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  1. A32

    iPadOS photos slideshow?

    Hi, I’ve uploaded some photos to my Emby server on my Synology DS (lifetime license). I can browse the photos fine with my iPad Pro/14.2, however, trying the play or the shuffle buttons doesn’t do anything. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  2. cptbrainia

    iPad Air 2 and constant freezing

    Hi, I'm having an issue with video playback constantly freezing with the Emby app on an iPad Air 2 (IOS v13.6.1). It will play videos for a couple of seconds, freeze for a couple of seconds, play for a couple of seconds, and repeat ad nauseam. I don't know what information to provide, but play method is listed as Transcode, it's an MKV with h264 High encoding and the video bitrate is 12.4Mbps. I have Quality set at Auto on the app and it automatically selects 1080p - 60mbps. I have the emby server running on a Windows 2019 VM. Watching utilization, I see processor uti
  3. I am experiencing the issue whereby subtitles do not appear when the video plays on my iPad Pro. The same video plays with subtitles perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ as well as my Windows laptop. Here are the following information if required: 1. Currently a premium member with Emby (Hardware Transcoding option activated) 2. Emby on iPad running version 1.9.7 3. Same video file plays fine and subtitles all display perfectly on Android phone and windows laptop. 4. Huge buffering when played on iPad Pro (Please refer to below screenshot). I had to drop the Quality to 480p - 1 Mbps
  4. Title basically says it, I'm trying to download a movie to my Ipad Pro 3rd gen. (iOS 13.5). If I play it online, it works, but as soon as I download it to my Ipad it doesnt have sound. This doesn't happen with the same movie on my Android Tablet when doing the same thing. Other movies have worked as intended on the Ipad. The movie in question is in German, but also has English audio bundled (both 6-channel DTS). The movie uses .mkv format. Any pointers to fix this? Unfortunately I don't have a huge database to test, but atm one movie works for download, the other doesn't. On the Android, or
  5. TroyKing

    PlayBack Reporting - iOS app

    Hello guys, just wondering if there’s any plans to get playback reporting to work on the iOS app so it can be used on iPad and iPhone. So far I love the app but have to use safari to just look at some stats. Thanks!
  6. Fred74

    DTS sur iPad ne fonctionne pas

    Bonjour. je suis nouveau sur le forum et par la même occasion, nouvel utilisateur de Emby. j’ai pris 1 mois de Emby première afin de tester et c’est pourquoi je reviens vers vous. Mon problème est le suivant…si je regarde un film avec bande son DTS sur mon iPad en streaming en passant par l’application Emby, j’ai l’image est le son. Si je télécharge ce même film sur mon iPad toujours en passant par l’application et que je veux le regarder en hors ligne, j’ai l’image mais plus de son. Est-ce normal et si oui, pourquoi ? Je sais que l’iPad ne gère pas le DTS en natif mais par exemple, j’ut
  7. Likeskites

    iOS app - Download title not working

    Hi there My server has been setup to allow downloads. When I access the server from my laptop, I can click download and it will download the title instead of streaming it. However, I would like to be able to do this on my iPad. I have the app and have "unlocked" it with the in-app purchase. When I click download on a title, it sends me to the screen stating: "Your Emby Premier device limit has been exceeded. Please check with the owners of your Emby Server and have them contact Emby support at ..." Any suggestions on what is required for me to be able to download some conte
  8. Tapping the white 'Played' tick on a previously unwatched film, the tick turns red for a brief moment and then reverts to white. This happens on multiple devices and when logged in as different users. It does not seem to happen with TV episodes. Edit: I've just noticed that the "failed" watches have all been logged on Trakt, but they are still considered Unplayed on Emby.
  9. Netbug

    Unable to Connect

    Good morning, folks. I'm having trouble with emby on my iOS devices. Yesterday, due to problems with my internet connection, I was forced to do a factory reset on my internet gateway. Upon completing that, I reconfigured the port-forwarding (for external access), and everything seemed to be working. My wife was streaming to the iPad and around 5PM (several hours after the reset/reconfiguration), she was unable to watch the next episode of the show she was watching. The screen was black with only the control bar at the bottom showing. We attempted to access it using her iPhone and e
  10. r0b1998

    Sync on iPad functionality missing

    Hi, Yesterday I got my mom's old iPad (4th gen), since she got a new one. It's on iOS 10 and Emby v1.6.7. I don't see an option anywhere to download content for offline viewing. I'm a premiere user and really like this feature on my other devices (non-Apple), I would like my to view my content offline while I'm travelling by train since internet is spotty then. Is this a known problem, if so why?
  11. EnterTheHero

    Flash of blue screen when watching on iPad

    Today while I was trying to watch a TV show on my iPad for some reason it began flashing a blue screen in-between every frame. I tried adjusting settings, but nothing made it stop. I tried a different show and the same thing happened. It doesn't do it during movies though which was weird. A third tv show started to do it and then stopped. Any help for this would be great. Thank you for your time.
  12. JulsPlus

    Emby Premier - iOS - iPad - Download

    Hello, I am a new Emby Premier subscriber and am excited to download media to my iPad. However, I was unable to find the download option on my iPad. I did find this option on an Android device and web browser. Is the option currently unavailable for iOS or perhaps I'm just missing it somewhere. Thank you in advance, Juls
  13. Matthew Binns

