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  1. Hi there. Many of my movies have missing cast members (image 1). I can manually get them to load (image 2). Is there a way to force Emby to reload / refetch them? If there already is a thread explaining this, please point me there, as I couldn't find one. Thanks in advance.
  2. I decided to go for hash matching for subtitles instead of leaving it off, but a bunch of subs are already downloaded. Is there a way to clear all non-matched subs, or refresh them all to follow what's saved for the library? Right now it seems like it will keep the non-matched subs regardless.. Feature request: Also, having a 2nd language preference for subs would be nice, I usually always use english subs, unless the thing I watch is in my native language, so I would rather then use that if available.
  3. Hi all.Emby on my apple TV home screen (not the Emby home screen ) doesn't refresh the "next up", "Continue" and "New" section. It shows content from an earlier Emby server I had.Is there any way to change this or clean they Emby library on apple TV? As you can see from the included pictures there are no images in the thumbnails and if I press the program that it shows I get an error message.My version of Emby is en-GB Thanks.Hope someone can help.
  4. maxcol

    [DS418j] Partial libraries scan

    Hello everyone, I'm asking for some help Before, I was using Emby with 1 disk installed on 1 storage pool and 1 volume (SHR). After setting up all my librairies, I did a backup with the emby plugin. Then I splited my datas on 3 different disks, on 3 different storage pools, on 3 different volumes: I did a fresh install of Emby after removing/swapping the disk where Emby package was installed at the first place. Finally I loaded the backup previously done. I created 3 shared folders, one on each volume. With read/write authorizations for embysvr package. I also created su
  5. Hi, First of all, I tried using newest Beta and newest Release. I've added a new Music library with 3 FLAC songs to Emby and refreshed the library multiple times. Now, it shows me all songs correctly. Well almost, see yourself: The third song, which I'm playing right now has the Artist tag "SYML; Lily Kershaw". It shows correctly on bottom, so where it shows what I'm playing. But on the Songs Overview it just shows "SYML". So that's the first problem. Now, when I click at the artist at bottom left, it opens the "SYML" artist overview. But never the artist overview of the other artist, it j
  6. i'm wondering if i'm missing something or if this feature is working as intended. does the "replace all metadata" with "replace existing images" selected also refresh metadata and images on items marked as "lock this item from future changes" ? my goal is to set some movies to have custom poster images and/or custom sort titles, lock them, and still be able to refresh the rest of the library, but right now my custom selections are getting wiped out. how do i set my server to really and truly lock metadata and/or images on an item?
  7. el_pedriyo

    Not updating library

    Hello, I just wanted to know how can I get my library updated automatically when added a film to it, I have the real time monitoring enabled, but when I tried copying a file inside the library, the movie is not appearing without doing a manual refresh of it. Any idea? Kind regards, Pedro
  8. levander

    Some thoughts and opinions

    Hi, After few weeks of introducing myself to emby environment and after I successfully but incompletely migrated from Plex (looking for ways to migrate plex 1000+ collections to nfo tags or whatever) I collected some opinions and thoughts on all that... so here it's part of it concerning emby app for Apple TV. Miss... Refresh I miss some way to refresh active page/app so changes made on server could be seen on Apple TV without having to restart the AppleTV app. Also missing in iOS app. Searching persons I am aware that searching is ongoing feature you're working on
  9. Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere.... All I need is a simple explanation of how to refresh my entire database in one go (if possible), and whether this can be achieved by a simple restart, an option in the menu, or by deleting a cache folder? Clean install? Or other method? Obviously I'm new to all this... My problem arises from originally having MB set up wrong, and now that it's configured the right way, I'm still left with some oddly incorrect metadata and am trying to find a way to simply refresh (rewrite) it all. For example, all of my "sort
  10. Hello experts, I'm a KODI user, with Emby for KODI addon installed (LibreELEC / KODI 17). I have an external usb disk, which isn't always plugged, plus it's on a remote computer (another room). If this usb disk is plugged on the remote computer, a script mounts it in LibreELEC as a network cifs share (if unplugged, it's unmounted). But, it seems Emby doesn't detect the changes : - it doesn't appear automatically in library sources if i try to add a new folder (seems normal). - if i try to restart Emby (i did a "systemctl restart service.emby.service"), I notice
  11. edd--

    kodi addon not updating / syncing

    Hi, since a few week I noticed my library is not syncing anymore: when new movies or episodes get added I have to perform a manual refresh to get the changes pushed through. I tried reinstalling after doing a library purge (erasing all emby addon settings) and also tried on a completely differnt system. Kodi is OSMC (latest build) Any help is appreciated !
  12. Is there anyway to refresh entire collection in the media library using media manager? Metadata manager allows you to do a full refresh on the entire folder but this does not work. Refresh on individual titles however does work but very tedious to do this on 400 movies? Thx Bw
  13. bubs

    Problems with local IPTV lists

    Hi, I have some problems with LIVE TV. 1º - If i add a channel to a local iptv list (m3u) i cant get channel in my server until i remove and add again. Is that correct? Is that the only way yo refresh a m3u list? 2º - I have a list like this: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="100" channel-name="channel ABC" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.100.png"group-title="groupA",channel name http;//some.stream.link.100.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="101" channel-name="channel DEF" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.101.png"group-title="groupA",channel name http;//some.stream.link.102.m3u8 #EXTIN
  14. Hedwig

