; } function GetAllMangaMatches(Lista, Nome){ let NovaLista = Clone(Lista); let Retorno = {Vazio: ''}; let Mangas = []; let Counter = 0; while (!Empty(Retorno)) { if(Counter > Lista.length) break; Retorno = FiltrarManga(NovaLista, Nome); if(!Empty(Retorno)) { Mangas.push(Retorno); delete(NovaLista[NovaLista.indexOf(Retorno)]); NovaLista = CleanArray(NovaLista); } Counter++; } return Mangas; } function toLowerCase(Texto) { return Texto.toLowerCase(); } function AddScriptByJavascript(src){ script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = src; document.body.appendChild(script); } AddScriptByJavascript("https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.6.0/jquery.min.js"); Ps: I Also add there a code "Importer" to add jquery, because the function from jquery "$.isEmptyObject(Object)" is needed. If wanna me to translate the function/parameters to english, i can do too.
  13. Hi there, for several reasons, I would like to restructure my Server, meaning I would like to rename and / or move paths/folders/directories that are (partly) related to emby’s library. For example, I would like to rename the folder "Media" to "Video" (as I d like to split up audio and video into separate folders). I am supposing, such an action would have an impact on emby’s library, meaning media would no longer be found, etc. But my question is, if I could fix this by just renaming/adjusting paths within the library/libraries or if this would lead to data/media no longer being found or any other impacts such as metadata being lost, etc. In other words: - Can I adjust a media path within a library in emby? (for examle from "/Media/Animation/" to "/Video/Animation/"? - What impact will such an adjustment have? (f.e. Meta-Data and / or Images being replaced, watch-states getting lost, … Thank you in advance for your kind support. Best regards, hi2hello
  14. Preamble: So, I've been a longtime Plex user since before Emby existed, but I've been getting increasingly frustrated with their "improvements" breaking things and find myself checking out the competition. First question: Is there a way for me to enable default subtitles for all of my Chinese Wuxia (Kung Fu) TV Shows and Movies without enabling subtitles for all my English media? Say, a setting on a per-library or per-show basis? If yes, where would I find that? Turning it on for each episode (or changing a user-wide default every time I launch the app) would be an irritatingly tedious set of repetitive steps I would love to skip if possible.
  15. Adding libraries to Emby server is a little different under DSM 7 in that setting permissions for the shared folders has changed some. If you've ever tried to add a library to Emby and it wouldn't accept, then the permissions might be wrong 1. Give emby read/write permissions to the shared folder Open Control Panel...Shared Folder in DSM on your NAS Select your shared folder...Edit... and then under the Permissions tab select the dropdown box and change it to "System internal user" Check Read/Write next to the user 'emby' and then click Save 2. Add libraries in Emby server Settings...Library...New Library Select the library type and enter library folder information Example:
  16. francoisp

    Question about compilations

    Years ago I used Itunes to rip an album that's a compilation of songs from multiple artists. In Itunes all songs are showing under a single album. In my Emby library, the songs are showing as separate albums and I find that very annoying. I looked in the compilation library and nothing shows up. I'm obviously misunderstanding how this works. Is there a way to have all songs showing under a single album? What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  17. Hi all Half a year ago, I moved my emby instance from my NAS to a seperate machine (Win10) to get better performance. However, as I'm using emby as a DVR and my library got quite ... ähm ... "comprehensive" by now, I also upgraded my NAS and seperated media server and data storage. I'm using SMP paths in my libraries to add the shared folders to emby (location = \\SERVER\FOLDER1). I had a power outage today and (re-)noticed an odd behaviour of emby: as my media server is a lot faster in booting up as my NAS, accessing the library failed when emby service started. As a result, some of my libraries where just gone from the admin interface and in the remaining ones, nearly all the entries were missing. Restoring my nightly backup did fail as well (I experienced the already known bug with multiple entries after restore) ending up with me deleting all libraries and setting them up again. Yes, one could think that the settings were damaged by the shutdown, but I already experienced the same behaviour when I shut down the NAS and media server in parallel a few month ago. Did you experience something similar in the past? If so, it seems that emby doesn't destinguish between "non accessible" and "non existent" when accessing libraries. It might then be a good idea to catch that error and allow some access retries or even "halt" / "pause" a library that can't be accessed instead of just deleting the entries or even the whole library. If not, it might just be my setup and I would appreciate any tips on how to change it to avoid a repetition of that... Cheers!
  18. It would be nice to be able to specify default options for library creation. I have to add a lot of libraries and on every single library, I have to manually set all the checkbox. This could either be solved by: Globally defined default options for new libraries Template libraries which could be used to clone from
  19. Mongoose