    Paid to unlock iPhone. Hasn't unlocked iPad

    I've just paid the £4.99 to unlock playback on my iPhone. All is well. However I've just tried playback on my iPad (same Apple ID) and it isn't allowing playback. The three options it's giving me is Emby Premiere Monthly £4.99, Unlock £4.99 and Restore Purchase. If I click restore purchase and click I purchased this app nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling the app and re-sinstalling to no avail. Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a dedicated Emby server with works well . I recently installed the Emby iOS App on a new iPad Pro. It connects to server with no issues. When I select a video to play nothing happens. The video does not start. The ip ending in .83 is the iPad pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is my server log: 2018-01-20 10:20:00.113 Error Dlna: Error updating device info for I7HTPCFR *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601
  15. Danlol

    No sidebar for iOS app?

    Hi guys, Just started using this app and noticed that there's a sidebar on the android app but the side menu and the side menu icon seems to be missing on all iDevice apps. Is this an issue on our side? Thanks, Dan
  16. Scrapbookee

    iOS question about playback

    I am a bit confused about how Emby works with iOS and playing within the Emby app on an iPad. From this page: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/iOS The first sentence, to me, implies that I can play any format of video on my iPad. But then we get to direct play, which states Can someone explain this to me? If only .mp4, .mov, and .m4v are supported for iPad, is Emby transcoding even useful for iOS? Am I missing some setting somewhere or something that would let me play other formats in the Emby app on my iPad? I was recommended Emby from a friend and neith
  17. Hello, I just upgraded to version 3.0.5781.8 and just noticed that there are now 2 columns with episodes in a season instead of the 3 I was used to. This happens in landscape view on my ipad. And I'm not sure but I think in series view there used to be 3 columns too, now it also has 2 but these are centered instead of left-aligned so it's not that disturbing. Thanks, Danee
  18. MSL_DK

    Media Browser Client (iOS) iPad

    Find it here: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/media-browser-client/id879475585?l=da&mt=8
  19. Twisted

    Infuse App

    Has anyone tried the Infuse app? Is it any good? I was looking for a guide to pint it to Emby, but it does not look possible. Has anyone tried this? http://firecore.com/
  20. Whenever I add new content to the server, I have found that the new coverart/screenshots do not load on the homepage of the ipad app. However when I click on a movie or episode, the image appears correctly in the details box. It seems as though the images on the home page are not refreshing when new media is added, and there is no drag to refresh option on the homepage. The Movies and TV sections both show all the coverart and refresh correctly using the drag down method. Does any one know why the home page images aren't appearing? This seems like a problem at the server level since it is happ
  21. chrismp

    Movies Won't Play On iPads (with app)

    I really hope that someone can help. I've used MB3 since about January and had no issues until a month or two ago. I use MB3 primarily to watch my movies (mp4/m4v) on the iPads via the media browser app (latest update). Previously, I had no issues watching movies both within my network and externally. Then, all of the sudden, playback stopped working on most movies and I can't figure out the cause. I have an iPad 2 (iOS7) and an iPad Mini (iOS8) and both have same issues. I am able to see the library and select the movie, but the movies just won't load. Just get the spinning wheel and so
  22. As per the subject line, my son's account canaccess all the movie folders that are not intended for him when he is on the iPad Mini. On the web and TV client, all is good... He has identical settings to my daughter, but her profile is just fine. The issue only started after I gave them acess to the adult TV folder (so they could watch The Simpsons....) and changed their access levels to TV-14 from TV-PG/PG. Her's is fine, she can now see all the TV sereis that are TV-14 and under. He can see all sorts of folders and I have confirmed he can play R-rated movies. I have: Rebooted the
  23. thaBadfish

    iPad to Chromecast Bugs

    I have been using the media browser app (1.1.3) for awhile now both by itself and streaming to my TV via Chromecast. I haven't had any problems with playback on my iPad air itself, but recently I have been having many issues with streaming to Chromecast. Typically, I would have Chromecast started and waiting, open the app, connect to Chromecast, hit the refresh button on the app which changes the TV to media browser, and select content to play. This has, in the past few weeks, worked flawlessly. In the past week or so, the content will play for a few minutes and stop, or not play at all. I
  24. mbfan

    Movies stop playing when casting

    I am running MB server 3.0.5424.1 on a Gateway DX4840 and am running media browser 1.1.3 on my IPAD 2. The app connects to the server just fine. The problem is when I cast the movie to my TV utilizing Chromecast. It started fine, but within 20 minutes or so, the movie just stopped and returned to the start screen. I returned to the point where it left off and started playing again, but shortly thereafter, it happened (and continued to happen) again. It didn't seem to correspond to the IPAD sleeping, but if I kept toggling the "clients" menu on and off, it seems to keep it from stopping.
  25. tired dad

    No users showing in app

    Hello, I've installed the app on an ipad after purchasing it in the store. I can configure the server, but after that, nothing happens. I cannot select a user from hte menu as none appear, and pressing refresh does not work. Has anyone else experienced this? I am runing server version 3.0.5309.26857
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