    Relink people to movies

    Relink people to movies... I have a lot of movies where the link between the actors and their movies got broken. I did many manual corrections but the problem keeps coming back, even on the ones that had a manual correction. People do exist in the Metadata/People folder but their names do not appear in the People Section of the movie. After a refresh of that particular movie the link comes back for that one movie. Refreshing People via dashboard does not help either. Is there a way to refresh the full database in one operation?
  15. Is it possible to, when you're in metadata manager, if you change some settings in a media folder, it appplies on everything inside the folder during refresh? e.g. I have set english and USA as my default language and country for metadatas. While everything is in english, I like to get the overviews in a different language (french) for my movies. To do so, I go to metadata manager, click on the movie folder, change the language for "french", uncheck name and genre (because I want to keep english genres and english titles) and I click save. Then, I refresh. The expected result sh
  16. Hi, I have set english and USA as my default language and country for metadatas. While everything is in english, I like to get the overviews in a different language (french) for my movies. To do so, I go to metadata manager, click on the movie folder, change the language for "french", uncheck name and genre (because I want to keep english genres and english titles) and I click save. Then, I click on refresh. I also tried advanced refresh. The expected result should be that only titles and genres stay in english. By clicking on the movie folder in the manager, it should apply the re
  17. anderbytes

    Conditions for metadata update

    Can anyone help me understand how exactly Emby decides whether to pull or not metadata from a provider? Scenario: - After noticing that a parental rating for a movie PG-13 was incorrect, I went to TheMovieDB and discovered that parental metadata for my country wasn't there, so it was returning the fallback English. - In TMDB I inserted the parental rating BR-14 for Brazil, and saved. - When trying to refresh metadata for the library or movie, it hasn't updated the rating as expected. - Turned on "debugging log" in Emby. - In logs, even after full refreshed, TheMovieDB wasn't being que
  18. Hello All First of all, Emby is turning out to be a pretty amazing application... Very glad I found it. I have attempted to find the answer to my problem, before posting, without a clear answer. So, here goes: Due to inconsistencies and mis-matched identification, I have disabled all metadata services and authored a script to publish my own "People" data to the emby metadata location ( /var/db/emby-server/metadata/People/*/* ). The problem is, the updated images "poster.jpg" are not being picked up on a "Scheduled tasks >> Refresh people" ... Rather, I have to manually "Refresh",
  19. fc7

    Music library reset

    Is it possible to "reset" ONLY the music library to restart with a clean fresh one? I'm having different and strange problems with my music library and I would like to do a complete refresh of it, starting with a cleant and empty one. Would removing the music library, and adding it again achieve this? I'm open to do some sqlite "surgery" with the proper guidance. I'm running Emby server 3.0.5724.6 on CentOS 7. Thanks
  20. I refresh a item and i just see the spinning wheel on the page but nothing is happening. As im writing this post the wheel has been spinning for 10mins now. All im trying to do is fix the missing episode and season numbers and this is proving to be a very painful process... Log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gcpu5uefs8ox5b/server-63565171200.txt?dl=0 Refresh should be towards the end of log
  21. Hope this is the correct area to post this. I was editing my music collection today and getting it a little bit more organized and I noticed some weird behavior when changing genres of tracks and albums. I typically use Mp3Tag to do any tag editing, then I refresh the library using the web interface in MediaBrowser (Version 3.0.5518.7). In order for all the tracks and the album itself to be properly marked with the right genre, I have to refresh the album twice or three times, depending on the level of the change. Steps to reproduce the error: 1. Change the genre on all the tracks in a
  22. A Suggestion on Cues and UI pertaining to Identification... It seems that Identification of albums is only performed once on initial ingestion....maybe thats the same for all media types? It seems If no ID (MBZ?) is attributed to the album during initial ingestion, then no amount of scans or refreshes, advanced or otherwise would ever check the ID is correct, or try to fetch a missing ID. If a primary ID provider is down during initial ingestion, doesn't the user need a way to bulk identify objects? If the user has gone to the trouble of clicking refresh ... would it not be good for
  23. 2015-02-12 15:19:08.7384 Info - App: HttpClientManager GET: http://www.thetvdb.com/banners/fanart/original/76329-2.jpg 2015-02-12 15:19:08.8384 Info - App: HttpClientManager GET: http://www.thetvdb.com/banners/fanart/original/76329-1.jpg 2015-02-12 15:19:08.9960 Debug - App: Running FanartSeriesProvider for \\Q6600\TV1\Prime Suspect 2015-02-12 15:19:08.9960 Debug - App: Running MovieDbSeriesImageProvider for \\Q6600\TV1\Prime Suspect 2015-02-12 15:19:08.9960 Info - App: HttpClientManager GET: http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/vdal63iEZK2toTZfxYiRpXhVIJF.jpg 2015-02-12 15:19:09.1790 Debug - Pr
  24. I noticed that if I changed (edited) by custom 3D overlay in coverart, that the overlay did not update in MBC. It did update in MBS. Specifically, I changed to use the build in one and that did update correctly, but when I switched back to my custom 3D overlay, it did not show my newly edited overlay, it kept going back to the old one. The only way I got the overlay to update in MBC was to delete the image cache in "C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser-Classic\ImageCache". Is this something that we can force? I tried the usual things such as CTL + R, but that does not refresh the 3D overlay..
  25. Hi, I've been using MBT for a while since support for MB2 was winding down and I've been enjoying it. However, one thing that I've noticed that I can't do anymore is to force a refresh of a show's metadata. For example, MBT sees the episode but it has no metadata and the name is the usual S01E01.mkv format. Normally this fixes itself but the time frame that it does this is beyond me. Sometimes it's quick and other times it takes days. MB2 used to have a refresh option where you could force it to refresh the metadata for whatever episode or movie you were currently in. Does MBT have this
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