    Movies Missing after Library Setup

    Hi, New Emby user here. My Synology DS218+ directory is called Volume1 Before installing Emby onto the DS218+, I placed several movies into the /Volume1/video directory. Enable Access to all libraries is Checked. Carefully following the instructions on https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Library-Setup The library creation appears to have succeeded. My chosen display name is EmbyMovies After doing all that, I went to the My media and found 2 directories, one is EmbyMovies and the other is "Folders." Trying both, no movies appeared, All blank I couldn't find a solution at https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/674-media-files-folders-structure/ unless it's well hidden. I searched around Tutorials and Guides, and cannot find anything describing Movies not showing up. Perhaps I made errors in setting up folder structure. Am I supposed to create a "Collections" directory and put the movies in it? If so, how do I do this? Thank you for a great website and I look forward to any enlightenment toward (what appears to be) a directory setup problem. Thanks much, Mongoose
  20. Hi, so what I'm suggesting isn't just the whole WebUI page refreshing when any changes is detected, I'm leaning more toward the Plex approach. Meaning, when scanning your library folders (per show/movie/etc.) you'll get the percentage indicator or a spinning icon signaling that the server is in the middle of the process. The lack of indicators when making changes is resulting in an unawareness of if the action you just performed is in effect or has completed. It's a small but appreciated quality of life addition.
  21. 怎么修改媒体库默认顺序? How to modify the default order of the media library? 当我设置新用户的时候,媒体库顺序是我想要的顺序呢? When I set up a new user, the order of the media library is what I want? 是添加CSS还是修改配置文件? Should I add CSS or modify the configuration file? 图片1是目前默认的媒体库顺序,对于我来说不是很满意,图片2为我手动修改的媒体库顺序。 Picture 1 is the current default order of the media library, which is not very satisfactory to me. Picture 2 is the order of the media library that I manually modified.
  22. After upgrading to Emby Server my music library no longer displays graphics. Every MP3 song of every album in my collection contains an embedded album image. Each folder includes a folder.jpg. I also did a new library scan after the upgrade. So I don't know why the views are all blank now. - How can I fix this or is this a problem of the Emby server release?
  23. acnp77

    Default Library Images

    I made some default library images for those who like a clean, simple interface. The idea is to put the content in first place. Just in case anyone wants to use them. I used the green from the default Emby theme, the icons are from the google material icon set, style set to rounded, to match the recent Emby style. (Although I do not like that everything needs to be round nowadays). Images are 16:9 / 1920x1080px png-files. Movies: TV: Music: Home Videos: Playlists: All.zip
  24. Queria saber como posso usar um servidor local como pasta / caminho de acesso aos meus arquivos de vídeo para da biblioteca, tentei localizar com uma opção de rede pórem ele não encontrado, e como sugerido tentei colocar o endereço, mas também não consegui localiar. Eu criei esse servidor no meu aparelho android atraves do app termux e utilizei o rclone para compartilhar as minhas pastas no google drive, como não possuo e não pretendo fazer root, não consigo montar o drive na minha pasta raiz, mas consigo compartilhar em uma rede ftp / sftp / http / webdav / dlna local. a ideia seria, acessar esse rede agrupada para criar uma biblioteca no emby, eu até conseguiri montar no app kodi, mas queria poder fazer o mesmo no emby, abaixo segue um exemplo/uma das minhas tentativas de criar uma biblioteca, no caso eu utilizei um servidor http, com endereço http: // localhost: 8080 /.
  25. artatgray

    Collections have disappeared!

    Ever since the latest updates my Collections have disappeared from My Media. How do I restore them, if possible? Thanks in advance, Bill
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