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Found 8 results

  1. What is the recommended way to configure a library for multiple versions of the same content? I mean this in context of different versions of the same movie, where at any given viewing you might want to choose between different versions of the same movie: Theatrical Cut, Director's Cut, 2D, 3D, 25th Anniversary, Despecialized, etc. (I'm not interested in multiple versions of the exact same content optimized for different playback devices. The multiple versions system solves this problem. I'm trying to understand how to manage the aesthetics of multiple versions of the same show.) Thank
  2. Hello, I have something of a versions question, although I think mine differs a bit from typical. What's the recommended method, or advice, to manage multiple encodings of the same video, and, as a side question, how does Emby handle that? I want to keep an h.265 and h.264 encode of the same thing. Ideally, they'd look like a single video, and the engine would choose, preferentially, h.265 for remote clients, where supported and not explicitly over-ridden by by the client. i.e. take the 3Mbps h.265 preferentially to the 12Mbps h.264, if not manually selected from the client side. Th
  3. Hi all, I've posted a similar topic before. Then user ebr asked me to place my topic in the appropriate forum. Since I'm convinced this is a feature request I'll try to formulate my question more in that fashion. Introduction I've purchased Emby Premiere because I wanted to make use of the Download/Sync functionality. Sadly I don't use it, because of the way it's implemented. Feature Requests It would be really nice to have the Users "Download & Sync" settings and behavior to be aligned with the Users "Media Playback" settings and behavior. Explanation part 1 So wh
  4. I have a problem going on since a few versions can't tell you from when it started exactly. I have two shared locations and when I have the same media on the two different locations, Emby properly detect both versions but doesn't want to play any of them. I have an emby server on a windows box and the two shared locations are on other servers. It works if I separate the versions. I can do that for a film but for a series it's awfull. Emby log.txt
  5. joshhuggins

    Version Drop Down Order

    Good afternoon all, I am using a Mixed Content library, and I am getting different results when viewing the movie in Theater vs a web browser, vs Android phone vs Android tablet. What should be determining the default version of a movie and what determines the version drop down order? Below is the folder I am working with and my naming convention. Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope - Special Edition.nfo <sorttitle>Star Wars 4.0</sorttitle> Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope - Star Wars.nfo <sorttitle>Star Wars 4.1</sorttitle> When viewing the folde
  6. Hi, having issues with my TV episodes showing up as versions rather than individual episodes. In the meta data editor (attached) it’s connected to the correct episode but when I go to play it in the main screen (attached) it shows multiple versions all in the drop down. When there is more than one season for a show many episodes show up there. To play any show I have to trawl through and find the right one each time.
  7. Hi there. First of all sorry for my englisch but I'm not a native speaker. I got problems with the multiple versions mentioned in the wiki. My file structure is like: /movies/genre/movie (year) or if its a collection: /movies/genre/collectionname/movie (year) I tried to name the movies like this: /movies/genre/movie (year)/moviename - directorscut /movies/genre/movie (year)/moviename [directors cut] both didn't work worked. Is the problem that it would only work if there are no genre folders? if this is the case it is pretty terrible because to have hunderts of folders in one directory
  8. In Media Browser Theater we have the ability to tag trailers, and quality of the movie such as 720p and 1080p, but it would be helpful to have a way to tag Extended Cut vs Theatrical release. I maintain multiple versions of the same movie in the same folder, such as the Hobbit 1080p Theatrical Release, as well as the Hobbit 1080p Extended Release. It would be nice if Media Browser Theater would display this as another option as it does with trailers.
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